Police Kill Two Teenage Girls in Four Days


Written  by Cassius Methyl at theantimedia.org



These two incidents have to be among the worst stories of police murder since nationwide protests escalated in late 2014 following the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO.

Around 6:30 p.m. on Thursday evening, a 17 year old girl walked into a Longview, Texas police station. She was apparently unarmed, but she did not come out alive. Police shot her dead in their own department headquarters, in the presence of countless other people who could have subdued her if she posed a serious threat.

Kristiana Coignard picked up a department phone to speak to an officer after hours, and moments later she was shot dead.

She allegedly ‘came at officers with some sort of weapon’. It was originally reported to be a knife, but there is no evidence to back that up, and clearly no motive for her to do this.

There is zero evidence to back up this claim that she was armed, and knowing that the police would do anything in their power to justify their murders, they would immediately release evidence if there were any, so there must not be any evidence to back this up.

The audio recording of the incident has not been released. The video of this incident has not been released.

A quote from an article about this says,

“Also a mystery is why the teen, a former student in Longview’s Pine Tree Independent School District, would have attacked the officers with some sort of knife or other weapon.


Equally puzzling is why three police officers believed that they could not defend themselves against a lone teenage girl, who was apparently not armed with a gun, without shooting her dead. “

Not only was this girl murdered on Thursday, but early Monday morning,Denver police killed an unarmed 16 year old girl who was driving ‘a stolen car’, dropping off a friend at her house. It has not been specified who the car belonged to, but it probably belonged to one of their parents.

The young girls allegedly ‘hit an officer with her car’, but the officer is only afflicted with a ‘possible broken leg’. That means his leg is not broken, it would be evident if it were. It’s nothing but disrespectful and disgusting for the officer to play the victim.

The mother of one of the girls in the car was restrained, ‘to calm her down’.

A person was told ‘don’t you dare’ by police, trying to record the incident.

The restrained mother could not rush to the scene and examine the car full of very young girls who watched their friend get murdered by police in front of them. The police just wanted to ‘calm her down’, so they restrained her.

Police involved in both these incidents were ‘placed on administrative leave’ (paid vacation), and like usual, there are no charges against them yet.

I highly recommend you do further research on your own into these two incidents, and put the pieces together for yourself. These killings were undeniably unnecessary and  psychopathic, and that is evident in every last detail of these stories. As more details come out, I’m sure they will paint the same picture.

Please share this with beyond as many people as possible; the public  awareness of these two senseless murders is entirely dependent on us getting the word out. For the sake of the deceased and their families, please don’t forget about these horrific murders. This has to stop. We can’t be desensitized by the continuation of nationwide police murders. What are we going to do about this? It’s time to think about that. It’s not enough to just talk about it anymore.

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  1. Don’t The Americans feel like they feel in Palestine
    Where Every few days a teen gunner down by The occupation army of Pisraël

  2. I watched it. I want to give a cleared eyed, unbiased opinion.

    She was hoping to catch the cops intimidating her or someone she knows. If you notice when she enters she purposely looks at the camera and stares at it many of times. If you noticed how she was stroking her bag. I believe that she or someone she knew was harassed for not taking off there bag there or somewhere else. She was subsequently getting bored. You can tell this by messing around with the objects to occupy her time. I believe some cohorts might of been on the phone and that was what she was checking.

    It is my opinion that the officer involved in the shooting had a previous altercation with her. I asses this by his immediate action. I find the use of police intimidation. He used his weapon for means to subdue and control and not his trained ordinance. I believe he said some derogatory things to her. If you notice the gun pushing in on the temple and either the gun or a fist on the stomach the hand motion is indicative of anger and expression of verbal anger. He already had his gun drew when the victim ran at him. There was no weapon or resemblance of a weapon. At any time the officer felt threatened he had the subject subdued. He could of easily handcuffed her. The officer in question could of used different ordinance for subduing for the long term. The officer was not paying attention to his weapon position. His finger was on the trigger. When the subject approached him he had a knee jerk reaction. This is notable in the stagger step backwards and the dropping of his arms after firing.

    Upon discharging a firearm at a individual an officer is suppose to immediately clear all weapons. After securing they are either suppose to handcuff or not depending on the individual. Immediately following any officer near the victim is suppose to access vitals and proceed to life saving actions if it can be done. I find it deplorable that three uniformed officers did not check vitals or access the victim. I find it more deplorable that once the officer in charge was found he did not either. It wasn’t until paramedics arrived that she was assessed.

    I find this a preventable accidental shooting and gross negligence on all involved. The officer involved should be stripped of his uniform, badge, and gun immediately do to the preventable nature of this accident and intimidation. Furthermore the courts should fine in favor of the victims family a large sum of money, a public apology. All other officers involved should be fined, community service, striped down to entry patrolman statis.

    To further my findings. The other officers involved grabbed at there weapons but did not draw. This means the other officers involved did not see or note any immediate danger.

    If it is found that this officer has been using his weapon previously for intimidation purposes he should face 20 years in federal lock up for gross negligent homicide.

    • What danger from a stumbling little girl??jesus fucking christ american idiots they soon gonna walk over your corpses and still ur not gonna do shit about it

      • I think you are failing to understand what I am saying. So the black and female officer are secondary to the seen. They would of had no previous knowledge of the altercation. So by their conditioning, it is beyond training, a officer immediately responds to danger by drawing their weapon. The first officer already had his weapon drawn. Now the others didn’t until she charged. So if we can understand human nature we can understand what happened. A POSSIBLE threat was realized. It has nothing to do with size and or strenth. Remember, most of law enforcement is Veterans whom have seen combat. Yes, children in other countries are told by whomever is in charge of them to fire on our soldiers. When we first entered Vietnam we were nieve to this and many of our soldiers died for having kind hearts.

        Second; those that wear the mask have been accused of being unintelligent, unorganized, self serving, lazy, knee jerk reactions. We have fought to eradicate that perception. If we don’t do our research then we are nothing more than conspiracy theorist and war mongers making us all hypocrites as that is the thing we have been fighting against. When started it was considered just a bunch of angry teenage geeks behind computers upset because they could not get a free ride. There is member now ranging from children to seniors. There is members that are pacifist to x military. There is members from those having to use public computers at the library on the verge of homelesness to law enforcement

        You have to remember. We stand for human rights, truth, honesty, intellect, and reasoning. We stand for each other so we will no longer be used, be opressed, be beaten, hunted, and even killed.

        If we jump everytime something happens without knowing the facts then we stand for nothing. If it is found that this officer is felonious and civil justice does not prevail, trust me, all will stand. I am not a leader, a mouth piece, or nothing of the sort. But, I am a human being as every person in Anon is. Every person in Anon has a soul, for lack of better word. So to think we would react to a travesty is incredibly naive. But if we don’t give the current Judicial system a chance then we instill Anarchy in its worst form. Mob justice killing people without provocation.

        So, calm down and think

  3. Do not protest yet. We were our mask not only for anonymity, but because we want to be unbiased in our reactions. If we march now we are doing know better than the knee jerk reaction that got her killed.

    We must first here everything. Even if he lied, lets see if the truth comes out. If it is found that he still lies, it is covered up, and no repercussions are made by the legal system, we do not protest.


  4. I seen the video and the first officer had her down and did not cuff her. that tells me they wanted her dead.It should have ended at that point.

  5. One of the two videos have been altered. The shorter version shows something the size of a handgun or cell phone. It shows it clearly sliding to the wall. The longer version it appears to be blood spatter. My bad. After going frame by frame the other two officers did draw. They did see a threat. This still doesn’t excuse the gross negligence for protocol. The subject was not restrained when subdued. The subject was not checked for vitals. This shows a lack of concern for human life. I challenge both videos from not being doctored, by whom, I do not know. On the longer version you will see right before the incident it is pixelated and out of focus, then in focus. Usually a pixalation shift is sign of altering in low res videos. You will also note that during the pixelation the footage is lacking in color and then it has more brilliant color. If I had to use conjecture, which is not inemesable in court, I would hypothesize it is on the part of the police department. Whether the evidence shows for the defendant or not once it has been proven altered then it is inamesable in court.

    Every officer is taught that when a person becomes combatent or hostile they must first be subdued. Once subdued they are to be put in restraints. Once restrained the officer must conduct a weapons check of the individual. If the officer has no cuffs from being off duty or used on another detainee then the officer must keep the suspect restrained until another officer retrieves cuffs. All officers must hold life in the highest regard without jeopardizing the publics safety. Lethal force is always to be a a last resort. A officer must take every oppurtunity to restrain and subdue a suspect without using lethal force. Ordanance states first to attempt arm bar and restraints. If suspect is slightly combatitive or if the officer feels it is slightly elevated the officer must first move to chemical spray. If there is a miss match in size, the officer beleives a weapon is hidden, or the officer feels the person may immediately flee the officer must move to electrical incapacitation. If and only if the officer has fear for their life and reasonable cause of immediate harm from a weapon may a officer use deadly force. If the officer has no choice but to use a deadly weapon the officer must take a non lethal kill shot if available

  6. In the Kristiana Coignard video she should have been handcuffed when she was down. However, she did eventually lunge at the officer with something. I cannot tell from the video, however it was a knife and a knife is a weapon. Knife’s kill more people yearly than guns. Also contrary to poplar belier cops are not immune to being cut and severely injured if not killed by a knife. The old saying applies here, Never bring a knife to a gun fight.
    In the second example givin by the article. The girl turned the vehicle into a weapon. Regardless if the officer was injured or not, the point is she attempted to severely injury or kill the officer. According to the Officer Down Memorial Page 15 officers were killed by people running over them intentionally in 2014, two officers have been killed in this manner already in 2015.
    Cops have a right to defend themselves when threatened by deadly force. These two incidents are deadly force situations. Also, you might want to sit down for this one, cops DO NOT WANT TO KILL ANYONE. I know some of you have a hard time believing that, but it’s true.

  7. This article is a joke to everyone but the tinfoil crowd. No law abiding adult gives anything but a nod and a chuckle to the lies and misinformation spewed here. The facts are available but not from this joke of a site.


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