Anonymous De-Hoods KKK: Releases Identities Of 500+ Ku Klux Klan Members


Keeping its promise to unmask Ku Klux Klan in #OpKKK and #HoodsOff to stop extremist groups and their actions, Anonymous, the online hactivist group, on November 5 – Guy Fawkes Day – published the names, aliases, Facebook accounts, Google Plus profiles and other identifying information of people tied to KKK-associated organizations. Many of the social media profiles featured racist imagery and slogans.

Anonymous considers this data dump as a form of resistance against the violence and intimidation tactics leveraged against the public by various members of Ku Klux Klan groups throughout history. The Pastebin post said the data was “a form of resistance” against racial violence:

These groups generally oppose interracial relationships, homosexuality and illegal immigration and historically express this ideology through acts of terror. We want to remind you: This operation is not about the ideas of members of the Ku Klux Klan. This is about the behaviors of members of KKK splinter cells that bear the hallmarks of terrorism. When members of the KKK like Frazier Glenn Miller, (founder of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and the White Patriot Party) murdered three innocent individuals at a Jewish retirement home during Passover – the word “terrorism” was seldom found in mainstream media’s coverage of the attack. Why? What sort of violence does it take to call *some* factions of Ku Klux Klan what *some* of these cells really are?

We defend free thought and free speech. The anons responsible for this operation will not support *acts* of terrorism and *acts* of hate inflicted upon the public. The KKK is part of an important cultural landscape and history in the United States.

We need to make room for important, blunt, honest, public, productive conversation. Violent bigotry IS a problem in the United States. This is not a colorblind society. It deeply divided on racial lines. We hope Operation KKK will, in part, spark a bit of constructive dialogue about race, racism, racial terror and freedom of expression, across group lines.

Data collected for Operation KKK was gathered over approximately 11 months and those included on this list were identified primarily through HUMINT (human intelligence) data collection strategies. This means that individuals on this list were often identified by human sources of information through both overt (interviewing expert sources) and covert (digital espionage / social engineering) methods, the post said.

The group launched its campaign, dubbed Hoods Off, after the Ku Klux Klan threatened violence against protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. People, including Anonymous members, took to the streets after a jury decided not to prosecute a white police officer who had shot Michael Brown in August 2014.

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  1. What a joke, almost all of that was taken from publicly available information, and for the record Don Black left his affiliation with the “KKK” for the same reasons many left their affiliation with “Anonymous”.

    #1, there is no universally accepted leadership, any controlled opposition can claim to be a part, which has happened many times, thereby slandering and defaming the whole collective.

    #2, government infiltration, it’s a pretty well known fact the top echelon of “LulzSec”, which was a “specialized” offshoot of “Anonymous”, and still very much and active part, was lead around by the FBI and quite probably various other “intelligence” agencies. The same has happened with the “KKK” or other “White Nationalist” groups, and interestingly “Anonymous” got it’s initial boost of publicity uncovering that fact. Hal Turner ring any bells?

    Anyway, the list is a joke, wonderful recruiting tool for the “KKK”, most of who was “exposed” had an open public personas as a form of recruitment, and living in “Klan Kountry” I can say without a shadow of a doubt the little PR stunt achieved nothing but further discrediting “Anonymous”. Wondering if “Zyclon Ben Garrison” was scrubbed from the list, I couldn’t find him on it, but there’s been allot of chatter about it…?

    Oh and would “Anonymous” like to address the fact their cutsey masks rely on SWEATSHOP labor for their production?

    Et tu Anonyme? Isn’t that one of the popular “Klan” misconceptions? They want to bring back slavery while “Anonymous” relies on it for brand recognition?

  2. I didn’t see many of the names released earlier in the week that were named as prominent members of the klan. Why were they excluded from the list???

    • That was already noted as a bad list from another publisher. Anonymous wouldn’t claim responsibility for that list as it wasn’t theirs

  3. Anonymous a message for you!
    Hello, my name is Sondre, I don’t want to say to much other than I think the Anonymous group is doing some great work! I support the cause and the organization! I don’t know a lot about hacking but still thing what your doing is revolution and standing up for the weak or morally right!

    Keep going, Keep Rocking!

    – Sondre

  4. Can you say RICO Act…? That’s why the KKK doesn’t exist, the Federal Government could bring all manner of “Klan” groups, or individuals thereof into court, charge them with all kinds of crimes, all based on the actions of 1 “Klan” group that was infiltrated by the F.B.I..

    Agent Provocateur or Patsy terms you familiar with? The concept that’s been extensively reported on where the F.B.I. sets up some disgruntled disenfranchised youth to commit a stage terrorist act complete with a dummy bomb and trigger?

    The intelligent people who once would have, and some who once did lead portions of the “Klan” have walked away, have moved on, and no longer support “Klan” groups.

    Anyway, the whole doxing remains a joke complete with lies implicating Don Black and David Duke who have renounced their affiliation for the aforementioned reasons.

    You government tools are spreading dangerous lies, again, and if it weren’t for the FACT you’ve been controlled by a combination of the CIA & FBI since at least 2011, you would not be doing so.

    So when you going to help destabilize another sovereign nation of the DoD “regime change” list, or have you completed your objectives?

    I must say I “love” what the organization has helped do with Libya, before and after pictures are “delightful”… More delightful when the militants decide to open the floodgates of “refugees” because the EU and ‘Murica fail to meet their demands……

    • Again, no life, no friends. Can Anonymous fry this dillhole’s computer so he can’t spew any more false political propaganda? Seriously guy. Press pause on your “best of Alex Young and Art Bell” VHS and go get some fresh air. Your brain is clearly struggling for oxygen.

    • you got to have a boring life, counter the counterdictory of the counterdictory. I guess you should take a desicion rather than initiating circle talks here.

    • Fascism is a voracious parasite which feeds on fear and excretes paranoia.

      One of fascism’s defence mechanisms is to be hydra-like. Anon simply sought to assist in cutting off one of it’s particularly ugly heads.

      This Anon campaign has helped re-awaken the American social consciousness to the reality that vile fascist ideals are still being propagated in the USA.

      The KKK probably were perceived by many as a spent force, a shattered collective of inept red-neck losers. This Anon campaign has served as a reminder that the KKK ‘brand’ still possesses sufficient traction to be used as a political tool to enable fascist ideals to reach any level of government in the USA.

      Any organisation can be infiltrated. Any movement can be subverted. The British controlled the INLA. Osama Bin Laden was trained by the CIA. America allowed and assisted Senior ex-Iraqi Army Ba’athist Commanders to form Daesh and have permitted it to create Wilayats in many middle-eastern and African States.

      There is no doubt that Anon, like any other movement, will have to deal with infiltration and subversion. It will. It will not stop. Individuals are irrelevant, movements possess a collective mind.

      You have to decide for yourself if the net result of a movements’ direct action benefits the common good. This Anon campaign clearly has achieved that goal. May there be many more.

  5. Bravo to anonymous…. I particularly liked this one: Bill Potts
    Imperial Wizard of his very own KKK group in TN.
    Former member of several KKK groups
    Former member of the original Knight Riders
    Former law enforcement
    Generally a harmless old fart now But as for this Potts fellow, if he can speak he is NOT a harmless old fart now. He can still generate hate w/ his voice.

    • Ok, so you know Bill Potts, you want a cookie now. And no he don’t have to be outed by annonymas. All you had to do id google it. Hes not hiding nothing. How in the hell can they recruit membership if they hid. Thats one of the ways you can contact them about recruiting. There’s other ways, but that’s one way. So if they all stayed hid no one would never know they still around, and they would never get bigger. There’s a reason for there hoods they wear, and not just what the media tells you all. So Anonymous, its realy not there name or face that they hidding. If you ever been to a public protest (rally), then you can see all there faces, they not hidding from no one. Idiots think that.

  6. Not sure if I missed something here..but, what is the significance (if there is any at all) with the date 11/4/15? Being the date that many deactivated their fb accounts… just curious is all.

  7. Anonymous are a bunch of pussies hiding behind a computer. This all started because the kkk was backing up the police and law abiding citizens of furgeson. While anonymous backed the animals that where tearing apart the very neighborhood that they lived in, calling for violence against the police.

  8. Bunch of white masked fellows fighting a bunch of white hooded blokes. Where’s the unity? I don’t see it. Nobody sees it! Our quest for unification will not, and I emphasize this; WILL NEVER be achieved through any kind of organization or “klan” . where’s the love y’al? where’s the truth y’al? We don’t know. And only not knowing will unify us, When we are truly ready.

  9. I have visited some of those profiles and the Swastika image have been removed in some, but I left them a comment writing that racism is the product of ignorance, fear, insecurity and religion, also some people put some stupid ideas into their heads. So I made my part, have you done yours?

  10. The research phase of this op may have uncovered more than just membership affiliations.

    Any direct evidence of intra-organisational collusion between KKK and Ulster Loyalists and C18 would be very useful. Particularly regarding money transfers, money laundering, safe houses and arms deals from KKK in exchange for combatant paramilitary training.

    ‘Fraternal’ social meetings in the USA, Ulster, England and other European Countries between KKK members and rank-and-file Loyalist paramilitaries have already been closely observed in the real world, sometimes at great cost.

    Did they also leave a digital footprint of collusion at an organisational command/quartermaster level?

    UVF & UDA links go way back, but RHC & UFF meetings may have been more frequent and certainly more brazen.

    LVF, OV & RHD were known to of had an active phase in the late ’90’s when organisational contact with KKK was established.

    ‘Real’ UFF are the most likely to be currently active in the USA via KKK.

    C18 held ‘socials’ and skin-head music events in the UK which KKK were observed attending.

    Any digital evidence of KKK’s association with fascist paramilitaries in any European Country would also be very welcomed (and used) if it turned up in the public domain.

    Thank you.


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