Anonymous to de-hood over 1000 KKK members


The year old battle between Anonymous and the KKK still rages on as 1,000 Ku Klux Klan members face their anonymity being stripped in Operation KKK.

The revelation will de-hood a further 1000 KKK members, revealing their names to the public in #OpKKK and #HoodsOff.

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The de-hooding of KKK member’s names and identities has been ongoing since the civil unrest in Ferguson in 2014, after the killing of Michael Brown, when the KKK made threats against protestors. Civil unrest resulted during a long wait, as the grand jury deliberated in their decision to indict Darren Wilson for the shooting.

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Anonymous Intel Group has watched the Ku Klux Klan for a long time, and closely, and believes that revealing these identities is a positive step to stopping extremist groups and their actions. “You are more than extremists. You are more than a hate group. You operate much more like terrorists and you should be recognized as such. You are terrorists that hide your identities beneath sheets and infiltrate society on every level. The privacy of the Ku Klux Klan no longer exists in cyberspace.”

One year on, when the grand jury elected not to indict Wilson, Anonymous will seek to publish up to 1,000 KKK identities and other close associates and various factions of the KKK.

In the aftermath of the last Anonymous vs. KKK standoff, it has been reported that several members of the KKK left the organization after having their identities revealed.

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  1. Please make sure that you include the state of Maine for identity exposure. This state has the highest density per capita of all in US. Start with the Rollins family that is the mayor of Augusta, the capital city. Intimidation tactics on voting day ensured his success.

    The KKK is an evil sinister syndicate.

  2. It’s just goes to show how stupid they are she’s doing shots and both of them are smoking in the house with there kids right next to them. They can’t be that worried about their kids and their health

  3. I never believed that white pride crap, it was all about intimidation. If the hood is a part of the so called uniform why not wear it open faced? Be proud of whoever, whatever, u r. If u r not proud or hide it, u know it’s wrong. I have never professed 2b an angel but I am me, the same every day all day.

    • I don’t hide under mine I do wear it up! The hood is worn so when we donate or do a good dead credit isn’t given to a individual but to the klan as a whole. If you’d actually take the time to get to know some of us you’d find out we’re actually very caring respectful people! We’ve been here 150 years and we’ll b here another 150

      • While it is possible to be cruel in some ways, ignorant in others and caring and respectful to a few (self serving?) others – I think caring and being rascist usually are seen as opposites. How do you think it is caring, to judge people based on a race? That shows a lack of respect for life – other then ‘as you know it’. I don’t know you personally so I won’t judge the kind of person you are or aren’t, I just can’t really understand how racism and respect/ being a caring person can be on the same page, for you. Care to explain?

  4. Hey, if I’m not mistaken, I think the HQ of the KKK is in Dallas, Oregon.

    I live in Oregon, and am ashamed these people operate in my (mostly progressive liberal state) home state.

    It would be awesome to see the info on these top level members get disseminated, lets shut these domestic terrorists down!

    • Oregon is not a liberal/progressive state unless you live in the coastal towns. The majority of the landmass is conservative but subservient to the large coastal cities. Get a clue.

      • You must mean the large Willamette Valley cities as there are no large cities on the coast. And the landmass itself doesn’t have a political point of view. While it is true that that a great number of conservatives live in the large sparsely populated rural areas of Oregon, the majority of the state’s population is progressive/liberal. As a result, Oregon is, as a state, blue.

        • Here in Oregon, like most states, the majority of racial bigots live in the outer areas, which is where they belong. As long as they stay there, we have no problems. It’s when they come into the major cities, hiding behind their cowardly cone-head masks, that they cause problems for the more intelligent populace.
          Even then, we protect their right to free speech, no matter how ignorant, because we recognize that even the imbeciles among us have a right to their opinion.

      • So you are telling me that in Oregon, people with little education and in low income, rural areas are conservative? That must be the only State with that trend.
        “Get a clue”…lmao

      • I think it’s sarcasm, because many ‘criminals’ migrate to Canada. For instant, loyalists in the Revolutionary war fled to Canada once America won, knowing they’d be tormented where they were. The KKK revealing could possibly result in a migration of terrorists from the USA to Canada, and Rick COULD be insinuating ironically that he means the opposite of what he’s saying via sarcasm.

        If not, kick his butt.

        • I’m from Canada. Definitely a joke. And btw we aren’t afraid of black people. In fact our black people are just as afraid/confounded by American ideals as the rest of us people of varying shades of alabaster, red, brown, purple and green are. You’ve got a helluva lot of crazy and into jesus waaaaaaaaaaaay too much kinda people to contend with. We’d never cope and we admire your ability to hold back …
          As for criminals, it shouldn’t matter what Canada’s doing; you should be concerned with who the hell is letting them into America in the first place. Amirite? Doh!

    • You are an idiot! As a proud Indigenous Canadian we could do without ppl like you in this world, you would not be missed…

  5. Maybe with them exposed they can recruit more needed members in this country to fight back against the black lies matter terrorists.

  6. As much as I despise the KKK, it seems a little hypocrtical to be removing someone else’s anonymity who uses anonymity to cloak oneself. Maybe we will have to stop championing privacy and anonymity for ourselves if our big “weapon” is to remove the anonymity of others. Certainly it would give ammo to those who want to do the same to us. I’m also a little surprised you are embedding ad scripts to track people in your site like corporations do.

    • Hypocritical to expose people involved in murdering and harassing people? So, if Anonymous exposed the people responsible for 9/11, would you still call them hypocritical? The KKK is basically a civil terrorist group, preying on anyone who isn’t white.

      • I agree. and I think the KKK, and all white supremacist groups – and all hate groups should be exposed. to the Canadian that said we don’t have those groups here? Please pay more attention and read the legislation that Harper has put in, hopefully to go away. And please do not insult our collective intelligence by saying there are no hate groups against our Aboriginal peoples either. We just, in our British heritage, do not talk about it. We should. You can’t possibly believe that there is no hatred against certainly religions here.

        • This is actually for Anonymous. Someone I would love to see caught. I don’t care how old he is now. The Air India bombing (and the one in Japan that exploded in the airport) both suitcases packed by the same man, I presume from Pakistan, but I don’t know. I know the authorities have tried to find him, but I think it’s gone cold. That event was why the news rule stating that travelers could no just send luggage through, it had to be accompanied. This man just sent these things through, but never showed up for the flights. I’m sure there’s alot about it online. Find “him” Please. He is certainly a terrorist.

    • Why theres a lot of white people in Canada, why would they want to live elsewhere where there are other people of color… if they don’t like them. Also, you are accustomed to what you see everyday and they see a lot of white people…Thats what I think yet I haven’t been to Canada but I can imagine there a lot more white people there. As they are accustomed to the cold and people of color have a hard time since their body is not adapted for those climates as much as the people of European descent.

      • FYI, I live in a Canadian city where the highest cultural population is Asian, followed by White, followed by Punjabi, followed by Persian, followed by a myriad of other races. It is like the United Nations here. I don’t think that, by and large, we have more white people in Canada. Do we have a thriving Black or Hispanic community? Not like the US. But we have HUGE Asian and South Asian communities. And they seem to be adapting to the climate quite nicely… 😉

        • Sounds like you’re in Surrey or Richmond…

          Either way, there’s a reason why I moved out of there. And no, not because I’m white (hell….I’m so white, I make Barry Manilow look like a brother!! My nickname is Mayonnaise!)…but there’s no denying that the influx of other cultures IS causing some growing pains in the major cities….

          My hope is that we can get through the growing pains, and get together as a society….

          (And shit like the KKK has NO business being in Canada- we snowbacks take offense to that sort of thing!!!!!!!)

        • it’s a sad day in America this white who you want to hurt white on white crime who do more harmwhite peopyou are a sick group of people you need Jesus man got on his cross and died for your sins and you preaching hatingno one gives a f*** how you feel you want a race war to get f***** up dumb ass white people white on white crime is up stop blaming people for your ship you are you been the most hateful people in the USAhow can you hate when you are the most hateful people on this earth ask God to forgive you before you get f***** up the damn couchstop blaming people for being stupid ass peoplesweet mother f***** that was dumb b****** do who is your Godthe man who wear the red suit and a long tailyou people benhaven this America been here it don’t belong to you Oky peopleno one took your country sick mothe fuck why do you wear that clown suit look stupid that

          • You no speak English good.go fuck yourself you racist bastard, you’re as bad as the Klan.. hate is hate, and hate is wrong..You hate, You’re wrong…the word God should burn on your fucking tongue you hypocritical jackass.

  7. (moderator, you don’t have to publish this comment or the other one i wrote because it’s more for the people deciding things at Anonymous or working on this site than for the people viewing the website.) If I make a comment not criticizing some activity of anon then post that one. I don’t really want to give opponents an idea on how to do something harmful to Anonymous by my other note.

  8. At least now the real Anonymous is standing up to the attempts by a few of the more annoying KKK sites to identify themselves as part of Anonymous, which was embarrassing. Please make sure you take down the pro-KKK fake “Anonymous” sites that I found various places a few months ago. They were trying to hop on the Anonymous name. Just identifying them is not enough; please take down their sites that use the name of Anonymous — it is obvious which ones they are because they have confederate flags etc. I’m a southern Anonymous supporter but I hate the KKK.

  9. please show the real Anonymous’ power and take down the fake Anon sites made by KKK people the past year on youtube and various other sites.

  10. Seriously…she is worried about her children being posted on the internet with their faces scratched out because “if they know me they know my children” yet she is on camera, with her children with masks on? The KKK doesn’t have the smartest of the bunch do they? At this rate we should just sit back as a society and watch them stupidly fumble around. They really are not a threat..the way they sound they couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag. Hence running when they are exposed. WOW!

    • Well if you notice she was also smoking inside with and taking shots, she’s obviously very classy. *Sarcasm* Seems like all KKK members are just white trash. (Yes I am white.)

  11. Can you explain how the info was collected? A few of the people listed seem highly unlikely to be KKK members (Mayors Jim Gray and Madeline Rogero).

  12. Great work Anonymous group..!

    Member of a terrorist organization revealed, like every extremist organization in the world, should be exposed as such.. Let’s hope you reveal the black extremist groups as well..

    • This. This I agree with. get rid of the extremist Black Lives Matter activists (ALL lives should matter.), and others. Take care of every racist group, not just the white racists.

  13. “This has been a white man country for 300 years. Why change it”? I believe that this form of thinking is going to lead them to social extinction. You have to accept the fact that this is no longer a Full Caucasian based society with that way of thinking any more. They always promote this “white power” slogan, but you have to realize that as such in nature there will always be someone better and stronger than you. I hope that in the next 50 years, this group becomes defunct and lost within the streams of time.

  14. KKK needs to go away, they have caused nothing but hate and pain and death for years. I am an army veteran and the KKK to me are terrorist. We are one family under one God, it doesn’t matter what color you are period. THE HATE HAS TO STOP!

    • What the hell does you being an Army veteran have to do with anything? Do you believe that makes your point or belief more valid?

      • Perhaps the fact that he’s fought terrorist factions with similar infrastructure and modus operandi… Not really that hard to figure out. 😉

  15. Wow mother of the year. Smoking and doing shots with the kids right there.they will get what’s coming to them. Expose them all…

  16. For all those that have been harmed by this decrepit, evil organization, or those who WOULD have but for your intervention– THANK YOU.

    It may not be much, but you have my lifelong support.

  17. if anonymous has any balls he would start posting black panther party members to,if you gonna do one hate group,u better do all,or are you a racists yourself,after all you dont see their faces when they kill white cops because they hide!

    • you sound upset that the KKK members are exposed…since they’re white. lol. black panthers exists because of groups like the KKK. should any extreme race group exist that is against any other race? NO. NO! but if you have any real knowledge of these groups, then you would know that black panthers aren’t solely against white people, they are against the oppression of black people, physically & psychologically.

  18. If you are going to release the identity of the KKK then release those of the Black Panthers, Isis, and any other hate group out there. While you are at it release the names of all government officials that belong to secret organizations too.

    • Perhaps the Black Panthers are infinitely better at computer security than the KKK and Anonymous hasn’t been able to hack into that system yet.

      • I love this type of comment, hear it in a lot of places…If were going to do one thing here then why aren’t we doing it for another there where its much worse? Or we shouldn’t spend time on ‘this’ because ‘that’ is worse. Like not talking about how religion can hold the world back, and instead be scolded into only talking about Islam and how its far worse, which it is. But that shouldn’t stop us from talking about religion at large. How about we be okay with something actually being done about it, though its ideally the best way. A lot of times the choices we have to make is about choosing the kind of shitty open over the really shitty option.

    • Pam, no need to release the names of Black Panthers. Their names and affiliation are not secret, and the BP ‘s are not a hate group.

  19. The dude couldn’t have been a great general because the south lost the civil war. Great leaders dont lose. Everyone who stands behind the confederate flag needs to know that they lost and they are wrong.

    • That isn’t entirely true, history has shown that great leaders are not ones that win wars, but ones that know when it’s in the better good to surrender for their men. We nearly lost the Revolutionary War had it not been for France intervention and assistance, that’s not to say Geroge Washington wasn’t a great leader. Robert E. Grant, and a number of generals during the American Civil War were all graduates of West Point. The were good at what they did regardless of what side they fought on. One last example, Napolean was a brilliant general and still lost an invasion to Russia. So in close, it’s ok to be anti-south etc but please use factual information to back your argument. The Civil War shouldn’t have happen and like the Revolution, were driving by the upper class as most soldiers in the south couldn’t afford clothing let alone slaves.

      • It doesn’t matter that they couldn’t afford slaves. If that’s your evidence that most southerners were not and are not racists, then tell me how share cropping took place, extensive jim crow laws that began immediately after the civil war ended and lasted until the mid 1960’s when they finally got federal approval for the right to vote? I don’t think that’s the work of “driving by the upper class.” Maybe I”m reading you wrong and reacting too harshly and quickly but I’ve seen this before with many people.

  20. Nasty fat over weight trailer trash heifer doing drugs, shots and smoking around her kids but professes her love for them. Yeah, we believe you.

  21. Can you please try to see if there are KKK members in the Columbus Ohio area? This area is very racist, the home of the Aryan Brotherhood.

  22. Good. Imagine you’ve been watched, kkk, by someone of your close circle friends and reported to Anonymous guys. Wanna confess to the rest or you need some push as well?

  23. So, someone dropped a bunch of names today. Are they going to post your evidence along with names? Because without evidence, the names are utterly useless.

  24. Updated | Online hacking group Anonymous has denied responsibility for the recent publication of a list that claims some U.S. politicians belong to the Ku Klux Klan.

    Last week, Anonymous said it would soon release the identities of about 1,000 members of the white supremacist organization. Anonymous is expected to release the details on Thursday, the day of the global protest movement known as the Million Mask March, in which demonstrators around the world will march in a protest against corrupt governments and corporations.

    Anonymous denies it has any connection to the list of names, which was published Saturday on the website Pastebin. Most of the politicians included on the list—four Republican senators, four Democratic mayors and a Republican mayor—have denied the claims.

    There is no evidence immediately apparent that confirms the details posted on the website. The posting user is identified as “Amped Attacks.”

    The pastebin links sent to us regarding #OpKKK were sent to us by Anonymous individuals. The actual release for Operation KKK will be 5 Nov.

    — Anonymous (@YourAnonNews) November 2, 2015

    This account has NOT YET released any information. We believe in due diligence and will NOT recklessly involve innocent individuals #OpKKK

    — Operation KKK (@Operation_KKK) November 2, 2015

  25. Ok, so the people in this video complain about how they are afraid. So, what about the lives, over the centuries, that this organization has terrorized? Where the kkk’s victims not afraid upon being hung, the children and families not afraid as loved ones where being brutally murdered for no reason? What about when the kkk were burning down family homes and churches. I’m sure the innocent people that were terrorized by arson were very afraid. Kkk, your organization has a history of being pure evil to people for NO LEGITIMATE REASON. Your organization has made innocent people afraid for centuries. What is your excuse? You have none. You have no right to complain about being attacked when no one has brutally beat and hung your loved one. I have nothing against being proud of who you are but don’t hate others for who they are or let a legacy of a terrorist group continue. Disband all supremacist groups. Be the good example for humanity’s decendants. Be one race: The Human race.

  26. I do believe that the KKK is very much alive and thriving well in most major cities and states, but what difference do it make at this point. I’m a African American, and we as African Americans are killing are ourselves these days, so what difference does it really matter at this point. Hate is Hate!

  27. (From this article’s lede) “Civil unrest resulted during a long wait, as the grand jury deliberated in their decision to indict Darren Wilson for the shooting.”

    …aaaaand the grand jury determined that Wilson was innocent, just as they should have. As did the DoJ. The grand jury spent 25 days reviewing evidence that comprised 5,000 pages of testimony from 60 witnesses. And the grand jury had 3 black members, yet they voted unanimously with the white members. Despite all of this, there’s been nary a public mea culpa from those who couldn’t wait to jump onto the “Wilson murdered Brown” bandwagon on day one.

    The trouble with mob mentality — and this is exactly the same with the KKK, Anonymous or the “Black Lives Matter” mobs — is that it enables irresponsibility and it attempts to reduce complex matters into a binary “black or white”, “us versus them” state. Well, reality just don’t work that way.

    Michael Brown was no martyr. He was a thuggish jerk who strong-arm robbed a shopkeeper, then reached into a cop car’s open window to try to wrestle a cop’s gun away from him. If I ever do anything even half as stupid and the police *don’t* shoot my white ass, someone should sue them for negligence.

    So yes — stand against racism of ALL kinds, from ALL races, whether it’s the KKK, the Nation of Islam, or jackasses like Amiri Baraka, who spout their racist hatred with impunity, protected against criticism by white political correctness. And choose your martyrs and heroes carefully, as if your credibility depends upon those choices, because it *does*.

  28. “This has been a white man’s country for 300 years…” Let’s see: the nation itself is only 239 years old, if counting from the Declaration of Independence; if counting from the Constitution, it’s only 226 years old. Perhaps he should brush up on the history of the nation he claims to love so much.

  29. the klan wears hoods to hide there identity are you stupid enough to belive that the real klan has a list of members to expose


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