#OpKKK: Anonymous Unmasks KKK, Reveals Identities Of Prominent Members


Operation KKK, an Anonymous-led effort to shut down the Ku Klux Klan, has begun early. The hacktivist collective, who had promised to reveal the identities of up to 1,000 KKK members on the first anniversary of the Ferguson protests, has published dozens of phone numbers and email addresses belonging to members of the Ku Klux Klan.

The lists include:

        • US Senators Thom Tillis, John Cornyn, Dan Coats and Johnny Isakson apart from



      • several mayors of major US cities, including Madeline Rogero of Knoxville, Tennessee; Jim Gray of Lexington, Kentucky; Paul D. Fraim of Norfolk, Virginia; Kent Guinn of Ocala, Florida; and Tom Henry of Fort Wayne, Indiana.



Tillis, who is listed as a member of the United Northern and Southern Knights of the KKK in Thornton, was North Carolina’s Speaker of the House before being elected to the US Senate in 2014. Cornyn, who Anonymous claims is affiliated with the United White Knights of the KKK, is the current Majority Whip, making him one of the most powerful members of the US Senate. Coats is Indiana’s senior US Senator, and is listed as a member of the United Northern and Southern Knights of the KKK. Isakson, listed as a member of the Original Knight Riders of the KKK, serves as Georgia’s senior US Senator.

In its statement addressed to the members of the KKK, Anonymous warned:

Today we have shut down servers, gotten personal information on members of the KKK, and infiltrated your twitters and websites. And this is just the beginning. On November the 4th we will be having a twitter storm, spreading awareness about the operation. And on the 5th we shall release more than 1000 Ku Klux Klan members Names and websites, new and old.

This is what Anonymous promised last week:

The group has vowed to reveal the full identities of up to 1,000 members of the KKK on November 5 to coincide with the Million Mask March.

Watch the video below to know what happened last time Anonymous took some #HoodsOff:

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  1. Im Ready for Invite Since I have lost something. Since My Dream was a kind like ; The Wait ; The Round 2GETHER Table. Faithfully, in Best Regards & Respect, n!me!

  2. There aren’t enough/right words to thank you for all that you do. Unmasking the kkk terrorist cowards made me cry. As a Mexican American, I know all too well the ugliness and havoc that those terrorists wreak on lives, families, the nation, and world. You are my heroes. I’ve admired you since I first heard of you and will do all I can when possible to be a part. Keep up the good fight!

    • how about doing the New Black Panthers. and how about MS13 gang? also why don’t you do the members of the NWO and George Soros and how about Obama’s birth certificate and his college records? do something important instead of just malicious

      • Don’t be retarded outing racist senators is important. How the fuck is it not? Gangs formed to survive the bullshit that racist politicans have forced us into through the little laws and enforcers.

      • none of the gangs you mention are in positions of political power… sweet, you named a dealer on a corner.. yay… but these dudes just outed SENATORS.. thats huge man..

        id say unmasking a hate group in high offices IS important and not just malicious.

        • Myles, the way you put this I agree. However, racism in ANY FORM is unacceptable. So why not out racists on both sides of the fence and of all colors?

          • Just to get your thought process started -if possible – the concept of outing racists on both sides is silly. The goal is to out hidden/hiding racists in positions of significant government power. The New Black Panthers and MS13 are right-wing nutjob fantasies, and they have no power. President Obama’s “real birth certificate and college records” have been published multiple times in reliable media outlets. Fox News, maybe not.

          • Phyllis, one step at a time. I believe Occupy has a much larger agenda than just the KKK members.
            Additionally, if these KKK members aren’t ASHAMED of what they are doing and what they’ve done WHY do they continue to wear the hoods? Because they know that doing what Occupy is about to do would HURT their cause, and that is to keep the black people of America down. IT’S TIME SOMEBODY “UN-HOODED” these thugs!!

      • Ronald, someone already released everything you’re talking about YEARS ago. Step away from the right-wing disinformation networks and get attuned to what’s really going on in this country. These are SENATORS we’re talking about.

      • You FUCKING DOPE!!! If there was no racism, there would be no reason for the Black Panthers or any other group… Retard Level: Expert

        • Actually New Black Panthers are VEY outspoken and RACIST:) very muh so. The original black Panther wants New Black Panthers to change their name. SO be specific. CAIR is a concern go after Islamist groups They are dangerous. If you can hack their info you would be my Hero. KKK is so small it was a waste of time. And to Miss Mexico. what about the Mexican clan that wants war on America???? Hate. So much racism in the southwest of America against white people. I have a very diverse family. Natie American, Mexican, Japanese and Black and Descendants of Robert E Lee. We are very much a tight Family group. 🙂 get over it and Be an AMERICAN.right now Islamist are the real threat and George Soros and Rothschilds. Bohemian Grove etc. Wake the F up everyone.

          • The real threat is asshole racists in top levels of our government. Why do you think these things we all complain about continue to happen and nothing is ever done. Well Hello it is becaus these nads are running the show …

          • In all fairness, Christians are a historically much more dangerous group. They do things like send children to war, first to hijack planes, and have corrupted the government of many countries for centuries. And there are a lot of them who will do things like bomb a doctor’s office.

          • Why is the standard response to someone doing SOMETHING, “hey, why didn’t you do more?” or “Hey, what about these guys or that issue?” If you’re so into that other issue do something yourself!


          • Whites were killing blacks indiscriminately thats why the panthers were formed. The gun laws were quickly changed when the government noticed blacks carrying guns. Whites are just pathetic!

        • m, really? Then tell us WHY they wear them? They’re all cowards and most will probably flip out when their names are EXPOSED!
          I’d love to know WHY they wear the hoods. PLEASE TELL US!

      • Obama’s birth certificate? Seriously?? He released his birth certificate back during his 2008 campaign and then released his long-form birth certificate in 2011. When are you clowns going to give up this nonsense? He’s been president for seven years.

        • Funny how none of these yayhoos want o see Ted Cruz’s birth Certificate or demand that he is not eligible to be President.

      • Dude, give up on the “Obama’s birth certificate” His mother is American so therefore doesn’t matter where the fuck he was born… If that mattered Ted Cruz couldn’t be president either. His Mother was American his dad Cuban and he was born in Canada… Or are you saying President Obama’s Mother isn’t actually his mother? If that’s the case please take off the tinfoil hat and take your meds.

        • The idiots are probably talking about the “natural born citizen” requirement of the office of the presidency. They confuse “natural born” with “native born” because rednecks and racists can’t imagine actually leaving the safety and security of the USA so the idea of a child born outside the USA being a “natural born” citizen. The fact that a child born of American citizens is automatically an American, therefore NATURALLY an American citizen rather than having to be naturalized, is beyond their tiny minds to comprehend.

          In any case, if they were to accept that, they’d start demanding DNA tests. And then remember that they don’t believe in science and demand video tape of Obama coming out of his American mother’s vagina fully recognizable as Barack Obama.

          • Their plan is for Donald Trump to win the presidency and single-handedly change the constitutional interpretation of natural born citizen from “born here” to “born of” apparently without any interference from Congress or the federal courts. Several right-wing websites claim this was the “actual intent” of the Fourteenth Amendment but that meaning would have made the fourteenth amendment useless since the former slaves’ parents were property. They were not citizens.

          • I can’t tell if you’re trying to make it look like I posted that or not… if you were you failed since I used “S”

      • Hahahaha well ronald baldwin mayb u should b on his list for the kkk as well he’s ahowing how crupt the government is in every way he’s trying to make it so the government can’t control us like they do now they r really no different than dictators or rulers they control everything we see o. Tv and what we think they teach kids to not b creative to n puppets we need someone like this to do it and he is.

      • nwo? lol. what are you 12? we all know who nwo is…hulk, the rock…fuck wrestling…and u can tell who are ms13. they have it tattooed on their face. your requests are so dumb you sound like a troll.

      • Wow, you are rather dorkish I must say. The KKK has been lynching people and threatening them and torturing them for decades upon decades! The New Black Panthers??? F’ing weak dude, no whitey is hanging anywhere today. I doubt that you read, but if you do and would like to educate yourself, may I suggest a Pulitzer Prize winning work, called “Devil in the Grove: Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America” It might be an eye opener for you boy!

        • ……………digital yes, gods no…………and maybe they don’t care what you think so why would you even answer to this……Why……….

      • Obama’s birth certificate, good one. I do agree that they should do more important things, like show the bribes that bought the 2000 election. Or, maybe they can find George Bushs’s fuqin brain.

      • Start with the original terrorist group, the klan, yes! The law is always on minority groups? Are you in the klan? These guys are making laws and in law enforcement, it’s past time for the hoods to come off. They are the ones hiding, not the New Panthers or MS13. Those groups would not exist if theor was no white supremacy, whit privilege, amd racism controlling America.

      • Ronald, do idiots ever take a breather? Pres. Obama is nearing the end of his reign and you still want him to be a foreigner without a college education. Let it go brother and rest.

      • see the thing about the black panthers and ms-13 is they don’t hide their identities in the first place nor get elected to major offices where they shape national policy. you know who george soros is so i’m guessing he needs no “outing”. we’ve all seen obama’s birth certificate a thousand times by now but it’s pretty telling that you think there’s no background check to be president of the united states or if there was ANY way to discount him or impeach him republicans wouldn’t have exploited it to death by now. it’s also pretty telling that you consider outing kkk members “malicious” but witch hunting anyone leftist is “important”. pretty clear which team you play for.

      • No need to kick this horse anymore your ignorance has been and will be exposed stay tuned.Sounds like you educate yourself off social media Ronald you can’t be serious. At least these people don’t have secret identities like The KKK i mean its not like there comic book superheroes no there politicians,laywers,doctors,pastors, etc..who knows! but we will!! Thanks

      • Why do white people think they are superior to blacks, Hispanic, native N. American etc. KKK are so tough when they don’t feel threatened and are doing all the threatening and intimidating. How does it feel scum of the earth. Reaching your children to hate people of different nationalities. North America was occupied by Native North Americans and Mexicans long before any white man set foot on it. Your people have been thieves for centuries. How dare you say this is your land. You are occupying someone else’s land. Go back to Europe where your forefathers came from and teach your young ones to hate those who promote hate. You may not believe in God yet believe in satan, but I guarantee you that satan believes in God. Try going to church instead of kkk rallies. Run klans men and women run, look’s like Anonymous has your number ! lol

        • Wow you generalize everyone without thought or reason. Were you asleep during social studies classes? You cannot group everyone into one statement. Do unto other as you would want the to do to you. So based on your comments everyone can conclude that all Black Hebrews feel the same as you. By the way, Mexicans are a mix of Native Americans, Spaniards, Germans, French, Italians, Africans. A Mexican philosopher, secretary of education, and 1929 presidential candidate, José Vasconcelos “Latin” Americans have the blood of all the world’s so-called “races”: European, Asian-descended native Americans and Africans, thereby transcending the peoples of the “old world”.

        • You say teaching your children hate while preaching your own racism of white people as a whole …. keep up the great work anon ?

      • I would say from this comment being made that there is overt alignment with the White Cone Heads and their brand of Christianity. The thing that this wannabe does not take into account with his futile rant is that the White Cone Head brothers have been a true terrorist organization on American soil. The other groups Wannabe cites have nothing to do with dragging people behind their pickup trucks, burning people alive in their homes, bombing churches and killing little girls,or creating the strange fruit that were hanging in southern trees. Pulhlese girl. Your White Cone Headedness is showing.

      • You must be a republican. Slow to know. I think they need to do more on the credentials and birth certificates of the republicans. As slow as their brains are, they can’t be from earth. Show me some degrees, documentation of their births and parents and education. Also, show me Reagan’s, bush, Nixon, all of House, Congress, Supreme Court educational degrees and birth certificates. No where in the Constitution does it say Blacks have to prove citizenship and whites don’t. Show us yours airhead.

    • got no beef with exposing racists groups but don’t just expose the ones you want to, expose them ALL because if you do not well you Anonymous you too will have to join the list. Keep it fair or shut the fuck up!

      • I am sure that if any other hate groups in this country had positions of power in our government and law enforcement. If those groups incited violence and fear onto others due to the positions they held, I am sure Anon would be an equal opportunity exposer of those losers…

      • it has no beef with people that arent villains in this world. it will show respect of human rights regardless of who you hate or what you believe. when you threaten direct action on anon members or people anon perceives as weak, well like anon said ” you have woken an unslayable dragon” because the anon dragon has no head to be severed it can not die. anon is an ideal and sean just keep educating yourself because thats the only way the world is going to get better

    • your tears fuel the fire of shame inside for what my race has done and what this small percentage stands for. so much time is wasted on hate, the beauty and love is missed. unmasking these cowards is a step in the right direction. it is wonderful to see someone standing up to real villains.

  3. I completely agree with that racist tweet, I have family and friends who are black. About time someone did something about this racist crap and here we have is Anonymous actually doing that, keep it up guys. I’m rooting for you.

  4. I commend you for all you are doing . Taking these Dam Cowards down I look forward to the List of Politicians. I will be forwarding the list on to my facebook so others can see the slime ball asswipes that got elect to office . They all should be thrown out of office ASAP once the list is publish . To hell with it every one of those slime bags should be tossed out just because they have screwed all of us . Thanks again for all you do .

  5. Oh my, there are quite a few people denying their KKK affiliation. Thank you, Anonymous. Americans need to know who the real terrorists are.

  6. I don’t normally condone vigilante actions but the KKK is a terrorist group and needs to be exposed. Thank you for your work in bringing these people out into the open.

    • You are absolutely right Betty S. why are drones not hitting those guys at their rallies. They know where they gather and when! Forget about Al Quadia, claim war on the Terrorist Group Klu Klux (like a chicken) Klan!
      Best stuff I’ve read in quite a while.

  7. Hey, I’m all for making the fascists’ lives miserable, but you have a resposiblity to make sure yyou’re not tarring the innocent with your brush. I see you have removed the name of the Knoxville Mayor, but You have corrected Jimmy Gray from Jimmy “Mayer”. Problem is, Jimmy is openly gay and a progressive – about as far from KKK material as there can be. That’That’s 2 out of you first eight or a minimum fail rate of 75%. You need do a much better job of fact-checking to make sure this doesn’t become a witch hunt.

  8. Will there be more proof to these statements? I trust Anonymous, more than I trust a lot of things, but looking through this list, I’m seeing some questionable people. For example, Madeline Rogero, the Mayor of Knoxville, seems to be the farthest from a KKK member, as she’s made many strives very people of color, as well as LGBT+ folk. I want racism to be revealed, but not by spreading rumours and pointing fingers in the wrong direction. It makes this justice based action seem more like “internet trolls with nothing to do”. If there is something that backs up this statements, I’d feel a lot better

    • Maybe, just maybe, it’s all a front? She could be doing all that in the public eye, but doing horrible things in the background.

      • Exactly. This is very often reality for the crooks – to front a person or a company as if nothing bad was happening but do a lot of bad intention driven stuff at the back.

        I have discovered this as well recently in my own case. The world will be shocked…

        Have you ever wondered what is LMFAO or 50 shades drivel’s hype all about?
        Well, I’m a student and an activist and a fact is they were organising a gang rape on me at my former workplace, a hotel in the UK… nothing bad happened to me, thankfully, the case is still on going, I’m happy to post all details of the case for you guys here somewhere but what the HQ did while I was in a shock? They decided to cover up everything.
        Technically, I’m still a witness and I’m afraid the chain met their end by messing up with me :).

  9. Ok, I love this, but needs proof?!?!

    This list is just a list….. requires corroborative evidence at the least and at this point is not even circumstantial!!!

    Just a list……

  10. You guys are a Joke.. Bunch of losers who still live at home with there parents. Anyone can make a false list, wheres the real proof? Pictures or something???

    • Would it kill everyone to know the difference between their, there, and they’re, AND USE THEM PROPERLY?

      Your (not you’re) grammar is just hideous.

      It is not YOOGE effort to come across as intelligent as you make a stupid point, from your mom’s basement.

    • LOL “Sad part is you douchbags are hurting innocent people with this contrived inaccurate LIST. Not that you really care.”

      Can you please help me with your comment and let me know who this innocent politician is LMFAO!!!!! just a question…..

  11. Does anyone else find it ironic that a group of anonymous people feels it legitimate to “expose” members of another group that wears hoods to remain anonymous? #Anonymous is a joke, if you ask me. Considering that nearly all of the names on the list have (R)’s behind their names, it’s more likely that it’s a vendetta for not voting the way this joke of a group liked or wanted, and it’s vengeance, with no semblance of truth behind it.

    And to the anonymous “members”, note, I’m not afraid to say this publicly, without hiding behind a computer screen. You, on the other hand…

  12. Does the world know that by 1950s white congressmen from South blocked anti-lynches laws 3 times from becoming a legislation?
    That sucks a lot for them.
    I guess you don’t have to wear that hood to be called a kkk member.
    A specific law statute was brought into life only in 2005 though there were still 13, out of 100, senators who voted ‘no’.

    I’ll tell you what, I used to work for almost a sanctuary like worldwide chain. It turned out that they preferred to cover up a massive scandal than do the right thing. Oh well, they’re about to be erased from the Earth as well. 🙂
    Proves it’s not always gold that glitters.

  13. If you are going for justice out ALL racists of BOTH races …… a racist is a racist regardless of what he/she looks like, racism is in the heart not the skin. With power comes responsibility, I will be praying for all us :-).

  14. Thank You for this information.
    I wish that you could do something about my 1/2 brother who claims to be a Card Carrying member of the KKK since the 1970s.
    I don’t know him, nor does anyone in the family as he is as Evil today as he was a little boy.
    He abused, beat, coerced, falsified documents and held our grandmother hostage in her own home until he had all her money and then she died…he then broke the Trust, made his mother homeless, got his sister and brother on Drugs, became the Power of attorney, executor, administrator, tenant in common, trustee and Only Aire to my grandmother’s Irrevocable Trust thus never had a meeting with dis inherented family members of which my grandma wanted all 5 of us members to have equal shares and she had Wells Fargo as the Executor and Administer.
    He worked for Firemans Fund as a janitor but had job security because he supplied Cocaine to all the executives including American Express next door as they are owned by Firemans Fund there in Novato, Ca.
    During the late 1970s and early 80s this 1/2 brother lived in Southern California, Garden Grove area and rented a house with tow other males..they all sold Cocaine and worked as hyped up Used Car salesmen for Cal Worthington..on weekends they had a mission of Date Rape, Abuse, Sexual Assault, Mayhem and Murder of young women…their hallway of the house was their Insane proof as it was filled with Polaroid camera pictures of all three Raping women…these 3 men would bar hop to the local Discos back then and lure women out with Cocaine and BS about other private parties with movie stars or whatever…
    I only know this as I was on Leave from the Navy and happened to be in Southern California…whereas these idiots told me all there stupid stories and shared evidence…afterwards I alerted the Police who only tipped these men off and so nothing got done except maybe exposing me as an informant..?
    I also believe that he and his wife killed his Father in law and or made it look like suicide.
    His name is Thomas James Eipp wife Laura…
    Address: 3 David Ct., Novato, California..has extensive properties in Arizona, California due to the money stolen from Grandmother.
    I can’t do anything and everyone is afraid of him as he is very violent, armed, crazy, has many connections with other Hate Groups including Meth Zombies, Police and ex military extremist groups..he has two Hateful daughters.
    I would love to see Justice based on the Principles of Humanity…I am poor and can’t fight or afford Attorneys…this is Why people can’t do, won’t do anything about these Criminals that just might be a Neighbor.
    Justice System sucks for all who have no money, power, influence, attorneys or could live with the Stress of court action along with the Public information available on Courts Filings with your name, addresses, email, phone, business…even being a Witness to a crime..your Name appears everywhere for the Criminals, Haters, Police to find you.
    When my grandma died…I was not even notified nor was I mentioned in the obituaries as Family nor were my children…
    I would like to have in my possession and grandfathered clause the only asset left in my grandmother’s Trust and that is the old house that is being rented or leased out located in Northern California at: 125 Mountain View Ave., San Rafael, Ca
    I have a Lean on the home, it’s part of the Trust, and I’m not sure but maybe I could evict those tenants, move in, then file in court all those crimes..then again stepping on a Hornets Nest…
    How do you Fight these Haters ?
    I don’t know my brothers and sisters as I became a Foster child after the courts declared my mother unfit…

    Remember, Remember…the 5th of November, Gunpowder and Plot…Freemen we are not.
    People should not be afraid of their own Government…
    Governments should be afraid of their people..
    Truth is…there is Something very wrong with the way things are done..
    Guy Fawkes 1605
    “V” for Vendetta

  15. Is this a world wide thing? I mean, 8 hours ago, AnonPH hacked into the twitter account of one of the most trending personality here in PH. I can’t seem to connect the dots here. Can someone enlighten me with regard to the OpKKK vs the act of AnonPH. Does your advocacy varies depending on country?

  16. Can you say sad joke, a little more “social engineering”? For starters the “KKK” is like “Anonymous”, there is no centralized, agreed to, leadership, anyone can, and many have created their own chapters out of thin air. Everyone from actually somewhat powerful people, to common white trash.

    Another point what did the “KKK” do to invite such stupidity? Was it a few extra drunk rednecks from Chattanooga, whom many other self proclaimed “Klansmen” would deny the legitimacy of, talked trash? Wait what, that is about the case….

    If “Anonymous” actually has it’s energy tied up in that, which apparently some certain self proclaimed socially engineered “Anons” do, it’s a total waste of time, and more distraction. Sorry, haven’t even heard so much as a notable whimper out of the “KKK” in years, and many former “members” have walked away from the ignorance of their early to mid 20’s and denounced the “organization” for the fact that it’s illegitimate. That is anyone can deem themselves “Grand Pooba” of the “Klan”.

    Why didn’t “Anonymous” take more interest in George Soros funding the Ferguson protests?



    Or how he basically owned #Occupy (Which I’ll admit I agreed with many of the early, maybe even later principles of)?




    Or how he even brags about helping flood Europe with “refugees”, and is in effect facilitating cultural genocide when you look at the amount of “refugees” they’re pumping into certain areas as opposed to the native populations….



    (Should really research the crime rates, and attacks made by the “refugees” as well as what limited protest and crime that’s finally arisen in response. And why was pulling out of their war torn countries and stopping the funding of terrorists never in anyones plan to help these “refugees”….? Of forgot can’t have complete cultural genocide and effective NWO without destroying everyone’s homes and cultures, duh.)

    Not only has “Anonymous” been played like a cheap slut, AGAIN, it’s just further de-legitimizing itself, one of the accused “Klansmen” is an open homosexual for crying out loud, funny the “Pink Knights of the Klu Klux Klan” could hardly be considered any kind of anything but a parody, IF he were apart of that.

    Way to go clowns, another bullshit article; https://twitter.com/Operation_KKK/status/661272341318471680

    • Infowars is about the least reliable “news” organization on the Web. And the Wash. Times is a dedicated right-wing mouthpiece. I have no problem with you citing real news but sorry, 90 percent of America never heard of George Soros and of that number, 88 percent don’t care. He’s a rich guy who believes in philanthropy.
      The KKK isn’t relevant? It’s heavily connected to Aryan nation white supremacy that advocates violent overthrow of the government that allows you to think as you wish.

  17. I am actually very happy about this!!! It is long since time for this to happen – – – – – and ANONYMOUS is given a major thumbs up from me!!!! Not that I count much, but I am glad to see this happen. As has ben said already, it is more than time foe it – – – and THERE IS NO ROOM FOR PREJUDICE ANY LONGER!!!!!!!!!! Keep Up The Good Work!!!!!!!!!

  18. the big objection allot of folks have about the klan is that they hide their identity. so does anon, so whats the difference. it’s a cowardly act to name people and give out their personal info. especially when you’re wrong about some of those people. I don’t believe this is a legit anon, but a cheap trickster.

  19. Let’s send these MAYFLOWER tourists to back home. There is NO such thing as White mens country. It’s called NATIVE AMERICAN land and we are all tourists here. So let’s love each other.

    • THANK YOU! My people all lost our land thanks to white people like the KKK! It’s sickens me to think about the things my ancestors went through.

  20. LMFAO! Everyone of those trashy ass people could barely put two words together. Ignorant as fuck. I hope the they get hunted down and taken out.

    • Who do you refer to? Because when it comes to exposing shocking truth about kkk, it’s normal to be excited all about it as well.

  21. Anon isn’t trying to end prejudice, don’t be naïve. You can’t end prejudice from the top down, only from the bottom up. Teach your children. Be an instrument of change and they will follow. But it does help to get some of these people out of positions of authority and influence. Cheers

  22. Yes the Ku Klux Klan has been around for 100+ years before the Nazi Party. From Southern Democrats-Dixiecrats to Rightwing acist republikkkans, Reagan, Baaps,Baps ,Boho’s Golden Bones and Jamerikkkans. Amerikkka will be punished.

  23. I laughed out loud at the comment made by the redneck and his brassy blonde wife in the video whining about the fact that the group trying to take them down being anonymous when the KKK personifies anonymity. Hoods to hide their faces and doing all their dirty work in the dead of night is not anonymous???? Daaah. If these folks are examples of Klan members then they truly are a clan of stupid, uneducated, illiterate dummies. Go get em Anonymous…………

  24. Did he seriously just say this has been a WHITE MAN’S COUNTRY for 300 yrs so why change it now?! First of all you piece of fuck, it was OUR country, yes MY people, the Native Americans FIRST and if it should change, it should be given back to the rightful owners! Fuck you and your white trash gang!!

  25. Could have mentioned beside Cornyn’s name that he currently serves as Majority Whip in Congress – in addition to serving. Which means that we not only have Klansmen in power in this Country, but we also have Klansmen in power in at least one Party. Not surprising, but troubling. What is even more troubling is, after this, people will continue to vote for these racist cowards.

    But that’s the only bad part.

    Thank you, Anonymous, for helping to bring this to the People’s attention.

  26. First off you need to understand this group is a terrorist group they only did this to start further recruiting I do not believe they honestly care about the kkk and these violent gangs if they did they would expose them all however they did not they are trying to form a common enemy to gain support terrorism has changed these hackers are the new age form they have just adapted to the new way quicker then others don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that what their doing is this case as wrong no what I am saying is that unlike the great hackers of the past solo Vader etc these are the new age and what their doing is smart but their end goal is illogical they want to reveal to the world the truth about 1% ERS and the government but that requires an army and people to fight for them however the system in place is to well fortified they have been doing this for years and years and are continuing to do so the chances of success are very slim and very costly to the individuals involved this groups sole purpose is anarachy which I understand after the mistreatment of the people for so long in all races and people but they don’t have the power to create stability when its all over so even after victory this will cost more you would need a nation as large as America to agree at least 70+% so for now I’ll watch and see where this goes

  27. I like how they said we lost good people and if anyone attacks someone with 3children that they’re a piece of shit…….SORRY BUT WHAT????? YOU’RE APART OF A RACIST GROUP, pretty sure you’re the pieces of shit

  28. Great work guys and gals! I hope to God that you’ll expose the whores of the court, the child kidnappers who get paid federal funds to destroy families through Family Court and Dependency Court.
    The state of Florida gets about 40% of its budget from Federal funding. A 2008 mediaRadar report shows that Florida ranks second in the nation for receiving VAWA funding (http://www.mediaradar.org/state_dv_coalition_info.php?last_shown_sort_by=name&last_shown_ascending=true&submit_revenue=Gross+Revenue**).
    Look at this report and tell me what is wrong with this picture, where Florida is such a transient state!
    Take a look at the amount of money coming in for Child Support Enforcement. What asshole Jeb Bush said during the debate to Donald Trump was that he improved opportunities for women by getting them more child support. That’s Title IV-D money that went to the state courts, CPS workers and Clerks of the Circuit Court. According to Title IV-D of the SSA, section 454, those funds go towards paying 66% of the costs to enforce Child Support. None of it goes to the single parent! Jeb Bush is a liar and the state of Florida falsifies information, destroying families along the way, so that they get their government infrastructure paid for, without imposing income taxes.
    Please go after the United States Family Court System and expose the names and personal contact information of every government official and every contractor and their employees who engage on breaking up American families for federal tax dollars.

    • No you are already Anonymous. Learn what it stands for, and stand for that. Easy. 😉 I know I know, you feel like you need to do more, but we actually don’t have to. ALL we need to do is cover these guys backs when the shit hits the fan on them. 😀

  29. You are no better than the people you go after…
    you hide behind a mask..
    if you were so honorable, and your evidence truthful, you would show your faces…until then, in my mind you are a bunch of press seeking punks.

      • I a not defending them. it is a little hard to take someone serious who hides their identities.
        If their information is correct, then I can see no reason for them to hide their faces…

    • I used to be anonymous human rights activist. I didn’t seek any press coverage for my name though, yes, it appears they were talking about me round the family tables. All that materred, and still matters, for me was the outcome for the society. Not me.

      • That’s the WHOLE IDEA! NO identity! No one and Everyone at once. Watch the documentary and you will understand better. 😉

    • dude you are wrong. So wrong. Be the better man and watch the Documentary called “We are Legion”. It is very enlightening and will show you how these guys are trying to make the world a better place for everyone. Watch the whole thing on You Tube.

  30. I’m confused…the pastebin dump linking the senators and mayors claims no affiliation to OpKKK or anon, and shares no similarity in formatting/info contained with the official OpKKK dumps so far… is this really part of the dump?

  31. All the public figures who now publicly deny any racial wrondoing, maybe you should simply look back into your youth as well…?

    I mean, there must be a reason why some names appeared on that list.

  32. Psychopaths in Power!It has to be torn down and built again,they know alot more eyes are opened now so,maybe God has mercy for them,but I do not.

  33. STUPID IS LETHAL JUST SAYING! Some of you people seriously need to get your priorities in order. White man’s country? Guess what dude you and your wife are transplants. This country is the NATIVE AMERICAN’S COUNTRY. The rest of us were brought here. Now that being said, when you have KKK members in positions of power that is a BAD thing. If you are so certain you are right, why are you afraid for your children’s lives? You think that someone who attacks a woman with kids is a POS? What kind of Mother are you to bring your child up in racism and that sort of shit? Let’s get real here Anonymous did NOT put you or your kids in danger. YOUR STUPIDITY DID! Now who freaking stands in a kitchen on camera in front of her kids and shoots alcohol? What kind of fucked up parent are you? To be honest you and your children have bigger issues to worry about then having your sheet stripped off you. I really really really feel bad for your children. How about in stead of breeding hate and teaching your kids racism you try teaching them to just be productive human beings and not red necks without a clue. You want to act all high and mighty while simultaneously making yourself look like the ignorant bigot you are. You have no more right to this country then anyone else does.


  35. Pretty hard to take these people serious when they have to hide behind masks. If they were telling the truth they wouldn’t need masks.

  36. Fair play to you Anon for fighting 21st Century fascism.

    Any chance of exposing KKK links to Ulster Loyalists, English Dutch and German neo-fascist paramilitary groups etc?

    You’ve nailed evidence to the barn door for everyone to see the influence fascism exerts on the governance of the USA. Now show how they’re part of an international network. The Great Patriotic War didn’t end in the 1940’s, we’re still fighting it.

  37. What anonymous is doing,is something that should have been done a long time ago, “behind this mask,there is ideas,and ideas are bulletproof” V-For Vendetta

    Anoymous ideas are something that the KKK can’t do anything about,yeah maybe they can shoot some bullets but and I quote “we are told to remember the idea, not the man,because a man can fail. He can be caught ,he can be killed and forgotten. But,hundreds years later,an idea can change the world.”

  38. Anonymous! You guys are new age heroes! It is going to end up like; The greatest Heroes in our history will remain Anonymous. So poetic. Awesome guys. Keep up the GREAT work!!! 😀


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