Parent Addresses The Arrest Of Black Girl At A School Board Meeting With An Amazing Speech Shutting Everyone Up And Getting Applause


Very powerful speech of a parent at a school board meeting addressing the recent case of the black girl who has been brutally hit and smashed by a police officer last week.

“If that was my daughter – well, that IS my daughter. She doesn’t have to belong to me biologically.”

That’s RIGHT gotdayum it! Lol

Posted by Shyy Akil on Friday, October 30, 2015


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  1. If people would teach their kids that to get respect, they need to show respect and how act right, instead of no discipline and acting like thugs then there wouldn’t be as many issues like this one or the one in McKinney, Tx.

    He’s talking about if someone laid hands on his kids….He seems like he would teach his kids right, so something like this wouldn’t happen to his kids in the first place.

    Where’s this guys outrage at the 6’2″ 320lbs black student that pushed a 66 yr old white female teacher to the floor for taking his phone away because he was using it in class.

    • Didn’t you here him say she was a foster child. But, its funny how in this case everybody say if ppl would teach their kids how to act. This doesn’t apply here. This is a child who has no parents. And even if this was a child disrespectful what right did this grown man have to put his hands on a child in that manner? I have 2 children well mannered and beautiful souls. But, every child acts up some time. Hell every adult acts up some time. Just because I’m having a moment doesn’t mean beat the heck out of me. He had no right period. What about the next time you have a bad day at work we send this officer over to straighten you out? Sounds good?

      • Well said Allie, well said. Rob Pendragon is a racist and an idiot. Who in their right mind blames a child for this incident. he can try and defend his comments all he wants, but know this: use of the word like thug, and phrases “where’s the guys outrage at 6″2″ 320 lbs black student…”. Not everything is about race but this incident is Rob, but people like you, who refuse to see Black people as human are the problem.

        • Race has NOTHING to do with it….its 2015 it’ time to stop with all this racist bullshit. A disrespectful kid (which is what this lil punk was) are disrespectful kids no matter WHAT race they are. Did that kid deserve to be beaten by a cop, NO. But did that teacher deserve the shit she got for doing her job ….NO

        • Terrie and Allie. Im on your side 😉 Fuck Rob Pendragon! That one black man who stood up for this. ONE man whos not afraid to say what he means. Stood up for what? Was it the police or just people? Idk but he stood up and said what others are afraid to say.

      • not just a foster child, but one who lost her mother in January, and then her Grandma in June. At a new school, with no love or hugs or support. That teacher failed her. Her classmates didn’t even know her name. That pig cop wannabe was known as “Sgt Slam”… a steroid pumping psycho with obvious anger aand power issues. He deserved to be fired. He SHOULD be in jail.

        • I so agree with you Kristen. Why couldn’t the teacher just pull her to the side or confiscate her phone until the end of class; why couldn’t a counselor be called? All of these questions deserve answers. This situation could have been handled so much differently and the outcome would have been different as well.

    • Excuse me, what the 6’2″ 320lbs black student pushing a 66 yr old white (female) teacher has to do with the violence used to a girl whom did NOT oppose physical resistance OR used physical violence on others?? Let’s stay focused on the issue: a man in position of some authority DRAGGED a child around a class. He did have NO RIGHT whatsoever to do that. This is the issue, let’s not forget it!

      • Everyone with the old lady. (White as your ignorance call it cuz if I’m not mistaken we’re all HUMANS HUMANITY. it’s sad but you american community think you’re so smart… you all think you know everything.

    • So Rob, is “thug” your replacement for the N word? When a white kid acts up or shoots up several people, do you also call that kid a thug, or is he simply deranged or comes from a broken home?

    • Parents should be teaching children to act right?? No matter what she did this behaviour from a police officer is an outrage !! White black adult or child makes no difference how can you possibly condone this sort of abuse? Whatever she did should have been dealt with in a civilized manner

    • EXactly. No one wants to handle these chidren anymore. As for this blustering man, every father is feeling the same thing for their children..he is publicly threatening others and offers no solution or responsibility..and certainly encourages intimidation as a tool. so, violence gets more violence and encourages the raging war of me vs them.go to Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington D.C.

    • Nice attempt at flipping things upside down. Only an idiot would try to connect two completely separate events like this. Save it for your Klan meeting, Mr grand-dragon-wannabe! You mght find a few brain-dead buddies to agree with you.

    • The difference, that 6 foot 2 320 lb punk isn’t a police officer. He isn’t supported through tax dollars and isn’t a fully developed man, despite being huge. Cops are the last major problem in civilized society (minus terrorism,imperialism, and corporate takeover- you know, the little issues). The real question is what to do with these legalized criminals and how to bring them back on to the side of justice. I wish I could have a bad day, assault a bunch of people, cause property damage and provoke strangers in a confrontational manner, then head home at the end of a therapeutic day to reflect on my actions without consequences being forthcoming. What freedom.

  2. If it WAS his daughter. Id hope hed’ve taught her how the fuck to act her age and follow orders of the people in charge. She deserves what she got. The whole controversy and outrage over this is WHY racism still exists. Because people are afraid to tell black people this shit isn’t okay for US, its not okay for you either. Just cuz whiteys got it out for ya dont mean if you wanna live here you dont have to follow the damn rules. Noone would get upset if a white girl did this. but the same damn thing would happen to her if she did. She continuously failed to listen to any level of authority.

    If you cant fucking listen to authority guess what. You belong in jail. Guess what. Black culture these days and peoples fear of being “racist” caters to attitudes like this. And that’s precisely why so many black people end up in jail. Cuz a lot of them think rules don’t apply because everyones afraid of being called racist. It aint fucking racism when it’s expecting everyone to do their fucking part regardless of skin color!

    • @Sam Probably no one denies that the girl acted wrongly. She is a stubborn teenager, that is normal. Everywhere around the world you will find these kind of kids or teenagers. But, if you think the police acted correctly, you are part of the problem. What is more dangerous then racists is ignorant people. So according to your logic you probably also think that native Indians acted wrongly by not obeying ‘people in charge’ and authority by not surrendering and giving them their land, freedom and themselves as slaves without resistance. So 100 million native Indians died because of the exact same attitude that you have.

      • It’s funny how you replied to This comment and not the one above .. . So this has been blown way out of proportion .. its this black girls fault she should have listened in the first place and another thing .. black people are so loud and obnoxious everyone knows that it’s so annoying .. they are the only ones who always cause so many problems .. alllll the time ..

        • Come to England and you will find white children can be disruptive, defiant and rude as hell. Your comments are based on aa narrow, nil life experience and haven’t seen what other European kids are like. But as the person who responded said – kids are like this where ever you are in the world maybe not yours.

        • I wonder what would you say if the police officer harrased your daughter like that. But nice generalizations from you, black people this, black people that. you think it’s normal that a teenager is dragged and beaten like that.
          love the ‘only ones who always cause many problems’ part….

        • Fuck I hate Americans!!! You people are completely insane, obnoxious, ignorant and quite frankly the biggest terrorist nation on the face of this planet! Running around preaching your freedom and democracy for all crap whilst at exactly the Ama time murderin innocent people globally to fund the bullshit capitalist ideology that has allowed 1% of the popular control the other 90%.

          Reading comments left saying that that child “should’ve listened” or “she needs to obey” only re-enforces all my thoughts that you people really are so far removed from what life is about and “right or wrong”

          Iv got a great idea!!!.. Why don’t we arm the nation so everyone canprotect themselves!!??
          Oops sorry you all ready did that and what a great idea that turned out to be!

          Actually why don’t we “fight the war on drugs” nice one Nixon, whilst pre ribbing children more drugs than any other nation on earth and holding more prisoners than any other nations

          No no wait! Iv got a much better idea! We should fight terrorism and spread freedom for all!! Bush you’re right!! We have no knowledge of world history so what we should do is steam in with “all our might” destabilise a whole region and trigger numerous civil wars so we can capitalise on the arms trade and not to mention mop up all left over resources, oh, and irradiate a religion that doesn’t fit with ours!!! GREAT!

          The sooner American people wake the fuck up to what your government is doing the better not only yourself a but the rest of us will be!!!!!

          • Billy, you have summed up this great nation I call the U.aSs of A.quite nicely. Bravo! I know that other countries think that we are a joke. I hate that I’m even here. This country is filled with murdering thieve and liars. And that just the government.
            Thanks Billy for telling it like it is.

          • i didn’t read everything you said but i completely agree because i got the thought that you wish to deliver
            ,true america sucks

          • Bush? Seriously? Obama is no different save being Bigger Finance’s sock puppet rather than Big Oil’s. This site is full of instances wherein the chains used by the old party on their own citizenry have been strengthened by the new. Any differences you believe to exist between the American politico are illusory.

            The bigger question unanswered on the topic at hand? Why do they require/request/accept police stationed within a school at all?

            Uncle Sam is to Keyser Söze as Bruce Banner is to the Hulk.

        • Not all black people are the same . I agree that was very disrespectful on the girls part .. but the officer could have handled it less violently . I am a 15 year old african american female & im not loud or obnoxious . I am in all honor classes make straight A’s In over 6 clubs play over 3 sports . Does that sound like all black people to you ?

        • See this is where you basically step back and proof read your statement. You just stated “black people are so loud and obnoxious”, and then you said they do this “allll the time”. If you look at the stats from around the world, America is the only country where simple crime is followed by terrible treatment and sometimes death, and do you want to know the real kicker….the probability that these criminals go clean after their rather unlikely…because of the circumstance of their arrest and also their treatment during their incarceration in prison…..Also realise that America is more like a battlefield of racial prejudice, poor schooling and the darkest thing to ever exist….school shootings……oh did i mention school standards are poor…..

          Face it….whatever that officer did to that kid will have repercussions, that far exceeds the confines of your constricted logic, which is “oh she should have listened….she is black…..she had it coming” what have you come to. The first way to fix a problem is to realise its there, if you know there is a problem..ok..think about it this way….you don’t fucking decide to hammer a displaced nail on a photo frame with a sledge hammer? Do you? This young….and easily influenceable….minor….was just dragged out of class in the most undignified manner……how do you think she is going to grow up….she is going to first of all…..hate ….no sorry despise the teacher who lets just say “CLEARLY” fucking “OVERREACTED” and of course…now she hates law enforcement….which means instead of helping the poor girl that psychopath of an officer who in his power addled rage, set her on a path she was not on initially…this we may never know but speculation is a wondrous thing as you have demonstrated clearly by saying “black people are obnoxious” so lets take advantage of that…. So let me put it this way….that fucking maniac of an officer basically demonstrated to the everyone how criminals are created….by fucking body slamming a juvenile for speaking out of turn……. who is lets just say about less than 60 kg give or take 5kgs….to the ground….in front of a classroom…after the video went viral…to the whole fucking world. Also how do you think psychopaths are born, A they are alone, B they are socially hard to handle and lets not forget this kid is an orphan so there are a plethora of issues she will be having…i mean of course why not help one who has such poor mental structure go through the most excruciatingly embarrassing moment of her lifetime…lets see if that helps….

          I do not condone or promote crime in anyway, i also do not think it is necessary that a kid who just acted up needed to be dragged across the floor in the most undignified manner and or should I say… a rather disturbingly brutal fashion. The worst part is you do not understand the main problem….stereotyping, I mean how would you like it if someone compared you to the all famous Ku Klux Klan, they are white and racist so should i say that all people who are white are racist and hold their race above all…. no i do not because every person is a cumulation of their own choices. So lady take a step back and realise the person you decided to be when you chose to justify the actions of that abominable human being who has the power of the law with him. See the problem with the society there is its so divided….where is your sense of unity….your sense of harmony…..haha its probably more of a joke than it is reality in America.

          From all this I have come to the conclusion that you are a poor anomaly , that needs to have a calibration made to your clearly fucked up morale compass. But of course that would make me the hypocrite now wouldn’t it? So i suggest you live the rest of your mundane life… the most mundane way possible. You are the crux of the problem, a funny quote from toy story “You are a sad strange little man/woman, and you have my pity”

        • I would have to disagree with you regarding the foolish statement that you recently made as there has never been a more annoying, problem causing, obnoxious, hateful, disrespectful, thieving, lying, destructive, manipulating & racist people in the history of the planet than the WHITE RACE. Check your history.

    • “Because people are afraid to tell black people this shit isn’t okay for US”

      Well, Sam, as I mentioned to Rob above, you seem to want to blame all black people instead of focusing on the fact that this one child comes from a broken background and was apparently acting out, not in a violent way, but in a way that certainly did not call for the extreme brutality of the officer. You and Rob are most likely quite racist given your words, and also given the fact you both focus your negative energy on the child and not the cop’s overreaction. You wouldn’t say all white people mass murder students in school given past incidents of violence, so why paint all blacks with a broad racist brush?

    • Sam, what you are saying just doesn’t fit this situation. No child, she is 16,deserves to be treated this way! Also the school should have been aware of her situation and the fact that she was severly depressed. She needs counseling, not abuse. I stand with the gentleman that spoke. WE ARE TIRED OF THIS. How about the young man that shot the people in the church. The police took him to a fast food restuarant to get food! That is OK huh? Yes the young girl needs help to get thru this, not beat up.

  3. People need to start disciplining “their” kids so these incidents stop happening. Teach them to respect their elders, teach them to respect property that doesn’t belong to them, teach them to respect authority. If they learn these things, and pay attention and not disrupt the class, then there wouldn’t be a need for police officers roaming the halls.

    • Since when was kids disrupting class grounds for police involvment? Jesus, this shit is completely insane and I can’t for the life of me understand how any sane person could actually defend the police officer who was obviously way out of line. Only in USA and North-Korea. Disgusting!

    • To discipline is to teach. Children mimic behavior, when adults are verbally and physically abusive their behavior teaches children that might is right. Respect is earned, not demanded. Children are little people not objects to control.

  4. For some reason I assumed that the followers of this page understood that the U.S is being ran by the 1%. Creating situations that will slowly but surely affect all of us at one point. Youth of all colors and race are rude. Parents are too busy trying to provide and keep the family together. There are way too many issues intwined within each other such as education, religion, family life and authority. It all goes hand in hand, the breakdown of society has been set up, we are only witnessing what the government has planned for us. How can followers just sit there and judge a race for being “too loud”? It’s what kids see on TV and what they have grown accustomed to. There are many children out there like the girl involved in this story that live in foster homes. She did not choose the outcome of her life, people need to stop calling her rude and respect the fact that she is emotionally unstable.

  5. He is absolutely right. That child was completely nonviolent! I’m sick of this shit myself! Why is it always African Americans when they have a bit more respect for other ethnicities than there own? Why would you fuck with a people who is that peaceful?? Because they are fucking COWARDS that’s why!

    • What are you babbling about, demon child? Have you met every African American? Go in peace, son of perdition

  6. Excuses excuses. The cop was a savage plain n simple. A real coward & animal. I want to see him try that sh with a real man. All of you dumbasses blaming the child are sick in the head. She sat there..she wasnt compliant. So what! Did it warrant being manhandled? Yes she should hv complied. You guys getit..ur just pretending to br this stupid n insensitive. Lets hope u or ur loved ones r never battered or shot for ANY reason. Heartless devils.

  7. if the USA was the human body it would be the arsehole …
    I can’t believe what a vile country the USA is , there are no Human Rights , no Protection Laws , no fairness and NO equality .
    The USA is supposed to be a Christian Country ?? But all i can see is a corruption , run by White People and their Gestapo Police Forces not only destroying the lives of American Citizens and their babies even are not safe in this weapons dominated trigger happy land of the Massacring Bastards because the leaders and the Government/ Congress are a bunch of KKK . They are also going around the world destroying countries , massacring people , Land Grabbing and destroying also, other country’s environments and massacring wildlife into extinction .

  8. How anyone with a modicum of common sense or humanity can defend the actions of such a cowardly man is beyond the realms of understanding.
    Being non compliant does not warrant a violent reaction of any degree, therefore this “cop” must have a psychological problem.

    Blanket judgements of this young woman are narrowminded and blinkered. Do any of you right wing bigots know this womans history? what kind of violence or abuse she may already have been subjected to? For all you know her non compliance in this situation may have been her coping mechanism to something traumatic she has witnessed or been subjected to as a young child.

    No-one has the right to handle another person in this way, regardless of position. It’s brutal, damaging and probably gave this knucklehead the biggest hard on his steroid infested body has ever experienced.

    • So if someone who has had a long day, gets pulled over by a cop for a simple e over the speed limit violation, and with an attitude tells the cop to just write the ticket real quick, and the cop then responds by yanking the person out of the car and pummeling her with his fist or stick, she deserved it?

  9. I am concerned about people not connecting with the pain of seeing, for example a child being thrown to the ground by the police because it isn’t their child. I do wish someone could create an app or something similar where people are asked to place their kids face on a picture or video of a child being unfairly detained, beaten or shot, so they could better see what other Americans feel. I love this country and love America, but I am tired of seeing the same scenario repeated. If it’s not resonating, perhaps because they simply can’t relate.

  10. She IS a fucking orphan! If anybody or anything failed this CHILD your Government system did! Nice reflection of what your country actually projects hey?

    • The girl is NOT an orphan ( If you stop and take a look at the situation, and remove mr dickhead out of it. The girls was totally wrong. She was disruptive to the other students learning. Period, you cannot deny that fact. She needed to be removed from the classroom for the sake of the other students. When you say the US has a failing school system, the teachers have to babysit and discipline children like this who don’t know what it is like to function in society.

      Once mr dickhead entered the situation, she was in violation of the law with not complying with the orders of law enforcement. She did break the law. There is no denying it.

      If you categorize people into any kind of group you want, race, religion, sex, profession, it doesn’t matter, 10% of that group is going to be assholes. What you have in this case is two assholes colliding. Both of them need to suffer the punishment for doing something wrong.

      When you treat someone with no respect you get none back. Which is the case with both of these assholes.

  11. That cop better be a fast draw if he does that to my daughter, because i’m coming for him. Its fine arrest me afterwards but that cops not ever going to do that to any kid again. Did you all know his nickname with the kids in the school is “Mr Slam”? To serve and protect right? ya ok!!!

  12. Respectfully,
    because it is very difficult for opposing views in something so complicated….I saw several videos. The first videos I saw I flipped! I wanted him fired! I was sickened! I am tired of police and civilian brutality. The last viseo I viewed was a NON EDITED version showing her punch the cop in the face when he approached her. With that being stated I ask? What do we do when children capable of killing start assaulting police when being removed from a class? It looked awful, but he used a ju jitsu (SP) move used to restrain her, unfortunately the desk seemed to get mangled as she continuously tried to resist. I completely understand her social situation is going to make her behavior skewed. I was abused, in a foster home, but I also study human services. My dream is to assist these poor kids, its such a complex problem. When a child is asked to leave, refuses, refuses an officers commands, and assaults him…. what was to be done. There are awful cops, there are awful kids and there is a huge issue with generalizing. I am also concerned that if there were no police, how violent would our streets be. It is already so very scary here. Its difficult. What are some ways we could have resolved this particular situation? It is not okay for a cop to be attacked as well as a child… any human. And there are great issues with our children abiding by rules that need to exist.


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