Anti-Racist & Anti-Muslim Rhetoric: Anonymous Declares War On Donald Trump


After ISIS, it was Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s turn to feel the heat for spreading Islamophobia. A group of anonymous online hacktivists under #OpTrump targeted Trump’s website for several hours with distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks on December 9 to denounce the real-estate mogul for his anti-Muslim comments.


Earlier this week, the group posted a video on YouTube with a message that read:

“Donald Trump, it has come to our attention that you want to ban all Muslims from entering the United States. This policy is going to have a huge impact. This is what ISIS wants. The more Muslims feel sad, the more ISIS feels they can recruit them. The more the United States appears to be targeting Muslims, not just radical Muslims, you can be sure that ISIS will be putting that on their social media campaign. Donald Trump, think twice before you speak anything. You have been warned“.

Anonymous launched #OpTrump this week in response to Trump’s proposal that all Muslims be banned from entering the United States “until the country’s representatives can figure out what’s going on” with ISIS-linked attacks like the recent mass shooting in San Bernardino, California.

The hacking collective also attacked Donald Trump for his announcement that if he is elected to become president of the United States, one of his first actions in office would be signing a particular executive order.

“Anybody killing a policeman, a policewoman, a police officer, anybody killing a police officer: Death penalty is going to happen, okay? The police and the law enforcement in this country — I will never ever let them down, just remember that.”

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  1. Hello Anonymous,

    1) Some people believe that Anonymous is a terrorist organization, because there are consequences for those who are out spoken. Some feel afraid to speak their mind, due to the fact that if Anonymous disagrees, you can hack their accounts with relative ease. What would you say to that?

    2) Do you feel that each person has the right to their own opinion, even if it goes against the masses, or do you feel that the opinions should follow a path of conformity?

    3) Should Donald Trump try to “close the internet” would Anonymous attempt to keep it open, or would that be beyond your saving capabilities?

    4) Was this demonstration on Trump an attack against his political platform? Or was it simply a statement that his platform would assist ISIS?

    • Anonymous is an idea that all humans deserve freedom, with racism, bigotry or hate. That we are all human beings and we deserve basic rights. If you are racist, if you do hate on certain groups because of stereotypes, then yes, you should be afraid to speak your mind, you should be afraid to spew hate. Freedom of speech only comes with the given that you are not harming others, for if you are harming others, you are harming their freedom of speech.
      Everyone has their own opinions, that is okay, but if you do a wrong against some one or group, then they will be treated accordingly.
      Donald Trump isn’t able to close the internet without a world war III with nuclear bombs decimating the human race. Governments have tried to close down the internet, it didn’t work.
      I would like to believe it was the statement that his platform would assist ISIS, but also for his other racist comments.

    • 1. Technically they are a terrorist group. In the same way that cops, the FBI, NDA, CIA and other ABC groups of the US government are. The one difference is they don’t kill ANYONE.

      2. An individual has the right to say ANYTHING they want. A person running to represent ALL Americans does not. He gave up that right when he began running.

      3. He has no right to close the internet because of one group of free individuals. They represent themselves. He’s more then welcome to do what’s already being done. Try to find and arrest them. Good luck on that.

      4. Why can’t it be both?

      I do not speak for anonymous I speak for people with at least two brain cells to rub together and who actually use their critical thinking skills.

  2. So let me get this straight. I am an American I don’t care to be because of our government. I as an American cannot freely go live in another country and be taken care of without having to worry about who is going to shoot at me cut my head off burn me all the above because of my government. So your telling me it is ok to let anyone Muslim, Jews, Africans, Canadian, into the country and not have a process? The truth is that yes we need a stricter policy we are the Americans having to pay for Muslims issues with what our government is doing and it is ok with you? Well fuck you it is not ok with me and trump is the only one that will stand up with a pair of balls to say it. Yes we need to stop the Muslims for now to figure out a safe way to cover as much of one as can be. If it was Jews that have been terrorizing innocent people then I would say Jews and so would anyone else but Muslims are the U.S. Issue all because of our government as it stands. I cannot go live in the Muslim countries why? You know damned well they would kill me without a regret because they hate the U.S. The only reason most are here is to have something and freedom they don’t have to like the people. I have Muslim friends and they are good people but most are not which need to stay in the U.S. So you hate on a guy that stands up for what needs to be done a procedure all have to follow since the one that is in place is not working. Come the hell on people just because it’s the U.S. Does not mean free to you or anyone else do this to your own country I don’t see you doing this shit when they kill their own people for poetry or bullshit religion! I hope people gets smart one day and realize we are not the only planet with life in the universe. What are you going to think when life is found? What you believed became fake a figment of generation after generation. Anonymous what the fuck are you doing? IsIs will always have recruiters regardless I we stop Muslims and all at the moment get a clue. This is real life it is not peaceful I wish it was but religion is the problem once again as it has been through the centuries of time. MAN MADE UP TO CONTROL! You as anonymous needs to stop the Saudi de headings over dumb shit rather than what a person says there is a process that he would have to go through so I’m sure it wouldn’t work with congress. CONCENTRATE ON REALITY PEOPLES LIFE

    • You say that most Muslims are bad, at least that’s what I think you mean with your appalling grammar. How can most Muslims be bad when there’s 1.6 billion Muslims? You can’t honestly think that 800 million Muslims have extremist views!

      • Islam is a religion of death that programs anyone who embraces it. It’s mind control at it’s finest, and even moderates can be easily converted to extremists. So ya, 800 million Muslims can have extremist views.

        • Really you think like that? Because your hypothetical god tells to you? Come men, STOP being a foolish and begin to think in global, cus our world is being death, we are auto-killing ourselfs, muslims, mormon, catholic or simple atheist, doesn’t mind the religion, the important thing is that all of we are HUMANS

      • I mean of course not. Hell, there could be Muslim ppl on this site right now and you would not know it. Why? BECAUSE WE”RE ALL HUMAN. It’s like some ppl don’t understand that the actions of one person don’t define an entire race or religion or ethnicity. This is what happened to the Jew back in World War 2, this is how Hitler justified himself. I thought we we’re supposed to learn history, not recreate it.

    • Michael , fuck and fuck donald shit if your country banned muslims we going to turn usa into RUMMED EMPTY YARD AND A GHOST COUNTRY , muslims has nothing to do with isis and isis does not belong to muslim ya dick head.

    • monolithic societies are out multicultural is also on its way out. the true path is a NWO without division or barriers but you’ve been fearing this terminology. the NWO isn’t comprised of evil men. its comprised of righteous souls that aren’t concerned with race religion or things of the antiquated foundations. all that you know is not what is true , you’ve all been mislead by evil men.

    • I feel sorry for you. Why are you scared? Muslims are not the ones dropping bombs or torturing, or illegally doing any other wrong against the masses – and certainly not just because of what group/ethnicity/beliefs/wealth you own.

      The mass majority of world citizens know better than to associate government elitist pr and policy to the ordinary masses.

      Perhaps you need to know that too.

    • First Of All Michael, YOU Are The American Government, So Quite Trying To Distance Yourself From The Policies Of The United States Government. Our Government Is A Government, Of The People, By The People And For The People. Our Representatives Who Make The Policies In This Country Are Chosen Through An Election Process That “The People” Participate In.

      You Want Some Reality?

      Here’s Some Reality For YOU… So Far This Year, 2015, There Have Been 353 Mass Shootings Here In The United States Of America. (A Mass Shooting Is Defined As An Attack Where 4 Or More People Are Shot). Out Of Those 353 Mass Shootings, Only 2 Were Carried Out By Islamic Extremists.

      Mass Shootings By Islamic Extremists Inside The US In 2015……. 2
      Mass Shootings By Everyone Else Inside The US In 2015………..351

      So Where Is The Real Threat To American Citizens Coming From? Without Or Within?
      And Why Are Our Politicians, Including YOUR MAN TRUMP, Pointing Us In The Wrong Direction? What’s To Be Gained By Keeping Americans Involved In A Perpetual War In The Middle East That The Neocons Have Been Waging For Decades Now?

      I’ll Agree With You That “Religion” Is Man Made, As A Way To Control The Masses… Since The 12th Century Over 800 Million People Have Died In Religious Conflicts World Wide, And The Death And Destruction Continues To This Very Day.

      Hate Breeds Hate, And Just Like Religion Has Been Used For Thousands Of Years To Control The Masses, Hate Is Just Another Tool To Get The Masses To Do What One Wants.

      If We Are Ever Going To Cut The Strings Of The Puppet Masters Controlling Us, We, As A People, Need To Quit Reacting To What We Are Being Fed Day In And Day Out By Our Politicians, Churches And Media, And Actually Start To Think For Ourselves…

      Only Then, Will We Truly Be Free.

      Hey, Just My Opinion,
      What The Hell Do I Know?

  3. Hello Group,
    Since I started following Anonymous I have found the group’s explanation of issues, namely ISIS, very informative. You explain things to the general public in detail and in a unbiased way. I appreciate that fact more than anything. I think that any American with any amount of common sense knew what Mr. Trump meant when he made his comment about banning all Muslims before thinking about what was actually coming out of his mouth. I took it to geographical instantly and knew the media would have a field day with his choice of words. I have a question for this group of my own. Everyone that I have seen oppose Mr. Trumps idea on this particular issue, and I’m not referring to his choice of words, but rather the idea that this is empowering ISIS, I don’t understand the psychology of this. I have tried to wrap my head around it for a couple of days, and I’m still getting nothing. The latest reporting’s I’ve heard were that by Mr. Trump giving that statement/demand, is giving ISIS the impression the USA is anti-Muslim and this is what they want to give them more recruiting power. Could someone please explain to me the warped ISIS psychology/ideology that would make them think this is giving them an upper hand in their recruiting processes? Does it come from them thinking if we are anti-Muslim then we must automatically be fearful of all Muslims? If so, does that make them think that we will be enable to more easily radicalize existing Muslims or people who are not Muslim at all? I would really appreciate some sound information, more than what is being dished out on ANY of the news channels. Thank you all in advance for any insight. Great job on this site btw guys! Keep on keeping on! I love being able to come here and read TRUE and FACTUAL info that is not politically motivated!

    • It’s creating an us VS them divide, this is what Isis want as their aim is to create holy war where Muslims are on the defense globally against everyone else.

    • You’re not the only who smelt that eh? The robot voice doesn’t sound like in their other videos. Whatever though. I can understand that their concern but if Hillberry Cliton gets into office – we’re fucked. WWW3 will come eventually. Last thing we don’t never need is a pussy foot as like Obummer. We need a strong president – someone who puts his foot down. Putin makes Ohama look like a damn fucking baby. Also duly noted – the names were incorrectly spelled wrong to demonstrate disrespect/lack of acknowledgement.

  4. @ Tammy Johnson it’s actually not that hard to see why closing the borders to muslims would actually increase ISIS recruitment numbers. Imagine youre fighting another person, and you hate that person. When you find out that sayd person slipped up and made a bad comment about someone, wouldnt you tell the person that was bad spoken about the slip up? You would now have another person hating (well, in real life would not be hate, but u get the point) the same person u hate. And not only that, but you would make the person u hate feel a bit ashamed for what he/she sayd, making it a double win for you.
    Increasing the hatred against Muslims, will only give voice to more muslims, and eventually create the terrorists they fear. I believe you dont realise the fact that it’s not actually about religion, but it’s actually about Oil.
    Tell me, do you know how a war works? How it profits the people pulling the strings? If you dont, then let me tell you: in a war, the first thing you need, is a reason. Not weapons, but a reason. Why is that ? Because the better reason you have, the more support you will get from your people, and the more recruits and money you have at your disposal. How many wars did the US start with fake, unproven reasons? <—-Here it is, the wars themselves explained. And is not fiction, there are actually proven facts that most of the wars US has been into, were actually based on false accusations.
    Also, the second most important thing in a war is how to actually make it profitable. I know i've read some articles someplace(cant remember the site) that actually say in certain wars, the allied forces were not allowed to fire at alot of the weapon production facilityes in the enemy country, because most of them would actually be in control of some persons tied to the american government. So the USA it's supplying weapons to both sides of the war, helping the enemy kill her own troops, so that more are sent in, and more money are made. Did you know that 1 day of war in Iraq costs over 200 million dollars ? multiply that by 15 years, and you think now, how many other things could have been done with that money? positive things, i mean.

    US tryes to direct the hate of the people towards muslims, and make u think muslim= arabic country inhabitant. A more false statement has never been made. In fact, alot of the arabic population is in fact christian, and many of other religions. "But why bother the american population with details? Let's just say there all muslims, because we dont wanna burden the minds of our people with unnecesarry info. We dont want them to think. Theyre great sheep."

    Hate only creates Hate. it's easy

    • Pointless exercise? Boil it down enough and all of life is a pointless exercise. One problem at a time and Trump is next on the list right now. We’ll get to the rest.

  5. America and all her glory was born with immigration’ and for anyone one person or group to deem this wrong or a threat is not American , if our free country was born with communismn we’d have a real problem. But we were born free, and immigration started it all, please open your minds hearts and our great land of the free to anyone,
    If we allow terrorists or politicians to change the personality of our country then it is no longer our America

  6. Ease back all of you including Anonymous. It is all about checking who is entering our country, are they crim’s, terrorists, etc. Some times it is nessessary to have these ppl wanting to enter our country to live, visit etc, to be on our soil to do a through background check, those entering without passports should be kept OFF our soil for background checks, think about it, IF you were a nasty bugger wanting to enter another country, what/how would YOU do it?…… I know what I’d do…..

  7. I completely respect what you do, completely. Ignore those who would want to silence you. If I were more tech savvy, I would be right there with you… but, if you ever need an Accountant (Lol).

    If you would please, could you look into Carley Fiorina? She won’t win; however, the lies she spewed were, at least in part, responsible for the deaths at PP.

    Sorry for the typos… I am commenting from my phone.

  8. It seems that Annonymous are becoming a Fascist / Dictator on their actions. There is such a thing as freedom of speech. If you don’t agree with it then you against what people think you stand for.

  9. Did anyone, including these ‘intelligent’ hackers notice that Trump did not call for a BAN on Muslim immigration but a halt until “our government figures out what the hell they’re doing”? Activism is fine, radical activism is not better than radical anything else. Facts, not emotions, are still important.

  10. BTW, this is still America where free speech is still protected whether we agree with that speech or not. All of us who spent any time in the military took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, not just the parts we like. Unless Anonymous is hacking the KKK, Louis Farakhan, AL Sharpton, Aryan Brotherhood and a few other similar groups, they are being hypocrites.

  11. Wtf are u fighting against fore,? Islamic sharia is against western moral and law, u think that it is ok to be ok to fight againt`s it? stupid idiot`s, get ak47 or some
    what else in your hands and be men who makes a differense in this world.

  12. You faggots are such cucks it isn’t even funny. Please move to a country with Sharia law since you love Islam so much. Hypocrite faggots.

  13. Trump has every right to say what he said, whether we agree with it or not. That’s the whole point of living in a free country. If Anonymous wants to start attacking free speech they will lose a hell of a lot of support. The government is expert at whittling down our freedoms. They don’t need any help from Anonymous to do that.

  14. Guys, if you want my honest opinion I think you should chill out on Trump. The issues he raises are far too divisive. OK, so you don’t want to hear what he is saying but plenty of others do, including many other members of Anonymous. For example, I’m sure Trump has support among the hacktivists who closed down thousands of Isis accounts following the Paris attacks.

    Seriously guys, I really think you would be wise to ignore Trump. He isn’t worth the hassle. There are plenty of other injustices out there that need taking down, and getting too involved in the Trump circus will only divide Anonymous against itself, maybe even causing a split down the middle, depending on whether your members support the Democrats or the Republicans. Nobody wants to see Anonymous destroy itself like that.

  15. Anonymous is so hypocritical , it’s funny.
    They banned me from even commenting. My last 7 posts from a week ago still say “waiting for moderator”.

    They claim they are for freedom of speech…fuuny….we’re the hell is my freedom of speech.

    And by the way, Trump is absolutely right. He is not being racist by that statement and no one took it that way (at least not us americans). He didn’t say to ban all muslims permanently. We just need to screen them. Afterall, wouldn’t it behoove the refugees coming in as well. I’m sure these poor refugees don’t want any terrorists slipping in with them either, right? The refugees need a “SAFE” place for refuge, right? Isn’t it our responsibility to make sure it’s safe for them as well??
    Also, not to mention the safety of the American people. All it takes is ONE. ONE extremist to cause death and destruction. It is our duty, our responsibility to keep America safe, is it not?
    So how do you recommend keeping it safe, anonymous??
    Should we just open the flood gate and hope for the best?? Is that what you’re suggesting? ???

    What is your solution, anonymous? Please enlighten us since you seem to have all the answers!!!!!

    You want to k ow my opinion??? If you are not American, then you should stay OUT of it!!!! We are NOT going to jeopardize even ONE American life! We ALL remember 9/11, we never want to see that happen again! There was a daycare in the Twin towers for crying out loud!!!!! Are you kidding me, anonymous!! So guess what? It’s hardliners like you that caused Americans to arm ourselves to the teeth!!! I’m packing, we are all packing heat!! If our governement won’t protect us, we will protect eachother!!!! My husband was a sniper in the Armenian Army….he taught me real well well how to aim!
    By the way, I can concede to this….Russia is NOT our enemy! Turkey/ISIS is. Turkey needs to be kicked out of NATO asap. Turkey is ISIS. Why don’t you go close down their website??? Why don’t you do something to stop them from making ALL that money from ISIS oil? Can you do something to disrupt that?????? What the fuck, anonymous???

      • AnonVoid… I have noticed you are the only one who publishes my comments, and I thank you for that. Some of the other moderators, however, want nothing to do with me. There have been plenty of times my comments have gone unpublished, or sometimes, it actually says “You’re banned” after posting a comment, that has happened several times already, I even emailed the powers that be with my complaint. I know I’m not exactly popular here, however, I am a person with a voice as well. I really don’t mean to come off as a hateful person, because I’m not. But I will speak my truth and not will not be intimidated not to. I obviously come to your site often, I do appreciate most of your insight, but I also believe some articles are completely bias and false…or misleading, but again, that’s your freedom of speach. We can either believe it, or not.

        One thing I noticed we can all agree on is , ISIS must be destroyed. I wish you guys would focus more on that and stop trying to pit the world against the US. In case you haven’t noticed, most Americans are AGAINST our current government. My government stopped speaking for me a long time ago. Our presidents views are not the American people’s views. I wish you would take notice to that. Go to some of our forums, see what we are saying, how we feel. But as far as you doing an OP against Trump is completely wrong. To be honest, I may actually vote for him, even though I typically vote democrat. Trump actually sees the trouble America is in and he’s not afraid to expose it. That’s what I love about him. He is not worried about being political correct. Fuck politically correct. Being PC will get us killed. No wonder the world thinks Americans are a joke…because our current leaders actually are. What leader in their right mind would risk their civilians life out of fear for hurting someone’s feelings??? Apparently all of them except Trump! Either way, way I vote for him or not, I still don’t think it’s fair that you pull an operation on him, just because you don’t like what he says. Go attack ISIS. Better yet, go attack Turkey…the root of ISIS. Everyone knows Turkey has been supporting ISIS but yet NO ONE does a damn thing about it. Why?
        You want to do something to stop this islamaphobia???? Protest to KICK TURKEY OUT OF NATO! That’s how you can help. Let Russian, Armenia and Greece get their justified revenge and put an to Turkey. Give Armenia and Greece their land back (this is different than the squatter scenerio). Turkey committed genocide 100 years ago and stole the land from armenians and greece, but yet the got away Scott free. NOW they are the primary force behind ISIS and still….nobody does a damn thing about it! Why??? Come on guys. You really want to make your mark o history? Then help the rest of the world rid Turkey from NATO and allow justice to be served.

        • If you got banned then it was simply because you did something wrong during posting your comments, but I have removed that filter a while ago ;), and I will forward you message to the editor 🙂

    • Speaking of freedoms isn’t it the right of the Muslim Americans to not be screened. They are citizens just like you and me. So feel free to continue to regurgitate some mainstream propaganda filth but it won’t actually help anything.

      You, as a free, beautiful, independent human being with inalienable rights, own yourself. They are human beings too and as such have these inalienable rights.

      Maybe we should just round them up like we did with the Japanese since you like the idea of just abusing people right for the name of “freedom.” somehow that doesn’t make sense

      • Justice, you’re creating a double standard. What about our rights??
        I’m not trying to spew hatred or racism….I’m married to a middle eastern for crying out loud!!!
        I married him right after 9/11 ,actually, when the rest of the world looked down on him or would quickly cross the street when they would see him coming.

        It’s not about being racists or suffering from islamaphobia. …it’s called being realistic. If I am offending them, so be it, that’s not how I intend it, but if that’s the way you see it, oh well, my families safety comes first…as should be with any family. Yes, I agree we need to help them, it’s not about being an “american”, it’s called fucking humanity. HOWEVER, they need to be screened. Unless you live under a rock, Justice, do you not see the violence and terrorism all around the world?? Do you not see the threat of ISIS to basically everyone?? We aim can not just open the flood gate and cross our fingers no radicals came in with them. Are you insane????? All we are saying is….. SCREEN THEM!! Even that’s not fool proof, I know, but it definitely doesn’t hurt. And not only for the threat of terrorism, but also the fact that a good equation of Americans live in poverty. ..our governement claims they can’t “afford” to help, but how is it we can afford to help 200,000 NON citizens (you are wrong by the way for calling g them citizens, they are, but of syria, iran, iraq, Afghanistan etc. What about the million of American that can’t afford food, Medicine, housing. ..etc?? And our vets!!! What about them? Our governement has tossed them aside to live I the streets to fend for themselves. Most of them suffer psychological damage from the wars they’ve seen, participated in, fighting for America??? What about them???

        You have to think logically and realistically, justice. This has nothing to do with being racist, but everything to do with the value of the American people? Basically our governement is saying to all us tax payers….Fuck You.

        It’s sad, when my father, who has worked for 40+ years of his life, faithfully paying taxes and being “a good american”, and now retired, can’t even get help with his medicine which is astronomically priced. My dad can’t get medical welfare, but yet everyone else in the world that comes here, who never paid a PENNY in taxes, can!!! Where is the justice, justice.

        I say screen them, screen the hell out of them, and make dn sure we can skill them at something to allow them to pay their own way. Sorry but I don’t pay taxes for my parents to get screwed, so I can pay for someone else!!! I will pay for my parents medical needs over someone’s else’s all day everyday!! This is complete bullshit!

  16. By the way…Trump is soaring in polls. So what does that tell you about the stance of the American people???

    If you are not American, anonymous, then you need to say out of this!!!!

    This is up to America to decide…NOT YOU!!

    Where the fuck is the freedom of speech you oh so loudly express????? Not in this article/OP.

    • Those same polls trump bashed and said were inaccurate when he was losing support?

      Please inform yourself.
      You sound like one of the many unintelligent trump supporters.

  17. I BEG you anonymous, please keep at it, take him down. Open the eyes of people so full of hate and misinformation. If anyone can do it, you can. I check your website everyday in hopes for something on that rat bastard of a man. He is true evil. I wish I could help you. I would love to be apart of your truth!

  18. Although I have yet to do so myself, I feel that there is a need to research something (a religion in this case) before jumping to conclusions, as i see many people doing. Without knowledge on a subject, one just passes on the idea of others; it turns into ignorant people drawing ignorant conclusions. To prosecute a group of people for the deeds of a few is wrong; That is the same as saying, “ALL white people like mayonnaise.”(I am myself white, for the record) or one of the many other stereotypes we run across in everyday life. Stereotypes define boundaries between groups of people, and are almost never really true, this is exactly what is being taken to an extreme right now in the world. There are many people, with many different beliefs in this world, and everyone should be respected on an individual level. Opinions are way too often confused as facts and are more often passed down than thought up, which takes free thought and individualism right out of the equation. Religious standing does not determine karma, bad or evil intent can be given whatever labeled sounds good, or works in someone’s favor at the time. A wolf in sheep’s clothing is still a wolf. The ignorant sheep of the world will be sure to follow their leaders off the cliff.

  19. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.

    Everyone has the right to speak their mind regardless of what that mind thinks, however, if that speech should create an injustice and trample upon the rights of others with a tangible tort that would be a different story. Until such time, even Trump has a right to spew his rhetoric.

  20. There are so many ignorant people out there, I am personally thankful for the existence of anonymous but all those ignorant people who cant see the truth, if trump is president don’t start talking shit about him when you should talk shit about ur own support in the first place, he’s not our last hope, hes like hitler just with a mop on his head and an even uglier face place, just like hitler people thought he was their last hope but what happened in the end? Did Germany become powerful like he said it would, no it was burned down and left worse, America has always been an ignorant country idc what happens to it anymore it doesn’t deserve support anymore, I am learning to hack for the purpose of supporting the anonymous idea, thank u for inspiring me all you anon hackers

  21. So a group of people just pinged the website till it crashed….?

    Been watching your trolling videos, im starting to think this is a group of script kiddies using toolz like sub7.

    The info leaked on donald was weak…i mean cmon, a google search and paying a cell phone sales rep under the table would have been enough to get that leak.

    Lets see what happens april 1st with this so called elite group of hackers. Interested to see if I am wrong.


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