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Voting is a dramatic time for the citizens of the United States of America, but there is a new line of defense amongst those citizens.

As we dawn upon a new age, the race for the political party bolts along. Up until now, we have had only Republicans and Democrats to choose from. Both parties will tongue lies until they are blue in the face, and continue to mislead us. However, “a new American Political Party platform, in which thrives upon a viable strategic alternative onto the respective American Governing system,” has arrived.

This new party also calls for a new constitution, in which is a general outline of the desired alterations capable of becoming incorporated into the current U.S. Constitution.  If enough bodies elect the Humanity Party, they can legally propose a newly defined constitution that would enable a ‘refresh-state’ of fundamental principles. This would push congress to properly govern the United States of America.

“The Humanity Party® calls for a civil uprising demanding real change of the political status quo, held peacefully and according to law at voting booths throughout the United States and its Districts during the 2016 Presidential election,” says their website home page.

You can find the newly proposed Constitution here.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all humans are created equal.” By the utilization of the Nation’s first Declaration of Independence, altering a few words in order to properly reflect the current needs of the citizens, we hereby present onto you an alternative to a worldwide effort; ordering to eliminate what could potentially demise the human race.

Watch the movement video below:


The Declaration of Reform and Change  can be viewed here.

When a person registers to vote anywhere in the world, that person is allowing government officials to know and track their presence. THumP expects those who are committed to its purpose (establish a New World Order under a One World Government) to show the same courage and resolve as one does when one registers to vote under one’s current government,” according to the Humanity Party Registration Website

In our voting booths across the United States, Americans are able to declare their right of refusal in the continuation of a flawed system. Standing up to the 1%, establishing a new political party to run against the status quo, whop will not only listen to the lower classes cry for equality, but show that they care.

“We are Anonymous! We have a SOLUTION! We represent 99% of the earth’s human population. Those who are considered of the other 1%, we do not represent.”

The other 1% in which the Anonymous movement does not represent, are in control over our fundamental rights and services. Such services include our gas, banks, financial means, food amongst others. Despite being the overwhelming majority, we appear not to have any power over our own lives. We do not have equality in life, nor do we have equal liberty. We are not provided with equal means and opportunities afforded to us, in order to pursue our individual happiness.

We are not Socialists or Capitalists. We support the right of every human born upon this earth by no choice of their own, to have their basic living rights handed to them free of charge.

SOURCE: The Humanity Party THumP Blog

Americans can declare that they refuse to continue toleration of a flawed system, and demand that the United States institute a more humane government. To rise for change, simply register to vote and at the polling booth on the day of elections, write in the word ANONYMOUS.”

Why Vote for Anonymous?

“Anonymity offers a united and equal face and power to each and every person who legally registers to vote and then uses the write-in option to send a clear and powerful message to the balloted candidates.  It is our intent to show up at voting booths across the country and record a vote of ANONYMOUS, with the hope that ANONYMOUS wins the majority of votes and sends a strong message to the political powers that control our lives.  It is our intent to send a message to the status quo that we demand drastic changes.”

Our protests, complaints and demands for change have gone without viable solutions. It has been proven that the more we push them, the more they push us back. The solution in which we desire, cannot and will not be accomplished by just a single person; it cannot be accomplished by protesting nor by an organization. This must be accomplished by using and complying by what has been brought to us: the law of the land, “Democracy, Voice of the Majority.”

Anonymous has established a new political party, The Humanity Party. This new party provides a platform of solutions for our current social and economic problems. The Humanity Party’s THumP Blog explains this.

Please visit their website

This article (Anonymous for Elections) is a free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and

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  1. I support Anonymous obviously but I do not support scrapping the constitution. I think America is failing because everyone has lost site of the constitution in our modern era. This is a condemnation of pop culture and the attitudes of modern society, not the constitution document.

    • There is nothing wrong with the constitution in principle, it simply needs refinement to disallow abuse which has found every loophole to exploit. We have tools at our disposal to give every single citizen more power than the president. If a representative fails to promote our cause, they are simply replaced without prejudice.

    • I agree righteous, For to long people sought to undermine the Constitution Of The United States of America. They have been very successful in incorporated measures, and we do see we do understand.
      What The Humanity Party failed to share, The Constitution was founded as a Republic, not a democracy. There in no -!- such word in the Constitution.
      A matter a fact a democracy was brought into effect by Jefferson, as he held sets of Parliament of France and Presentment Of The United States, the problem in this was only the Crown Of England can proclaim a democracy for territories considered property.

      • The United States is a Republic and not a Democracy Look up the Pledge of Allegience No where does it say in our Constitution that we’re a democracy. Read the Constitution of the Humanity Party and listen to some of the utube videos

    • Its not the real ones in the first place. Anon still has the same agenda they always had. I am readying the stuff from Anon themselves… Not to mentions a lot of what this guys says makes no sense and it was obvious it wasn’t Anon. So far they have never even wanted to scrap the masks or robot voice. They have reasons for wanting the voice and masks. That this person doesn’t seem to understand. I support Anon just not this guy…

    • I agree with you. We don’t need to change the Constitution. We need to know what it says. Anonymous did say some will stay the same. My problem is things staying the same. :\

      Cops swear an oath to defend the Constitution. They either do not know what it says or they know and are following orders to meet quota for privately owned prisons.

      Don’t get twisted. I would still stand in front of any cop and protect them.

      Cops are given a spiel and train constantly and simulate killing people.

      The result is them invading your privacy by questioning you without your lawyer present. Questions designed to make you testify against yourself. Then the stuff you in the back of their car telling you all the laws they just broke are now your rights. :\

      Questions like “Do you know why I pulled you over, do you have any drugs or weapons, have you been arrested before, mind if I search your cat, ect.

      Last I checked, those are questions??

      I also disagree with being a Democracy. America is a REPUBLIC. In a Democracy, you make up the rules as you go along. In a Republic, you already know the rules.

      That’s the problem and will be the problem until you make folks realize??

      What’s the 9th Amendment?? Quick, Quick?? YOU should know this if you want freedom. Cops should know it backwards and forwards. They swore an oath to it. :\

      I still love YOU!!!!……… 🙂

      God Bless

  2. In this day and age where almost everyone is connected, why do we need representatives who may or may not fulfill the promise to serve us as we elected them to do? We could easily eliminate most of the power abuse by removing the positions of power from our government. We could vote on every individual issue and vote for figureheads who represent ONLY our collective majority position on said issues. Instead of voting for those who might do what we expect, their position would be mandated to convey our collective will, not serve their own interests before ours.

  3. Feck i was crying at the end…
    I have little faith in humanity and the future, so little, that i barely know why i hold on to it… but i know you guys are there, and strangely enough, you guys are the only hope i have left for humanity.

  4. I have posted many comments and observations about the political two party corporate controlled system, in which consumerism binds the 99% to a controlled mechignism to feed their interests, in the past seemingly falling on deaf ears. I am Canadian and also have a corporate controlled government. I support Anonymous, and hope the American 99% is awakened enough to take this leap. But, having the new Humanity Party on the ballot for 2020 will only be the beginning as the corporations will disrupt any chance of power swing to your party, via the media establishment in which is just another control mechignism that they will use against you…look at the history of our NDP(New Democrat Party) even recently when the Liberal Party used the NDP platform to have Trudeau elected to sway the tide of real change away from who would really make progress for the interests of the 99%. In other cases the voters elect the NDP candidate(Peter Trites) only to have that candidate walk across political lines to the conservatives with those votes giving that party the majority win in government. Since day one on FB my Political entry is “Revolutionary if current conditions persist” but never had the balls to act. Your movement gives me hope that a revolution is possible!!! I wish more people can see people like us speaking out isn’t something to pass off and really pay attention that we the people really want action out of this movement!

  5. You have my total and absolute support. The 2 party system is an absolute failure for the people and we the people need to make this change for the betterment of society as a whole.

  6. If this is anonymous truly then you need to fix some issue with the website. The first thing you see upon entering the website is rainbow? Seems to me like that is gay pride symbolism if it’s equal then you can’t do that. Taking weapons away? You don’t do that. That sounds like an nwo tactic to be able to snuff people with ease. At the end of the proposed new constitution it says may the true God of humanity bless and sanction? Who is this God? Sounds satanic and even if it isn’t it’s mentioning God and therefore also not equal. Some people don’t believe in God so where is the freedom of belief? you can’t put that in their face and expect them to be onboard. Many have drawn the conclusion that this is I illuminati nwo. Can you fix these discrepancies? Simple fix. More would feel safe with the plan. Also wouldn’t they have your name attached to the vote? Weeding you out? I feel like we’ve been deceived.

    • I have recently been told that the Humanity Party is a fluke. And you’re right, this is not what Anonymous condones. The right (or not) to bare arms is what gave me the red flag and questioned this site immediately.

    • I strongly agree with you on every point.

      I will not give up my guns and hope for the best. I spend a lot of time out fishing and camping without my husband. Do you know what a grizzly bear calls pepper spray? Seasoning. Any idea how easy a cougar can land on top of you? What if you need to humanely put down a large animal that is in complete agony. I would rather end their suffering with a compassionate quick end. I’m sick to death of tragedies involving firearms. They are almost always a result of mentally ill persons, lack of responsibility, stupidity, and lack of a good gun safe. Gun safety training should be absolutely manditory! We do not own assault rifles and never will. In my over 50 years I have never heard or seen a gun jump up on its own to start killing. How many people die in auto tragedies every year from stupidity? Perhaps…we better outlaw autos.

      Like Slow Uroll I can’t support this without some minor changes and assurances.

  7. Ever read “Atlas Shrugged”?
    The best sentimens in the story are how Government in it’s present and previous incarnations can’t work.

  8. Just a quick question: it seems like you guys are for universal health care, education, livable wages… Why not endorse Bernie Sanders? He’s an honest and ethical candidate in my opinion, and he’s going up against the wealthy. Just a question out of curiosity!

  9. I refuse to vote for the Humanity party, I also refuse to vote for any of the parties.

    I mean, yeah our government is corrupt, yeah we have ass holes running the country (America).

    But what does voting for a group that is technically just a concept,
    How would that put an end to anything, would we revolt? How much blood would be spilled before they willingly give up their empowerment?
    STRAFE RUNS, TANKS, CROWD CONTROL, AUTOMATICS AND FLASH BANGS.Not to mention the increasingly Growing Branch known as the Police.

    Anonymous is thinking in the right mind, but it’s not the right concept for the terrifying situations that no one has been willing to address.
    So I need serious terms and a layed out game plan with NO tricks hidden for personal propaganda for IF Anon*
    Did get elected. Because it is An IDEA
    And to be able to construct a functioning idea, we need a solid transparent national propaganda.
    Also being said, you’re going to have to touch more lives with your idea, cause the way it looks now, YOU are outnumbered as so am i.
    Hope this provides clarity for others.

  10. I can’t believe he has well over 30 pages of people willingly giving him their information…. It just goes to show you, you can’t believe everything you hear even if it has anonymous name on it. Here is this mans timeline and other stuff he has been up to

  11. Very fascinating and thank you Jennifer.

    It still begs the question; how do we bring about real change? Activism is easy if all you do is expose corruption and wrongs. The real challenge of activism is stepping up with viable solutions. Activism must evolve and someone must eventually throw their hat into the political arena to bring labout asting change. You cannot expect someone else to provide all of the solutions for you.

    A third political party has been needed for a long time. I do not support throwing out the Constitution or Bill of Rights. Anonymous has the power to kick off a new viable party. Not this proposed one, but a real party representing the majority of our beliefs. Think on this, what kind of message would it send if over a million people voted Anonymous? Now how about five million people? What message would the establishment get? What would Anonymous be considered then?

    Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Change the bath water instead. Consider an operation to send a voting message. We are here. We are growing stronger everyday. The time is ripe if Bernie Sanders and Trump can pull such a followings. Four years from now, those numbers of suffering and disenfranchised Americans will be bigger for some candidate. Today the angry, frustrated, helpless feeling voters are voting for Bernie and Trump. That’s a lot of people desperate for change.

  12. Please help spread the message, that this motive is not of actual Anonymous.
    I originally thought that putting the anonymous name on the ballot was a brilliant idea. That it would send a message if anything. Maybe we all should still do it?

  13. Humanity Party Exposed by Anonymous, Anonymous just hacked Humanity Party wen site, every last person and corporate inc. is now known.
    These people are not Anonymous Activist, they lied to you.
    We Are Anonymous
    We Do Not Forget
    We Do Not forgive
    Expect Us

  14. and what about the rigged voting machines, do you realy think the government is going to let you take over what they have worked so hard to build, there is a reason the corrupt and and crooked stay in charge, they designed the system to benefit them, and to keep you in the dark, so this is fine and all and best of luck to you, but get ready for the backlash cus your poking one of the biggest bee hives there is.

  15. Hey… what about this???? I originally supported the ‘voteanonymous2016’ or ‘THumP’ effort, but then i came across the following site…

    I have serious concerns if this is indeed who is pushing ‘The Humanity Party’… perhaps some scrutiny is in order?? Remember, anonymous is an idea, profound as it is, no single anon speaks for any other. We are legion. The link above is my own made for this purpose. Knowledge is free… PLEASE share it. Thanks.

    Vox anon! Vox Populi!





  18. If voting for a faceless cabal, that can not reveal their names or qualifications is one of my concerns. If speaking for humanity, it would require a human touch. Someone can’t be personable behind a mask. And here is the founding fathers remarks about the 2nd amendment.

  19. I contact my representatives regularly. They never help. The police state must be changed, but it makes too much money and protects the wealthy few. Anonymous has the possibility of change. I voted for that possibility; Anonymous!

  20. I support Anonymous vote for you, but the Constitution of the United States this topic are all imaginary things, but in the whole world every Shii just CDP and the hypocrisy of the immune Constitution nor the law nor justice seriously in the world


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