Anonymous Has Taken Down HUNDREDS of Israeli Websites


#OpSaveGaza was a full success. 

Anonymous has taken down hundreds of Israeli Websites including the website of the Tel Aviv Police Department, which is still down and not available (


Here is the full list of the Israeli websites which were hacked at #OpSaveGaza during 07 July 2014:

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    • Good job Annons.Way to stand up and fight!We the poor are so pround to have someone in our corner when the USA looks the other way.

      • Only our government looks away there are a lot of ppl on any side that is just here in America. Sorry for the loss of your innocent . May they rest in peace while the unjust suffer from the wrath of god ! Most ppl here are lost with the media propaganda, in my family alone I’m the only awoken one so bare with us while we slowly wake up and realize all the lies our government feed us . So i say sorry for all of the Americans ….. God bless !

        • Anonymous, whoever you are, I am at a loss for words is this comment. If what I read about your doings and intentions is true, I want to thank you on behalf of my brothers and sisters in Palestine and the Palestinian supporters of my country.
          THANK YOU. . .

          • If human rights means shooting rockets aimlessly into another country because of there nationality. Then yes

          • Warner, first learn what humanity is, then learn what rights are, then come n talk about human rights !!!!!!

          • It is better we lift out cancers like yourself early before you spread your illness to others around you. Please leave this site and sponsor systematic killings somewhere else.

          • So calling ahead and giving notice before you systematically take out a weapons depot isn’t humane? But randomly launching rockets into a country not caring if you kill a military member or a civilian man, women or child is? And while you close minded people call me a cancer let me do what I do for a living. I’m a volunteer fire fighter and also work unarmed security because because protected and helping other people. ALL PEOPLE! Your group is becoming more and more like the big government you say you’re fighting against with your comments. (I don’t like what you’re saying so go somewhere else) What ever happened to old fashion debates? Where people can express their opinion and be heard with out name calling and vulgarities?

          • Warner, you say you are a volunteer in helping and protecting all people, yet by supporting Israel you are condoning genocide? Ultimate hypocrisy.

            Do you even know on what basis Israel was formed? And why the Palestinians are fighting back? Stop being like Lisa Rosenburg, start questioning what you information you are being brainwashed with, take a step back, educate and inform yourself of the facts. Then maybe we can have a debate. Because the Palestinians are getting harsh reality check in the form of airstrikes every day, while deluded pro-Israelis like yourself are driving humanity back into the stone ages because you cannot comprehend the concept of landgrabbing and slaughter. Stop being a sell-out, and reclaim your soul from evil.

          • I’m pretty sure Hamas is the one wanting Genocide of all Jews. And that was right out of there own mouth. And after Israel I’m pretty sure there weapons will be pointed at America. Hamas is a Radical Muslim group not a group fighting for peace. I don’t like any radical groups even Christian ones. Ie.. Westboro Baptist Church.
            There was one time I did watch your videos and agreed with a lot of what was said but then. I stepped back and saw that your picking sides. You’d rather see the Genocide of Jews then Muslims, I’d rather see neither die. But I am no longer wasting my time on this page. You can have your beliefs and I’ll have mine. No point on arguing with people that have already made up there minds. But on a side note I do agree with your hacking of sex offenders computers. Figured I’d leave with at least a positive remark. Good day

          • Your right man, im with ya, i mean calling ahead is pretty much the only thing that makes it humane. They pick up their up phone, Palestines on speed dial and they chat about it, ain’t no body died form calling up. That is how they call right?

          • You failed to answer any of the points Anonymous2 made. Israel invaded a land, blew up peoples homes, built their own settlements on top of the dead and then carried on bombing them for decades. Then when they have the courage to defend themselves they are the ones being called the agressors. Haha, how ridiculous is that?

            ‘So calling ahead and giving notice before you systematically take out a weapons depot isn’t humane?’

            If only that was the case. If you think it’s only ‘weapons depot’ they blow up, then you’re seriously deluded. They give people between 50-180 seconds notice before blowing up civilian houses and belongings. Sometimes they get away, but majority of the time they get blown up inside the house. That sure sounds really humane. Guess what, 75%+ of the deaths are civilians, Israel sure is doing a great job being humane with a deathtoll of 300+.

            ‘But randomly launching rockets into a country not caring if you kill a military member or a civilian man, women or child is?’

            See heres the thing, Hamas make their own homemade bombs which compared to Israels bombs is like a BB gun VS a real gun. The reason why their bombs go everywhere is because they cannot be directed accurately, they are homemade FFS, what do you expect. I’m not saying it’s right but don’t act like they have the same capabilty as Israel because they don’t. Hamas bombs are so bad that some don’t even explode upon impact and most are shot out the sky. The death toll from Hamas bombs are under 100. Guess what, Israels death toll from their bombs exceed 10,000+. They have state of the art capabilty with an army more advanced than most super powers across the world, yet they only like to kill civilians. This can’t be called a war as one side is doing all the killing, this is a genocide.

          • When they are about to bomb a place, they first fire a small rocket on that place, small rocket which is still capable of killing and it does. Thats the way they call up. So as you can see, its pretty humane.

          • To Warner:
            How to explain the blinde when you can see …. So many blinde people !! Yes it is confusing after decates of different kind of information. Yes, wrong have been done on both sites, so to the blinde ones I say this. Don’t focus on the details, but see the big picture !! It is not who did this or who did that. It is not who trew the first missil this year or that year … History is very simple when you stick to the facts ! For 5000 years the jews have no country. After W.W.II they decided to go to Palestine. The fact that Palestinian lived there for over 5000(!) years did’nt seem to bother them and they just took the country with the help of Oncle Sam. The country was devided by 2. Palestinians where not happy but endured. Israel started to take in more land and little by little Palestinians were driven back in walled open air prisons with no freedom of movement. If Hamas (wich I don’t approve) exist it is because they were called into life by the israeli. When there is so much injustice and when you have no way to fight against it, thats when terrorisme comes to life. Again, I don’t approve of hamas or any terroristic group, but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand why they do what they do. So Warner, basic facts; Israel comes in to palestine and take away the land, take away the freedom and take away the lives of the people. And Oh my God … the Palestine people dear to protect themselfes, they dear to try to free themselves … If you have that immage in your head where Isreali live the good life in israel and go to a pub having fun and get hit by a hamas missile and you feel outraged that those innocent people didn’t diserve it … Innocent people never diserve it (!) But why are they having fun, in a nice and modern free country build on the corpses of the Palestine while their governement is slaughtering innocents every day to provide that nice, modern and free country. You can enyoy the fruits, but its very naïve not to see where it comes from and to ignore the bill … Would you accept your history with the native americans to be repeated today ? I want to believe that the world has grown ! So please … With love … Open you eyes !! and go open other blind people their eyes ! This time there is no rome for ‘we’re habben das nicht gewust !!

          • Warner, your replies would make more sense if you actually had the intelligence to distinguish certain words, which are probably even your native language, like the difference between: there, their annd they’re. Seriously, when you come across as a smart person with well thought through arguments, even if you lose that argument, you still be regarded as the one that stood up and tried in a logical and intelligent way to bring his points across. No matter if they are true or false. Everything is already hard to grasp by means of this kind of communication, which in itself leaves a lot of room for misinterpretation and/or misunderstanding. So at least be a master of words before you put themn down. Not because it’s proper use of language, but solely because it shows you are serious and committed in what you are trying to convey.
            I agree that Hamas is also at the root of suffering, not saying the Pelestinian people. They are not the same (although many believe so just because some sociopathic Palestinians are in essence as bad as the Israelis. Hamas is notorious for not being very subtle in their response to the daily horrors that most Palestinians endure. Basically, you know NOTHING about the situation if you get your news from the well known mainstream media outlets. This whole situation should not be regarded as a “Who came first? The chicken or the egg. So who started this bloody mess? Was it Hamas? Was it Israel? It matters who’s gonna end it first… so everyone can live together in peace. The land was not promised to the Jews, for the Abrahamic God does not exist. This gruesomely horrofic deity that tells us like slaves we have to behave in a certain way to claim some imaginary reward in the afterlife.. is bullshit. We live here and now, and as such we, humanity, should live accordingly and exert respect where it is due.

          • “Your right man, im with ya, i mean calling ahead is pretty much the only thing that makes it humane. They pick up their up phone, Palestines on speed dial and they chat about it, ain’t no body died form calling up. That is how they call right?”
            Who is this?
            This is David(Golliath),you have 56 seconds to leave before we kill you and all your family and pets..
            Oh!really?,thanks for calling ,so good of you,lets do lunch sometime!

          • “Your right man, im with ya, i mean calling ahead is pretty much the only thing that makes it humane. They pick up their up phone, Palestines on speed dial and they chat about it, ain’t no body died form calling up. That is how they call right?”
            Who is this?
            This is David(Goliath),you have 56 seconds to leave before we kill you and all your family and pets..
            Oh!really?,thanks for calling ,so good of you,lets do lunch sometime!

          • I know I said I wasn’t coming back to this site but this is the last time. Just need to point out something to Metalfyre. Intellect is not based off spelling and grammar. So trying to say that because you are a some how smarter because you can spell better or have better grammar just shows me that this page is the blind leading the blind.

          • In the end, there is no right answer. Israel was wrong to take the land in the first place. Hamas want to kill all Jews. Israel shouldn’t be shooting rockets into Gaza. Hamas shouldn’t be shooting rockets at Israel. What you have to remember however, is that Israel is only shooting rockets at the places that Hamas has shot rockets at them from. Israel might bomb a school, but only because Hamas fired rockets at Israel from that school. I’m not saying Israel is blameless, because they’re not. But I’m not saying that what Hamas wants is right. One of my best friends is a Jew, and if Hamas had their way, he’d be dead. I cannot condone that.

          • I had no idea Anonymous is anti Israel. I also wondered about the phrase in your mission statement that says, “We are Legion,” a term used in the bible to identify the presence of demons. I support Israel, Israel is the apple of God’s eye. God says in the bible,
            I’ll bless those who bless you, but I’ll curse the one who curses you, and through you all the people of the earth will be blessed.” Genesis 12:3

            Legion, also known as the Gadarene demon, or translated as Lots, is a demon found in the Christian Bible in Mark 5:9 and Luke 8:30. A parallel version of the story can be found in Matthew 8:28-34, but this version does not contain the name “Legion” and tells of two men, not just one, possessed by a multitude of demons. In the story, Jesus traveled to “the country of the Gadarenes” (Luke 8:37), “the country of the Gergesenes” (Matthew 8:28), or “the region of the Gerasenes” (Mark 5:1) and met a man possessed by an evil spirit, which spoke to Jesus in a conversation. The most commonly quoted version is found in Mark 5:9:
            And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many. [it is argued that the phrasing is, “we are legion, for we are many” So I that light I want nothing to do with your group and say bye bye Anonymous.

        • Its good to know that atleast there is some higher power on the side of the little guy.
          The opressor wins as long as the opressed allows them to.
          TRUTH BE TOLD…

        • I…I don’t understand how Anonymous picks one side over the other. Each side has their pros and cons. And doesn’t hacking Israel websites provoke the conflict?

          • I dont get how taking someones homeland and forcing them onto a tiny strip of land and killing them is justified. if you can explain to me why its ok to take human rights away from people then well talk about how there arent any pros

          • Ooook, I’ve got to agree with some other people here too Anonymous. I mean take a look around this world. You think these are the only people who have been forced to leave land they claim is theirs by birthright or whatever? Happens in Africa everyday, has happened in the United States, happened in Russia just recently. And what about Native Americans? Do you think if Palestinians are allowed to have casinos they will be ok with that and move on with their lives? Sorry to say, but this world is built on land that was taken from others at some point. When a society or civilization fails they are overrun, pushed to the side, incorporated into what is new, or simply killed off. This has happened throughout history. Is Rome complaining because they used to rule the “world” and now they only get to be a city? What about the farm land that was just taken from white people in Zimbabwe because their president says whites shouldn’t be allowed to own farm land there? I just don’t understand how Anonymous can take the side of one and not the sides of others, choosing to get involved in a dispute that has been raging for hundreds of years. My ancestors were mainly Irish and owned vast amounts of land in Ireland. When the British seized control, bye bye land. Can I have it back now? Sounds like you guys are drinking the Kool-Aid too instead of taking a stance for ALL, you are taking sides with a few that may or may not be right. There’s a lot more going on in this world than a bunch of fanatics fighting over a strip of land in the middle of the desert, that, quite honestly, nobody wants anyway. The only reason one side wants it is because the other side wants it, and the only reason that side wants it is because the other side wants it. It’s the typical “if you’re not with me, you’re against me” scenario. As far as human rights being taken away, what human rights? They obviously still have the right to carry around automatic weapons, rpg’s, etc and kill each other in droves over what most countries would simply turn into a waste management facility or a parking lot. Reminds me of two children fighting over who had a toy first. Well when the adults finally get tired of they take the toy away. The adults know why they did it: they were tired of the bickering and they wanted to teach the children a lesson… play together or neither of you gets to play. But there’s always another adult off to the side that doesn’t really know what’s going on, they just saw someone take the child’s toy and jumped to the conclusion that those are “mean parents that shouldn’t even be allowed to have children”. Anyway, it’s pretty much the same thing here. No matter what they do or we do there will always be somebody with a problem. We mind our own business and let them fight it out (like we should) and we are wrong in the end. We try the peaceful solution and send in diplomats to try and help smooth things over, maybe come up with a truce that would benefit both parties, then next thing you know our embassy is getting attacked or a diplomatic convoy or something. We get tired of the fighting and either send in troops or carpet bomb 10,000 square miles and we are wrong. So what do you really do? Take away their arms and ammunition? Sorry, but wars were waging long before firearms. As long as there is a “propaganda machine” and a sucker born every minute, you will have people who become fanatical about certain things and then get others to start believing. And when/if religion gets involved… forget about it. Then it really does become a belief. Next thing you know a conversation has turned into an argument then turned into an altercation then turned into a scuffle then turned into a fight then turned into a battle then turned into a war. You cannot change human nature, and if you try, you will become the enemy, that’s just the way of the world. They will team up to fight you just so they can go back and fight among themselves in “peace”. Just think you need to take a step back from this one guys, look at the big picture.

          • Saywho, you seem to be somewhat confused. Killing the population while limiting their resources and basic human rights/needs is while building on top of dead bodies is outright ludicrous . There is a clear wrong party in this conflict which is Israel don’t even try to make it out like it’s a blameless conflict. Just because people have taken land from others in the past does not mean that others have a free pass to do it too. That’s such a retarded line of thought that I’m not sure where to begin. Just because Hitler has killed millions of people its okay if others do it, because hey it was done before in the past so why not, right? Happens to everyone so lets just go on a killing spree. Please think before you speak.

          • Yeah Saywho. You’re so deluded. You are trying to justify slaughter because it happens everywhere else anyway? What is wrong with you? Who’d you sell your soul to bro/sis? This isnt the middleages anymore, and kudos to Anonymous for standing up against these power mongers.

            And if you need another language to understand this, listen to this speech:

            Maybe itll cause a stir where your conscience once belonged… if not, its too late for you my friend.

          • Maybe thats why it is called HISTORY !! So we can lurn from our mistake as human beïng and make it a better world ! What happend in the past is the past but right here, right now WE, this GENERATION decides !! I didn’t know this website and its the first time I hear from anonymous. Every, non-violent way to handicap or boycot the offender is a good way. Caus not taking sides in this matter is just not possible.The sooner this stops the better. Thank to social media it is a matter of the people, all the people. We all have a responsability to pick a side ! Our power (!?) Economy, communication, etc. … A country can not function without the support of other countries ! So yes, Boycot Israel and let them know the world does not aprove ! David against golliath. Honnestly, my biggest fear in this matter is that the arab world wil stand up, united and get mixed in for real! We don’t want that. really ! So its up to us, the rest of the world to help the way we can, with no violence but with creativity. Good job anonymous. hack those websites!

          • Anonymous is just being with Humanity. Israel may win in the war physically but they have lost in the heart of peoples all over the world.

        • Who ever you are and where ever you are… we are with you anonymous. .. we support what you are doing and with our true hearts we respect you… thank you anonymous

        • Anonymous, proud of you guys!
          Do whatever you’re doing now, it breaks my heart to see how many innocent people die everyday.
          Best of luck!

      • Are you serious?? When the USA looks the other way??? What do you people expect from us? One minute you’re complaining saying we should stay out of your country and mind our own business, next you’re wanting handouts and for OUR people to come fight and die for you. You people started this war among yourselves hundreds of years ago, that is NOT our fault or our problem. Want it to stop? Then stop! I mean we can always fly over and carpet bomb that strip of land into dust (like it’s not already dust), but then you would complain about that too. Unlike a lot of people, and many of them here in the US, like to believe, the USA is NOT the freaking world police. And we shouldn’t be. Why should we give up OUR brothers and sisters, our resources, our money and everything else to run to aid people who have been killing each other since the beginning of time almost? Do any of you people realize that the USA is the youngest of the “super powers”? I mean we’ve only been here a couple hundred years. We are NOT responsible for other countries and their disputes when we can’t even get it right ourselves. It is not our job to take care of the world with money and food and soldiers. What about OUR people that are starving here? Living on the streets here? If you think that’s not reality then you’re badly mistaken. Who is going to take care of us when we run out of everything? Palestine gonna bail us out? Israel? Why aren’t you screaming at China to come help? Or the Russian Federation? You people need to wake up and solve the problem you started before the USA was ever even conceived.

        • Listen up Saywho, before you go blathering on about a subject you clearly know nothing about ‘Palestine’, do you research!

          And before we get into that, know, that the U.S does nothing without benefit for themselves. You said it yourself, the U.S is rife with its own problems, so why would they involve themselves anywhere else, without benefit to themselves? Why would these idiots cripple their own economy, that’s already broken, in order to help others? The answer is simple, they wouldn’t!

          A few facts about Palestine & the day to day of Palestinians.

          1. Gaza was invaded by Israel in 1967 & ever since then Israel is illegally occupying the whole of Gaza strip.
          2. Gaza is surrounded on three sides by Israel blocked all these three sides by Israeli army & navy & one side by Egypt where the Egyptian army along with Israeli & UN observers & monitors blocks the entry of any body from Gaza.So Gaza is literally huge prison where not even a bird can enter without Israel’s permission.
          3. Gaza has no sea port or airport or even a train station.
          4. Gaza residents cannot leave Gaza as they don’t even have passports. Plus there are Israeli checkpoints in every place. Also no one from any country can enter Gaza without Israel’s permission which is impossible to get , forget about ordinary man even the top politicians of powerful countries had been denied entry in Gaza by Israel. Gaza is a place which is totally cutoff from the rest of the world.
          5. Each and every daily use commodities comes through these Israeli check points. Even the milk, wheat medicines all items come through these Israeli check points. Israel charge taxes on all the items witch goes through these check points.
          6. Gaza is like a big jail. It is entire country under seize. Even inside Gaza Israel have several check posts at important junctions. The Israeli army harasses and humiliates Gaza citizens every day as the Gaza citizens cross these check posts.
          7. The UN has urged Israel numerous times to remove this illegal seizure of Gaza but Israel never listen to UN . More then 50 resolutions have been passed by UN against Israel but with USA always on its side so Israel just doesn’t care.
          8. The food and essentials are always in short supply in Gaza as Israel delays, discourages and harass its imports in Gaza. Shops don’t have enough rations, hospitals don’t have enough and essential medicines. Power is in short supply, petrol and gas is in shortage too. The inflation is highest in the world in Gaza as a result of it. The poverty is rising at the highest rate also. The Gaza children’s are among the worst malnutrition children now.
          9. There are no specialized doctors or equipments to treat the serious injury or disease in any hospitals. Every now and then Israeli army bomb Gaza and the innocent civilians get hurt during bombing. These wounded civilians plead and beg in the check points to let them out for treatment but they kind Israeli army never let them. So the wounds which could have been treated become more severe and often the wounded becomes handicapped for the rest of their lives.
          10. Once a thriving society and rich people now have become beggars & prisoners in their own country.Can you imagine the trauma the humiliation the harassment the pain in the hearts of these people who have been invaded and made prisoners and slaves in their own country?
          They have been struggling for their independence since almost 50 years now. With each passing day Israel is constructing new settlements for its Israeli citizens in their land. With each passing day their hope of independence, a hope to live a normal life like any other human is fading away. Every night they sleep in pain and every morning they wake up with sorrows.
          In the pretext of peace talks Israel actually is delaying their independence to capture more and more of their land everyday by constructing new Israeli homes and settlements. The Palestinians know this and they are watching it helplessly. Just like a goat watch the lion eats its children but can do nothing. They are shedding tears of blood. With Israeli soldiers harassing them , cursing them, abusing them mocking them, hurting them , killing them everyday in their very own land, all Palestinians can do is watch and cry.
          What suggestions do you have now? The western paid media is making & broadcasting news in such a manner that one should feel as if Gaza residence are the one who are occupying Israel and Israel is fighting for the freedom of its citizen. So that people can only curse and blame Gaza residents. Can you try to feel their misery and helplessness? We can not even imagine spending even one day in the jail called Gaza and they are living there everyday….. Please stand up for them for the sake of humanity!

          • And 10. … nobody wants Oncle Sam to interfere ! But through history they do. All the time they stick there nose in other countries matters ! But now, that it would be ok to do so… they don’t !! Yes yes … there is no oil in Gaza. And yes, most americans are jew … you’re right Sannah, he doesn’t want to understand! #makingmeangryandpullingmein,butnotwastingmorebreath

        • @umm ibrahim – God job.
          @Saywho – stop being an ignorant sheep to the shepard. I am a US citizen, and proud. I feel for our veterans. But I think you need to educate yourself regarding the facts, and perhaps get a non-US perspective like myself and many others do. Its time to peel the wool from your eyes. And noone can do it for you but yourself, because otherwise you will always act towards one with a bias. Find the truth yourself, and dont just regurgitate from whatever your social media clique newsfeed offers you. You alone can make a difference; for when you do, you will find your soul, and your purpose.

        • You really are ignorant,if you think this is Palestine’s fault,all they have is the Gaza Strip look on a map and you will see how small it is,it is a prison that Isreal has made for the Palestinians and you think it’s fair for the Us to back them up with billions of taxpayers dollars but leave the imprisoned and impoverished Muslims to fend for themselves? Isreal should not be there they do not have the right to attack natives on their own soil

        • You do not “join” anonymous… Anonymous is an idea, as an anonymous, you keep spreading that idea and stays anonymous. Check the “be anonymous” page.

          • You do not join “Anonymous” Anonymous is a facade that cowards make threats from behind to avoid responsibility for their actions. Some claim that anonymous is an idea, but all ideas have a definition. Yet anonymous is an idea which cannot be defined. Some claim that the definition of anonymous is “a government should be afraid of its people”. Yet that phrase in and of itself is its own idea. If you consider anonymous a facade, then congratulations you just realized what anonymous really is. Don’t worry as long as you avoid accountability for your actions no one will ever respect you.

        • How about agnostic? that would really freak these war mongerers out… Amazing that each religion says “Thou shall not kill” and they go killing… Always, there is some one who tries to find a reason in a sub clause to over ride the over riding thing.

          • We can kill because “in God we trust”… In the Christian bible God sent his people out to SLAUGHTER everyone else. Not even leave a blade of grass standing. But do not kill. Oh, but if you do, you can be forgiven. Now I’m by no means a theology scholar or expert on world religions, but from other things I’ve seen, most religions follow about the same path. They might have some people named differently, a few things that happened differently, but at the core it’s always the same things that make you a good or a bad person. Things like murder and adultery, theft, idol worshiping, etc. But if you can “repent” and be forgiven, then what is really the point? These people have been killing each other for hundreds of years over a plot of land I wouldn’t give you a wooden nickel for. But it is part of their belief system and therefor truth. Doesn’t matter which side your’e on, your side is always the “right” side. Of course we know after the last round is fired, the last enemy has fallen, war doesn’t decide who’s right, it decides who’s left. And the winners always write the history books. This is a no win situation, it is none of the world’s concern, its the concern of two warring tribes in the middle of the desert that have been fighting among themselves since the beginning, and it should be left alone.

    • yall are my anon peep’s bros and sis’s but god said to not touch but only defend israel……i dunno bout you guy’s but im following order’s.


      • right….and the fact that the zionists came an took away peoples lands and built illegal settlements and kill over 200 people is justified. if you think taking human rights is ok then please explain to the rest of us why its ok and how its justified killing innocent people

      • Yeah right.. So when I invade your house and kill your children in their sleep, you must rob me of my treasures so I can kill you.. And even then, you are the bad gyu?

      • Yeah right.. So when I invade your house and kill your children in their sleep, you must rob me of my treasures so I can kill you.. And even then, you are the bad guy?

      • Oh you poor child? Do you not read history or watch the news? How about i blow up your home and build a house on top of your dead corpse while i stick my middle finger up at the rest of your family watching outside and tell them to ‘F off’ because its my land now, and then i kill the anyone who tries to stop me. Sure sounds like self-defense to me, obviously I’m just defending the house i just built on your dead corpse, i have every right! Yeah, that’s how retarded your arguement is.

      • Israelis are not defending themselves, they are encroaching into foreign land and claiming it as their own while expelling the natives. And when the natives fight back its called defending? You have obviously chose a side, and a mindset. Your mind has been planted with the poisonous seed of the Zionists, and you are simply blabbering rubbish because you think you, along with the rest of the Israeli’s are superior in value of life to everyone else on this planet. THAT, my friend, is the whole reason this war is taking place.

        “And your days are numbered.”

    • Thank you so so sooooo much. I salute you and all your hard work is appreciated. Thank you for standing up for human rights. Please keep this up.

      In our thousands in our millions, we are all Palestinians.

    • Love you anonymous!
      Your hard work is really appreciated.
      Thank you so much for hacking those Fu**ing websites, thank you!
      Love from Pakistan!

    • No wonder when Israel controls the three largest industries in the U.S.A. which effectively puts them the largest in the world, including such giants as Disney and Time Warner, it can any one who controls them get away with murder. Which is the very case we are having at this moment. They fire bullets, because the opposite side throws stones. That is the worst joke of the twenty first century.

    • um…anonymous? If you really wanted to some damage, taking down sites for about 8 hours won’t hurt anyone, particularly someone financially backed by the USA. Maybe I misunderstand what a DDOs is, but as I see it, israel had their sites back up and business was usual within two or three days.

      Ddos attacks, in my opinion, aren’t warfare. They’re protest.

    • Wow, so it is true. That video on Youtube also where you said all of mankind hated Israel. The one where I civily posted my support for Israel and my comments were deleted. I didn’t know much about Anonymous by way of videos and such. after watching a few, I though I understood your mission and respected it. It was for truth and justice. Then I came across that video you posted on July 18th regarding a message to Israel and Palestine. I couldnt believe what I was listening to. I understand you are very computer smart, but I presumed you were unbiased and fully ensured you remained updated continously with all topics that caught your attention. I don’t feel this is the case. I am not Jewish but I am a very fair person who as always tried to be unbiased. I knew long ago mainstream media could be biased such as this coincidentally – which is why I have tried to keep fairly up to date through other sources. my knowledge is just for my own, so i don’t feel any need to pursue it aggressively. I feel here, many things are plain to see. If all your views are the same,then I misunderstood you. Not all mankind hates them, I understand their need to defend themselves.

    • Attention Anons!

      I am no hacker and have no way to help other than spreading the truth on facebook. I would like all of you to send me something to spread and/or teach me how to help in other ways. Thank you for all your help and for what you are doing. Keep it up.

      An American who refuses to be silenced.

    • You don’t join Anonymous, Anonymous is not an organisation or a movement, it is an idea of true freedom. If you share our idea of true freedom, you are already Anonymous. Ofcourse if you want to buy the mask there is a link above where you can buy them.

      • KillCaliber but where I can gets anonymous hacks and hack a websites, servers or same? I didn’t want just say true and be honest. I wan’t hack. P.S. sorry for my english I’m not from english

  1. Alot of these websites are back u and running, is their really any point in shutting them down if they can just come back up? also why did you shut them down?

    • You don’t understand, most Anons get bored and feel Israel took enough and just stop DDoSing, which if enough do that the website comes up. So we don’t really ‘shut them down’ for a bit, we do it and ther eis no way they can come back up unless a good number of us stop DDoSing. So sometimes websites are down for a day, that’s enough for most organizations/countries/governments to get scared and not want to do evil stuff. As we can shut down whole websites for hours, or days, or if we’re so good, weeks.

    • you know it’s not about Hamas, all rocket attacks from Israel hit 1/4 of Hamas members and 3/4 casual civilians… it’s about innocent civilian victims

      • The 3/4 casual civilians you mention are hur tor killed BECAUSE the TERRORISTS refuse to let the civilians leave the ANNOUNCED target areas.. The IDF/IDAF notify the population in the targeted areas prior to any attack to afford the civilians and non-combatants the time to leave the areas. The TERRORISTS intentionally keep them in the target areas so they become casualties. You want to put the blame on someone for the civilian injuries and deaths, start blaming the TERRORISTS that use the innocent people as human shields.

        • who you are calling TERRORISTs. they pick weapon to protect their family and there countries against this evil madness. is small helpless children and women they slaughter is RERRORIST. in here its very clear the isreal and their supporters are the terroriest. so please when you say something find the truth and then tell.

        • Ladies and gentlemen: we must remember that while anonymous has always been our hero-they are in fact human beings, and yes, islamists too. They have hackers too. They are anonymous, anyone can be a hacker and join the collective. Which means that even this group can become as tainted as the american government.people are flawed, and so any organiz. Rum by people will be so too.

          • Ladies and gentlemen: we must remember that while anonymous has always been our hero-they are in fact human beings, and yes, islamists too. They have hackers too. They are anonymous, anyone can be a hacker and join the collective. Which means that even this group can become as tainted as the american government.people are flawed, and so any organiz. Rum by people will be so too.

        • I’m sorry please correct your facts before making statements. Malcolm X once said ” If you not careful the newspapers (media) will have you loving the oppressors and hate those being oppressed” Israel has killed hundreds of women and children in the last week alone. Hamas only exist because of the 60 odd year if oppression.

      • Israel send little flyers and shot them all over the town telling people move out or evacuate before Israel even started there rocket compain. The citizens have been warned, it was there choice to stay or not.

        • yeah one of the family was told to evacuate and they did and got in their car and the car was then bombed. and what about the four children playing football on the beach? was the terrorists hiding inside the football?? peter beaumont is a witness

          • Yep I saw that! Right next to his Hotel and Restaurant where he was having breakfast. The “Safe area” in Gaza. If you get blown up on the beach in the safe area where can you go?

        • After receiving “warnings” (through bombs, I might add) Palestinians have like THREE MINUTES TO EVACUATE! And where are they supposed to go then? Hop the Egyptian border? Make a swim for it into the Mediterranean?

        • How would you like it if someone came to your home, kicked you out, and killed your children? And when you fought back, you got labeled as a terrorist organization. I mean how hard is this concept for you pro-Israelis to understand? Or do you need a demonstration?

        • Palestinians support PLO who keeps begging for peace and saying that you have to let Hamas come to table or they’ll just keep being terrorists. But Israel wants this fight so of course they won’t let them come to the table.

  2. KillCaliber but where I can gets anonymous hacks and hack a websites, servers or same? I didn’t want just say true and be honest. I wan’t hack. P.S. sorry for my english I’m not from english

  3. I think this is totally AWESOME! My son told me about Anoynmous and what they believe in and I would love to pat you all on the back. Keep up the good work!

  4. I feel that this wasn’t the right move by ANON. Israel gave fair warning to evacuate. Keep in mind it was Hamas that started this attack.

    • What is israel… its is an illegallly ceased land… palestinian property.. israel was an illegal state created by the help of America… israel doesn’t have any right to warn palestinians to evacuate….

      • Why do you say that? There NEVER was a Palestine, and there have always been Jewish people living in the area. Considering there’s now 70 years of a country called Israel and 0 years EVER of a country called Palestine, how can you say anything was illegally ceased? If anything it was Syrian and Jordanian territory, and they aren’t complaining about Israel existing.

        • May 14, 1948
          On This Day: Israel Becomes a Nation. On May 14, 1948, the Jewish People’s Council met at the Tel Aviv Museum and announced the creation of the state of Israel. New State Immediately Challenged. Britain seized control Palestine in 1917 and was granted mandate over the area by the League of Nations in 1922 ( quote by Google when i searched “when did Israel became a nation?”)

          Palestine came before Israel, do your research and don’t spread bullshit facts that aren’t true.

      • Israel surrendered Gaza to them INTACT. They destroyed it. Israel is fighting because of Hamas, to which, THEY are the ones who are killing innocent Palestinians. for example, they are placing them near where there are familys and when they receive warning, instead of telling the inccocent, they have them get closer. WHY? Because they WANT them to die to use the kids for propaganda. What will they get from the US or Europe? Not much that will sustain them for as long as they want to be there. There is sooo much that you are intentionally disregarding. Why would you never speak of what Hamas has done to the Palestinians? This is absurd. Honestly, there is so much good Anon could have done but to make videos on youtube saying all mankind hates Israelis is just not correct. Why is there so much hatred?

    • They are killing innocent children amd women. Are you guys blind or something? You seriously buy the “self defence” story? Palestine has no army, no airforce, no weapons. This is not a war my friends its genocide. Ethnic cleansing! Wake up!

  5. Darkfrost. Krep in mind. Who the hell do the jews think they are. Who the hell r they to give warning. They have terrorised this world for far too long. Thses zionists will be knocking on your door soon giving you warning. After all its the plan to take over the world

    • u do relize israel is a small country surounded by muslims who want them dead the leaders of those contries have made it clear they want israel gone theyve been launching rockets at israel now they bitch when israel defends itself? they had it coming let them burn in hell

      • seriously let them burnin hell????? heartless…what the heck did CHILDREN do???….fyi arab countries surrounding wat?? NO ONE is helping Palestinians!!!! Israeli soldiers DIRECTLY TARGET children journalists have u and Israel my rot in hell

      • seriously let them burnin hell????? heartless…what the heck did CHILDREN do???….fyi arab countries surrounding wat?? NO ONE is helping Palestinians!!!! Israeli soldiers DIRECTLY TARGET children journalists have u and Israel my rot in hell

      • you my friend ^ are soooo retarded Israel started this back in 2013 when they assassinated the hamas leader who was talking about a cease fire and was days away from putting it into action but when Palestine retaliated they are terrorists? secondly, Israel may be small but they are funded by your tax money so they have alot of money to spend on taking innocent lives. Next, it’s not about hammas when Israel is killing 3 children a day on average. Just in the past week alone 40+ children were killed by Israeli air strikes. If you say they gave them a fair warning actually they gave them three minutes to run from an airstrike yes three minutes to grab all their children their possessions that they need to live and get out of the house and at least 300 yards away. So your view on this is clouded by bias media such as fox news which portrays ALL Muslims as terrorists while they are the real terrorists. So tell me this, would you be okay with some army coming into your home after theirs was destroyed making illegal settlements, killing your civilians, and taking your land and when you say anything they wage war on you while being backed by the most powerful country in the world. and furthermore they are pussies and you my friend are about as retarded as can get thank you fag

      • You do realize that Israel didn’t just spring up out of the empty desert fully formed as a nation, right? Ever hear of the Irgun? Look it up. Menachem Begin? Look him up, too. Find out how terrorism in the region really started. At one time, the Zionists (so as not to include all Jews or Israelis in this condemnation) were quite proud of “inventing” terrorism.

        • No one cares whos attacking and whos defendinding….Both of them are but the main point is WHO ARE THE OPRESSORS…AND WHO ARE BEING OPRESSED….

          Its simple ISRAELS THE OPRESSOR AND PALESTINE IS BEING OPPRESSED….Its not easy seeing ur parnts ndsiblings die…its not….NOT AT ALL :'(

          So atm we should all support Palestine!!….U need to be human to understand it….if u dont then please understand the problem more properly.


  6. Where I can gets anonymous hacks and hack a websites, servers or same? I didn’t want just say true and be honest. I wan’t hack. P.S. sorry for my english I’m not from english

  7. I don’t want to say, most comps already have the capabilities to shut down websites, while browsing the site you want to
    Shut down if you take a powerful magnet and run it across the CPU the magnet will cause a surge of energy to send a turbo charged ping that will interrupt it’s server and will result in it having to be rebooted… The magnet has to be pretty powerful, too weak and it won’t work properly.

  8. Great news! don’t let these websites return in a short time, continue to barr them from the internet! do not allow them to brush it off as a passing event

  9. Keep up the good work fellow Anon.’s!! Though we have won many battles the war still rages on. Never let them forget that there are Compassionate, Honest, and Deadly foe’s fighting for what is right and true. We are always watching. Our blade cuts deep. Keep it Real and Keep it Anonymous!!

  10. Anonymous,

    Keep up the good work. Spread the word. Inform the
    Jackass public of what really is going on. The US is too
    Busy sucking Israel’s cock. But truly god is severe in
    Punishment. Let them continue in there ways. When
    God punishment is being rained down upon them only
    Then will they realize. Who ever the oppressors are
    I hope and pray that they are wiped off the map. Not only them
    But their generations to come.

    • God and Karma are our allies and also the great supporters we have here. Murder is wrong and Israel has went to extreme efforts to commit genocide.. we will not stand for this. There is the right side and the wrong side.. we will always choose the right side. We are here for you brothers and sisters know we will never be silent.. god bless you all!

  11. I feel that ALL war is created by the U.N.

    It amazes me that everyone has a reason to “hate” one another, when hardly noone knows their history. IF you did, you would quell your foolish arguing and get rid of the entire U.N. and the Crown.
    The Ark of the Covenant plays a major part in all this, and the 3 million missing children a year are also a MAJOR part.
    It may be wise to delve into exo-politics, then you will begin to learn about the GF. If you do not know your past, you cannot know your future.
    Cut off the crown, the body dies.

    Problem solved.

    “To know the Illuminati, one must study the reptile.”

    ~Credo Mutwa, Zulu Shaman

  12. You guys are the best! Not criminals actually trying to make a difference in the world for the better of humanity! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  13. I got all the answers those jews are trolling all over the digital media. And it seems that an idea is bulletproof. Whoever you are…. thank you for your bulletproof idea. May truth find its way….

  14. I am not taking anyones side on this, just saying that before I say this.

    Israel, if they truly were for piece they would not use explosives in an area where its dense with civilians. Civilians should never be harmed, under no circumstances. Israel is doing the opposite the exact opposite of the idea of true “freedom”. What there doing is aggressive and unnecessary.

    Normally I would be on Israel’s side saying, “Go get your land back based upon that old treaty or whatever the hell it is.” But seriously Israel?

    I morally don’t agree with what you guys are doing, but to a slight degree I do agree with it. Israel is killing civilians who do not have any part in this fight. And there just going to mark it off as “civilian casualties”.

    I respect you guys, and love your skills.

  15. Dear Anonymous I would like to appreciate your commendable work against Israel.. As it is said actions speaks larger than the words.. You have taken a step that no one even tried to take.. all are just shouting and protesting that is of no use to these dumb ears of our governments.. some action has to be taken and you took it.. Big salute to u guys.. you’re the best.. A small request to you guys .. you should keep their websites like government and all kind of useful sites to shut down so the economy will automatically get down.. they will be forced to shut their tactics.. And for all those guys who keep blabbering that you are taking side of Muslims and all they should understand that this fight is not about religions .. this fight is for the rights of people .. their right should be defended coz no one is there to help them.. ;(

  16. Illuminati conspiracy theory and the nation’s largest

    Both are approved by a wolf in sheep’s clothing

    Use of religion with science and technology network developed to shape into a saint (Buddha) is the so-called living Lord West
    First use of Internet hackers system mode to convey the wrong message with the idea (Internet has spread a “” Truth book “” We can look online to find)
    And a method for manufacturing a high-tech world in front of the so-called miracles
    First, they will first satellites every day they stare guinea pigs who is white mice and then penetrate through the ground to attack the members of the network of white mice into his life
    It seemed to really let Mr. Mouse in Living Buddha reproduction say what (eg World soccer gambling) but religion is not the same and then someone will want to test the “living Buddha,” the ability
    But I do not know this as a “living Buddha” by Mr. heads every day with an unmanned fighter home sky must have satellites to monitor his life but also the opportunity to exclude anyone in contact with him
    (So we go out of shape, “” God, “” the image) to my knowledge the most recent addition to the World Cup soccer outrageous to let him outside again become the world’s focus is to let her like octopus before God prospective estimates
    She was there when the crisis is manufactured using high-tech aircraft to blur the focus of world’s lightning (I was there I saw even feel shocked like watching a live version of Thor)
    They will not only confuse the public, can also cause extreme anxiety in the soul of your people, they will be filled with contradictions and lies, which are never likely to come from me because I’m just a puppet Quebec conspiracy under

    If I know who is behind the manipulation of these tricks are anonymous people in Asia will be action?

  17. I wish we could do more than this, war won’t help. Peace and Agreement are the answers. There is always a way. Israel has chosen a stupid path.They chose wrong.
    Expect Us.

  18. Great Job, you have my support. This terrorist state of Israel must be fought with every means possible for their crimes against humanity.

  19. Die obere Gesellschaft wehrt sich mit waffengewalt und emotionale Zerstörung der Bevölkerung warum wird mitlerweile Adolf Hitler und die ganze SS samt anhang in der Momentanen geschichte als held und welbevölkerungszahl etwas in den keller zu fahren, angst keinen Logenplatz zu bekommen

    • Bounce your ping from a undisclosed private server as they will not disclose your IP address.. there are a lot of them in Australia..

  20. If i recall history correctly
    The wrote the bible, called themself ”The Choosen” and invented banks.
    Jews together with romans are responsibel for the death of a lot of Germanic (Barbarian/Berber) tribes.
    A lot of literature (books/scrolls) has been destroyed… geuss who is also responsibel for that.
    The act opressed themself but the have been opressing the world for ages.

  21. So anonymous script-kiddies now taking sides ? 🙂

    you hacked who’s websites ?

    and why is that so important to take sides in any war ?


    then also please would you jurks tell me how can you call yourself hackers ?
    You are no hackers, peace of junk, that’s what you are, when you have nothing to do you go and destroy other mans property.

    if you had destroyed servers of an dictatorial regime,I’d give you a medal,

    if you had destroyed or hacked bank databases and showed the world how banks fuck everyone , then you deserve to be called hero.

    if you still from the rich and donate to the less fortunate, same you are on top.

    but now… You guys are cheap shit.

    I’m not jewish, i don’t have any interest in israil, [**] I hate them too.

    but still this gives me no right to mix myself in a war between 2 countries.

    you so tough ? go hack Armenian government systems, they killed thousands of Azeri’s, tooke 20% of azeri grounds…
    they even always talk about it on TV, how they killed unborn child of a TURK in the village when they attacked Azeri villages.

    you so tough? 🙂 don’t make me lough…

    First learn what means to be a hacker.
    then we’ll talk…

    [* Moderated: the paragraph was removed due to multiple complains]
    [** Moderated: the paragraph was removed due to multiple complains]

    • You really don’t get it toto.. sorry but your so far out there I’m not sure you can be reeled back in.. but I’ll try.. there is right and there is wrong.. what Israel is going is committing genocide on innocent civilian people and they don’t care who they kill.. so what choice is there to be made.. good vs evil.. we will always choose good!

  22. Funny thing is the list of the websites is phony too, just like you [*beeep*] …

    99% of all the websites are just parked sites, parked domains :)))

    funny [*beeep*] .

    You [*beeep*] ‘s try to hack my systems too, now for already 5-6 years, until now you never got even near to any of my servers, [*beeep*] ‘s from illegal’s palestin IP adresses :)))

    [*beeep*] arabs, [*beeep*] palestinians, [*beeep*] anyone beliveing or propogating islam.

    God / Allah is always on the side of the true and clean person.

    you arabs have [*beeep*] on your hands starting from the time of mohammed.

    so go [*beeep*] yourself 🙂 stop bothering people.

    [* Moderated: “*beeep*” usage of offensive language multiple times]

    • You are the scum that ruins international support for Israel. Blind hate is despicable and idiotic. Focus your hate on those lobbing rockets at us and stop casting a wide net.

      • Yes you keep telling us about those Palestine rockets… what a joke.. their lucky if they can break a window.. I notice you don’t mention the illegal weapons Israel is using as well as an air force and army with tanks and such.. so please go back into you little bubble where you belong or maybe your one of those sickos on the hill that is laughing and clapping as the bombs fall on the Gaza Strip..

        • “if they can break a windows” ??? 😀 😀 😀

          you don’t know what you are talking about.

          Yes Israel is much stronger, and that’s very good. the invest in their land, their people and their defense unlike you [*beeep*] Arabs.

          but it’s not true that the arabs cannot do anything, I have a good friend who moved from Israel, he told me how it is when you [*beeep*] Arabs shoot does rockets, how they run and hid under the ground behind beton walls etc…
          so stop joking.

          you arabs must be destroyed for once and for all. because if not, you will grow again, then march on any country kill anybody that does not want to be moslim [**].

          so before it’s to late, it’s good that at least Israel from one side and others from other sides cleans you [*beeep*]!
          it’s time that somebody finishes that whole islamic [*beeep*].

          I dont hate anybody, I have to live with you moslims, and I know you from inside, and every day I understand more and more how bad you are, how bad your [*beeep*] islam made you.

          so, i hope that israel cleans all of you [*beeeps*] , and later the same will happen in all other islamic / arab countries.

          [* Moderated: the paragraph was removed due to multiple complains]
          [** Moderated: “*beeep*” usage of offensive language multiple times]

  23. Support to Anonymous against israeli fascism. Continue, you’re the last hope due the world states inconclusiveness.

    • So you still got hope ? 🙂

      well don’t, cause as one of their own prophets wrote in he’s book : [* removed]

      “You (i.e. Muslims) will fight with the Jews till some of them will hide behind stones. The stones will (betray them) saying, ‘O ‘Abdullah (i.e. slave of Allah)! There is a Jew hiding behind me; so kill him.”

      [* Moderated: the moderator hasn’t been able to find the resource for this statement, a more accurate resource was found and added” ]

  24. death rates on israel’s side would be a lot higher if they did not have the iron defense. No one seems to be mentioning that. if you take out israel’s missile defense system then their casualties would be a lot higher than gaza’s

  25. God bless all of you! You’re true Heroes and stand up for the down trodden! You know you’re like the digital Justice League, right?

  26. Very disappointed that you even call yourself Anonymous. It is this outright bigotry and hatred you are using towards the Jewish people that makes this organization look like most people in it are 12 year old kids trying to be the next big “vigilante.” Don’t give me some lousy excuse and tell me that Israel is meant to be your homeland. Need I remind you that it is Hamas who began the brutality and terrorist attacks. Israel is not full of terrorists and even gave many warnings about rocket fire. Anonymous is not about rebelling for your personal feelings, but for doing what is true and just. We are supposed to be one, lets act like it.

  27. I never thought I’d be on the other side of Anonymous. In a delicate situation such as this, unanimous support is a wreckless thing. I’m an American working in Israel over summer. To run for shelter regularly and spend time with frightened children in staircases and shelters as blasts shake the building… that may change your mind. Israelis, Iron Dome or no Iron Dome, are living in fear as well.

    • Liar go tell it to the fuckers laughing and clapping and bringing their shitty lawn furtiniture to watch hundreds of people get killed. 240+ dead to 4 dead. You think you’re more scared then the Palestinians hmmmmmm?

      • You have loud words for something you know nothing about. If Mexico were launching missiles into the US, and the US responded by pummeling them, do you not think that every redneck in the states would be having parties near the border? You are largely generalizing. I think it’s terrible that people view the Gaza situation as a joke. So do a lot of Israelis. I feel for the Palestinians, but I still cannot look over the fact that Hamas’s intentions (forget the Iron Dome and how many people haven’t been killed) are to blow up major cities full of civilians. Imagine whatever your country is having numerous missiles come in. Are you going to just allow whoever is shooting at you to continue because none has hit a building yet? How long are you going to allow it to continue? All year? Years? How long can you afford to allow them to do that? Each of their missiles you shoot down costs you around 50k.

  28. Haaretz is one of the only Israeli websites speaking up against what is going on in Gaza. At least check the sites you bring down.

  29. Do whatever you think needs to be done… innocent people are suffering the consequences for whatever reason… no matter what race or religion never hit a woman or a child… May God protect those women and kids…

    • How is this compassion?

      Was it compassion when Hamas started firing rockets at Israel? This is a complex situation and I think people may be forming opinions based on limited and biased information.

  30. though I find it very strange that anonymous mixes itself and takes side in this conflict if we can call it conflict. Israel and Palestine it’s like a problem from the beginning, so what do you script kiddies think ?
    the biggest leaders could not put them to friendship, because one of 2 parts are Arabs, they can never be normal 🙂 but you will change anything ? by defacing few parked domains / website ? 😀 😀 😀 really funny.

    This is how you show that you are not hackers 🙂 you are script kiddies, clowns. that’s what you are.

  31. this conflict isn’t just about this latest incident, isreal has been slowly pushing paalastinians out of their home for the last onehundred or so years

    • Funny the Israeli government has Palestinians within it, and depending on your view of history Palestine was never a country to begin with.

    • Furthermore the area has been in conflict by various parties. If they wanted to the Italians could make a claim to the land via their Roman heritage. At the moment Israel is the presiding nation there and in my eyes is an oasis in that region. The fact is Hamas doesn’t want a state for Palestine, they just want to murder Jews. That is the reason there is no peace.

  32. Was it Hamas or Israel that started firing first? Did Hamas announce where they would shoot their rockets in order to minimize civilian casualties?

    Its been widely reported that Hamas has stored rocket stashes in UN zones. Its been widely reported that Hamas is instructing Palestinians to stay home to play human shield.

    Hamas could have stopped this today. As soon as the cease fire was over they were shooting rockets again. I don’t think it’s wise for Israel to do nothing. Not sure what defacing some of their websites will really accomplish. IMHO Hamas are 100% the bad guys here.

  33. I do not agree. I have always adored anonymous and admired what you stand for. But I believe in the right to defend ourselves. I watched Mr. Netanyahu warning that he was being pushed to the point where he would have to do this to protect his people, I saw him on the news, begging america for help, talking about the red line he was being forced to draw, and the look on his face was one of worry and concern. He is protecting his people, and I commend him. There will always be someone who is sympathetic to the man who got shot while trying to rob a liquor store, someone championing the fight for a more painless execution for the child rapist/murderer…they have been warned many times to stop firing their damn rockets, and isreal finally put their foot down. They had enough and I do not blame them. They were left with no other choice. I blame hamas.

    • Victory will be for Hammas, and israel will be exterminated sooner or later, no colony has survived the Muslims, the more they fight Muslims the more they get determined and stronger, go back to your countries and live in “peace” if you want “peace” children of israel, they left Muslims with no other choice when they STOLE the Palestinians land “legally”, watch and learn Mr.Karma [*] this is how they do it.


      david ben gurion ethnic cleansing

  34. The Israel Nazis continue to spread evil around the territory that is not even theirs. Because Nazi Germans did what they did, the Palestinians now have to suffer? What is the Nation without a country doing at the Middle East in the first place? Who put them there? The USA? Britain? The Chosen People they call themselves. What a fascist statement! And who am I? Only an European who can’t do nothing but protest. Israel is doing what Nazi Germany was doing with them. Such illness is like a Stockholm Syndrome [*]: if you are a victim, after the liberation you do the same injustice to others that has been done to you.


  35. Maldigo a todos los causantes de esta masacre. La peor lacra del mundo si pudiera resucitar Hitler y terminara de acabar con ellos. Pido perdin a Dios por esto. Pero son gente mierda que merecen ser castigados.

  36. Anonymous, I am so proud of you. I am very grateful for your support for our poor brothers and sisters who are being trampled by the tyrannical Israel while the United States which is eager to attack other countries in the name of human rights, sits idly and does nothing against its brutal ally. I salute you Anonymous. May Allah help you and guide you.

    • The United States is eager to jump I’m an American and you need to be set right on something your lost on first of all The American Government are ready to jump Stop looking at the American People they haven’t done nothing the American people have the power to stand up and take control of whats ours and I’m one that will stand up these people that do this site can really make a real change in the world you thank the Jews acted like Nazis you should see whats coming Anonymous you can reach out people hear you just the south in America can get these snakes out of the gardens if we don’t 90% of the world will be murdered the only way to fix this is the American people I wanna be first to go we can take the trash that killed JFK and 9/11 Justice must be served

  37. Israel is one big black sheep killing in the name of self defence. An ant may kill n elephant but for godsake be reasonable, how can a hand full of people be a threat to the world’s strongest army… those innocent palestenians ve nothing to throw at the tanks but stones and harsh words [*]…… every human being should condemn the voilence commited on gaza …. i support u anonumous for a giving those terrorists a little pain in the ass… peace b upon u !


    Faris odeh03a.jpg
    Faris odeh03a“. Via Wikipedia.

  38. I dont know if this has something to do with anonymous… But, if a person, who is a part of anonymous, gets problem with for example a guy, does other people defend him? I have kind of a problem with a guy who i think is solved now, but if it gets worse again, i really want help with sending him a “message” that shows him that im not a person you mess with… Can i get help with that trough anonymous if it gets worse?

  39. I’m very proud that anonymous takes this stand that should be obvious and logical but still is controversial. A hundred years from now kids will ask. “did no one speak up against Hitler? Or Stalin? Or apartheid in South Africa or the oppression of the Palestinians? And people will say. Only the enlightened few…

  40. Anonymous bro u r doing good work 🙂 may ALLAH BLESS U ameen summa ameen 🙂
    Its pity that I dont know how to hack websites 🙁 but still I want to help you in any way I can…..I know that what all I can do is to tell u the websites which are enemy of islam and the facebook accounts which shows bad n worst pics naming them ^NAUUZOBILLAH “ALLAH RETURN” like these :/
    Plz plz plz block these id too 🙁

  41. Dear ANONYMOUS…
    The world saw all the problem that Israil made against humanity but the UN, US and others don’t care cuze they can’t gain any profit for their own rather for their busness and i believe ANONYMOUS did the right thing to get them in the right position…. BUT ALSO why don’t the world including ANONYMOUS don’t want to see the inhuman threat against ETHIOPIAN people by their own dictator goverment.?.?. until u do something to us, our world are in danger by this EVIL…
    HELP US— TO stop prisoning and killing our freedom fighters, our journalists, our civelians… dear ANONYMOUS i belive u will always be in the +VE side and u can make a change to our future bright world “A WORLD WHICH IS FULL OF HUMANITY AND CONCIOUSNESS OF HUMANBING”… looking forward for your response…. <3 ANONYMOUS <3

  42. Dear Anonymous,

    Whatever you are doing is AWESOME. Full support. Just a word of caution against all who may try to impersonate you and try to rob your good intentions by committing ill deeds in your name.

    Also, as a peace promoting entity, I would highly encourage you all to take a “Gandhi” approach to this matter, and fight this evil and smother it with peace, and peaceful language. Keep it legit. And there will be no chink in your armour for western and pro-Israeli bastard media to bring you down.

    Mad props.

  43. #freePalestine. I fully support anonymous I don’t agree with the comment here about taking sides, no one is taking sides if the entire world has to come together just to say bombing innocent people and even kids with a warning then we know humanity is lost. Even if this has happen years ago and to many other lets make a change now let’s stop this we are not animals we are human with feelings and emotions we are one we are all family. Religion and politics have reach it’s limit the new generation is ready, and we will not tolerate the killing of our brothers and sisters anymore it’s time to evolve, we have learnt that war is not the solutions nor do they solve anything. Let’s try a different way let’s try love let’s talk about this like decent intelligent human being and not allow our emotions and anger take anymore lives just because one person does not agree.

    My Palestinians brother and sister have be humiliated, killed, tormented and abused because Israel wants to kill one group of people and has blinded and tried to fool the entire world that they are the victims. This will not go on any longer and I’ll pray with my last breath to change the despicable society that we live in fighting for riches, land and gold things of no value as life itself .

  44. Kudos … Great Job … you have done something, I wish I could do more but all I can do is pray for a #FreePalestine and a #FreeGaza

  45. Lets make it simple alryte? Think through this question and be honest with urself..
    Are you happy waking up every morning knowing people over palestine are killed every single day?
    If u think killing innocent civilian is forgivable,then imagine if that were your family members..
    I mean come on, this world has enough death rate without wars and now, death rate is riding through the roof for goodness sake…. dont pick the sides that you support, think and choose whats right.. its time to wake up people.. anonymous intention were to stop these wars..but some of you are just too blind to see whats right and whats wrong and started to chose side..dont make anymore conflicts when people over at palestine are dying.. with or without warning violence is never the answer.. THAT IS WHAT ANONYMOUS IS TRYING TO PROMOTE PEOPLE.. ITS TIME TO WAKE UP

  46. To anyone saying that this genocide is humane because Israel calls out first

    Have you fucking seen the map of Gaza and occupied Gaza??
    Egypt and Syria wont let them in, and Israel would kill if they come near the border, so where are they supposed to go when Israel calls about a strike?

    They have no escape route and therefore this makes it a simple genocide

  47. Both the Israelis and Palestinians have added their fair share to this senseless war. And when I mention the Palestinians I mean Hamas. Hamas’ senseless fight for so called ‘freedom’ for their people is only adding to the pain and suffering of the Palestinians. If Hamas decides to continue their (terrorized) attacks then no doubt the Israelis will retaliate in full force.

    Both sides must step down from military action to resolve this crisis as civilised nations. Both the Israelis and Palestinians have the right to live there.

  48. Anonymous. some people believe you have a great reputation, but not me, until now you (the anonymous) is only able to hijack a small website. You can not paralyze , where suggestions and ideas Netanyahu legalized slaughter of Gazans. You are not bigger than us. Although not permanent downtime we managed to right their large webs. If you are a Professional, I challenge you to paralyze vital websites belonging to the government of Israel ..

  49. Hats off to Anonymous. You folks are heros. Keep up the good work and show these brutal murderers their rightful place. Thank you soooooooooooo much!

  50. I am very disappointed. It seems like Anon is being lead by the media once again just like the rest of the sheep. Let me start of by saying that I am an Arabic man, not Jewish or related to Israel in any shape or form, and what I have seen is making me sad. People are buying into the “Palestine gig” once again. Let me break it down to you.
    Palestinian terrorist groups are utilizing very cheap tactics of using kids and people as human shields. They hide in hospitals and elementary schools and places filled with innocent civilians and children, and they use these places as a base to launch missiles and bombs. Now, Israili forces have two options: retaliate with fire against them or keep taking the blows while saving their reputation. If you ask me, I think they are being put in a very tough situation. Lets take a look at both parties, Israel and Palestine. One of them keeps trying to initiate peace while the other wants to keep fighting and refuses peace treaties, and let me tell you, against most misconceptions, Palestine is the latter. Knowing these things,I am deeply disappointed in Anon. I thought you guys were smarter than this. This is just my opinion as an Arabic man who has seen the cheap trickery of the Arabs over the years. Take it or leave it, it’s a free world, but I had to have my opinion sounded out, isn’t this what Anon is all about?

  51. Dear Anons,
    I have nothing else to say to you guys except, WELLDONE 
    Keep up the hard work. #SavePalestine. #FreeGaza

    I can’t imagine how so many people can throw around so many different ideas of what or who is right? It boils down to this… Since the dawn of time religion has been a way to enslave and create wars/death…. Just like Christianity the Muslim belief is one of death and destruction!
    It boils down to Muslim’s from the start having false profits and false ideology’s in order to bring down a Christianity of equal false profit’s/false ideology! Muslims wants the Jew’s dead and always have, Jews took their land not because of AMERICA! America only got involved after the British tried to create peace and failed, After that the Muslim leaders decided because Hitler had similar hatred for the Jews they would in fact fight for the same goals. America was involved because of many reason’s and being allies to the British at that point required intervention! After many chances of giving the the Palestine and Jewish people an option to live free and share the Palestine people living a Muslim Ideology would always deny that right….
    Boils down to this…
    The Palestine people were never free or Wealthy under Turkish Rule, The world could see it and they need liberation. Once liberated they attacked the hand that fed them (Jerusalem) Since the 1917 declaration failed the Jewish people held resentment for the Muslim people who have hated them for thousands of years…
    Bottom Line-
    Muslims have alway and will always wage JIHAD on any non-Muslim even if it is against the correct and fairness and the greater good of the world/people, THey are a plague of hatred in our world! The zionist are not much if any better, They too have hatred in their heart- the difference is that over many thousands of years Jew’s tend to show some compassion and can on the outside show the ability to meet half way, Muslim’s cannot and wish death to infidels….
    Religion is a poison, it should only be used to teach basic human morals. After that it becomes a war to create hidden want’s of a rich man! If you think a religious person would save you or help you then you are mistaken, A person with good morals will and thats the truth!

  53. I’ve been keeping tabs on Anonymous since I first heard about their actions. Your recent publishing of the names of the Gaza strip victims and your dismantling of Israeli communications systems have inspired me to comment here. I just want to commend you all for continuing to pull back the curtain to reveal the masters pulling the strings regardless of their supposed allegiance, for throwing monkey-wrenches into their machinations of war and genocide, and for holding the purveyors of hate up for a long overdue mocking.

    I proudly stand with Anonymous, and will gladly help you be heard.

    • #Op Anon is Hamas and a bunch of anti semites. Why don’t you help people in Kashmir? Why don’t you try to stop the innocent mass murders of ISIS? Oh wait, you just want to forward a Muslim agenda. You don’t give a shit about any other stuff that really threatens the world when it comes to the middle east. Same ol same ol “just blame it on jews”. That is really cool to have a picture of a GUY mask with a Hamas flag around it. Doesn’t matter that they want to kill all Jews on earth. You’re fighting for justice. Yeah right! Bunch of little kids, good with computers, who don’t know shit about history or having had to personally deal with it. You guys are great about some stuff, but just so stupid about other things. Allah bless you ANON lol

  54. People just don’t realise the link with the Zions and Facebook!
    The problem is people think that Hamas rockets are a threat. They’re not, Israel has the iromn dome that blocks them all! So technically the rockets are no threat to Israel the same as a bug hitting your cars windscreen! Sooooo Israel has no excuse to slaughter innocent civilians claiming they are human shields, with all of Israels technology where is the video proof???,,,

    Shut down Israels IDF network! Now that would be impressive.

  55. You are so lame…
    I went through the list of sites, almost all sites are private or small businesses silly pages.. Do not call yourself hackers, it’s a disgrace..

  56. Go ahead and start bashing a Country that was once destroyed, their people scattered, and left with no homeland. Once scattered, Hitter trying to eradicate the Jews with his Nazi regime. Then American and its allies helping them back on their feet to rebuild. Muslim nations around the new state wanted to destroy them since its inception. They would be attacked and also attack before being invaded for years. Every attack from Israel, from that time was to protect their people. Every time they would win, they would have to negotiate with these same people, and in most cases gave back what they took, for the sack of Peace. They do not want war. They want to live in peace but the countries around them want them all dead and forced into the sea. You have many Arab/Muslim nations spouting off. Death to Israel, Death to America. Each one of these nations/regimes are intertwined together and where one get money from America or profit from other countries, they would send it down the line. Money for war tanks, rockets and materials to build underground paths into Israel. This isn’t brain surgery, this is fact you can find on the internet that you “control” or Libraries of historical documents. This land was promised to Moses and his people. This land is Gods chosen peoples land. Israel is no different then any of us. We… are no different then them. If you choose to believe what Media says then fine. But there is only one outcome. Israel will be fighting against the whole world of “Christ rejecting sinful world” and Christ will return. The history of man has already been written. It is up to you to see the signs and live with faith and love. Fight for Gods people, Israel, and Christian a like. Know your Creator and find Peace in His mercy and grace. He loves you and wants you know you through is Word and His Language called Faith. You will find Peace. Christ has already won the war for this planet. It is time for you to win Him in your heart. God Bless weary travelers.

  57. Please don’t forget, Israel is a country. A home to millions of people. The ONLY home for Jews on this planet. How can you hate an entire country? Taking down Israeli websites, harming the Israeli economy, that’s not fighting for human rights. And that won’t help stopping wars.

  58. do more of this, as well as social medias in the country that deserves it, i think that will wake ppl up effectively, this is awsome!

  59. Let’s take down gas stations they are the reason war continues please someone be with me let’s destroy all the gas in America stop driving let’s do this right guys!


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