Anonymous Plans Nationwide Phone Protest on November 6th


**Set a reminder in the calendar of your phones for November 6, 2015 to  CALL INTO THE OFFICE OF YOUR UNITED STATES SENATORS**

November 6th, 2015 – Washing D.C. will take center stage to a one day national telephone protest. The cause? Get everyone who believes in ending marijuana prohibition to call into the offices of the United States Senate. The only power the ordinary citizen holds over lawmaking is through putting public pressure on our representatives. Over half of the population of the United States supports full legalization of marijuana, yet only 4 of 50 states have these laws in place. Our legislature is not keeping up with the will of the people. What better way to have our voices heard then calling in and telling our representatives how we feel. Each state has 2 Senators. All we ask for you to do on November 6th is to make 2 phone calls. Realistically maybe 5 minutes out of your Friday. Call in and express your opinions.

We ask that everyone who calls in please be polite, articulate yourselves and act professional. Let them know we are real people living in this country who have serious concerns about the laws of our government. When you call in tell them you are a resident of your state and express your honest opinion. Tell them why you think this and give them your perspective on the matter. The lines may be very busy, if you have to leave a message this will be just fine.

The best part of this protest is that it is 100% legal. Each number is published by the offices of the U.S. Senate. The office do encourage people to call. So we will. But have no fear, you are not doing anything wrong. On the contrary you are doing your responsibility as a citizen.

You can call the National Switchboard in Washington, D.C. (202- 224-3121) and ask to be connected to the Senators of your state, or you can call each Senator directly. <—- Link includes the phone numbers for each of the 100 U.S. Senators by state.

If you get more ambitious, this document contains the contact information for every office of every member of U.S. Congress.


  1. Finally!!! Something we agree on! Even though it’s already legal here in california, I will still participate on behalf of the whole country.

    One question that I have always had though… what do you think will be the long term negative affects as far as the illegal drug cartels? Legalizing Marijuana will definitely cut into their illegal business, do you think it will drive them to more drastic measures and drive them to sling their Crack and heroine even more?? Or perhaps all the extra money the governement will make off of legals sales will afford them to be better prepared.

  2. you have a typo in this article. Your sentence “All we ask for you to do on September 6th is to make 2 calls” should say ‘November 6th’

  3. Bro. TYPO ALERT.

    ” All we ask for you to do on September 6th is to make 2 calls. Realistically maybe 5 minutes out of your Friday. Call in and express your opinions on the matter.”

    Make September 6th, “November 6th”…

  4. What is the time zone again like, I sure hope I don’t wake nobody or Worse get a senator’s hope up thinking my late night call is for sum no butt butt. Hehe

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