A New Way To Steal Your Password


After a long day of work, on your way to your home you decide to go and get some groceries. You put your hand in your back pocket to pull out some cash, but there isn’t enough cash to cover what you’re buying. Naturally, now you are on the hunt for the ATM card — after grabbing it, you get in and lock yourself so that no one can see your PIN, but the question is… are you really secure? We all know that there are many websites that provide live feeds from CCTV cameras using their default settings, and if you are willing to search a little harder, you just might end up on the right street, in a bedroom or maybe even staring through a bank’s security camera!

Security specialists from Syracuse University in the United States have discovered that cyber criminals can work out the codes and passwords by watching how a person types in their security code. In many scenarios, they can even make a clip of you so that people can study it and master the technique. Scientists at Syracuse University believe that it is very likely to be used by hackers, robbers, or even an average person who has basic knowledge of how to get into such things, and get information for personal gains.

Such an act opens many new alternatives for the bad guys to bust into an office, or a house, or any other place that has a PIN pad lock or a lock that requires an electronic input-type of access. This technique has the possibility of bringing complete chaos, especially for those who will be near the ATM’s and cash points even while them trying to hide the keypad or the number pads. Why? Because the movement of the person’s hands would still be visible, and if this a bad day for the hacker (or they’re feeling lazy), then their friendly software, specially built for guessing your hand movements, will do the rest for them. On a busy street with a lot of people, it is hard to spot a person pointing a camera at you. All we can say to this is just be on the lookout and be safe.

SOURCE: Techworm

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  1. I’ve also read that they’re using flir on their phones too and taking pictures of the keypad right after you’ve used it. It will still have residual heat from when you punched in the #’s. The best thing to do is touch the keypad buttons before you put in your actual # then again after your transaction. That way all the buttons have residual heat. I would say the same thing for the video taping of your hand movements. Put 1 hand over your hand you’re using to type with, and maybe just move your fingers not your actual hand.

  2. I’ve always did that to find out the password from my friend’s phone… lol

    If you were trying to steal a credit card info, for example, you’d had to stay close to the person/victim, or invade the security cam system to at least try to get a good video to watch somebody typing.


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