Anonymous Reveals – What America Does Not Want You To Know

Take your time with this, it might take you a few day’s to get through. Remember, no one forces you to believe anything, but at least watch listen and do more research. At least you would have shown you are not ignorant. Good Luck and let us know what you think AFTER you had a fair go at the material provided.

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1) Monsanto


4) 911 was an inside job.


5) False Flags:


6) Crisis Actors:


7) Police Brutality:


8) FEMA Camps


9) Bilderberg Group:


10) Serco: (Serpent Company):


11) Silencing Whistlblowers

Julian Assange:

Bradley (Chelsea) Manning:

Edward Snowden:


12) Killing Activists

(R.I.P) Aaron Swartz:

(R.I.P) Rachel Corrie:
Israeli bulldozer driver murders American peace activist:


13) False Accusations against Anonymous

We are NOT Terrorists.

You cannot dismantle an idea:


14) Lost or Stolen Trillions of Dollars:


15) The US Spying on the World:




All Social Media Platforms on US Soil Assisting:

They did not have this dinner for nothing.

Social Media Platforms:


16) Martial Law


17) NWO (New World Order):



Food That Kills – Full Presentation:

Wake Up World:

Seal Team 6:


We Are Anonymous

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  1. The only thing I hope is that you expose the WHOLE membership of the KKK. Everyone is tired of them manipulating us, our political and law-enforcement systems, the hunger games they keep playing with the American public, the whole shebang. Please do the world this service. Thank you for reading this.
    Duncan Beach.

    • What? The KKK manipulating what? If the KKK controlling the government why did they change the immigration policy in 1965 from 100% White to 10% White immigration?
      Why all the gov attends AIPAC meetings every year?
      Looks like your theory is crap.

      • The KKK is nothing more than a bunch of egotistical arrogant pigs who would have a hard time raising a brain between them. Another pathetic gathering of lost souls who have to hide under the bed sheets because they are so outrageously ashamed of who they are and what they believe in!! If I were coloured or gay, I would be more afraid of my grandmother than these gutless bags of shit.

        • The KKK was started by the Democrats. Now you have the Democrats racebaiting again = BLM. Read on about Soros and know how he is Jewish, changed his name is now part of the bigger picture. Too much we don’t know except that we can not sit and wait to rise up sooner than later!

          • Neo-conservatives*. Democrats and Republicans essentially flipped sides with the southern strategy many many years ago. Only cognitively deficient people think the kkk has anything to do with liberals today.

          • By the old Dems, long ago, all switched to Republican long ago, I know, I sadly had family members involved.

  2. As A member of anon new zealand I am constantly aware of how ignorant people are of the tragedy set to befall mankind.

    I am a natural empath and cant even walk down the street without feeling the suffering of our brothers and sisters and that sadness I feel for them is magnified of the knowledge I have of thats coming.

    some days I just want to grab and shake people while shouting….?.WAKE THE HELL UP.

    I will continue to fight for those who either cant or are not ready to fight for themselves, I will continue to speak for the voiceless, I will continue to stand against oppression and injustice….I will fight for our very freedoms and rights….I WILL FIGHT FOR FREEDOM.


    • Also an empathy. I know what you mean. Knowing people are oblivious and there is nothing I can do to wake them up! I feel so helpless!

    • I think I can relate to you in some way, I have had like this for sometime, I broke eventually and then Everything start changing – Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Circumstances! (Law Of Attraction) Powerful! just focus and you can really BE now, see THEN, all HOW. The game was upgraded and updated πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ stop fighting for freedom – become free, stop fighting for rights – just give them to all. Actually everyone is speaking and non listening – start listening. think about your self-talk, check what you think and look what happening around of you – sounds ? familiar? the truth stands just in front of you, just focus to see it.

      • The sheep will soon be slaughtered and the wolves will enforce a NWO that the remaining sheep will blindly follow. But the coyotes, the few who know how to be invisible with the knowledge of the tactics and inner-workings of certain government branches, and the ability to organize and train small groups to perform specific tasks to be as a “thorn in the side” of the wild beast… Our country WILL be over run, our country WILL be taken over by the U.N., there’s nothing the few can do to stop this, it’s Inevitable…

    • When people really wake up, they be scared like hell and try to forget what they ‘saw’. Really, it works like that. People DO see all the shit arround them, don’t underestimate them about that. But what really happens is that they dont WANNA see it no more, and fall back to sleep.

      Only e few percent stays awake, the others are hiding for the truth, Γ³r just dont know the truth anymore, because its overwhelming. (Thruth comes from a lot of directions. Left, Right, etc)People are confused, too much info. Even if (e.g.) Anon members are trying to wake them up: they cant prove what’s been said to them. They here too many versions of ‘the truth’. They know its all about money, resources and the power to get those: but what can they do?

      I like anon very much. I stand for a world without murder, war, corruption, opression etcetaera: but as long as you only give ideas, and no weapons to do something about it: the ideas are useless. If one stands up and try to do something: he (or she) gets arrested and forgotten, or killed if he (or she) was too dangerous. Or you’ll end up in some kind of lunatic clinic, because they think your crazy, a complot theorist. Thats the reality of today. The other reality is that many people just dont give a shit. They want to be a part of that “new world order”, even if its at the very lowest bottom of it.

      So. What can truth seekers en viewers really do? What is it what common people can do to make a change? Let me tell you this: as an individual, nothing. As a group: a lot. But we all know that our governments are way to good in breaking groups up.

      Sometimes ignorence is not ignorence. Sometimes it is just “not cabaple of doing something even if you want to, and therefore just forget about it and hope someone else change things.” Please let us not forget that. Just giving people the spirit, without good weapons to accomplish the good case they stand for: i think that is useless.

      (Scusi for the bad English.)

      • correct. In fact, I feel so frustrated by the ignorance and apathy of people, I almost feel like forgetting what I know myself. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to explain things to friends and family, but constantly I am met with ‘that look’. It appears to me that no-one even wants to listen to the truth, as some of it does sound too ridiculous to be true. One thing is for sure, we will get exactly what we deserve. My only hope is enough people wake up in time.

      • Why would you say sumn like dat you ain’t part of no anonymous yo bitch ass is dead while ppl like me will still fight every motherfuker who tries me and my freedom.

        • im with you on this! Fuck the negativity! Imma stand for the rights i have and was said and meant to have! i wont let the system/government take me down!

    • I am from NZ as well, and I have a same feeling as you. If the government does not think on our behalf, then we are not necessary to think on their behalf. If they are trying to confiscate our freedom, we will defend it until our last breath!

      • That’s right! I would rather die standing then on my knees! I will not bow to anything or anyone I do not believe in! And that’s our government, that is supposed to be there to protect our rights and freedom, if they can’t, then time to fight for it ourselves!

    • What about the DNC doing the same thing (Hillary and the super-delegates)… It’s a Washington thing not party thing. They want this two party bais so that it is a focus, and divides the people. Take a step back and look at the WHOLE picture not just to what feels unfair to you.

  3. what’s with this shit:
    What is is Zionist?

    Someone who has NO GOD and worships material Possessions and cares only about themselves and immediate family.

    what’s wrong with having ‘no god’? does anonymous have something against atheists now? i don’t see how this is at all relevant to any of the other stuff posted. are you saying everyone who doesn’t believe in the bullshit mind controlling addiction known as ‘religion’ is an apathetic materialist? i don’t like the way this is stated at all.

    also, i’d like to note that most of the rest of this crap is the typical ‘obama sucks’ bullshit i’ve been seeing for years. half the comments on the youtube pages are by right wing religious bigots, bitching about obamas birth certificate or how he’s the anti-christ and the rapture is coming soon. fucking christ, give it a break. anonymous is supposed to be fighting for freedom. well, with a whopping 70% of the country being religious bigots, us atheists are the one who are trying to gain our freedom from religion. i’m tired of having that shit shoved down my throat. i’m tired of living in ‘one nation under god’. can’t it just be ‘one nation?’.


    • You’re really retarded if till now you don’t understand what for are fighting Anonymous. Did you ever heard about masons, new world order and the devil? I guess that no if you make conclusions like “God does not exist”. Nobody can disprove God but look around and you will see that this “mind control” is used not by church but by the government. Don’t be so foolish and respect your neighbor as yourself.

      • Well first, your grammar is atrocious, and Second, it is a primary requisite to believe in God to become a Mason. For heaven sakes what did you think the G in the Square and Compasses stood for?

        • My father was a Mason, and to educate you, they believe in God. He is the enemy. Satan, or Lucifer, is the Light Bearer or Light Bringer. Hence the connection. If you follow the path of the Luciferianism, you never get above a 3rd degree. The highest is 32, which you must earn and obtain in Scotland, if you are deemed worthy. You may then potentially be considered da candidate for the Illuminati.
          If you are a God fearing Mason, you remain at 3rd degree. The only other option you have available to you is as a Shriner. You CANNOT be a Shriner unless you are 1st a Mason.
          If you show powerful potential and are Luciferian, and attend Yale (I believe), you may bypass all this via selection into the Skull and Bones Society. Members of said society included George Bush, George W. Bush, and many other presidential, corporate elite, and top governing officials.
          Any further questions? Oh, how do I know all this? Ask me instead how I feel about my father. I do not forgive, nor do I forget.

        • A Mason, I have one question specifically for you. Which Masonic Lodge do you belong to? And have you even gotten to the 2nd degree? This is not intended to offend you, but either you ate not a Mason or you’re at such a low level you think you know more than you do, which is textbook for how they weed out who progresses and who does not. The “G” stands for Geometry, NOT for God. I am sorry if your Lodge has lied to you. But I think you need to research what you are in fact a part of before making further comments. Anyone, in my opinion based upon my experience, who is led into these orders thinking one thing to hide what is in reality the opposite is a prime example of WAKE UP TIME! They are not as they apparently have guided you into believing. My advise to you, is to always be mindful of how much you let these people know of you and how close you let them get. I am Personally Begging you to trust me on this.

      • Otto, honey, a persons faith is personal. The problem is this….the Bible is not telling the whole story. It’s truths were more than the church wanted us to know, so there are many missing passages, misconstrued texts, etc. Tell me this, ok? Why do you think the church was so bent to burn, plunder, pillage, destroy, and murder the “pagans”? To destroy evidence which would prove they were lying. Its no different than archaeologits hiding and destroying their findings. This would change the “way it is” by textbook, alter historical records, and disprove people who worked hard at being among the elitests. Its not a question of is there a god or not. Its a matter of we’re force fed so much that to discover its untrue shakes some people to their cores…and they simply cannot handle the truth.

        • There are so many pieces of the bible missing that it is in all reality a work of fiction at this point. It is used for mind control and to keep the sheeple pointed in the wrong direction.

          • I wonder if the (I suspect-inside job of the) burning of the library of Alexander is not directly related to all of the above.

    • I think your idea of people that believe in God is disgusting! If you prefer to not believe in a higher power that is your choice but for you to get on here and say the hateful sick and hurtful things you have said about people who believe in God our Savior well it shows how much you really don’t know. That is a form of bigotry and its disgusting. Who do you think allowed you to wake up today who do you think keeps your heart beating and makes your you have what you need everyday? Well if you think your doing this on your own your dead wrong. I pray that the Lord touches your heart and you have a change in your mind and spirit. For your own good. Without God nothing is possible and I’m sorry you don’t believe that. But it’s not too late to research and find out for yourself that there is in fact a god and he loves you and will forgive you for all your sins and he will make you blessed beyond anything you can imagine. See ye first the kingdom of heaven and all things shall be given unto you. God bless you whomever you are. I hope one day you have a change of heart when it comes to the Lord.

      • Are people really this medieval? Believe all you want but there ain ‘t NO single proof of anything supernatural existing.
        Safe to assume this reality is all there is.
        And what is this nonsense about Luciferianism and masons? Science fiction.

        Anonymous is agreat idea, but there’s way too much people involved with agnedo of US goverment, Russsians.. U name it. Whitewashing happening too much lately. Too much hidden agenda.

        Let’s put it like it is: Islam does not have a place in a siviliced world unless it secularizes, and it is clearly not going anywhere there… Russians and France don’t belong fighting in Syria. US started all this bullshit right from messing about in Iraq, and they should just clean their own mess up themselves. Make it right and then just leave.

    • Really, get off your high horse. Your LOOKING for an excuse to be offended. Your in a panic to exercise cognitive dissonance addiction. You squander your energy on hiding from everything that stands in direct conflict with the comfortable narrative you have meticulously constructed around your illusion. Knee jerk hostility does NOT qualify as free will…..its an admittion of weakness. Your better than that! Use that energy to fight the men trying to BE your God by controlling EVERY detail of your existence. Wake up!!

  4. I take it these numbered points are all ‘official’ Anonymous positions ?
    Some of these issue still raise a lot of controversy even amongst the ranks of anti-imperialist activists (for lack of a better label.)
    Just for the sake of consistency i’d like to know.

    • There is no “Official” Anonymous and tbh this does more harm than good seeing as a lot of it is bollox. Anonymous do proof & evidence not hearsay.
      No one represents Anonymous we represent ourselves.

      • yes, there is this most important point – we all represent ourselves all the time. You know language is a song and words are sounds – fighting don’t sound for me well. There is something going on. but its really nice and good.

      • Yeah, I get what the mask means, and the no-names, no-hierarchy and openness aspects of Anonymous is imo their greatest strength. And keeping an open mind is necessary to really understand, so I don’t judge these positions. However it might be useful to really audit each of these and figure out which are helpful to the movement ‘short-term’; and feeding in the conspiracy confusion is unlikely to help the numbers or the unison of the movement. People WILL correlate Anonymous with the messages here-in and spread the words of often less-than-credible speakers, about subject that are pointy so say the least, with insufficient hindsight, bringing discredit and confusion; whereas ‘Social-justice’ and freedom are easy to support and convey a more critical at this time.
        Just M2C keep fighting the good fight.

  5. i have wrote all of these adresses down and will look at all of them. i believe we do not live in the nation we were raised to believe it was but how can i do something about it when i have a wife and kid to worry about and work everyday to support them? basically how would someone brake away and get prepaired for whats coming? please right back

  6. I agree with Green. Are these the Anonymous official position?

    I love what you guys stand for, and broadly speaking I’m an avid supporter… but some of the things posted here are unbalanced, narrow minded views of the world that just don’t stack up. In some of the topics above, the arguments being made are far less plausible than many other alternatives and are being sold by people that are extremists in their own right.

    Don’t undo all your good work by taking a carte blanche view that everyone with an anti-establishment view must be right.

    • As stated, Anonymous is not in the practice of dictating anyone’s official position. Anonymous is far from narrow minded, as you’ve only to begin to guess how many of them/us there are, and where they/we come from. We each as individuals have individual POVs. But we maintain a commonality in goals. Unfortunately, what one man or woman sees clearly one way may be completely opposing another. But the facts are facts. Things must change. People must open their eyes. Truth can be a very painful pill to swallow. Some choose to open Pandora’s box. Others shy away. That is up to the individual.

  7. yes and my P Roblem is fuckers saying ” I am a natural empath ” you’re a fucking natural nutter, great there, just make anon look lire a bunch of psychic liars, nice one.

  8. anybody ever heard of the King Alfred plan aka Rex 84? please look it up. they are trying to exterminate the African American/now also Hispanic population Auschwitz-Style.

    btw Anonomous, i tried sending you guys an email revolving around this a while back.. i hope you got it. i want to protect my people.. i want to protect everyone and inform what the shadow government wants to do with us. this seriously scares me and i pray we can put a stop to this to this once and for all.

  9. I feel terribly alone… no one around me seems to wake up or see what I see… sometimes I’m not sure what is the reality, I even come to think that its only a big joke against me… Wish to find others…

  10. I feel terribly alone… no one around me seems to wake up or see what I see… sometimes I’m not sure what is the reality, I even come to think that its only a big joke against me… Wish to find others…

  11. Richard Gage? 911 was an inside job? Seriously? Richard Gage is credible to you lot? Sad, and I was thinking you might be even credible, but now, you’ve jumped the shark.

    • Not an inside job but outsede job with a lot of inside help. Susan Lindauer’s story is way more credible than the official one.

  12. “It’s not what “America” does not want you to know… It’s what the JEWS do not want you to know !!!!!

    “I am devoting my lecture in this seminar to a discussion of the possibility that we are now entering a Jewish century, a time when the spirit of the community, the non-ideological blend of the emotional and rational and the resistance to categories and forms will emerge through the forces of anti-nationalism to provide us with a new kind of society. I call this process the Judaization of Christianity because Christianity will be the vehicle through which this society becomes Jewish.” (Rabbi Martin Siegel [a Jew], New York Magazine, p. 32, January 18, 1972)

    • Right or Wrong – the USA government can not be trusted………
      The USA government is not a reliable source of TRUTH.

  13. I would like to know how to donate to your page’s cause, prefer to use Bitcoin or the like, how would one go about donating? I’m sure Google could tell me how to obtain Bitcoin, would rather use that than US dollar..

  14. At one point in my life i worked for a team of people all of you know as D.A.R.P.A …. i was misguided to say the least and once i started to ask questions about my projects or other projects the people in charge or the DOD had me found a high functioning sociopath because i wanted to let people know what we were doing now im a number in the system not allowed to leave my home for the past 6 years

    all i want out of this is to help anyway i can but im sure as you know you can only tell people and leave it for them to decide if there is truth in what you say

    i do not know where to go from here any help or ideas would be of use


    • Honestly if you were under surveillance and couldn’t leave your house for the last six years…. you WOULDN’T be posting here as they would immediately find out. nice try but you’re not convincing anyone.

  15. I know the feeling of” being forced down my throat” when it comes to religion. I believe everyone has a right to their opinion, and also a right to their religion. However, I don’t see a point in bringing religion into any matter. Ben Fanklin first made coins for the “United” States, and instead of “In God We Trust” it said instead “Mind Your Buisiness”. We have strayed so far from our original path, that we tear ourselves apart over petty things such as Religion. I am Asatruar, a Heathen, enemy of Catholics, Masons, Christians, Islam, Jews, and many more, because I’m polytheist. I don’t think Zionists mean anything to do with religion, instead it means Greed. If it were pertaining to religion, they would use the word Athiest. I’m so tired of you whiney bitchs crying over “God” and “Allah” and “Flying Spaghetti Monsters” and “Athiest Rights”, why can’t we fix ourselves? Because everyone has their head up their own ass. My advice? Get ready for war, shit is going to hit the fan very soon, very fast. And if it doesn’t, then your children, their children, and so on will be ready to face the danger. Wake up world, it’s all about to crash.

    • IP addresses, servers, websites…so plentiful that a shut down would only be temporary and they know it. These ideas cant be stopped by a webite shutdown. And a handy little thing called encryption helps too.

    • First of all, even this Anonymous site is a government controlled information gathering device. That’s what electronic communication devices are for, else, the citizen wouldn’t be permitted to possess them. The reason Anonymous requires your email address is, to insure they can trace the source of the comment.

      Secondly, Mr.Gateway, your comment is the most intelligent and realistic of all the others combined.

      • No one forced you to put your real email address, it’s there if you need us to contact you for support or help!

        • I seek the truth. I seek real information on the goals of the Anon movement.
          Having looked into this briefly, this is not merely something to entertain the average conspiracist… These issues are serious, and aiming to wake everyone up is imperative, before it’s too late.
          I want a part of your fantastic work. I am from the UK and I doubt there’s much I can help with, but I want to contribute somehow to a real worthwhile cause, it tears me apart seeing the conditions some people are forced to live in, even around me where poverty isn’t a ‘serious’ threat. I no longer feel like a part of the community, things are moving toofar in a direction i will not adhere too. I want to wake up

      • so why would u use a personal email address? Get with the program!! The only person you can ultimately trust is yourself, and even then in some cases, that’s not a wise move. As far as I can tell, Anonymous have never PROVEN their influence anywhere. Just a lot of hype about what they have done, can do and will do – but nothing that actually makes us all sit up and say “Anonymous really does have some clout”

    • They are probably listening. Taking notes on who says what. The government has some of the smartest people in the world in think tanks geared to solve complex problems and situations. Everyone aks why the government always seeks to control us. That is what a government is! A systems or rules checks and balances. It is meant to rule you. All the “freedoms” you are promised are the price that we pay for being controlled. The same reason why most captives cant rise against their captors. In most peoples mind, being controlled and alive is better than being free and at risk of being dead. All they have to do is make the world look scary enough amd make here look comfortable enough (Lots of Police) and the masses, meaning the majority, will accept protection at the price of control. Without control how else would the government operate or even exist. The problem is the people. They have lost sight of the most important fact in life. We are the ones in control. The way we spend our money, what impact we have on our neighborhoods and local government, If we change what we want in life, the big bad world of money and control will bend to you. Look at legalization. Go vote for the things that matter! Dont just read about it passively anymore. Be a part of what is happening. Take your control back and get your freedoms back.

      Your belief system should never rise to extremism, or fall to apathy. Extremism of any kind should he considered a threat against the safety of the human condition.

  16. Ya… this is why I stoped following anon… you are all still blind……ugh wake up and learn there is no illuminati just the one some NOAM CHOMSKY and your answers will come. Btw 911 was not an inside job we bombed Syria killed thousands of innocent people who retaliated by bombing us I mean wouldn’t you if someone killed your family and friends?

    • Does this mean 2200 engineers and architects don’t know what a planned demolition looks like ? the pyroclastic cloud ……just imagination ? in your reality 1+1= ??.?/(x-y)

  17. Thanks for all of this info at one site. I’m writing a book about the problems in America and how they can be solved. This gathering of info is priceless for my research. Thanks again. Love Anonymous!!

  18. I am encouraged to see so many new faces joining into the fray which some of us have been battling for more than 25 years. The only way to overcome evil is to overcome it with good, and the primary weapon for this is truth. The adage, “and the Truth shall set you Free” is certainly appropriate here. I admonish each and every one of you who seek the “TRUTH” to continue in the good fight, and there is one advocate we have with the Father, and him being Jesus Christ. Never forget that one thing. The rest will make itself known to those who diligently seek it.

  19. Thought Anonymous was a worldwide “movement”… Still it is mostly about America, when will we read an article saying: What Russia Does Not Want You To Know, perhaps that is because America still is some kind of democracy and Russia is not…

    Don’t take me wrong I do not like America as it is today… But I like countries like Russia, China and the kind even less….

    Anonymous = Russian propaganda? Just wonder!

    • You’re an idiot. Everyone knows that it is the U.S. government that are behind everything and are trying to bring about the One World Government. They are the ones who are also controlling their European counterparts. Russia and China have nothing to do with this.

  20. Your whole thing on water is a bunch of BS. Fluoride for one can’t be put into the water unless it is voted on by the community. There are very strict regulations on what can and can’t be in drinking water. Based on that alone I’m inclined not to believe anything else on this site as relevant. You are hurting the cause more than you are helping it by posting inaccurate information. Do some research and please take down the videos that shouldn’t be there. I can assure you, your water is fine. If your water tastes like crap, tell your city to approve upgrades to your cities water treatment facilities. If you are worried about fluoride, flat out don’t vote for it to be put into your water.

  21. Operation Paperclip is missing. Maybe Northwoods as well, I haven’t seen.

    Also need an in-depth video on Rothschilds – from their 18th century Frankfurt roots to all the wars they’ve either funded or misinformed governments (Napoleonic wars come to mind).

  22. How do we distinguish this material from conspiracy theorist nonsense? I don’t doubt that Anonymous is full of talented people, but that doesn’t mean that everyone connected to Anonymous is grounded in pure reality (I doubt I even am). I used to watch a lot of these types of YouTube videos years ago and came to realize that just about anyone can make a decent quality “convincing” video to propagate their beliefs. I just want to better understand the Anonymous fact checking process and perhaps understand how Anonymous collectively decides what to publish, what actions to take, and how Anonymous deals with any “mistakes” they might make (we all make them). Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  23. great work done from all over the world. You are pretending as defendors of humanity and freedom of speach. We need thaose engaged ones. What about climachange as a killer of it all?

    • climate change. lmao. global warming is the “common enemy” that will be used to unite the world. it is the replacement for the “war machine”. absolutely fake.

  24. You misprinted your title America and the American people that care would love everyone to know this information. Why would you put America in this general catagory. Do you really hate America that much.

  25. China just joined Russia in the conflict in Syria.
    The U.S. and Europe have been telling the world that they are fighting ISIS, Al Qeada and Hezbollah along with Israel and Saudi Arabia.
    In fact, the U.S. has been supplying weapons to Israel and Saudi Arabia that are being used against Yemen,and Bahrain.
    Saudi Arabia and Qatar are using these terrorist organizations as paramilitary armies.
    All of these groups are given shelter in Turkey, who is buying oil from ISIS that is stolen from Syria.
    When Russia started taking out ISIS camps with accurate strikes,the Russian jet was shot down,the U.S. was put in a bad position,because the truth was about to come out.
    Now that the Chinese have joined the fray, the bluff has been called.
    Russia and China have the firepower to take out Al Queada, Hezbollah, ISIS, Israel and Saudi Arabia, if need be.
    The only way they will get Assad out of Syria is to negotiate or go to war with Russia and China.
    This means direct intervention by the U.S.
    If these things transpire, everything that you have discovered here won’t make one bit of difference.
    The drug cartels in Mexico and South America will side with the Chinese and the Russians.
    If California and Texas are put out of commission,this country will be officially in WWIII.

    Read, “Real Estate Crisis or Government Sanctioned Racketeering?”
    It’s on Facebook as an editorial page and a group page…
    There is also a very shot e-book that gives the solution to the problem that can be read foe “free” on

  26. This world is basically coming to an end and I see so many comments on here about God and the KKK, this is a link to help open peoples eyes mind yet and all of this information seems to continually be over looked..why because the government says it’s false information?? Or because they claim the only people that are giving us what they hide daily from the people they are supposed to protect are terrorists…I can understand the wearyness but do not shut out anything. We we’re not given this information for any other reason but to inform us on what is actually going on..what you do with it from here is entirely up to each of you as individuals. Things have been going downhill for awhile, stop and take a look around you..believe in a higher power but also believe in the power you have individually, don’t be suppressed any longer stand up and be heard, believing and being blind out of choice are different. We are being given information and if you don’t think it to be true then figure out how to show yourself the actual truth that you will believe. Stop ignoring ANYTHING and be your own person. Believe in a higher power but don’t put your life on the line for things you cannot physically see, feel, taste, smell or hear….trust your instincts not your mind because your mind can be molded. This is not the time to attack our people this is the time to stand together and become as united as the government is afraid of us becoming, stand up for yourself, each other, and all those in between we are no longer in the ignorance is bliss time now it’s time to protect life as a whole!!!!

  27. Please understand, coming from an “American” citizen…”We” are not supplying anyone. Our idiot traitor of a president is the one liable for that mess. And Anonymous, I’m inclined to agree! I myself find it unbearable to sit back an not educate my fellow human on the facts. What you are doing is amazing, and I support you all the,way. Thank you for all of your efforts. It’s a tremendous thing you do and this world depends on it! You are effective and reliable, and that’s what this world needs!

  28. Nothing on Islam? Everyone is afraid to speak up about Islam’s persecution of non-Muslims and violence and rape on women and children, worldwide… People are more afraid of being called “islamophobes” (which is a made up term) than acknowledging what is, essentially, Nazism.

  29. I would like to add on some material that first made its rounds shortly after 9/11. Everyone has the right to download the videos and make as many copies as you like. The permission is right on the web page. Go here to read about Project Red Pill and you can order a copy of the video here as well
    Go here to download the videos. There is a little over 7 hours, but if like me you will watch it on all in 1 day.

  30. Anonymous have the means to reach a large audience and open their eyes. While people are being systematically discredited or just outright ignored by mainstream media anonymous bring us the truth and give us a voice. We are legion, the voice of the people given legitimate form to fight the worlds puppeteers.

  31. I have a request…a serious one.
    Could you please look into the free energy stuff of the Keshe Foundation?
    It is working like and on the magnetic field of the earth. But are there any risks? I can imagine it is working like a magnetron to the earth, or something like that. But I don’t have the skills to look into it. Do you? Or maybe you know someone to look into it? Thank you so much.
    A worried citizen of the World

  32. I have understood this information for many years.
    I still have yet to see an alternative solution for a new system that people will adopt.
    only then people can choose an alternative, and take real action by choosing the advantageous alternative.

    so if you or anybody has a better idea, please feel free to present it.
    I would think that this form of action is more productive, than pointing the finger saying: “look at what the government’s are doing!”

    Come on somebody has to think of something!

  33. I guess anonymous isn’t responsible for this site because some of these videos are highly questionable, and would deter people from giving consideration for some of the more reasonable and very important topics. Anonymous is too aware and responsible for such behavior…

  34. I just really can’t figure out how an all out revolution hasn’t happened. I truly appreciate Anonymous and everything that they do because they are fighting for a better world for us and for the future. How do we get people to stop being drones and realize they aren’t in any way FREE?

    Does anyone else wonder why we aren’t fighting the system harder? Why we’ve allowed elections to be rigged, governments to blow up millions of people, the “rich” to control the world?

    I feel genuinely powerless sometimes and it’s the most infuriating feeling.

  35. None of this suprises me. To me that’s what’s sad. Sure everyone laughs at “conspiracy theorists”, but deep down we all know that if we found each and every one of them to be telling the truth we would not be surprised at all. Shocked yes, but surprised no. We have NO faith in our government anymore.
    They do everything they can to control us while openly laughing at us because they know that at the end of the day there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do about it. Spread the word sure, tell the truth, get followers. Most people either won’t believe you or their too pacified to lift a finger even though they do believe.

  36. 1993 Oulu university hospital dr Urpo Rinne dr Paavo Riekkinen and partners operated brain eeg measuring and transmitting device to the brain. Pharmaceutical company pharmacia upjohn knew and paid these illegal human experiments and these pigs are free.

  37. The freemasons run America from Oregon the “thirty-third” state masons founded after relocating there at the height of the anti-masons. The masonic leadership is a group called the Free Souls. They are Anunakki that feed on humans on Lone Pine Drive outside of Eugene and also at Bohemian Grove California. My name is Jesse Rishel and I live in Brattleboro Vt. where I am being threatened for telling this and much much more.

  38. I’m Colombian do not understand English to write this I had to translate, I draw much attention I think his work is not only problem in North America if not the entire planet tirra; respect, atmiro and share their work, the point is that it fails to understand the videos do not know if it would be too much to ask some sub titles in Spanish truth is a sudden idea and very little knowledge about this whole issue covering therefore thank you!

  39. I have always felt I’m meant for more, and as the impending war approaches I feel like time is running thin and that there is something I NEED to do, but I don’t know what. I’m very spiritual and have awakened to what the reality of this current world state is. I believe I can make a difference, but how?


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