Anonymous Sends a Message to the Citizens

Anonymous has an urgent message to the citizens of the world, 2017, asking them not to be fooled by the corrupt governments of the world and to remain vigilant and aware of the propaganda tools used against them.

Anonymous message

In a video released by Anonymous, the popular hacktivist group, a message to the people of the world has been released that addresses them to be more proactive and vigilant in 2017.

In the message, an Anonymous representative wearing the signature Guy Fawkes mask asks the people to be careful in the way governments across the world behave. He talks about how the US government has misled the people and also emphasizes the fact that Anonymous is the last stand and resistance in the fight against the corrupt governments.

The 11 minute video further dwells into how the US government and the CIA have been working to prevent any future collaboration of the President-elect Donald Trump with Russia – to fight against ISIS. The video also talks about how the current government wants to keep people in the dark and it, along with the CIA, made every attempt to execute negative propaganda against Donald Trump at the time of the election campaigning. The video also states that the government and the CIA have been using such propaganda to fool the American people and to manipulate the election results. The CIA even went to the extent of saying that Donald Trump is supported by Russia and that his election victory would mean doom for the US.

Also, even though Trump is now the President-elect, there are still conspiracies going on against him. The CIA is also not interested in tackling the menace of ISIS and wants the situation on the ground level to remain the same. Anonymous has asked the citizens of the world to unite and fight terrorism and also to throw corrupt governments out of power. It also urges people to support the democratically elected new President of the US.



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  1. why everyone is talking about it and why does it seem there is nothing more important to do right now… like new and creative things for example…

    so now you see that the bilderberg group and brics were created because they needed some more pieces to hold their game because they were falling and governments were not dealing with everything because then laws wouldn’t apply to LOTR and HP…

    so then you see again why they buy companies and join to the bilderberg as a portfolio and do not take over them… to take over ‘smaller’ therefore more creative markets companies ideas…

    they needed companies because governments couldn’t apply strict laws anymore because of certain out of box thinking movies. then they tried to create companies robbing ideas and to inject things and ideas into the world planet and to the people…

    close closer closest there here now

  2. and another are the ideas from the movies as induced realms worlds into the world like terminator and skynet and minority report…. misuse of gifts of energy sightings and freedom and nature…

  3. why a secret society is ‘above’ everything is future cheating, detiny cheating, luck cheating and death cheating like in predestination… that’s implies a lot of quantum physics…

    population of churches from biggest to smallest… some buildings weren’t even religious or belonging to religions… then joined certain ‘religions’ to populate areas faster with religions…

    research phantom time, it exists… and it is a forge of everything, but no one can predict the odds of the future not even being right and sure of it…

    why being so sure, because ‘no one’ knows such techniques to overthrow or pwn the same technique… even rich or scientists or groups of people… something is wrong in a way no one is getting a better idea at the same level??!!??… so something is holding such thing… like a structure of belief elite and money system and plays before illusions… so where is time or phantom time???

    does ‘-Agenda-‘ means time?? and phantom time??? like being first in time???

    is it coherent precision encounter energy that is needed to free and encounter with our being and nature and biological like live in family feeling with friends the feeling emotion between beings of everywhere even universe feel familiar and friendship… the feeling and emotions and relationships between all in relation with intetions should be… talking about energy

  4. no entiendo, nbo soy rico ni deseo serlo, pero tampoco entiendo por que para sentirme anonymous tengo que gastar tanta pasta, es esto pa pijos?, weno ahi lo dejo, seguire x mis propios medios


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