Anonymous Launches Operation X

The voice calls this peaceful measure Operation X, named after Malcom X; aiming at bringing about a non-violent revolution just like what Malcom X supported.


Anonymous has released a video titled Operation X. The video begins with a speech of Malcom X, the black revolutionary who supported equality for African Americans and brought Islam to them. One of his biggest followers was a boxer named Cassius Clay, who later changed his name to Mohammad Ali, and is probably one of the most recognised boxing legends in the world today.

In the video (that contains scenes of violence), Malcom X can be heard saying that Americans had the opportunity to bring about the first bloodless revolution in the world. He further insisted that around the world there are uprisings against the hegemony of the western powers. Although the voice of Malcom X is 40-50 years old, it does show that even back then, there were revolutionaries who supported equality and justice, and fought for it by using “any means” as Malcom X can be heard saying.

Using the video, an Anonymous spokesperson in the video says that the intent of Anonymous is not to support violent protests or damage public life and property. The voice says that Anonymous followers are not terrorists or criminals. They are regular people fighting for the protection of their basic human rights. The voice further urges the followers to refrain from violence at their various marches and protests, and instead follow a peaceful revolutionary measure.

The voice calls this peaceful measure Operation X, named after Malcom X; aiming at bringing about a non-violent revolution just like what Malcom X supported. Through this video, Anonymous has attempted to reach out to a larger number of people by proclaiming themselves to be peaceful revolutionaries. The script of the video states that just like Malcom X was misunderstood to be a violent revolutionary by saying “by any means”, Anonymous is also misunderstood. Their real aim is to support peace and humanity for the entire world.



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  1. there is no such thing of remake of the matrix movie… behind that someone knows about existence and theory of existence… when people lose interest in the movie because it is quite fascinating and interesting… it will lose meaning… and the duration of the meaning is until encounter of true nature of existence and self is found… which is right about the corner

  2. tv might not have existed before 80’s because take a look at this, first it was exclusive of usa or faked then the illuminati has people with three different powers positions and bloodlines and it is not known any ancestor as well as any other secret society in plain sight… got it? so why appearing tv and being faked through phantom time tricks or such exactly when the people that created the illuminati and are trying to win the planet exist yet alive??? 0.0


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