Sick ISIS Savages Film Themselves Burning Two Turkish Soldiers Alive in Disturbing Execution

Turkey has blocked all social media websites and streaming websites where the video was trending.

Turkish soldiers burnt alive

Another horrible ISIS video has surfaced on the web, showing two Turkish soldiers being burnt alive. However, as a natural response, Turkey blocked the nation from YouTube, Twitter and Facebook where the video is trending the most.

Turkish soldiers burnt alive
Image Source: The Daily Mail – Standing barefoot in the middle of a desert, they are connected by the neck to a torched fuse which eventually engulfs their bodies in flames.

Their reason for blocking the video is the fear of social unrest. Moreover, they have released barbaric videos before, but this will no doubt disturb the Turkish people, thus the best way to go about it, according to Turkish officials, is to block it. Although many of the videos have already been removed from YouTube, The Daily Mail has an altered copy of it.

The video shows two soldiers that are fully aware of what is about to happen to them; the ISIS members say that the soldiers were executed in Wilayat, Halab, a territory that was taken by ISIS.

Turkish soldiers burnt alive
Image Source: The Daily Mail – The Turkish soldiers are walked like dogs by two ISIS militants, who appear unmasked and wearing black clothing, brown suicide belts and carrying an assault rifle.

The nineteen-minute long video shows clips of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, who once talked about Turkey and called it a nation that was out of Islam. It then continued with the dread and horror clips of suicide bombers that later ended with a member of ISIS giving an opening speech about the captured Turkish soldiers who have chains around their necks. After the speech ends the soldiers are told to crawl a certain distance; members of ISIS then set fire to the fuse, which slowly sets ablaze both the Turkish soldiers.

Turkish soldiers burnt alive
Image Source: The Daily Mail – The two men are stood with their backs to the flames that will eventually kill them in a barbaric execution.

According to many reports – that are still yet to be confirmed by the Turkish investigators – one of the soldiers in the video is named Sifter Tas, who was kidnapped from the south of Turkey last year during a battle between the Turkish army and ISIS.

However, the name and information on how the other Turkish soldier was taken is still under investigation.

Source: The Daily Mail, Al Jazeera

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  1. Firstly just by looks they are not Turkish soldier, and name of the first soldier also not a Turkish name.
    Looks isis running out of resource and using locals as actors.


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