Anonymous to Take The Lead in Botched Police Investigation


Only a few weeks before Christmas, a nineteen year old girl, Jessica Chambers, was burnt alive near her vehicle in Mississippi. She managed to walk some few steps from her car with her body covered in 98 percent burns before being found and airlifted to a Memphis hospital where she was treated and later died shortly after. The official cause of death cited by the coroner as thermal injury and classified as homicide.

Police are yet to release or indicate to any potential suspects or evidence in the name of this crime, sparking community frustrations at what appears to be an inability to investigate a crime of this magnitude. Despite interviewing over 100 potential witnesses, the police department claims to have no substantial leads.

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Anonymous, due to the public outcry and lack of headway by officials, have initiated their own investigation into the grisly murder. Thus far, investigations are presenting a plausible case of domestic violence, with Chambers connected to an ex-boyfriend and member of a notorious gang that is reported to run the neighborhood of a night. Though police refuse to comment on the theories and images of gang members posing in front of the area where Chambers was last seen alive, posted by Anonymous, the formal investigations aren’t offering anything but the claim of no leads.

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The District Attorney leading the case has stated that “In all the years I have done this, this is an absolutely horrendous, horrendous case.”[1]

Anonymous has shed light on a potential suspect or suspects involved with the Black Squad gang that Chambers was reportedly associated with for a brief time. Video footage of the night at the only gas station in town displays Chambers an hour before her death filling her car, along with a potential suspect filling a container in the pump station next to her. The footage and analysis of it can be reviewed in the below link, with some interesting insights by the narrator.

As Anonymous has uncovered, and some are now leaning toward the alternative news for answers, not all is as it seems. Anonymous, like the frustrated communities across America and the world who are watching this heinous crime unfold, we only want the truth and answers. You can follow Anonymous on the Twitter account @0Hour1 for any progress.

[1] Tuttle, M. (2014, 14 December) WebProNews. Jessica Chambers: Anonymous claims to have killer possibly identified (Retrieved 2015, 4 December)


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  1. youll have an easier time finding the killer if you look in Mississippi (where the crime took place) instead of Missouri, as suggested in this mess of an article.

    • The only mention of Missouri on this entire page is in your comment, the article refers to the correct place of Mississippi, it doesn’t even mention Missouri

  2. I have reposted this video. This case has me horrified. This is a corrupt and evil act and I agree that a cover up is in progress. A town without pity, living in fear of a brainless cultlike “gang”, and I use that term loosely. I for one want the truth and some answers.

  3. Gangbang good, murder not good. Blowjob very very good if you ask me. Me like blowjob very much.

    *To be honest I really don’t know what I’m talking about…

  4. Bring the THUG BANGERS TO JUSTICE!!!! For Christ sake don’t cover for them!! If it was your daughter, sister or loved one!!!! REALLY COME ON PEOPLE, WAKE UP!!!! What the fuck ever you want or who you are trying to protect, you will have to answer one day and I’m sorry but a small FUCKING TOWN that has nothing better to do but protect your FUCKING THUGS!!!! I’m disgusted!! The most horrific act that is demoralizing and you DUMB ASSES WANT TO PROTECT THE FUCKING THUGS!!! May you all rot in HELL !!!! Sorry to sound uneducated and as fucking dumb as this town of people protecting them, like I said one day you’ll have a daughter, sister, loved one possibly victimimized and will FUCKING WONDER THAT KARMA IS A BITCH !!! Fucking THUG LIFE

  5. Yes There is Some Footage’s that The Police’s did take the Video’s that if you Stand in the Parking Lot. and look Hard Their is something Everyone’s is Missing? Where is the Video’s From them Other Camera’s That Look’s at the Store Trust Me Brother’s Somebody Else Saw something’s That Yourself got to Stand in the Parking Lot? if you Needing Back up? let me know I dig Gang-Member’s They Always Cry Like a Little Bitch before you Give them The 9 Iron. But Someone had to Bought Gas somewhere Closer than you Think??? Go to the Gas Station right around the Corner Please You’ll See your Killer’s

  6. First of all let me say this I’m from the town where this crime happened. People have looked at our town and all they have been saying Is gang this gang that just because she was last seen at a little country store where majority black go. You post pictures of black guys posing for pictures and automatically say they are in a gang you know nothing about our town you made up a gang that doesn’t even exist here. Yes we have crime here just like every other place in the world instead of trying to pin this on someone black just because of HER CHOICE on who she wanted to date you should have more respect for her and her family.

  7. Please put that gang to justice, Anonymous ? I’ve already had faced enough horror on the news already, thus almost made me lose my appetite and really the most horrorific case I’ve ever read. Hell, if that were my sister, I’d be rather shocked too, even if in the past what I had to go through made me not feel anything anymore.

  8. the gas station owner really seems suspicious the way he is talking in the interview.. Somebody knows something.. I dont get why they are laughing about it.

  9. maybe the dad is affiliated with the police somehow and the girl was going to expose the gang bangers of their business.. any way we can find phone records of everyone in that town? shouldnt be to hard to go through them, probably a small population and would be easy to eliminate people not involved..

  10. the family better sue that police department. I mean they just acted like they were all straight out of training camp.
    knowing did their job. Know one looked into anything. The investigation was a joke. This girl doesn’t matter to anyone but her mother. let’s start investigating the police by during them! Or would any lawyer even take the case ? hmmmm…..
    So sad I could of done better job. I’m So sorry for the mother who had to see her daughter like this, I hope you find the strength to know she’s in a better place at peace and is happy. She will be waiting for you! Till then , God bless you!


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