Anonymous takes down Israeli Secret Service (Mossad) Website


Anonymous has already targeted multiple Israeli organizations as a part of the campaign “Operation Save Gaza” to stop the massacre in Gaza.  They have now taken down the official website of the Israeli Intelligence agency, Mossad, against the Israel military incursion in Gaza.

Anonymous took down Mossad’s website is a DDoS attack. The attack is severe as the website was shut down for over 10 hours. They have shut down multiple Israeli government sites after the death of one of the members of Anonymous, Tayeb Abu Shehada. The 22-year-old was killed during a protest in the village of Huwwara in the West Bank by Israeli forces over the weekend.

Anonymous launched the campaign against the Israel government, which coincided with Israel’s Operation Protective Edge on July 7. Since then, Anonymous have taken down thousands of Israel based website including the Israel Defense Ministry and the Tel Aviv Police websites.


We are calling upon the Anonymous collective, and the elite hacker groups to join our crusade, and to wage cyber war against the state of Israel once more. As a collective ‘Anonymous’ does not hate Israel, it hates that Israel’s government is committing genocide & slaughtering unarmed people in Gaza to obtain more land at the border,”  This was the message posted by Anonymous online on  the 25th of July. Hundreds of Israel government home pages had been replaced by graphics, slogans, and auto-playing audio files by Anonymous. They further released 170 log-in details which belonged to Israeli officials.

Anonymous launched hundreds of attacks on Israeli sites two years ago, with #OpIsrael targeting Israeli websites during the Israeli Defense Force’s operation ‘Pillar of Defense’ in Gaza. The Israeli Foreign Ministry’s data was completely wiped out and Anonymous was able to leak the data of 5,000 Israeli officials. They also hacked into the Israeli Deputy Premier’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, posting pro-Palestinian messages. A year back, they attacked 10,000 websites, causing approximately $3 billion is damages to Israel.



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    • Thank you Anonymous your are doing the right thing and carry out operation save gaza thank you for your support and i hope nothing shall come in your way may allah give you blessing

      • Stand Tall Anonymous, I hope you win your cause, You have, yourself, full confidence that if all do their duty, if nothing is neglected, and if the best arrangements are made, as they are being made, we shall prove ourselves once again able to defend what is just and right, To ride out the storm of war, and to outlive the menace of tyranny, if necessary for years, if necessary alone. Long Live Anonymous!

      • I love u guys! The world loves u for standing up for the helpless poor Palestinians. They don’t deserve to be treated like cattle and put in the worlds biggest prisons!!

      • I thought anonymous was about true justice Hamas has been bombing Israel they have a right to defend themselves and Israel gave an evacuation order to the citizens of gaza I have agreed with most of the things that anonymous does but this is ridicules. This land is holy to 4 religions so I think it has to be some international free zone ran by the UN, if you want to stop the violence tell Hamas to stop using hospitals and schools as human shields.

        • Gave them an evacuation order….from their own country? are you serious?
          Israel is a member of the UN and claims to abide by the rules of member states.
          Israel has justified their actions as they claim Hamas engage in terrorism, so they do the same.
          A bit like an older boy punches a younger boy, because he started it.
          (course the historical facts would show that Israel in fact started first).

          • First off the Palestinians started the deaths with over 200 Jews dead in the 1920 riots.
            Israel is now home to over 850,000 refugees from Arab countries and their children and grand children, who’ve been persecuted for generations. Plus home to millions of refugees from Europe and Ethiopia and their children and grand children. This is not like a younger boy hitting an older boy, there is a death toll involved here.
            Maybe you guys might want to dig deeper into history and see what’s really going on. Of course if we dig deeper into history then some movie with a few cool quotes we’d see that Guy Fawkes was an explosives expert who was part of a conspiracy to bring down the whole government of the only democracy that existed at that time in the world and pave the way for the takeover of a foreign kingship and the Papists along with the Spanish Inquisition.
            Also taking down firemen and parks workers retirement funds in Israel is not revolutionary.
            P.S. more Palestinians have died in the three plus years of the Syrian conflict then in all the years of Israel Palestinian conflict.

      • We Are Anonymous. We Stand Tall. We Must Not Let This Go On Any Longer. I And My Fellows Shall Help As Much As We Can.We Must Not Be Defeated!!

      • NO… because sticking your nose in someone else’s business is bullshit. No ignorance here… but you sure are an idiot.

        • Israeli forces killed an anonymous member, you cant really say that this genocide isn’t their business too as it should be for everyone or we could say Hitler wasn’t anyone else’s business but his own with your logic. give me another point other then Palestinian resistance in there own land.

          • It’s not just that an Anon member was killed. They are doing this because Israel is killing THOUSANDS of innocent, unarmed people just because they’re being greedy and want more land. It’s wrong, what Israel is doing, and Anonymous are humanitarians, so they are trying to tell Israel to STOP THE MURDERS! It’s not like Anon hurt anyone by taking down the sites!

          • @Diaa,
            Yes they made many retirement funds of innocent people disappear, so yes Anonymous hurt someone. And since when is rocket fire into Israel equivalent to unarmed? And how can it be about more land when Israel evacuated the Gaza strip including over ten thousand settlers whom had to be resettled. No other country does that.
            Israel is not perfect, but Hamas is 100% at fault for this.

    • I agree totally. Anonymous is wrong for waging an attack on Israel. Hamas started this war and deserves every bomb they get. Just because Israel is better at military maneuvers, it is totally WRONG for Anonymous to take action against either party. you are not Anonymous when you play politics with your organizations. I usually agree with Anonymous, but there was NO attack on Anonymous and they have no right to cause trouble. They only inflame the Israelis to retaliate. And retaliate they will. You stepped into a dispute you have no right in… unless Anonymous is a pro-Hamas group. In that case, I want NOTHING to do with you or your activities. You crossed the line.

      • Obviously you have been listening to Fox News or IDF news. Either way you are not getting the whole picture. This is about Israel stomping down because Gaza and West Bank decided to speak with one voice.

      • You are an ignorant person who believes that its okay to kill kids and women. Just to let you know Israel will pay for this. Time will come.

      • Well jews started it against nazi and it still wasn’t right to try to kill all of them so back then peopke thought the same way as you then jews would be dead?.. Illogical nonsense jews are land thief but they are still human and now once again they steal lands by killing innocent. Tell me how stupid can you be to stand for israel?

      • Not Hamas has started the Attack, but the Israeli Gouvernment. And when unarmed innocent civillians are killed, then IT IS the business of everybody to take action against it. In the UN-Charta it is legitim and to fight against armed occuopying forces nand that is what the palastinians do. If you don’t think so, then you are half-blind in case of human rights.
        Thank You Anonymus for helping in your way and FREEDOM FOR PALASTINE and for all the world!

    • Opinions are like assholes. Everyone’s got one. We do what has to be done . It’s not always pretty but the truth is beautiful

  1. thank you so much anonymous you are the beste the world it’s your’s good luck for other jobs and i am happy to follow in facebook and twitter anonymous vivrera a jamais .

  2. So cyber attack has hurt who, no one. Anonymous has people there or near im sure and have access to facts otherwise they wouldn’t do it.
    Your feelings should be only against usa the military machine with a habit of killing and creating these events.

    • against the U.S.A.? you’re confused kid. It’s not the people in America. It’s not the people in Israel. It’s not the people in Palestine. It’s the power-hungry. It’s the greedy. It’s the goverments EVERY TIME. Stop blaming people; start blaming organizations

  3. I have supported anonymous through almost all previous operations. However this is wrong, Israel doesn’t want to attack Gaza. Hammas is who israel is after, Hammas has been launching missiles at Israel for years. They didnt counter attack even though they knew where he was hiding because civilians would be killed. They just want to stop Hammas. Anonymous, stop attacking the targeted, those who have been framed, and those who want to live in peace. Attack Hammas and stop the fighting.

    • Open your eyes! Israhell is a terrorist state built upon terror, the Palestinians accepted them in 1947 only to be killed and raped in return all of what israhell is doing is against the law and a crime against nature.
      Viva anonymous! Free Palestine! Free Gaza!

      • Palistinians accepted them? What a crock!! The United Nations granted Israel that land in 1947. THE UNITED NATIONS… not a bunch of terrorist palistinians haters. Get your fact straight and take your hate down the road with you. That land belongs to Israel. PERIOD.

    • I had 10 members of my family killed today by an Israeli F-18 strike, this is genocide, how can somebody stand for this for gods sake they killed my family.

      • If they killed your family today then why the fuck aren’t you out there fighting the good fight? You are a LIAR and or a coward. Also, last time I checked, which was a couple of minutes ago, The IAF(Israeli Air Force) doesn’t even fly F-18’s. They haven’t and won’t ever. The F15I and The F16s they employ are more capable than the F18 anyway. If only people weren’t gullible enough to listen to the bullshit you spew. Anonymous, you have made a very ill informed decision for people who are supposed to have so much knowledge available to them. To know the truth and to decide against what’s right, and assist the terrorist organization that is HAMAS. is not only wrong, but a complete let down of the champions of justice that people view you to be. For Shame.

    • Are you kidding? The Israeli gouvernment (not all israelis) attacks the whole time and shoot unarmed civillians when they came near the borders, where they have their plantation. And when they shoot back, the israeli weep that they have to protect the poeple. Then they shoot back at the innocent people not the Hamas, because Hamas was build up by Israel to weaken the palastinian resistance. Just open your eyes and don’t just listen to what the politicians and the Mainstreammedia say. Make some research yourself and you will find the Truth if you want find it.

    • thank you we know Maldives is doing the right thing. boycotting Israel products and rising funds for the people of Gaza

  4. I know this won’t bring back 2000 dead or stop the war but at least someone is doing something while our government is arming Israel whereas they should be something to stop the massacre

  5. Tja das hätten sie sich ja denken können das das Bombadieren von Zivilisten waren ja militärische Gebäude wo Hamasführungskräfte sich aufhielten.Wenn man etwas gegen sie sagt heißt es ja gleich Rassist oder Nazi,aber sind mir mal ehrlich was im Gaza-Streifen gerade abgeht grenzt schon irgendwie an Auslöschen bzw.Ausrottung eines Volkes.Dies erinnert in gewisserweise an die Lager im 3.Reich.(Bitte nicht falsch verstehen)Ich weiß das ist ein extremer Vergleich und werde wahrscheinlich dafür gehasst,aber das ist meine freie Meinung.Weil laut Gesetz hat jeder Bürger das Recht auf freie Meinungsäußerung oder gibt es das nicht mehr dank Merkel.

    • Das erinnert nicht nur, es ist das selbe. Die palästinenser haben nur 17l Wasser pro Person am Tag zur Verfügung. Verbrauchen die mehr, werden die verhaftet, weil sie wassser des Israelischen Volkes gestohlen haben. Die dürfen auch nur 300 m weit ins Wasser, wo sie fischen dürfen, gehen sie weiter werden die bestenfalls zurückgedrängt, verhaftet oder schlimmstenfalls abgeschossen. Sie dürfen sich den Grenzmauern nicht nähern weil sie Israel angreifen könnten, auch wenn deren Felder auf denen sie ihre Pflanzen anbauen an der Grenze sind, tun sie es doch, werden die abgeschossen. Es ist schon sehr oft vorgekommen, dass die Soldaten Kinder abgeschossen haben, die dort gespielt haben oder auf dem weg zur schule sich den Mauern zu sehr genähert haben. Die Soldaten haben dann nur behauptet, dass sie dachten es seien Terroristen, die eine Bombe abfeuern wollten und alle Welt hat es geglaubt, und es wurde nie untersucht, wie das passieren konnte (ein ausgebildeter Soldat kann den Unterschied zwischen einem Kind und einem Erwachsenen nicht erkennen?).

  6. This is truly amazing !!! People who have negative comments towards this you need to realise that everything that is going on the mass killing of innocent people is wrong I don’t know full details but what I know is that innocent people are being killed, look at it as if your family was killed for no reason apart from the fact your government is doing wrong would you be okay with it and not appreciate the help from anyone who was trying to bring the peace to your country so your friends would still live to see peace in the country, this is really the way forward !!

  7. Thanks anonymous keep up the good work abd I woulf rrally like uit if I joined you and helped u take over American websites and ddos them for years and leak the call they have been making to Israel

  8. i know it seems trivial in comparison to the genocide in gaza but the people of scotland desperately need your help in stopping the media and government bias in the build up to our independence referendum ..this lot of corrupt politicians and press scumbags have been twisting the truth for many months in order to scare people into voting against our freedom …please anonymous do what you do best to stop their antics and let scotland be free from the rule of the london elite ..please help thank you

    • I for one am aware of issues in Scotland and agree with you. This just takes center stage for the moment. we are all in the same boat.

  9. Gread job!!!
    Anonymous know what real hapaning in the world.
    Some people are dom or do not know that Israel is the biggest terroris of the world bij ther acts agans humanity. Don’t you people watch the video’s on YouTube every day a couple of children are arrested or killed without anny reson.
    Israël Bombing innocent people and especially children oriented by perpus! Always arrasting childeren that are walking to school.
    This is something that always happening not only now. It is happening foot more than 10 years every day.

    Also didn’t you people watch the Israel army dansing and singing wale bombing Gaza that they are glad to kill the children and destroying ther houses?

    How can someone is blatantly stand up for Israel after what happened? The bombing of civilian targets and deliberately UN buildings with only children. While there are 17 times reported is that there is a UN building is with children.

    Shame one people that stand up for Israel

    • I stand firmly with ISRAEL. Hamas is nothing but a bunch of hooligans. Their credo is to annihilate Israel. It will never happen. You obviously don’t know much if anything about the history of this region… long before Christ was on earth. You post is full of Hamas propaganda… and it was proven that Hamas bombed their own people with their ignorance in the use of weapons. Aside from my stance, I would suggest that you learn to write in English…. your ability to write must match your ability to see past the lies you choose to hold as truth. The people that stand up for Israel are not to be ashamed… but we are PROUD of backing the people to which that land belongs.

      • After all those years that muslim had the lands it was now there lands.. Then jews come back and push them away . you’re an ignorant fool cooper.
        Hamas would stop attacking if they were set free of movement and given back they’re lands.

      • Time will come, when Israel will pay the price. ALLAH is great und he allone knows. The Martyrs will not be forgotten and ALLAh will not forgive.

      • Michael Cooper, have you not read anything on the subject? You keep telling us the same IDF lies each time you comment, from what i read comming from your side is that you eat zionist propaganda for all your meals. If you want to actually learn something you should read the book by Max Blumenthal, Goliath; Life and Loathing in greater israel. Hopefully that’ll take you out of your severe pro israel coma, fact is that the entire state of israel is build up on hatred and domination towards palestinians, you keep sayig that hams is the entire problem, but there was no hamas in 47, still zionist forces killed and forced 800k palestinians from their homes, from which they and their families had lived for centuries. You don’t consider that an atrocity to humankind? Probably not since you’re a pro israel supporter, what about the expulsion of virtually any foreigner from the state of israel, africans, arabs palestinians you name it ? Nah it’s probably alright they’re terrorists after all isn’t that so? The land of palestine was populated, how can any one justify giving a populated land away to a non indigenous people? I don’t exactly deem that a bloody good idea, the balfour declaration is a fucking atrocity, it breaks the human rights which the palestinian people should rightfully have, but the israeli government have stripped them of all rights, to the israeli governments they are mere animals, animals in their way to the jewis supreme state, animals that it’s alright to slaughter, they aren’t allowed the rights of human beings, let’s jsut have a look at the fact that in israel it’s alright for israeli citizens to demean and look down upon, act violent and bein’ facsist towards palestinians, it rarely has any consequences, but if even a young palestinian boy shout back, or raises a rock to be thrown at the very same people who stripped him of his rights it is perfectly fair to throw him in jail for u to 3 years, 3YEARS without even a judge looking into the matter, that is for boys between 10-50. That is how the israeli consider the fighting age of palestinians, i don’t know about you but to me it’s rather harsh to imprison 10 year old boys in prisons far from their families, for standing up to their human rights. But of course that’s nothing to you, cuz he’ll grow into an islamic fundamentalist terrorist isn’t that the way you think ? You disgust me with your simple beliefs in the jewis propaganda, i’m ashamed of being a human when the ilk of you bare the same description..

  10. Reads great, where are the links to see this? I think Anonymous is the CIA just messin’ around and making it look like the hacktivists are changing something.

  11. I don’t know, That part of the world has been killing each other for a long time, why is everybody so suprised now? I would leave the middle east alone, that region of the world is cursed with Jinns. Jinn consciouness or psychology is very simple, kill yourself and kill everybody else. Sounds just like the middle east. I am starting to think the whole area is plagued by Jinns and “black magick” everybody is under the “jinn” spell over in that region. Them two, been wanting to go after each other for a while now, that was predicted to happen, because some stupid book say’s something about inheriting land, even though in reality the land is worthless desert/hostile terrain, and the only that survives out there is snakes and maybe you see a tumble weed every few hours. You can tell humanity lacks a certain type of evolution. We haven’t changed since our ancestors. Stupid hairless monkey’s fighting each other banana’s again.

  12. I am not about “killing”, but I say let the middle east and israel nation, blow each other up. You want to live by the sword, then die by the sword. Good riddance, maybe after Irsael and the middle eastern nations blow each other up into a million pieces, we could start to move on and progress as a society. Let the little monkey’s kill each other, we don’t have to do anything, let them kill each other off, and then let the intelligent species left, who haven’t kill each other over religion and money, start a new society and then progress on. God is real, but religion is man-made, everybody think’s idolizing is worshiping a statue, no not at all, “idolizing” really meant when you are speaking the word of god, when really it is not the word of God. The word of god, is god speaking through you, not some book made on printing press that is not the word of God. The mouth of God would speak through you, not reading and quoting from a book.

  13. May 11 2011, they returned. The immortals are back. Why are you still fighting? I tell you this much. The “immortals” aren’t to pleased. They been here since 2011, been watching and studying humanity over the last 3 years. Now reflect back over the last 3 years,Pretty evil right? People blame the serpent, really now? that thing returned in 2011, and before that it was only hear when the “Christ” walked this earth. Its not even in the same dimension, 2011 was the first time it came since the time of christ. Humanity has no excuse or nobody to blame but themselves, besides that they are “violent” little children, when they do not get their ways, or “spoiled children” who do not how to share. I saw the simple bird share a worm together, then clean each other beaks off. If a simple animal can do this, why can’t you, even a monkey knows not to destroy its own home, are we really that un-evolved?

  14. Well done anonymous you are god sent angel, please dont stop, carry on the good work, and ignore the people who are giving side to Israël terrorists… Please destroy there powers, they drserve it for killing palastine children, i pray that you and your partners will forever live in happiness. Wé all on your side

  15. You guys are crazy and I love it … Let’s take down the government and stop all this barbaric shit that’s going on !

  16. Israel is not a nation .
    It is a American military instillation .
    All of Israel’s guns ,tanks, jets,missiles ,and bombs are paid for by America.
    You should hack America .
    Hacking Israel is like trying to kill your enemy by chopping his toe off.

  17. I’ve been to Israel many times as a foreign contractor. Neither the israelies or palestinians are bad people. But, there is the Hamas. They are just a small armed group of terrorists who typically target civilians in Israel when they can. The people of Israel are typically armed at home and on the streets because they don’t know when or where the next attack will happen. They have security guards with uzis outside nightclubs and public venues in case of attacks on places people gather. Bus stops often have soldiers guarding them in case of more suicide bombers.
    The list goes on, and this is why the people of Israel live in fear and have to stop Hamas. Unfortunately the chicken shits hide behind innocent people causing them to be in harms way. So lets direct any attacks to the root of the chaos, and not kill the surgeons trying to excise the cancer.

    • hamas isn’t the problem in the given matter, the occupying force of israel is the problem, stop occupation and you will stop the freedomfighters, if they have their freedom they wont have anything to fight for, i like how you only mentin hamas as a problem, did you really manage to go to israel and completely shut your eyes to the fact that their right wing government with it’s zionist ideology is more the root to the problems than anything else ? Well done sir, well done!

  18. Please, Anonymous. Hack the emails of the prime minister and top level Israeli politicians to reveal what Israel says and thinks about America. A lot of people don’t know or want to believe how they openly flaunt us as their puppets to each other.

  19. Considering the flawed human nature, Anonymous will never cease to exist.

    Thank you for bringing action to stop abuse and mass-killing of Palestinians by Israel, as well as helping Israelis who are coerced to go along their government’s weapon-based decisions even if they don’t approve of it.

  20. Reading a lot of the comments… Even with the rise of information poured out over social media, anonhq, youtube, for all to educate oneself… the media news still is the source of information for many… ridiculous. From what im seeing in the comments,.. seems to be a moral right vs political stance being argued about… “WE ARE ANONYMOUS” – We Do Not Forgive, We Do Not Forget”. Politically!!! It’s not about… Morality, and Justice for our fellow human beings, and brother whom was KILLED in this unbalanced power regime taunt is from israel’s.. And no you can not blame the people in all this,. but in israels sence, YES,.. for it is a Militant Stance against the few whom are trying to fend whats remaining of theirs from being consumed. Whilst this unbalanced oppression continues,.. THOUSANDS of Innocent UNARMED,.. civilians,.. (picture ur mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousins, ur mailman, local walmart clerk, the mcdonalds attendent,.. anyone, just stepping out from their homes, and BOOOM,.. rocket drops on them,. and they are KILLED,.. for what purpose??? BECAUSE THE ENTITY that is Israel,. WANTS MORE LAND??? So now your family just ended!!!!! ARE YOU GAINING ANYTHING????? NOPE,. U just lost,.. CAN U STAND UP TO THE MILITARY FORCES of Israel???? NOPE…. WILL U EVEN HAVE LAND TO BURY UR FAMILY???? Not if you dont try to fight for what remainder of the little bit of land that is GAZA in smack middle of everything,.. to even take a shit on and say u took a dump on ur land!!!! ITS NOT THE POLITICAL BLAH BLAH the MEDIA has buffed the masses ears with, that ANONS TOOK TO THE ASSISTING OF THOSE THOUSANDS OPPRESSED,.. IT”S BECAUSE,…. ANONS ARE HUMANITARIANS!!!!,…. EQUALITY has a way of being twisted in the press!!!.. DO UR RESEARCH,.. AND TURN OF THE TV!!! USE the interwebs for what purpose it was created for,… “””GATHERING OF INFORMATION””” YOU WANT TO KNOW!!!… AND STIFFEN the VERTEBRAE given to you, and JOIN the FIGHT, for those WHOM CANNOT!!!… It is a HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY,… ALL THOSE THAT ARE SAYING,.. IT”S NONE OF OUR BUSINESS TO STICK OUR NOSE INTO IT,… !!! REALLY??? SO IF TOMORROW A RPD FALLS ON YOUR BROTHER AND KILLS HIM???? YOUR NOT GONNA JUSTIFY IT RIGHTFULLY??? Fine,. oksy, ur not in the battlezone,.. kk,..SO ur best friends brother, family member was murdered!!… U AS YOUR BESTFRIENDS MATE!!! Not gonna STRAP UP,.. AND GO FIND THE MURDERER?? ….. Fine even simpler,.. ur in public,. and see someone getting assaulted in front u, and ur not gonna step up for them??? IF U SAY NO,.. THEN U DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT ANONYMOUS AS A WHOLE IS, NOR AS ANONS INDIVIDUALLY THAT MAKES THE WHOLE,… CUZZ THATS WHAT ANONS DO!!!!…. IN THE WAY WE CAN!!!…


  21. Anonymous has once again proving they fight for what’s right. They fight for freedom and peace. Israel killed an Anon, Anonymous never killed anyone. Israel kills people, Anons hack computer based stuff that doesn’t harm anyone. To all who are against Anonymous, why do you side with war? To all who support Anonymous, Stay strong!

    We are Anonymous, We are legion.
    We do not forgive, We do not forget.
    Expect us!
    and to the Israeli Government: It’s too late to expect us.

  22. I do not have the resources to hack. I want to help bring about change. Far too many choose not to speak up. They view the government as a power that cannot be over come. This sad lack of faith terrifies me… Revolution, Renaissance, and true freedom are terms that terrify our global powers. They want our ignorance to continue, for us to remain in the dark. WE MUST AWAKEN FROM OUR DEEP SLEEP. I want to bring about change, to awaken the masses, I am going into the navy.. and though you may frown upon me for doing so, know.. I AM ANONYMOUS I will take my experiences and my assets to bring about change. When I preach to my peers that I shall rally like minded people in opposition to this tyranny they scoff. I dream, fantasize, and long to be the man rallying thousands against police brutality, against the state. However i feel as if that is all it is.. a Dream. My desire for a new world is strong. And so I ask In what way can I help better this world. truly make a difference. Without conforming to all this worlds bullshit! Perpetuated by the elite.


  23. I’ve stood idle long enough, its time to stand up defend our rights, and take back our freedom.I will be a martyr if I must, but I will not stand here and watch the corruption in the governments and police forces tear the lives of so many innocents apart. Its time to fight back.

  24. What do you have to say about this?

    1,50,000 Yazidis , decendents of Lord Murugan’s armies face iminent death as they are stranded on a mountain surrounded by Islamic Extremist ISIS.

  25. #FREEPALESTINE keep up the good work. Spread the news Anon’s are coming. Hacking is the new black. Hacking is the way to avoid tracking!

    • This is not a request hotline…please reframe from asking for specific targets…. We are not your personal hackers

  26. While I understand the sentiment on both sides of this conflict in so far as citizens are concerned, my appreciation for Anon has always been it’s ability to expose what governments are hiding.

    If there is to be a shift in the governmental support by US citizens at least, in this issue, they need to be properly informed.
    I would look to turn the attention to the case of the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967. While it appears the world was sold a bill of goods on a mistaken attack by Israeli forces on an American ship, you should really meet the men who were on her and there during the attack. I have.

    They have completely convinced me that attack was intentional. After all, they were not only the victims of that attack, but eye witnesses to it. They and they alone know what they saw, what they witnessed. It is clear, even some 47 years ago, that governments are dishonest and treat their citizens as pawns in a larger game for themselves.

    I trust no one in government at this time, from any nation, until I see real people standing up for what they truly know is right and just.

  27. thank you anonymous for taking these risks an showing the true side of the world i am currently studying hacking myself i am new but i hope i can help you one day

    Stand Tall

  28. Great thing you guys are doing.
    I will gladly give my support and knowledge to do what it takes to stop this violence and monstrous acts they are doing.

  29. What gives anonymous the right to decide who is right & who is wrong in this puppet show put on by the very same ones you want tpo expose. You are in fact playing exactly into their hands by creating discord among your ranks.
    Furthermore, who has irrefutable evidence to prove who is right & who is not.
    Not speculation or teachings. Real evidence.

    • We are our own judge and jury. The collective consciousness who seeks truth . Truth decides . Your argument therefore is invalid . Good day sir

  30. ooh ooh ooh I got it! if you don’t have a dog in this fight but you learned some really indoctrinated bullshit growing up in a protestant church, leave the most ignorant fucking comment you can think of!!!

  31. PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL I respect what anonnymous does for years i have felt the same way that you all do i have always stood up for those who could not stand for themselves regardless of what people say about ANNON the idea has a eternal life and i appreciate the freedom fighters who are apart of that idea instead of guns they use knowledge and KNOWLEDGE IS POWER alot of people in the world feel like change will come without them having to put in work if you have that attitude WATCH TELL-A-LIE-VISION,WATCH THE ILLUMINATI ATHLETES KILL EACH OTHER SLOWLY,LISTEN TO THE MUSIC OF MONARCH BUTTERFLIES WHO CALL THEMSELVES “ARTISTS” and whatever else mindless slaves do but ANNONYMOUS keep doing your job do let these mindless drones deter you all from the beautiful work that you all do and R.I.P to ALL FALLEN FREEDOM FIGHTERS NO MATTER IF THEY ARE ANNONS OR NOT IM ON THE FRONTLINE WITH THOSE OF LIKE MINDS WHO ARE UNPLUGGED AND WOULD HOPE TO STAND SHOULDER TO SHOULDER WITH ANY ANNON WHO STANDS FOR JUSTICE MANY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU ALLAHU-AKBAR!!!!!

  32. We simply fight for what is right. Not race . Not class . Not religious belief . But as humanity . We watch and and most importantly we act…no profit , no secret agenda. Just truth …. Expect us

  33. Hacking into their network, and DDoSing websites does not stop the rockets, bombs, and guns from going off. I applaud anyone joining this cause though. Any little bit helps.

    • Thit you rember the last techno wapens are pc controle when annoyise hack the true is there can hack everthings even the nuke code’s but there are humans that understand that is bad to use those wapens think about that

  34. Just a thought here… I was wondering if the Israelis bombings were done at sites where they plan to suck the gas from the earth. It would make sense for them to get rid of the people that are in the way. Any other thoughts on this?

  35. i belive that it is very difficult to Attack website via DDos….
    it is not Achievement!
    by the way if you are not live in the Middle East so do not express ur opinion about that

  36. May Almighty give you more knowledge and make your hearts soft for innocents and hard for cruel and enemies of Humanity, Keep destroying them, I may join soon, on the way to learning hacking

  37. This whole anonymous thing can be something way more than hacking. More than behind the scenes more than the Illuminati. More than just random walking people. More than religions.

  38. dear anonymous i love to be one from your group i’m studying iT AND iam really love to learn from all of anonymous who to attacks websites and work to change on it i love all the work u have done and i am waiting u in another revolution with another big attacks in 2015 according to the message to lebanon country i’m from lebanon i really want u to attacks any country keeps secrets that hearts people with all my love really want to be in ur group and to protect my computer i want to learn i just buy the cyber ghost it so helpful in opening the error of 404 network error thanks anonymous

  39. It brings hope to know that some damage can be done to the terrorist state of Israel. I hope that Anonymous will continue to attack Israel – they continue to break the peace agreement and continue to build settlements. We don’t hear about it on the news but these psychopaths are still getting away with it. please Anonymous don’t forget the Palestinians.

  40. canzda could nuke usa,israel etc. how?since canada gives equal apportunity to it”sl citizens.what if a moslem person or a convert to islam got hired to a key position in canada nuke misle launching station.since these people radicalize like poping corn in micro wave ,wuld”nt hell break loose.I would like to know if there is precocious taken in place to elliminate such risk.

  41. israel is a good cantry and israel like anonymous and we got on are cantry (israel) groop and her name is anonymous israel and you nid to prishied that


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