Mind Control With Google Glass?


Written by: B.C.

The future is finally here! Google Glass is something our grandparents could have only dreamed of. Lots of people have criticized Google Glass for being no more useful than a Smartphone, but it turns out Google Glass may have more uses than you would think. Many tests shown that Google Glass has potential in brain computer interface (BCI). Instead of the conventional use of Google Glass of speaking and sweeping the side of it , it can now read brain waves.
Researchers at Kennesaw State University’s Brainlab lead by Adriane Randolph have managed to accomplish the reading of brain waves to use Google Glass in a revolutionary way. It takes the brain waves and sends them to Google Glass, but unlike other tests like it this one reads the brain’s response known as P300 rather than reading from a continuous brainwave. P300 is a wave present in the process of decision making only occurring in the person’s reaction to a stimulus. P300 reflects processes involving evaluation and categorization.
Now the big question of how, how does this work? Well, it is actually quite simple, the test subjects were shown characters in a random order. They would focus on a certain character which would trigger their P300 in as little as 300 milliseconds. Once the P300 is active a signal is sent back to a computer where it chooses an action based on what charter the person chose.
The reason why this is such a big deal is because it can help people with disabilities. People with Locked-in Syndrome (A Condition in which a person is in vegetable like state unable to move or communicate but their brain is still active) or anyone who can’t communicate properly would have their lives completely changed with this new technology. It can allow them to communicate with their friends and family again. At this rate Google Glass could be the leading technology in communication for the disabled.



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  1. I have to say that this could very well be possible in the near future and its scary to think about. but id also like ti point out that you misspelled “SIGNAL” as single….

  2. Neat article, bad wording in title. Makes it sound like google glass is being used to control your mind, not the other way around

  3. Surely you realize it is just a matter of time before they use it to introduce
    electromagnetic fields to stimulate and influence your decision makeing.
    Studies are allready being done with the process to stimulate various sences.

  4. Anch’io la vedo come una cosa grave: in pratica controllo mentale. Che poi possa essere usato a scopo benefico può essere..ma v’immaginate dare in mano alla CIA questa possibilità?
    Comunque se vi può consolare lo stanno sperimentando già da molto tempo su soggetti ignari.

  5. This is great…for the purpose of helping persons with disabilities and I’m okay with it just as long as demons with ill intent against the general population don’t use it to manipulate their way into more control of people’s rights and free will. I have every right to call someone a piece of shit or a low down motherfucker in my head all I want. Hmph

  6. You are mad! Microsoft will control you how they want, however if you want to be a robot controlled by the 1%, buy, buy and buy!

  7. This article is talking about what good it can do, but what I think anonhq is hinting at is that they might use this and use it as a mind controlling device.


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