UAV Drones Hacked by Iraqi Insurgents


Written by: Anonymous Watcher

“No U.S troops or combat missions have been compromised due to the intrusion,” is the formal line held by an anonymous U.S official who wished not to be identified.


The intrusion referred to occurred in 2009 when Iranian-backed Shiite militants hacked into a U.S military feed with the use of a software program available to the mass-market. It enabled them to view live feeds of U.S “predator drones” that monitored Irag targets.


In light of this incident, it has also been discovered that UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) feeds had also been hacked in Afghanistan, though CNN reported that the militants were able to gain control of the aircraft. Pentagon spokesman, Bryan Whitman refused to comment on the situation of how the tools were gained to hack into the system. Instead, he offered that “…the department constantly evaluates and seeks to improve both the performance as well as the security of various intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems and platforms,” Whitman said. “If and when we identify any shortfalls we obviously correct them as a continuous process of seeking both improved capabilities as well as improved security.”


The software at the time was said to be responsible for this is called SkyGrabber, an inexpensive program downloadable from the internet that permits users to expose weaknesses in unprotected communication links in some UAV’s. [1]


However, it seems in the current climate, the situation is yet to be rectified in recent years.

In 2013 it was reported to U.S. Intelligence Agencies that Pakistani Taliban attempts to “hack” UAVs via the acquisition of technical expertise were occurring. It was this, that experts at Texas University claimed, that once hacked, live feeds are intercepted, leading to frequencies obstructed and ultimate control of the UAV. “Input suggests that Iraq Mujahideen had passed on the details of UAVs design and vulnerable features prone to exploitation to Taliban operatives. Security agencies were forewarned about the Taliban’s move to recruit cadre drawn from Al-qaeda technical unit to target UAVs,” an official stated. [2]

According to the Recommendations and Report of the Task Force on US Drone Policy, there is a “Slippery Slope” that the U.S government must be made aware of. Released in June 2014, this document outlines the use of UAV during battle, and potential consequences. “The increasing use of lethal UAVs may create a slippery slope leading to continual or wider wars…[leading to] adversarial states may be quicker to use force against American UAVs than against US manned aircraft or military personnel.” The document goes on to outline the use of UAV strikes leading to an “increased instability” and “widening conflicts in regions around the globe.” [3]


So, why place such a strong focus on the UAV? In Michael Boyle’s study, the costs and consequences of drone warfare, 2013, he presents the argument that the Obama administration launched more drone strikes (284) between 2009 and 2012, than the Bush administration (46 strikes) by comparison in 2004 and 2008. It is in this retrospect that he suggests why the UAV is considered to be a target by insurgents. As he quotes Faisal Shahzad telling a judge, ‘Well, the drone hits in Afghanistan and Iraq, they don’t see children, they don’t see anybody. They kill women, children, they kill everybody. It’s a war and in war, they kill people…” [4]


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  1. Having a little more than just at passing interest in this, I can assure you, it isn’t going to happen. This isn’t news.

  2. :not going to happen ?!
    People thought shit like Pearl Harbor,and 911,couldn’t happen.
    This is a perfect back door for the FED to let CIA terrorists do some
    False flag attacks ,then turn around an point at what ever country our corporate aristocracy
    Fancies to start world war 3 with .
    This by NO means should be thought little of!
    For all we know this could be the catalyst of even greater ,and darker times.
    Be aware, shit can happen .

  3. How is it that these insurgents can hack such high tech software ? People claim drones kill innocents anonymous won’t stand for that why are we not hacking drones …

  4. America had no right going to Iraq, that is pure bullshit them going over to the middle east. America is a stupid nation, you can tell mankind lacks a certain type of evolution.

  5. America, The true meaning of “the devil”, the God of foreigners, or Set. He who comes to your land, invades you, and steals your belongings, that is the real word and origin of “the devil”. When the Egyptians had much power and gold, they would call foreigners trying to conquer them, The “people of set” or “the people of the devil”. The God of your enemies, “the adversary”. Who does the exactly sound like? America.

  6. I just saw two birds share a meal together, literally one picked up the worm, and give half to other bird. Then I noticed animals don’t destroy their own home. Is humanity a lesser consciouness then a animal? If so, then humanity has to activate their mid-brains, pineal gland, ceberal cortex, and most of the frontal lobe, which can be achieve through “meditation”. Humanity needs to evolve. Don’t blame daemons either because daemons lived on earth way before humans ever existed, earth was perfectly fine. Go look at mars, and that is your past planet, you don’t have to believe me, but look at mars, and that is future if you do not stop killing each other.


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