Notorious Hacker ‘Godzilla’ Strikes Aggressively Against Pakistani Government


Written by: ‘M’

As the days pass, cyber-security becomes more vulnerable as hackers strive to bypass security systems, peek at very sensitive files and make networks an on-going battlefield. This battlefield has no limits as even government computers are attacked countless times each day, and if the attack succeeds, the invaders will have a mass of rewards to reap.


This can be said of the patriotic, persistent, Indian hacker “Godzilla”, AKA “G.O.D”.  Who not only successfully attacked websites of the Pakistani government a few days before, he also ridiculed and brought to light how “easy” it was to hack their security systems. Godzilla later posted a message on his Facebook profile which read, “Poor Pakistan, no matter how hard you try, we can bypass your security anytime we want. Before making a statement in media against India, think twice.”


How did he do it? Government officials are puzzled, as they struggle to re-establish control of their network. Godzilla’s attack crippled one of the proxy servers used to protect Pakistani government websites. Once the proxy server was down, he was immediately able to shut down the websites, causing an inconvenience in network for a lot of Pakistani citizens. The attack was so severe, that the hacker still has his grip on the websites, and as long as he is in control, those websites will remain unavailable. It has been more than 24 hours since the attack has given an effect.


There are 43 major websites that were shut down as a result of the incursion. A few to name are the main website of the Government of Pakistan, President of Pakistan, Ministry of Defense, and the Ministry of Pakistan. The websites are compiled in a Pastebin link, if you’d like to investigate them yourself.



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  1. Why don’t you all just hack hack and hack?.. There is many pigs who just waits to be hacked, well most importen.. The more people shows that they do fight for us (the people) the more people will respond to it.. Action

    REVOLUTION – 2600

    • Hacking isn’t an easy thing, and those pigs who await to be hacked, can, once we’re all united against our threats. I couldn’t even visit this website, it’s a huge threat to me. I just wish ANON could be a decent Black Hat.


      • Anonymous cant be a Black Hat because they fight for justice, they fight for the truth, they are the modern day vox populi. They are Grey Hats, half white hat and half Black Hat. Before coming onto their website, know your facts first.

  2. “Poor Pakistan, no matter how hard you try, we can bypass your security anytime we want. Before making a statement in media against India, think twice.”

    is this guy really that immature? Cry baby detected

    • since people out there can hack websites why can’t all of the fingers all at one time all together hack into the governments all at one time? what are they going to do stop all of us at one time? shut them all down and kill the internet.

  3. The Indian hackers can’t do shit! This must be a fucking mercenary hacker paid to hack the shity loop holes and then proclaimed as Indian crap!

    • You stupid piece of shit do me a favour and continue to underestimate India while we come for you and your country.

      • murica

        ********** ————–
        ********** ————–
        ********** ————–
        ********** ————–
        ********** ————–

      • Lol! That was THE lamest online threat ever!
        What Are you like darth Vader?
        “Send the fleet to murica.. They said shit online”.. Oh i havent laughed this hard since i was a little girl..

        • Sorry, my reply has mistakenly come on this string, it was meant to be a general comment. Look down to find its first part.

        • In retrospect, Anonymous hackers are active in many countries including the U.S. They are anarchists “and the majority of their actions target governments, organizations, and corporations that they accuse of censorship.” Their main purpose is to expose the truth behind certain governments who use censorship and propaganda. Anonymous hackers don’t simply hack random people who insult them.

          • However this “Godzilla” dude is acting a bit arrogant compared to most hackers. But, ya know, Anonymous IS a leaderless organization.

      • Also, please do keep in mind that the tensions between India and Pakistan are high due to continuous border breaches and fighting, currently al qaeda is planning their biggest attack yet on our independence day (15 aug) on us. Hacking now has the potential to make things worse and escalate matters faster and more difficult than expected.

    • @ Bright My ass Spark : Are u really as Bright as ur name suggest ….or r u juz a 7 year old moron looking to post something 😛

  4. Save your self the trouble of hacking the websites of Pakistan.
    why don’t you google “India-Pakistan Cyber war”.. you guys are way too far 😀

    • @Zairn :If you guys would have spent less time surfing on Google abt India-Pakistan cyber war ….u guys would have hacked at-least some Indian porn sites :3

  5. We need to focus on helping our starving and homeless brothers and sisters. We are all on this planet together and together, we need to unite. We need to change our world for the better, not meddle in that which will not matter in the near future.

  6. Dude are you really a mature man? Seriously, India And Pakistan got united against Israel and this dude is doing it really helping someone ? Someone give hime ovaltine so that he could grow up 🙂

  7. Honestly, i have quite a bit of respect for this Godzilla guy. But what he did and why he did it is sort if stupid and unnecessary. I mean, there is more important things that he could be doing rather then getting back at Pakistan for making some stupid statement against his country. He needs to put his genuine talent to work in more important things.

    • I completely agree with your comment, Sk3tch. This was just a temporary DDoS attack. He keeps messing with the Pakistanis because they’re throwing rocks at each other. But who cares? This is the media, and opinions shouldn’t be valued that seriously. People could have needed the services of those websites, and I believe that it was unfair that he did the attack. Because entire populations, even the innocent, were affected also.

  8. He He, kind of fun.. Pakistan is beggin for it.
    Who the fuck wana leave India for mud-huts and fanatics?
    Just Bomb the hell out of them and be done.
    U mad bro? Mohaha

  9. This guy is fooling around. The ones who are actually hacking into the real stuff are not stupid enough to reveal their aliases and their works. This is exactly the kind of shit which makes people think our country is incompetent, and please, do ignore that guy sayin “we will hack you murica”.

  10. Fucking nerd war up in here. Shut the fuck up faggs. How about I destroy all technology so people stop being so stupid and worry about more important things.

    • Just destroy them TVs, cellphones, tablets, game-consoles and such. That alone would be enough to get people to open their eyes! …but keep them PC’s up ‘n’ running… 😉

  11. If these guys can do all this..why not make atm go haywire? ?? Make $20 fly in 5 he air in the poor hoods of America? ??? TF wrong with that??

  12. We should in every state in every town do a protest. Do it united have everyone go to their town hall and protest. in every town in every state all over the World just to show the shear number of us so they may finally get the understanding of What they are dealing with. if we can’t do that then we should take down our Enemy’s websites down and keep them down for as long as possible if possible for weeks to show our true power

  13. Slowly i think people are losing the focus on anon arguing among brothers rather than uniting its sad. Grow up people we are here to help not to shit on each other.

  14. I think Godzilla’s reasons for doing this were deeper than his comment on it implies. Take out the servers on both sides of this ongoing conflict, and they will be reduced to throwing some rather than missiles. Maybe ever talking to each other. Too bad he can’t hack their damn machine guns.

  15. Why not attack the bank account of the war mongers spread the funds over to the innocent around the world leaving the EVIL BASTERDS B R O K E let them see if listen I WONT FUCK THEM BACK……………………

  16. Why not attack the bank account of the war mongers spread the funds over to the innocent around the world leaving the EVIL BASTERDS B R O K E let them see if i listen i WONT, FUCK THEM BACK……………………


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