Apple Employees Might Leave Their Jobs


Apple, as we all know, is the world’s most valuable company. The company even went to war with the FBI, and refused to comply with the court order that was issued.

Recently, The New York Times interviewed some Apple Engineers and other employees in order to find out more about the ongoing hearings between the FBI and Apple. The employees’ answers were unexpected and weren’t in line with the FBI’s demands.

The demands are ;-

Unlock the terrorist’s iPhone

Build a special kind of OS for the government, called “GOVT OS,” which would be accessible to the FBI for surveillance.

However, although the first required demand could be fulfilled by Apple, the second demand is not supported by any of Apple’s engineers. Apple engineers stated that they might quit working for Apple, because they do not feel comfortable working for the FBI or for GOVT OS; however, some of the engineers also admitted that they might stay at Apple and continue the work, in order to avoid any legal action by the government. As there is a high demand for workers in the tech market, Apple engineers don’t care about losing their job at Apple. However, if many of the engineers decide to leave the company, Apple may have trouble developing GOVT OS, which needs 6-10 engineers.

How Do Apple Employees Work?

All Apple employees work in collaboration with each other. All software engineers work in a team and are based in their own section of the office, while all hardware engineers work together in another section. However, when the final touches are made to any Apple product, everyone pulls together to make sure that the final product is in full working order.

We will keep you updated on the ongoing war between the FBI and Apple.

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