Assange Reveals That The West is Behind ISIS And Ukraine Crisis And Israel Behind Hamas


Washington might hope that it has Assange cornered, but despite the man’s inability to physically move anywhere, it would seem that it is he who is doing all the cornering.

He explained to an Argentinian paper how US intervention in Ukraine had led to civil war, how the West had helped ISIS, and why Israel supported Hamas.

The United States has spent “A lot of time Trying to Bring Ukraine to the West,” the WikiLeaks Founder said in an Interview to Pagina / 12, Argentinian newspaper on Monday.

“If it cannot be with a NATO membership, at least it becomes independent from Moscow’s sphere of influence, to reduce Russian industrial-military complex and its naval bases in Crimea.”

Kiev’s first step closer to NATO was in December 2014, when President Petro Poroshenko signed a law cancelling the Ukraine ‘non-bloc status’ and promised to hold a national referendum on joining up with NATO in the next five to six years.

In January, Kiev began taking ever bolder strides away from Russia and announced that the Ukrainian army would take part in 11 international military drills in 2015…. to bolster “NATO” standards in troops.

America had long tried to ‘bring Ukraine closer to the West’ by spending “Billions of dollars on the creation of NGOs,” Said Assange, he added that “through These Institutions, the West Promised to end corruption in Ukraine.”

The intervention of Western countries in the Middle East had also led to  the creation of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), an Islamist group that is currently gaining a massive following across the wider Middle East and Africa, Assange said.

“The IS is A Direct result of the adventurism of the West,” Said Assange.

He says the “adventurism” of Western countries has already destroyed the Libyan and Syrian society and now is “destroying Iraq for oil and other geopolitical reasons.”

He said that most people are aware of the fact that arms are being funneled into Syria, and that the same agitators who provide these are also focused on reducing Iran’s influence on Iraq. But “what we don’t know is that in recent years in recent years Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey have increased their power and managed to gain certain independence form the US.”

As a result, Washington stopped being “the only geopolitical actor “pushing developments in the Middle East, claims Assange.

Assange claims that Israeli authorities had supported the Hamas group at its early stages in order to divide the Palestinian resistance.

“Our cables reveal that Israel supported Hamas in its infancy, that Hamas was used as an instrument to divide the Palestine Liberation Organization [PLO] and the Palestinian resistance,” Assange said.

In a nutshell, the West destroyed Syria, Iraq and Libya. For no good reason. This helped other American allies in the area grow in power, and BOOM instant ISIS, one part guns and two parts mercenaries hired by American allies. Israel helped Hamas, its “worst enemy” in order to divide Palestinians, and so that it can say “but mum, they launched ANOTHER rocket over to our side of the fence. It blew up my favorite patch of dirt. Can I go over there and slaughter all of them now?” and “I killed the women and children in the UN buildings. But MUM, it was self-defense! Stop judging meeeee!” as the world condemns their actions verbally and proceeds to do….. Absolutely nothing about it. Whatever happened to all that promised aid?

Julian Assange had spoken to the Argentinian paper from the Ecuadorian embassy which has been his home for more than three years now. In what amounts to house arrest, he is not allowed to leave, or risk repatriation to an intermediary country and then probably to the US. Staking out the building, in case the Australian should leave the premises, has already cost British taxpayers a hefty £10 million, according to Assange has not been charged with a crime, but is wanted for questioning in Sweden regarding allegations of sexual misconduct brought against him in 2010.

An arrest warrant was issued for Assange in 2010 in the of wake sexual assault allegations leveled against him by two Swedish women. He denied the allegations of sexual misconduct and rape and managed to avoid extradition to Sweden by seeking refuge in the embassy in 2012.

He repeatedly announced that he is ready to answer all questions concerning his sexual assault allegations within the embassy. However, Swedish prosecutors were reluctant to do so until March this year.

“If Assange gives his consent, the prosecutor will promptly submit a request for legal assistance to the British authorities to further continue the investigation,” the Swedish Prosecution Authority said in a statement.

Assange’s Swedish lawyer welcomed the Swedish prosecutors’ request to interview Assange in London, but added that the whole process of questioning could take time.

“We welcome [this] and see it also as a big victory … for Julian Assange that what we have demanded is finally going to happen,” Per Samuelson said.

Assange supporters fear that if he is deported to Sweden he will likely face espionage charges in America over his role in publishing sensitive, classified US government documents.

However, even if Sweden drops the case, he faces arrest by UK police for jumping the bail granted to him.

In June 2014, 56 international human rights and free media organizations signed a letter calling upon the US government to end all criminal investigations into Assange’s actions and to cease harassing the organization for publishing materials in the public interest. Even Women Against Rape (WAR, how militant) have come out in support of him.

Yet still the police want him arrested, and are willing to waste millions on this one man, ignoring the calls of the PEOPLE. More effort was spent on this one whistle-blower than all the recent pedophile investigations, with some even being dropped at the behest of powerful individuals, and that should tell you something about their priorities… Even REAL rapists (as opposed to men who have  consensual sex, as admitted by the women themselves) don’t get this much moolah spent on them.



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    • Let the young strong Syria man fight for their woman kids and elderly and not leaving them behind and run to the west, Obama you make them weaker against ISIS and prolong the war and let ISIS win by taken the young strong man as refugee. Obama you also helping ISIS come to the west and US. Wrong policy. Unethical and unmoral

    • Russia won’t stay away – it has 90,000 troops on the border, in Crimea and in eastern Ukraine – formenting the rebellion and murdering true Ukrainian patriots. When did the American left start supporting fascist dictators like Putin?
      Oh, that’s right – you’ve been doing for the better part of a century.

      • Haha, where dies the information about the troops come from? American media? Where are evidences?
        Ok, even if they have troops, which that can have as it is their land and right now country is belived to be in a military state. America have hundreds of troops outside their land, keeling people in Iraq Iran siria libia etc..

        Also, why is Putin a fascist? Do you know how fascists looks like? Go read some ww2 history u stupid uneducated prick. Tell at least some bad thing that Putin did against his people or humanity?

        • You are a dumbass. Putin and his government has targeted and persecuted the LGBTQ+ community. Have you been living under a rock? They are being arrested, executed and sent to work camps in siberia. Just kind of like Stalin did…Kind of like what Hitler did…

          • and what do americans do? put their homeless completely innocent poeple into camps against their will. who is the fascist now?

          • ahahaha)))))) who has told you they are being sent to siberia??? it’s a complete bullshit))) you’ve my evening)))))))))))

          • You have been BRAIN WASHED by the American propaganda. You people in USA are blind and only see what the media want you to see. America has killed more inocent people around the world then any other nation. Your Presidents should be locked up on Death row as they directly are responsible for destroying many nations. Wake up and stop watching TV in USA.

          • What an outright lie you’re promoting. Complete bullshit. Your agenda-driven propaganda puts Adolf Hitler to shame! Putin has the respect and admiration of millions of people around the world, by the way.

          • Phil, it’s kinda sad to see how misinformed you are. In Russia they don’t have a gay pride and they don’t ‘promote’ homosexuality. But you still can do whatever you want with your ass as long as you start asking rights like adoption for homosexual couples or mariage… so what, It’s not cool, it’s not progressive… whatever… But it’s not execution, work camps, killings…like you pretend.

            Ant to finish, yes, the USA created that whole mess (again!) in Ukraina just like they did in the Middle East and just like they did in the whole F**** wolrd and like they still do in Africa and Asia. WAKE UP! even the bolchevism and Hilter were linked to US fundings, everything is related in history and believe me, the USA do almost always play a hypocrit durty job.

            They even started the cold war. they never fucking apologised for bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki!!! it’s the big crime against humanity last century… the whole history is revisited, even for the WW2. Soviets and Staline did 90% of the job against Hilter.

            argh… that country sickens me. And to think that your president received and Nobel Price, that’s just digusting.

          • Lhe LGBTQ+ community are abnormal, against nature, but this is not a reason to rosecute them and Russia doesn’t do it. Your story on arrests, execution etc is pure invention of your masters because they are governed by the LGBTQ+ community…
            The USA are true fascists and racist, they kill black people without merci, and nobody punishes the criminals.. what for a sheet country!!!

        • @Denis…the true signs are in the state controlled media/press. Does the Russian press have the freedom to print whatever it deems news worthy without the threat of being executed? Many strong/bold journalists have been assassinated during Putin’s reign.

      • ukraine is a major security threat for russia. putin is only protecting his country. note that moscow is only a few 100km away from the ukrainian border. if NATO soldiers enter ukraine and go to the border with russia, then russia can see this as an offensive move and will need to take counter measures.

  1. The government doesn’t even put effort into hiding their corruption, their depictions of ISIS actions are ridiculously flawed, anyone who knows anything about their faith would be able to spot the doctored evidence. I don’t fully trust this source, but I don’t trust the government at all.

    • The Jews own the international banks. They control the media. They doctor the propaganda thru the media. They have helped with everything from training bin laden and the mujadeen using the U.S. cia as the mechanism. They could have helped start Hamas. It would allow them to create an enemy which would allow them to have the excuse to murder the inhabitants of the land so they could take that land. If we don’t look at what is possible we will never get to the truth as it will be viewed as impossible.

      • “If we don’t look at what is possible we will never get to the truth as it will be viewed as impossible.”

        Copyright that shit man, you speak that truth!

  2. “Julian Assange had spoken to the Argentinian paper from the Ecuadorian embassy which was his home for more than three years. In what amounted to house arrest, he was not allowed to leave, or risk repatriation to the US.”

    Has he left the embassy? The article refers to his stay at the embassy in the past tense.

  3. “America had long tried to ‘bring Ukraine closer to the West’ ” – seriously? I am ukrainian and i know it much better that for ukrainians there is no need to bring us closer to west – it sounds ridiculous and I am sure that it is russian fashists propaganda – “claiming to hate and kill all jews ” there is no word of true in this article (this article was written for money to achieve some goals in modern society – to hate Israel and all jews) People wake up! We all have equal right to choose religion and nobody can be judged because of this.

  4. It’s funny, America calls himself Land of freedom while it’s the country who invaded most other countries in the world. They’re not peacemakers, in fact, America is creating “terrorists”.

  5. This article is not any less biased as the ones it accuses. Assange is a criminal because of his actions against the US, no wonder they want him prosecuted. This guy is just a very selfish untrustworthy person and uses any means he can even think of. He never ever will take responsability for his actions in life. He is just a coward with a big mouth.

    • LOL you must be kidding. Who are your heroes, G.I. Joe and George Bush? And who do you think did 9/11 and why are you even on this page?

    • Yr mad and I would think a little stupid, how much evidence do you need? America and the British government are the terrorists, setting up and backing terrorist organisations. Long live julien and in my opinion the man has put his own life on the line to try and get the masses to wake up and see the world how it really is

    • hi andy,

      does that mean, in case you are from the US, that you want that the goverment is allowed to act unlawfull and you agree to the govermental view, that nobody is allowed to talk about?

      … if so, you should reread the laws the founders wrote!

  6. The truth is coming out.. ISIS actually means: Israels Secret Intelligence Service.. the truth is coming out.. yesssssssssss yohooooooooo i love it 🙂 thanks..

  7. Makes perfect sense, if you want to invade somewhere you just manufacture an enemy to fight. Or you can create terrorist attacks against your own population so they will vote to go to war.

    • 1+1=2, not 0, you moron. Israel supported Hamas in order to create a split in the Palestinian people. It supported Hamas’s militant stance and tactics against the PLO. Was it not obvious that once in power, hamas would have the same stance and use those same tactics against Israel? Their gain in popularity was, after all, based on liberating their people from Israel.

  8. Where are these letters/documents etc., that Assange is always talking about??? The proof hasn’t been provided but people get behind him and believe him

  9. i dont believe media but i dont think Israel Behind Hamas because of several reasons 1- hamas is part of muslim brotherhood if u say Israel Behind Hamas u should also say Israel Behind muslim brotherhood and that is never happen….it will take long time to explain that 2- israel kill all leaders of hamas and their families …………maybe israel have agents in hamas i will be with u if u say that

  10. i dont believe media but i dont think Israel Behind Hamas because of several reasons 1- hamas is part of muslim brotherhood if u say Israel Behind Hamas u should also say Israel Behind muslim brotherhood and that is never happen….it will take long time to explain that 2- israel kill all leaders of hamas and their families …………maybe israel have agents in hamas i will be with u if u say that

  11. Well when Israel helped Hamas they weren’t their worst enemy and they didn’t anticipate how bothersome the religious extremists would become they just wanted a counter force to the secular leftist PLO.

    In the same way as the US helped the Taliban against Russia.

    also no need to have “cables” reveal it bc it is public knowledge, at least to people who have studied the issue. It’s certainly common knowledge in academic publications.

    The enemy of your enemy is not always your friend.

  12. So what Assange is describing is cause and effect !
    Its always telling at just what point the cause rests to highlight the agenda, simply blaming western foreign policy is really dumb and I would expect more from Assange, well actually I don’t

  13. Israel is NOT behind HAMAS, in saying this Assange shows himself (yet again) to be an Israeli asset… the purpose of this disinformation being disseminated out of Israel is to discredit HAMAS as the legitimate resistance to the Israeli occupation..

    “…the story of “Mossad financed and trained Hamas” is a concoction originated in Hasbara’s poison kitchen, and there is of course no serious evidence justifying this ludicrous story. The story was to be made credible through “historian” Zeev Sternell, and was to be disseminated via Hassane Zerouky, whose publications in 2002-2004 gave momentum to this concoction.
    Not only does it not hold up to even the lightest scrutiny, but it is an almost laughable story. Yet the story somehow stuck and keeps re-emerging once in a while. In essence the Sternell-Zerouky tandem just stretched that Zionists had estimated at some point that a movement like Hamas would be of machiavelic benefit to them to counteract the influence of secular Fath. They also stretched that the charity organizations of Hamas did receive foreign contribution. This is the extent of the “evidence” used to concoct this rubbish. From whatever angle one may look at it, it irrefutably does not amount to “financing” or “training” a group, let alone “creating” it as some have alleged….”

    • “Israel is NOT behind HAMAS, in saying this Assange shows himself (yet again) to be an Israeli asset…”

      He’s not saying they ‘are’, he said they ‘were’, past tense! They used them to break PLO, then turned against them!

  14. The problem is, this gives my Muslim friend the tools to say that all the atrocities committed by ISIS, Boko Haran, al-Qaeda, even 9/11, are not the fault of Islam. They are all staged by the U.S. so the world can hate Muslims.

    • IF that was indeed the Truth, why would it be a problem to you? I’m thinking The actual problem is people like you, who, even IF slapped in the face with truth, you always see it as an issue. Tell me I’m wrong, it is undoubtedly what you will say.

  15. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. This is what the article is + his personal opinion. Reducing years of conflict to “its all the West’s fault” is such a Western thing to do.

  16. People and commentaries that harp on criticizing Israel and call people antisemetic are helping Israel commit suicide. Just like the republican party in America is going to end up imploding. Israel is committing genocide and occupying peoples land and the world is noticing. It’s not a good thing even if you believe a lot of zionist propaganda.

    • ISIS is a US/Israeli creation… We funded all the weapons…Not to mention the phosphorus that they used. It’s been out lawed over 30 years ago. These events are starting to wake people up…

    • Pretty spot on! Remember there are bad in every group. New world order just keeps stirring the pot, innocence civilians are getting caught in the cross fire! From the founder of Occupy Wall Street.

    • Julian Assange is a piece of shit. Why can’t they do a secret abduction between the secret police in sweden and take his ass back there, jus sayin

  17. So silly question…Who is behind all these planes going down in Russia, Singapore area and then Germany? Is it Terrorists funded by Jews?
    Any thoughts?

    And as we all know, there are many different dynamics going on in this world, and it is all Area 51 Top Secret Classisfied, that it will leave us, the cattle discussing the issues without ever knowing the real truth. At least until maybe 50 years later.

    I would like to think that Israel is not behind all terrorist organizations, because they are already hated for being Jewish. If they are involved in a worldwide genocide to kill muslims, in 50 years they will be spoken in the same breath as Pol Pot & Hitler. What then?

  18. Do we not see the reality here?
    If humanity doesn’t get their hearts in the right place.. we will soon all be able to blow each other up.

    We need to realize that people are already printing .. PRINTING… AK 47s and other assault rifles .. its a matter of time before we just start printing whatever we want..

    Like human organs .. oh wait .. doing that already ..
    beating hearts? Yep .. that too..

    Think we don’t have printed weapons on foreign soil? .. *rolls eyes*
    Doesn’t sound so hard now does it?

  19. like noam chomsky said as long as the public is into consumerism these thugs will continue doing their crimes unpunished and the ones who openly critize them will put themselves in risk…for they are powerful…

  20. “He says the “adventurism” of Western countries has already destroyed the Libyan and Syrian society and now is “destroying Iraq for oil and other geopolitical reasons.””” THE REAL TRUTH

    • The women themselves admit the sex was consensual. Their issue is that they were unaware he was shagging more than one. How is that sexual assault? The fact that the man has a penis and likes to exercise it, is not a crime if the sex is consensual. It is either a matter of bruised egos… “I thought you loved me…’ or someone is being put up to pushing these charges to force him into the Swedish hands, which will then result in him being handed over to the Americans, and because Obama is such an egomaniac, he will have him executed for informing the public about things we ought to have a right to know. Since when it is a crime to expose the crimes of another? Julian enjoys exposing the dark underbelly of the world for all to see. Just as Snowden did. That does not make them traitors, in fact they are the only ones looking out for the interests of the people. because the Political parties are only looking after those who line their pockets. The US constitution as far as I am aware (being an Aussie) gives you the right to free speech. I guess that only applies if you are not exposing the crimes of Bush, Obama and others of their ilk.
      Assange has also granted the Swedish permission to question him inside the Ecuadorian embassy, because he can not leave there without being killed one way or another by the Americans. He was clever choosing an embassy that does not have an extradition treaty with the US, as it allows him to continue releasing information, while protected.

      • 10/10, I don’t know much about the sexual assault charges but I do have the utmost respect for Assange and Snowden. Willing to give their lives for the people who don’t get the whole truth, willing to expose the secrets of those who lie and abuse their power for personal gain is just plain inspiring!

      • yes, President Obama’s “egomania” is so dangerous he kills people every day. But you course you knew that. And of course, Bush had NOTHING to do with any of this, only being the worst president in history.

    • And the women should take responsibility for their actions and conduct. They did not end up in bed with Assange just out of coincidence and their plans were not there to pluck flowers. But both were pretty pissed off when they found out about a 2nd woman.

  21. Just remember that when you’re writing these things that one of the girls refused to continue with the charge when she realised what the charges were inaid of. Bothz girl only wanted him checked-out for any kind of sexually transmissible infections, the sexual assault charges were drummed-up to keep him while the Swedes & Americans worked-out some bogus charge to get him to America to stand trial for treason. It’s all American bullshit…

  22. No, the US is not behind ISIS and Hamas, etc. etc.
    The US and Israel have done things that has contributed to the rise of ISIS and Hamas, namely actions like the destabilizing invasion of Iraq, but this is a long way from purposefully creating ISIS, which is implied here.
    As far as Ukraine, goes, well I for one support Ukraine’s move to be part of the West, and anything the US does to facilitate that.
    Whatever the US and Israel have done, ISIS, Hamas, and Russia are no examples of moral probity.
    Neither is Julian Assange.

  23. Hey James, any chance you’re related to one of the biggest problems our nation has ever faced? Answer… The Bush Family. Because you really are just as clueless as they were and still are about what this world really needs. And FYI, it’s pointless to try and make you see the truth, because apparently, you too have been bought out to think the way you narrow minded ass holes think. Hopefully no one ever listens to any member of the Bush, Cheney or Koch family members again.

    So listen up people of the world, it’s way overdue for all of us to come together as one and take back what should’ve been ours for centuries, and that’s a peaceful world where we help one another instead of trying to be richer or better than anyone else. Also, let’s condemn anyone that tries to act better than anyone else who is human. Last time I checked we were all created equal.

  24. …….”“Our cables reveal that Israel supported Hamas in its infancy, that Hamas was used as an instrument to divide the Palestine Liberation Organization [PLO] and the Palestinian resistance,” Assange said.”………

    He should show copies of the cables and weave the story from the evidence IMHO, and not just weave the story without the cables as evidence.

  25. managed to gain independence form the US ???? what does that mean ??? this service is provided free of charge.

  26. gain independence form the US ??? what does that mean ??? this service is provided free of charge at first.

  27. Contrary to what any of the “obvious” thuggish trolls in this thread have to say, the United States AND Israel are completely behind not only the development and continuation of ISIS and HAMAS, but several other “terrorist” groups as well. They have an aggrandized sinister agenda that has been perpetuated for the last 80 years and even more intensely promoted within the last 20 years. And, yes…”they” are the Zionists. Are they Jewish or even Christian? No. These particular Zionists at the top do not ascribe to any particular theological philosophy. They have only ONE ideology…Power & Control levied by massive, obscene wealth. However, that being said, there is something much MORE sinister at play here that very few are willing to address….there is a shadow government that is actually directing the 1% wealthy elite to do THEIR bidding. That “shadow government” is behind every anti-human, pro-slavery, and destructive process that is happening around the world. They are in control of those with the wealth and power to achieve these things. Sound too incredulous? Perhaps, but if you look long and hard enough at ALL of the facts and the details, including what WikiLeaks knows about this information, you will begin to “see” things as they truly are. If you don’t pay attention, it will only be to your own peril.

  28. What the heck was this piece? “But MUM…”?!

    Besides, Assange has not given any new information. They jump from “the West tried to include Ukraine into their sphere of influence” into “the West CREATED the Ukraine crisis”. As if Russia’s Hitlerian annexation of Crimea has nothing to do with it.

    ISIS wasn’t a Western creation. If anything, it’s a local creation, catapulted by Ba’athist elements that went out of a job following the 2003 Iraq invasion and the fall of Saddam Hussein. Just like Israel helped Hamas in its infancy (and later didn’t), Syria’s regime was crucial in helping the origin of ISIS during the years of Iraqi insurgency.

    But of course he won’t say anything about that. Because he won’t say anything that will question Russian or Iranian interests – and that’s the whole problem with Julian Assange. He has become from an impartial leaker to a political agent. And as such, his credibility is completely lost.

    • “But MUM…”?! The ‘excuse’ they use.

      “ISIS wasn’t a Western creation.” Yes it was, because if the US didn’t wipe out Libya and Iraq, there wouldn’t be an ISIS. The majority of whose leaders, are ex Republican Guard. Saddam didn’t fall, he was pushed because he was selling his Oil in Euros, the Yanks didn’t like this. Likewise, Gaddafi, who wanted to introduce a new ‘Gold Dinar’ for the whole of Africa to use for purchasing all goods, including oil!

      “Syria’s regime was crucial in helping the origin of ISIS during the years of Iraqi insurgency.” – Syria is the only ME nation that Christians now have any safety, this statement needs research, as does the whole reason to US intervention…..oh yes, Assad is another who refused to use US $!

  29. Non of the accusations Assange is accused of have been denied, yet he’s still persecuted by the same people who are guilty of those Pedophile acts. The Zionist PTB don’t want him telling people what’s actually going on. Their quest for One World Government and the order of their intent, which is reaching it’s climax, as currency war creeps in before conventional!
    TPP-TTIP-CETA are the next moves in this NWO, as all nations signed up, lose all their Sovereign and Public Service rights, to Corporations, just as Greece and Ukraine are now controlled by MoU’s [Memorandums of Understanding] That’s all jobs in the hands of Corporations = Slave Labour!


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