Australian Scientists Prove Time Travel Is Possible


Some physicists are convinced that time travel is possible. A group of scientists from the University of Queensland, Australia, have simulated how time-travelling photons might behave; suggesting that, at the quantum level, the grandfather paradox – which makes time travel impossible – could be resolved. The study used photons – single particles of light – to simulate quantum particles travelling back through time. By studying their behavior, the scientists revealed possible strange aspects of modern physics.

“The properties of quantum particles are ‘fuzzy’ or uncertain to start with, so this gives them enough wiggle room to avoid inconsistent time travel situations. Our study provides insights into where and how nature might behave differently from what our theories predict,” said co-author Professor Timothy Ralph.

The Daily Mail explains:

In the simulation, the researchers examined the behavior of a photon traveling through time and interacting with its older self. In their experiment they made use of the closely related, fictitious, case where the photon travels through normal space-time and interacts with another photon that is stuck in a time-travelling loop through a wormhole, known as a closed timelike curve (CTC). Simulating the behavior of this second photon, they were able to study the behavior of the first – and the results show that consistent evolutions can be achieved when preparing the second photon in just the right way.

Wormholes are theoretical tunnels that create shortcuts in space-time. A study in May from Dr Luke Butcher at Cambridge University argued that if a thin wormhole stayed open long enough, people could send messages through time using pulses of light, or photons.

Because of Albert Einstein’s well-tested theories of special and general relativity physicists believe time travel is possible. Special relativity posits that space and time are aspects of the same thing, known as the space-time continuum, and that time can slow down or speed up, depending on how fast you are moving, relative to something else. General relativity suggests that it would be possible to travel backwards in time by following a space-time path, i.e. a CTC that returns to the starting point in space, but arrives at an earlier time.

In 2012, physicists David Wineland and Serge Haroche shared the Nobel Prize in physics for demonstrating how “quantum weirdness” could not only exist at the subatomic micro-world level, but also show itself in the macro-world.


“The question of time travel features at the interface between two of our most successful yet incompatible physical theories – Einstein’s general relativity and quantum mechanics. Einstein’s theory describes the world at the very large scale of stars and galaxies, while quantum mechanics is an excellent description of the world at the very small scale of atoms and molecules,” said Martin Ringbauer, a PhD student at UQ’s School of Mathematics and Physics and a lead author of the paper.

With several physical problems and paradoxes, is it really possible to go backwards through time? In a new BBC documentary, astrophysicist Stephen Hawking suggests that it simply isn’t possible to go back in time. And there’s not much to look forward to, either. Nonetheless, advances in quantum theories could perhaps provide some understanding of how to overcome time travel paradoxes.

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  1. They don’t have consciousness to do such thing, they think out loud… I already went to the past and the future and probably i can prove it… by Mr Wizard with ketchup please

    And to prove that i can say something like ‘The surveillance system is a paradox and it will echo the lives of everyone and everyone will live the noise and not the harmony of nature, because of the noise of the computer processors’….

    The paradox of living the future so many times in your mind… you can’t survive it… try to have 1000 possible futures in your mind and try to live them all at the same time… yeah right… good luck on that…

    • Humans Make a mountain out of a molehill, Seeing the future as it is exactly going to happen is real, is possible, but that can also be altered if the outcome is not good for us. In our minds we can make a million of futures, but real or happening future is only one, and is easily possible to see.

    • It does. You humans will not understand it for a few hundred more years. Humans… So ignorant. David you are ahead of your time. You shall be found and taken to us. Be ready. We are coming.

      • We have intercepted your ships. You will be consumed like the others of your kind. Our babies hunger for your psychic flesh. David will join the horde.

        • David Is ours. Meet us at the crossroads to do battle. You will be destroyed for our battle fleet is stronger than yours. The *Unable to Translate* Will defeat you.

    • A paradox, I ain’t saying yea or nay to all most everything, I am awed by other peoples ideas, + or -, the only thing I think is that by now, go back 120-125 years ago, there was true silence, now I’m sure there is a possibility of some sort of noise…..let’s just say ” magnetically ” but true silence. Then came the telegraph, it had to be making some kind of a “buzz” or “hum”, skip to present,, we are being bombarded constantly, with all the transmitters, cell phones computers, I’m 20 minutes from a leaking nuclear power plant, not to mention equal distance from a major strategic air base, I’ve never heard absolute silence, actually. Technology Destroyed Harmony. Noise!

    • Hay dude you are on drugs and , need to stop taking what ever your on ! Time travel is and will be proven as a matter of fact , there are out of place and time art a facts all ready found !

  2. There is no limit to possible futures. It shouldn’t matter how many you have in your mind. Yet if you had to, don’t think of possible futures in a micro sense, with exact details. Think of it in a macro sense, in this you should realize that all those details exist in every scenario its just your micro focus that defines every possible out come. In this your consciousness is the paradox, not echoing but ignoring the harmony of nature. Survival is the enigma, not death. Its not the fact that you cant survive, that’s easy. Its the fact that your alive right now with just as many sources as futures.

  3. Of course time travel is possible,we are simply technologically not yet ready for that adventure. Can you imagine if we had already that technology? The fuckers in power would have gonne many to the past to alter time for them to have more conttrol over people.
    Seeing the future as it is exactly going to happen is real, is possible. that can also be altered if the outcome is not good for us.

    • You didnt realized, but you are everyday moving toward future. People who travel alot are basically traveling trough time, and if they traveled for 80 years at speed of 80km/h, they would be younger than you for 0,004 millisecond. Yes, it’s small time that you can’t even feel, but it’s still a timetravel. If you would travel by speed of light you wouldn’t be able to stop travel until get crashed into something, because you NEED time to stop travel and travel time with speed of light to ANY distance is 0.

  4. You could at least have given credit to Robert A Heinlein for your macro weirdness example.

    That was lifted directly from his classic short story “‘-All You Zombies-‘” written in 1959.

  5. We already see the past guys. Look at the sun. The light you are seeing is delayed by 8 minutes. You are seeing the past of the sun. If we want to “travel through time” we will creating an “image” of the future and placing an “image” of ourselves in it.

  6. If you were to observe the future, you would change it. Electrons know when they are being watched and will adjust their behaviour from quantum spookiness back to what the observer can understand. The future is not written, it does not exist. Time travel will only become possible when we are uploaded into the machines – When we willingly become brains in vats, We will set a break point to which we could flow back and forth – but moving from the now back to prehistoric times, is just not a possibility…. unless…. we already are in the machines.

  7. Whilst either in the past or in the future, which at first one believes to be their own, can’t be changed no matter the actions put in placed in order to do so, as an action has a reaction. The restoration sits throughout the reactions. Those reactions are there for those actions. It doesn’t make much sense at first. It is an irrefutable reality, that therefore pushes to understand that a time traveler when traveling through space and time, it does travel to dimensions, as time in bending produces a copy of itself to protect itself perhaps. It may happen that one may land in a dimension already visited, but the more dimension get traveled it is believed the lesser chances one gets to go back to its own reality.
    Worth to mention also that it is believed there are devices that allow dimensions’ traveling too, but apparently so far is one of the ancients'(?perhaps) best kept secrets.
    To finish, only the past is worth to revisit, the future one traveler experiences is very likely to differ from the one of an other traveler. The future seen will never happen. And even if depicts a probable possible situation, just the if denotes the fact that that future seen will never be the future that will be.
    Would be more constructive to have a device to move through space in the present really…no more transports’ traffics’ no more little kids playing kings of the world with the oil’s prices’ and no more lol bad drivers’ problems! …
    Footnote. Let’s be frank, that time traveling is of public domain or not… we all have to go back to work tomorrow. 🙂

  8. I have a question .. if time travel is possible then what would hapend if a person takes a gun at 10:00 AM and returns at 9:45 and kill him self??

    • Nothing, if you went back in time to do that then that means no one was there to do it to you which already shows that there are multiple time lines, by going through time and altering it you are creating a fifth dimensional line. If you went back in time as in everything rewinded around you as opposed to using a machine to transfer your current body back you would be walking backwards across the fourth dimensional line that is your timeline. By killing yourself then you will still create a new timeline because the new future has no time travel which is a round about way of creating a new time line, the original time line where you came from still exists because you had to backwards, but a new time line has branched from that point of time because you killed yourself. While with the machine you would have created a new time line the instant you used it because there was no time line where you went back in time and killed your past self. Basically there are two time lines branching from one point. If you killed your past self you would still be alive yourself because you killed the version of you from a different time line. Meanwhile in the time line you left nothing would have changed, you simply popped out of existence and the past of that time line was not altered.


  10. I have a theory that may contradict the grandfather paradox.
    the said paradox is only possible when the time traveler can actually affect timelines, i.e. his actions are tangible!
    but, such possibility has not yet been proven.
    just to think, if a person did travel back in time, and was intangible in that time point, his actions could not actually affect the past, which would mean that all he is is an observer. in such scenario, grandfather paradox may fail. so maybe if time travel is possible, so may be the inability to affect time itself.

  11. ”prove” HAHAHAHAHA. Hilarious nonsence.
    Trime travel is impossible. Time is simply an abstract concept used to describe and quantify any change – usually any movement. Time simply represents change – that’s all it is. The past (and similarly, the future) is not a location somewhere – the past is just a collection of events which have already happened. It has no set of co-ordinates identifying where it is – it has gone.
    Closed timelike curves (CTCs) don’t exist, nor do wormholes. They – like the picture at the top of this page – are pure fantasy.
    For more on time, see:

    For zero evience of CTCs (and more) see:

  12. There is a way to see into the future has happened to me my entire life i would have day dreams flashes of a future i had no idea was the future untill months or sometime years would pass and i would get the feeling of this has happened before ive seen this exact moment after witch i have realized i had seen it the future i saw before changes because i realized i had seen it before

  13. Time travel in the past …..physically only possible through dimensions cause time does protect itself. What one does in its own past, can’t expect then to go back to the present he came from. But when one does something in an other dimension is cause it was meant to happen,… there. Mind time travel in the past in one’s own dimension is very possible and very real. Devices got found in the halls of records, one has even one built human size. But apparently only who has profound abilities in perceiving this reality for the matrix that it is, is able to use it and also guide somebody who isn’t so evolved on how to use it. Physical and mind travel in the future is also possible but both ways would show only possible futures. Cause the future of each dimension is a reaction of present actions so the variants are almost infinitive. Not sure if any of you has ever head the name John Titor.. he is allegedly a time traveller of the future sent back into the past to meet his grandfather who had something to do with some ibm obsolete device needed for the world wide transition into the new century, that decided to do a stop over and as far as I can remember he hasn;t been able to find his way home to his dimension of origin since. Please don’t quote, just research his name. The story might be even a fake but certainly helps in widening the way people perceive such topic. Funny how some want to go back to see the past when we have the past well discovered but hushed cause it would obligate to rewrite history and would bring down the !% of world population that tells the other 99% how to live its own life in shortening or giving rope… When people will realize that they do not need any fkin monetary incentive to progress but actually the monetary system has made us the famous prehistoric cave man that never existed by the way, instead of the advanced beings living in a system like venus project offers. 99% of worldwide population has been hidden from many truths and still is so if time travel will ever be more than possible, it is obvious that will be only the 1% remaining that will be able to do so… and this would only become a copy cat used only to their own advantages. They would be the chinese of 30 years ago going around taking pics of anything, and once home a taking over mass production did start. That is how the stickers no cameras allowed were born ( 🙂 ). And if we in general did deserved such knowledge the artificial star gates would have never been dismantled and each piece hidden in a different spot but a nobody… Until we do not come to terms with the fact that we are just a bunch a slaves we will never go along and we will never be able to deserve any of such knowledge cause as the pathetic low level that we are today, we would just use and abuse it for any fkin selfish meaning but, …in few words we are like fkin kids in a lolly shop that despite the quantity and at no costs, there would always be the piece of shit that wants it all… whatever it may take.

    • CERN was told to be up and running around the week that those 2 black holes that collided gravitational waves hit us and I went into a loop that week where I was suppose to be royality from another dimension and I was sent here to save the word and for a whole week I almost had no idea what to really make of the event besides that I’ve witnessed more then half of what happened/was going on throughout dreams and thoughts throughout my past. ( P.S. The place I left most people were killed off by getting put in burial vaults filled with acid for some end of the world scenario that was called agenda something I don’t remember the number it was called. My dog I followed took me through the path I had to walk to cross over. (P.S. everybody I know changed and are not the same people whom I once knew.

  14. Is Time A False Reality? Is The Sky Really Blue? Inter-dimensional travel is faster than time travel. The concept of time is based on distance in a three dimensional realm. When talking about using dimensions that exceed the distance needed to reach a point in a third dimensional time, we would need to observe the dimensional space in another dimension. If the distance in another dimension other than the third is far greater or smaller than any distance in the third dimension, then traveling between two distances in a parallel dimension to the third dimension would be faster, or slower than traveling in the third dimension itself. Someone or thing could exist or be in another dimension as a third dimensional creation while remaining intact and separate from that dimension at the same time if that person or object is allowed by vibration. Harmony and resonate frequency would allow perfect solidity of an object of a third dimensional shape to exist in another dimensional space. Time would not effect the vibration of that thing of person. The term Heaven meaning above the Universe or lower heaven would be the higher dimension than the third, one that includes the third. Pressure from the higher or lighter dimension of Heaven could open up the space of the lower heaven or Universe. Higher vacuum pressure verses lower pressure. Darkness comes from lower energy and vacuum pressure, as light comes from higher energy and vacuum pressure. Don’t doubt that there is a creator of the vacuum who is all energy, and who is more powerful than we can imagine no matter how smart we are. Time travel is a small concept compared to interdimensional reality unless you are obsessed with the concept of time. To get over it, stop thinking about the clock and think about the human soul. Why do we react to music so deeply? What is music and vibration? What are emotions for? Do they help us communicate on a deeper level? Where do emotions and vibrations come into our daily human function? Have we allowed ourselves to become controlled by the clock? Have we set boundaries for yourselves with relationships based on time and money? We are all different emotional and physical dimensions coexisting together in the third dimension. How are we limiting ourselves because of the changes in the sky? The sun goes up and comes down, or does it only appear that way? The sky is not really blue, it only appears that way, it is clear like glass. Just like water. Why do we allow concepts that are not true reality to control our reality? Time and money? Why do we like to argue? Are we robbing ourselves of freedom through believing in a lie? Would a lie be a manipulation of our emotion and dimension as a third dimensional person? Would a lie be trying to change time? – Jeremey Cole Peterson


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