Balls of Shade: California Shows It Has The Balls To Deal With Drought


It seems that the drought has gotten so bad that innovative ideas are necessary to solve it. Taking a page out of previously-demonized litterers everywhere… We bring you “filling reservoirs with floating debris”.


Some 20,000 black plastic balls were sent rolling into the Los Angeles Reservoir. That’s a lot of balls.

LA just completed a project at the LA Reservoir to save 300 million gallons of water by deploying shade balls on its surface, saving our city over $250 million dollars while keeping our water clean & safe.

Posted by Mayor Eric Garcetti on Monday, 10 August 2015

The balls will apparently cover the entire surface of the reservoir, reducing the exposed surface area of the lake and thus preventing much of the evaporation. Apparently wind-blown dust will just skim past the surface of the balls, and not contaminate the water. Algae blooms, triggered by sunlight and nutrients, will also be prevented. All this sounds great and all, until these plastic balls find their way into the ocean somehow… Ah well.


“In the midst of California’s historic drought, it takes bold ingenuity to maximize my goals for water conservation,” Mayor Garcetti said in a news release. It also takes BALLS. Lots of BALLS. “This effort by LADWP is emblematic of the kind of the creative thinking we need to meet those challenges. Together, we’ve led the charge to cut our city’s water usage by 13 percent, and today we complete an infrastructure investment that saves our ratepayers millions and protects a vital source of drinking water for years to come.” Funny how he forgot to mention the water bottling companies that conveniently suck away much of your water so they can profit from your tax-payer-funded initiatives. Good job!

The initiative is “expected” to save 250 MILLION DOLLARS, which when translated from politician-speak to human-speak works out to about… tree fiddy.  At 0.36 cents apiece, and 20,000 balls, or 7,200 bucks… it seems like the initiative will save a LOT of money. And water, because these balls have reduced evaporation by a whopping 85-90 percent elsewhere in LA.

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  1. I wonder what these balls are made of? Not all plastics are created equal. Basking in the hot SoCal sun would cause deterioration that would be directly in the water supply ….Hmmmm…..~

  2. I wonder what these balls are made out of?… Not all plastics are created equal. Basking in the SoCal sun would cause deterioration and would then be directly in L.A.’ s water supply….. Hmmmm…… that doesn’t sound good~

  3. It actually increases evaporation by 40 to 50 percent. They are purposely trying to make this drought worse than it is so they can start enforcing agenda 21 in order to start a one world government and gain complete control over the masses. They have already released a ton of water into the oceans and now that they can’t get away with that anymore they are pulling this. Chemical trails are used for the same purpose. To heat the atmosphere and cause drought and global warming.

  4. meanwhile nestle takes 2 million gallons of water from california for 500$, if california wanted to show they have “BALLS” they would stop letting corporations robbing them and everyone else.

  5. We’re all complaining about this solution, but if we’re dry on water no one is happy.
    I’d think that there will be some scientist who have calculated the percents of profit made from this idea.

    So, spending $35M will not be for nothing and isn’t done by some idiots.

  6. We were wondering the same thing. What is the explanation for using BLACK instead of white or silver? When everyone knows that black absorbs heat. They really do think people are ignorant and stupid. We must be, to allow it to go this far.

  7. F who ever is in charge of this situation. Just a few months after the forced ice bucket challenge. We wouldnt have to come up with some crooked way of protecting what we have if we didn’t participate in dumping hundreds of thousands of gallons of perfectly good water all over the place.. This irritates me.


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