New Evidence: Senate Report Proving That The CIA Lied About Torture… Was An UNDERSTATEMENT



So, I guess you guys have probably heard of the Senate report which had originally detailed just how sadistic and brutal CIA torture was. Well, it seems that the original report was making things out to be a little nicer than they really were. That’s right folks, the report which concluded that the CIA’s program was ineffective, resulted in inaccurate information, deeply flawed, tortured innocents and was FAR MORE BRUTAL than the CIA liars were telling everybody…. was ACTUALLY making the CIA out to be less inhumane than it REALLY WAS. Disgustingly, the old report on the inhumane waterboarding and brutal torture of the CIA was barely even scratching the surface of the brutality that these monsters are capable of.

Mr Khan, The face of terrorism: FEAR THE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE


Mr Khan, a detainee who was arrested in Karachi in 2003 and held for more than three years in CIA black sites before being transferred to Guantanamo Bay in 2006, testified that he was forced to undergo “near-drowning” during an interrogation in 2003, and other horrific torture-tactics.

“Guards and interrogators brought him into a bathroom with a tub. The tub was filled with water and ice. Shackled and hooded, they placed Khan feet-first into the freezing water and ice,” the excerpt said, “They lowered his entire body into the water and held him down, face-up in the water. An interrogator forced Khan’s head under the water until he thought he would drown.”

A year ago, yet another “intelligence source” spoke of similar treatment being meted out to another unnamed detainee, where he told the Telegraph: “They weren’t just pouring water over their heads or over a cloth. They were holding them under water until the point of death, with a doctor present to make sure they did not go too far. This was real torture.”


That’s right, the torture went BEYOND simulated drowning… They were intended to be as realistic as they could be, barely keeping prisoners on the cusp of life. As usual, the doctors of the US who were deployed to oversee these cruel happenings had clearly forgotten their Hippocratic oath to do no harm; Mr Khan stated that he had BEGGED a doctor for help…. And the monster told the guards to hang him on a metal bar for another 24 hours. These doctors of torture were there to scientifically guestimate the breaking-point of inmates and ensure that they did not pass away too early….


Mr Khan spent most of his time in solitary confinement, a good three years of it, with one year spent in complete darkness. His interrogators often threatened him with tools, such as a hammer, and had the smell of alcohol on their breath; it would seem that only a drunken man could act in this way to another human being… Or perhaps the CIA just did not care.

“It is clear that the CIA interrogators were completely out of control,” Wells Dixon, a lawyer with the Center for Constitutional Rights who represents Mr Khan told The Telegraph, “the reality of what happened to men like Majid Khan is far more brutal and sadistic than has been revealed in the Senate report or any of the other prior public disclosures.”

“While the Senate torture report is a crucial piece of work, it has always been very clear that those parts of it which were published were only the tip of the iceberg,” said Kat Craig, legal director of Reprieve, a UK charity that represents detainees who were victimised by the CIA, “Today’s revelations make clear that many of the grisly details remain hidden in the shadows.”


The excerpt continues on with still more grisly details:

“He was hung for several days from a metal pole, without any break, without any food and very little water. Guards and interrogators then carried Khan into a room. [There was a] tub constructed from plastic sheeting that again had water and ice in it. Khan was forced into the tub and held down on his back, his hands were shackled underneath him and the arch of his back forced his head to tilt backwards into the water at an angle. A cloth hood remained on his face as the guards forced his body down into the tub. One of the interrogators held a bucket filled with water and large chunks of ice over his head. The interrogator poured the water and ice into Khan’s mouth and nose as well as on his genitals from a high distance. As the interrogator poured the tub began to fill up. Khan could not breath and water went into his lungs. The guards and interrogators flipped Khan over from his front to his back several times, each time forcing his head into the water. An interrogator demanded answers to his questions throughout this process. This torture session was followed by a 15 minute videotaped interrogation in another room where Khan was forced to sit naked on a wooden box and he was again subject to sleep deprivation. He was forced to write his own confession while being filmed naked if he wanted some rest.”

 The Center for Constitutional Rights released several other more detailed excerpts that claim that Khan had even been raped and molested while in detention:

“As described in the Senate Intelligence Committee Report, Khan was raped while in CIA custody (‘rectal feeding’). He was sexually assaulted in other ways as well, including by having his ‘private parts’ touched while he was hung naked from the ceiling.”

The CIA CLAIMS that the rectal feeding was necessary after Khan pulled out a feeding tube during a hunger strike, while SENATE INVESTIGATORS found that Khan had been completely compliant. Come now, do you still believe those CIA charlatans? And notice how they had nothing to say about touching this guy’s privates? Sick.


Further, Khan was hung from a wooden beam WITHOUT food for days at a time:

“Interrogators and guards at a black site hung Khan by his hands from a wooden beam for three days. He was naked and shackled. He was provided with water but no food.”


He spent almost an entire YEAR without any light, and two years alone:

“Majid had an uncovered bucket for a toilet, no toilet paper, a sleeping mat and no light…. For much of 2003 he lived in total darkness. Khan was essentially held in solitary confinement from 2004 to 2006.”

To be fair though, the US seems completely fine with driving their “terrorists” and whistle-blowers to madness via enforced isolation; Bradley Manning…. I mean Chelsea Manning knows what I’m talking about.

Nope, the US does not seem to give a s***, bring on the FREEEE Windows 10 spyware and let us watch our own naked porn videos, with Microsoft/NSA ads, and everything will be fine.

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Source: The Telegraph


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