Barbaric: Police Officer Punches A Pregnant Woman For Laughing At Him, Forcing Her To Go Into Premature Labor


This story is disturbing. The police brutalities across the United States are just getting out of hand. A pregnant black woman from Chicago, has told FOX 32 news, that a white police officer punched her in the stomach for laughing at him.

Nicola Robinson told a reporter of the station, that she was verbally and physically attacked by the racist police officer and that the entire incident was caught on surveillance footage. According to her, what convinced her that the officer is a racist, is the fact that after the punch the officer added a racial rant, saying ‘she should be glad he didn’t beat her to the point that she would lose her baby, calling her “black b…..h”’.

According to the facts of the matter, as narrated by Nicola, she was just standing by the roadside, around the 5100 block of West Washington. Then, she saw the officer chasing a suspected drug dealer. The officer was in plain clothes and was too slow to catch the suspect, causing passersby and bystanders to laugh at him.


That infuriated the officer and he decided to avenge his disappointment, in failing to catch the suspect, on the vulnerable pregnant woman. In fact, many did not know he was an officer and thought it was a joke between friends. It was after the punch on Nicola that people realized he was an officer.

Nicola said all this happened while she was holding her one-year-old son. Accompanying Nicola when the incident occurred was her sister, who has also supported her story. She was trying to walk into her apartment building when the officer attacked her.

She said when she first narrated the story, many never believed her. She therefore got the surveillance footage from the apartment building where the incident occurred.

Doctors also confirmed that the punch Nicola got from the officer caused her to go into premature labor. The hospital released her later in the day, after her condition stabilized. That was when she spoke to Fox 32.

Nicola’s sister, Monique Dickerson, also confirmed her sister’s story and added that several other officers came to the scene during the officer’s barbaric act, but none of them did anything to stop him.

As of yet, the officer has not yet been identified, despite Nicola having given all the necessary details about the incident to the police.

To date, police have only issued a statement which says they do not support the officer’s actions; yet since the incident, the police have yet to identify the officer and bring him to justice.

Many are therefore questioning this lackadaisical attitude of the police. There is enough evidence to identify the officer and make him face the consequences of his actions. Both the doctor’s report and the surveillance footage is available. It is therefore hard to understand why the police are wasting time on the issue. This officer must not go unpunished. What he did was unacceptable and he must be held responsible. Enough is enough. Join us and press for his arrest. We will continue to follow for updates. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us!

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    • You are criticizing the article’s writing, yet you did not use proper punctuation, started the sentence with the word ‘this’ which is an unclear use of what ‘this’ is referring to, and used the word ‘very’ which shows no difference between poor and very poor (no difference in being poor or very poor… are still poor). Also, where is the period at the end? If you want to talk about others writing, you open your own self up to scrutiny. However, do you really think the writing should be the main focus?

  1. Lol…if she respected authority, she wouldn’t have got what she deserved. A year old baby & knocked up again? She needs to keep her legs closed!!

    • So because she laughed at what she and others thought was a joke since the officer was in plain clothes and not uniform so they never even knew he was a cop, she deserved to be punched and her baby deserved to be in danger and possible death? And who the fuck cares if she has a baby with another on the way. Alot of people have done that. I’m pretty sure at least someone in your family or someone who know has done the same. Go suck a cops dick since you on it so much!

    • If they don’t respect you American’s then why should you respect them?! And no, laughing at an officer is not a crime nor a reason for brutality…

    • I didn’t think a moron like you could exist. 1st the cunt was in plain clothes, it wasn’t written all over him he’s a cop. And even if he was in a parade uniform the fact that someone laughs at him is no reason for a punch, especially if that someone is a pregnant woman. There’s no law supporting such behaviour.

  2. Just realised that if I am ever charged with ANYTHING, I should simply respond “Bad Gateway” and it’s no problem! For Christ’s sake World, wake up!

  3. Seriously they have yet to identify the officer? They check in constantly at stops. They know who is where and when. What bullshit.


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