Why Bees Are So Important To Us


Written & Submitted By: James Wood


The bee is the largest pollinator on this planet, and without them we would have little time left to think out something that would allow us to overcome the next great extinction… us! The function of growing fruit on a branch occurs when a flower attracts a bee that lands on it, gets pollen stuck to it and then carries it to the next one that it lands on… thus triggering the flower to grow fruits. Since humans are heavily spraying pesticides to kill ‘bad’ little critters who destroy crops like corn, the bees die as well from these pesticides.  And as if that is not enough, there are several other causes as to why bees are dying.  Albert Einstein was quoted as saying, “when the bees die we have only four years left…”1

Let me explain to you why bees are so important, not only to us but to the entire planet as we know it. The bees are the largest group of insects who can pollinate plants. These plants need the bees to survive, of course not all plants, but those who give fruits or vegetables that we and most animals eat. So without them, we have no natural source of this kind of food which we depend on because our body’s need vitamins and minerals. In China, farmers were pollinating apple trees and several other plants by hand. They have stopped after some time because it was nearly impossible to keep up.

Apart from the pesticides, the Varroa mite is also a great danger to the bees. The neonicotinoid that is used to spray most fruit bearing plants, is passed through the nectar from of a flower to the bee and to the mite larvae which are fed by the nectar, and get killed. These pesticides are so dangerous because they last very long and are used in several insect control methods, they are also commonly found in gardening centers. In almost everything the bees eat and drink they take on these neonicotinoids.

There are other kinds of anti-pest methods for plants in the flowering industry, where of course the heaviest spraying is done because we don’t eat these plants. They could use other bugs that eat the pests and are not harmful to the flowers themselves, like ladybugs.

Point is… all over the world bees are dying, and if we don’t stop it, our very existence will cease.

Here is a list of product that contain neonicotinoids:


And here are a couple of informative documentaries on bees:


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  1. Being in business producing honey with my family, I’ve learned that bees are very interesting creatures. One tip: when near bee colony make sure you’re not wearing any gel or hair-spray. That annoys the shit out of them. Best case scenario, you’ll have a couple of bees orbiting around your head, but not attacking. What you need to do is stay calm, and whatever you do – never wave your hands or jump around like an idiot. Just go away calmly, possibly inside a flower bush, or tree branches – they won’t follow you, they can’t navigate inside of that. Too much hassle for them. 😀

  2. This article has quite a bit of misinformation in it, in regards to pesticides affecting bees and neonic seed treatments.

    Farmers don’t spray insecticides or use products unnecessarily, as bees are important to them to pollinate their crops! Also, they are expensive and would be an added cost.

    We only use products on our farm when necessary. For example, we didn’t have to use any insecticides on our farm last year at all! We were happy about that but we also know that if an infestation of something threatens our crop (which is our income for the whole year) we have the ability to do something about it. We try to use the latest technology, which includes a newer insecticide that is NOT harmful to pollinators and bees and is more selective in the type of harmful insects that it does control.

    The media sometimes makes it out that farmers are bad people that are specifically trying to do harm or don’t care. That is so far from the truth!

    If you want to know about farming or food, ask a farmer or someone who grows it! We are pretty good people and love what we do and take pride in it. We want safe, sustainable food for our families and ourselves too!


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