Behind the Mask of Anonymous


Written by: Alek Hidell


Anonymous has been brought back into the limelight with the recent events in Ferguson. It would not be a stretch to say that Anonymous played a major role in the unfolding of events in the St. Louis suburb after the shooting death of Michael Brown, a black teenager by a white police officer. If it wasn’t for Anonymous, who knows if the Justice Department would have launched this full-scale investigation into the Ferguson Police Department for civil rights violations. If it wasn’t for Anonymous, this could have been just another incident swept under the rug by the powers that be. Time and time again, Anonymous takes action in the face of tyranny while a great many more simply sit at home and do nothing. Love them or hate them, Anonymous is a force to be reckoned with.


I’m not here to give you a history lesson. There are many great sources from which you can learn the history of Anonymous. I highly recommend the documentary, We Are Legion – The Story of Hactivists,which is readily available. I’m here today because I feel there is a great misconception about what Anonymous truly is. It’s amazing how often I hear about Anonymous out in the world, whether in public or at work or even in the news. Despite all the things that Anonymous does and the varied amounts of activities and people involved, Anonymous is continuously referred to as a hacker group. Nothing could be further from the truth. It can be difficult to grasp what Anonymous is. Of course hacking is what gained the attention of the world, and remains a powerful tool in Anonymous’ arsenal, but it is just that, a tool. While Anonymous got its start in mischief and hacking, it has grown into something far beyond that. Anonymous, much like many other movements, started with humble beginnings, but has evolved into a powerful machine that has drawn the ire of leaders worldwide.


Movements may begin with somewhat abstract philosophies. Over time, as these philosophies congeal, the movement begins to solidify around them.  Definitive goals and stances are established. Individuals see the direction the movement is going and choose to get involved. As the process evolves, so does the need for organization.  Anonymous, while a movement which has no leaders, no membership and no hierarchy, has evolved pockets of leadership and organization. Just the fact that you’re reading this article on an Anonymous homepage tells you that there has to be some form of organization and leadership. Who do I send these articles to every week? Beats me. The who is irrelevant. Who am I? That doesn’t even matter. All that matters is the message. The Anonymous message is clear and simple.


Citizens of nations around the world, we are Anonymous. This is a message from us, from the resistance, the last line of defense. We have been watching the world’s events unfold around you, and truth be told, we are highly displeased. The monstrosities carried out by governments worldwide on a daily basis have grown far too old and we are here to bring these corrupted acts to justice. If you are tired of watching the world, our only home, be ripped to shreds for the illusion of riches based on paper with false value placed upon it,  if you are afraid of your government or afraid to wake up in the morning to a war-torn city, whether you’re afraid of your life being lost because you have been tossed into pointless wars, fighting for someone you’ll never meet, or who will never care about you, but the money he takes because of you, then you, my friend, are part of the resistance. We are here to ask the public to join our crusade. Inform. If you are hearing this broadcast, if you’re watching this transmission, if you are reading our words and letters, then you, my friend, are Anonymous. Part of an ever growing legion that will never perish. Part of a collective that relies in unison. This message goes directly to the people that are aware of our corrupted, an unwilling society, as well as to the people that are not aware but  wishing to be. Wishing for something more in life besides money and a job. Furthermore, we will never be destroyed. We, as in you and us. We, as in everything and everyone. We as an idea. Ideas cannot be arrested, killed, or broken. It cannot be interfered nor can it be stopped. Ideas, like courage, is contagious. Ideas cannot be divided. The idea is in the mind. You cannot throw it away in the trash. You cannot erase it, nor can you forget it. We are Anonymous and we are an idea to be reckoned with. We are an idea that will never halt or stand idly by while our governments commit vile acts against the people they claim to serve and protect so very highly. If you’re tired of your government and it’s broken system, if you are tired of people not willing to care for our world, our rights, our society and its future generations, then join us. Join the resistance. What have you done so far in life except become like the other 7 billion people who are going through the same process. We know this is why you seek us. Both us and yourself knew the moment you clicked this video (or read these words), that your time and moment has came. Because you, like most of the people around you, want change for the better. You want compassion. You want care. You want rights and an open society that makes positive impact without government interruption. You want less value on human possession and more value on human life. We know this is why you seek to become Anonymous. Yet most people are worried. Worried that they won’t succeed in life. Worried that they won’t have enough money to feed their families. Worried about their future. Worried that they won’t have enough money to pay the rent. Worried that someday they will become something low, while others expected something high from them. Worried about their job and their appearance. Worried about death. You want something more to life than to be born, grown up, make money, retire, and die like the millions of people inhabiting this globe and all of it for nothing. That is why we are here. That is why the resistance has came. We are not saviors. We are concerned citizens. Formed, built and molded upon from an idea that purifies itself with freedom and justice. We were here since the start. Since the beginning of you. Since the birth of everyone and everything. We are fighting for your rights. We are fighting for you and you only. We speak as one. For we wish for no fame or profit but sincerity and equality. Yet we are not just one single person group or community who call ourselves Anonymous. We are not just hackers like the media says and has corrupted you with. We are you. We are your neighbors. We are your fathers and your mothers. We are your sons and your daughters. We are your aunts and we are your Uncles, your sisters and your brothers. We are the poor unemployed man who is looking for his purpose in life and the food to place on this family’s table, as well as the lawyer who fights for the accused to the court of law and the teacher who teaches the children, and the person who delivers your mail, the students in your school, the workers your company. We are the person near you. We are the person walking with you. The person in the car you are seeing right now. We are your lover and enemy. We are them and they are us. This was a message from Anonymous, the final resistance. This was a call of justice. We are Anonymous. We are the resistance. We are legion. We are an idea. We do not forgive. We do not forget. United as one. Divided by zero. Expect us.




Anonymous – The Final Resistance






    • i am abongymous.
      can all us anons do something about weed legalization as well as the justice to the system ideas?
      i mean we SHOULD have the right to put what ever we want in our body regardless what the effect is; if i want to smoke some rat poison i can, so why cant i smoke weed?

      • I am thinking about my children sake, if i had children. I don’t think it would be a good environment to be around with that smoke of weed outside. Do it inside then fine, but if it does come legal it will go out public and won’t be controlled. It will have many effects on children and think they got a choice? Not like most people would listen if they said please don’t smoke this around me.

        • Anonymous is the 99%, the ones who want to fight and the ones that dont. Anonymous is an idea that cant be stopped. And I for one thank those behind the mask for having the courage to stand up for their ideas, their rights. The same rights we ALL have. The right to life without fear, the right to a better life not just for us but for all future generations. The right to happiness.

        • *ahem… any amount of smoke, from anything really, around a ‘developing brain’ can cause all sorts of problems for them in the future. Define “developing brain” though and you will find it could be developed at any age from 8 years old all the way up into their early 20’s. You would need to do a test on every individual to see if they were the right age to be around when smoking.

          When given the chance 9 out of 10 pot smokers would rather use a vaporizer and they are definitely on the rise in popularity these days. You wont be smelling very much pot smoke as there is no burning plant matter in the vapor that comes out of those, sure, there’s a still a bit of a smell however it’s not like someone smoking a cannon of some good ol skunk in front of you! And the vapor dissipates quickly and would not harm any children nearby.

          And A3011…
          If you don’t want your own children being around pot smoke, then why are you letting them go places where people will be smoking it? You gotta reign that shit in! It’s up to you to make sure your kids are where you want them, not everyone else, blanket laws don’t work in my opinion.

          • Oh yeah i mean i will have rules which my kids got to comply by. But if it does come legal, good possibility it go out in public, and then i can’t let my kid go out at all. If a good majority of people smoke it.

      • well… if you could do those self-destroying shits without hurting me with your poisonous clouds and destroying a part of me that is actually protecting you for dying in flames… Then I would join that idea of legalization. Otherwise… FUCK YOU, FUCK WEED, FUCK CIGARETTES, FUCK FACTORIES, FUCK FIRE STARTERS, AND SOMETIMES FUCK FARTS! I AM TRYING TO BREATH HERE, THANKS!

    • The freemasons are a vehicle for the reptilians to further there agenda on Earth, and actualize themselves. You ha e to understamd that the story of Eden is the story of how they came into the human genome. When Eve ate the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil she actually ingested an Anunakki specifically the egyptian god Set. That is when Eve/Inanna became Auset more commonly known as Isis. The garden was in Egypt not Sumeria like the powers that be would have you think. First Eve had Cain and said “God has blessed me with a man.” This was a “Ka”-in…Abel was (A-Baal) this was the line of the serpent as was Seth. We get the word Cannibal from Cain and Abel. This is what the masons do in the lodge they eat humans. Israel= Isis Ra and El. These reptiles leadership is based in Oregon the thirty third state where the masons relocated at the height of the anti-masons of the1800s. This group is called The Free Souls, and they are reffered to as the magistration. They run the U.N…Jesse Rishel Brattleboro Vermont. Conta ct me at 802 257 5415

    • I just watched a documentary called “I AM” where they outline how humans and this “Leader” concept, which by the way, it’s roots reach back into early Christianity and their control tactics… One Lord Above… Oh Father Protect Me. We have lost what the animals have, that natural instinct. Anyways, the doccu goes on to say that animals vote on the regular, using body language and pointing of heads, wing flaps, head twitches… all of these things are subtle votes that are happening non stop! So when it’s time to go, the herd or flock just gets up and goes, there is no leader! There is in fact an Alpha Male, and those have proven to NOT be the leaders of the packs/prides/herds etc… When it comes to the vote theirs means no more or less than the rest of them.
      Once the pack reaches over 50% they do that thing, so when all the animals are in the field eating, and some of them start to look over at the watering hole, instead of some of them getting up to go, they wait until over 50% of them are now turning their heads and looking towards the watering hole, then they all, as a whole, get up and go. People could learn a thing or two from animals, we used to be like them and we have forgotten all of this, it’s good that now some of us are waking up to this knowledge and will be able to use it for our own societies benefit.

  1. I agree with Anonymous with the sense that the world needs justice. Not all of us are rich and can do whatever we want because we’re the higher power.
    The government is supposed to be the voice of the people, not the voice of itself. Al we’ll ever hear is echoes, and sometimes a force like Anonymous is needed to help silence it.

  2. I need software for a smart phone that shows tower locations on Google maps. Then I can see new sites that come and go. It would also be great if it showed strong radio or gps signals. Can it be done? Come on hackers this is a request from the militia.

  3. Everything you mention I have been experiencing, feeling, contemplating and researching…Every bit of disappointment you said I am internalising, every dread, every horror, every lie, every callus murder taken note and wonder why? Where is that humane world, the world that science fiction promises, where is utopia where humanity is no longer ignorant and full of mistrusted and hate! I wish in my life time that the world is forever changed for the better, I wish in my life time that I see the end of the old system and the beginning of a true future world where each life is respected, each life cherished, each life aloud to reach its potential, each life free and unthreatened…The world needs to free its mind and the rest will follow! Anonymous what every you do, do it to bring an end to the old system, monitory, secretive, police state, unlawful and free us from crazy heterosexual men and there lust for power.

  4. I am also sick of this world we live in. I have reached a conciousness level that makes me feel as if I am in a foreign land. I try to remain positive when the negativity about things going on haunt me continuosly. I am on disability and have a lot of time on my hands.However the police stae has taken 2 vehicles that I owned and made it impossible for me to get them. That being said I am unable to protest with others as I have no way to get anywhere, I am working on corrrecting that. I would just like to say that I am available if anyone has any suggestions of somewhere I can assist in making things better for us all. I hunt the web for truth and anything I find that is…I post to Facebook. The problem with this is I don’t have many Facebook friends (avg 40) so I don’t know how much meassage I am getting out there. One of the gifts that I have is I am a human lie detector. I scan through articles and can pretty much know in a minute if its Bullshit or not.I am also a “medium” but I do not summon the dead because that is not how it works for me. But with these abilities I can do a lot. If you have any suggestions where I can be of use , please do not hesitate to let me know. Until I get a car thats what I am availagble for. Peace and love to all ANONYMOUS out there , Sincerely, AnonyMitch !

    • this is the one place i feel like i can actually be myself no form of violence and jut friendly people talking about what they believe in, i think anonymous has just broken then tip of the iceberg and am glad to see they have soo much support we can really change the world all of us united as one, this is our world and if we don’t clean up our shit, were gonna have to live in this shit as it gets worst each and everyday, were are here to help ask and we shall assist the thing that this modern day society doesn’t realize is that each of us is different in our own way we all bring a skill to the table and if all our skills are been used as one to me that’s just a well oiled machine

  5. Freedom forever ..I stand for truth and rights …I don’t know nothing about computers but I know my heart and I know I love all of humanity ..let’s free our earth

    • i like that, this just goes to prove that anon is not just hackers, it a place that people who believe that there is more to this world that a piece of paper

  6. I dream of a world where we are free of corrupt self-serving politicians. A world that cares more for one starving child than it does about revenues and profit.
    Utopia ? I hope not, and would wish that together we CAN bring change.
    Sincere and hopeful best wishes.

  7. It’s a fucking piece of shit world when investors of insurance companies are profiteering off the pain,suffering and death of human beings.

  8. I believe that the government has alot planned for the human race. Things that will cause war and destruction. The people its self is a force to be reckoned with. I beleive in the rights of all human beings no matter the race or ethnicity.

      • I hope for an world,where ppl fight for their rights without having to be anonymous.ppl needs to woke up,really to woke up and start fighting for what is really theirs.u do a really good job,by trying to tell the ppl that things must change and for that u have my respect.

  9. Groups like anonymous make me feel safer. Since I was young I understood politics and corruption but hated thinking about it because to think is to acknowledge the power the government has and my own no sorry our own incapability to do anything about it. Speak loud enough to change something and they brand you crazy, criminal
    , vigilante. .. the list goes on they use propaganda to silence anyone who speaks for the rights of ‘the lesser’ but how much believable propaganda can you generate on. ..No one? Everyone? Anyone? In anonymity we trust.

  10. come on guys people will die when California runs out of water we need to do something fast plz it’s not going to be ugly

  11. Yes our system is flawed yes our system is unjust and yes our system needs to be changed. Now tell me one that isn’t

  12. the u.s is flawed that’s why we the people need to fix it and rise against the u.s but nothing is happening and i know that things take time i know but if we wait to long we will lose everything and we can’t let that happen plz the followers of anonymous we must rise once more and fight the cops in war with or with out guns i know that im being to fast on things but we can’t wait much long guys we can’t :/

  13. anonymous, if you ever read this, the world needs change and i believe that you are the ones that can change it. I would like to say this: find me, and you’ll have an ally, leave me, and i shall find my own ways to help 🙂 good luck and happy hunting. the north shall experience technical difficulties.

  14. Not good.. If you are Anon, and you are everywhere. Where is Anon in The Most Beautiful coutry ever ? Rumania… yes Rumania.The only country that stil have the original people from more than 7000 years .. the first populacion that write and had art.
    There is no interes in breaking down a gowerment controled by the Israeli hand in hand with the US? They are breaking apart the history, making the wolrd belive here lives only gypsie’s .No.. here you have great people but bad goverment, here you have great EcoSistem’s beeing destroyd by US and Canadian Mining site’s, by Hydrofracturacion, and by triking old people to give up their land, and if the trick does not work they even kill. Here they have chopped down bilions of three , ilegally. So once more.. where is Anon here? Y have been asking you even in your facebook page, and never got an answer? I will strongly belive you have forgotten the training and you are now playng by other Rules. 5 year’s for what ?

  15. AnonRo needs HELP….. Hydrofracking is a BIG issue and the Toxic Zionist Capitalist are destroying his country. Let’s help shining a spotlight onto their Bankster-Corporate pillage. Other issue is; We need to follow through on the actions or commitment that we take up. We shouldn’t be distracted by the sheer volume and scale of events …we should hold on to a issue that we took up and see it through to its Final End…which in civil terms would be the Prosecution of actual Perpetrators – One Step beyond the prosecution of Fall Guys….remember ” We do not forgive…WE do not forget” Let’s live up to this claim an Bulldog these Ben-Bet Sapiens and their Pindar into submission. Having said that Let’s turn the pressure up for the arrest and prosecution of Netanyahu and the impeachment of Obama to stand trial for the People of Gaza …with pressure we will be offered a few Fall Guys but let’s take the fight to them. In the process we will net the State department, CIA and NSA Neucons as well as keeping both Rothschild and Rockefeller busy and effect their levels of effectiveness in dealing with their WO project in NATO and Asia

  16. je suis une Anonymous, je suis la resistance, je suis légion, je suis une idée, je ne pardonne pas, je n’oublie pas, je suis unie aux autres, je ne suis pas divisible, attendez vous à moi.

  17. I always felt like “Hm, coukdnt it be somehow else? Why do we live like THAT?”

    when i first read about anonynous, i understand That iam NOT alone.

    Ronny from Germany.
    We are anonymous.

  18. Humanity is waking up,that is our strength for a better future.The truth is if we do not seek to know the truth,the Elite of this world will win,and we as a collective will be separated by mistrust, for one another.
    My hope is that we as humans,in our everyday lives,we’ll spread the idea of the Movement Anonymous,by when ever possible writing or speaking the truth about the state of our world,so that we can help the rest of humanity to wake up and join Anonymous in the fight for Justice.

    • Great Knowledge comes from teaching or from great learning,
      or from sharing and building upon previous shared knowledge?
      Fine not to be alone in the universe

  19. Wish Anonymous could help save my countrymen, the white South African Afrikaners. There is a genocide going on here & the MSM don’t report on it.


  20. I am a part of anonymous.

    To tell you all the truth… When I first heard about you guys, it was on YouTube. It was a news report, and the reporters called you all a ‘Hacker Group’. Unfortunately, I believed in their words and just thought it was another hacker group trolling others for their amusement. It took me many months before I looked to another video, about you all hacking Fox News. That was really the first time I started seeing this group differently. I soon got interested, and so I went to search for information, and after a month of seeing what you do, I know now that what they say about this is not what they say it is.

    I, still rather young living with a family of six, am shocked to see that the world has grown so corrupted. I am disgusted by the vile acts of attempted murder, murder, lies, and pure outright acts against the citizens of the nation I had once proudly pledged to every day. The United States Government have gone to far in so many ways, and if a young teenager, only fifteen years of age, can see such horrid things that has happened here, then why can’t the rest of the populace see this as well?

    Now though, I know that finally humanity is waking up to see what is happening here, and soon we will be able to rise up to fix, or even remake the government if needed, so that we will be able to unite and work on finally getting peace to all the nations, so we could finally feed the starving, help the homeless get back on their feet with new jobs, so we can finally keep the environment protected and balanced, and so we can finally be more than just humans going through the now normal life cycle of being born, growing up, making money, retiring, and then dying. I will not have to worry about my parents when they get older, I will not have to worry as much if my family will be able to keep our house, I will not have to worry as much about not having the money for college, I will not have to worry as much about not being able to get a sustaining a good job since the amount of available jobs have dropped greatly. With this, not just me, but every family, their children, and the generations to come will have a better future than what it is right now!

    So, right now, I am proud to call myself a part of anonymous! I will gladly do my best to spread the word and be a true part of the resistance. Nothing as small as the age I am at right now will alter my word.

    This is a sincere statement from a fellow Anonymous,
    Nicknamed Lunaria.

  21. I would like some attention brought to Harrison, Arkansas. This town is filled with racist bigots and I am sick and tired of them ruining the reputation of non-racist and evolved residents. I live in Green Forest, but lived in Harrison for 10+ years. There is currently some disgusting billboards up on US65 bypass just past Car-Mart which spew hate against non-whites. The rednecks who espouse this ideal should be exposed! No one knows who paid for these billboards, but many are appalled, while some are cheering it. I personally find racism to be retarded, we’re all people who deserve all the opportunities of this great nation. KKK is not even 30 miles from Harrison city limits in Zinc, AR. RACISM MUST STOP!!!! Someone help!

  22. Anonymous I stand with you. I’m not an important figure where I’m at, but that isn’t what it’s about is it? I watch out for my family, my friends and my neighbors, always have (even if my neighbors are unaware). I don’t ask for praise of gratitude, I have no need for rewards for what I do. I do it because it’s the right thing to do, I am a protector.

  23. Our world is being destroyed because of our absurd monetary-market economy. I strongly urge anyone wanting to be more informed on what’s going on behind closed doors or anyone wanting to get involved with bringing about social and economical change, check out the Zeitgeist Movement online and the Zeitgeist movies on youtube and netflix.

  24. oh, “f” the negativity … thanks to everyone who is doing anything at all at home .. smile, give the finger, think, be kind, be compassionate, think critically … I am SO tired of the divisiveness and negativity … shove a seed in the ground … barter rather than pay money … be a member of Anonymous because you understand and know how … I, for one, am SO glad it is NOT organized … just be yourself and be proud of your one and only status … LIFE IS GOOD! and for the love of any and all powers that be, START FROM A PLACE OF LOVE! 🙂

  25. Okay, so let me get this straight. Anonymous made a man who really robbed a Convenience store (regardless of Race) look like a saint to rally a city wide riot so that the Government with the power of military force. Which is government protocol for such actions seem like the bad guys only so that more upheaval would subdue the public and now is the cause for more government oppression. Giving them the excuse to do what Anonymous us trying to prevent. Tell me how they are on the side of good. I’m missing it. Sounds like Anonymous is part of the hate shroud. Giving the Government excuse for oppressive laws and unconstitutional acts which Anonymous is supposedly protesting. Anonymous, The Illuminati, Free Masons, Isis, Wall street, Congress all on the same team. Staging actions so that you make the decisions and think exactly what they want you too. Don’t be mislead by Evil. Be smart. Allow yourself to know better. Anonymous I’m callin you out! You are full of shit

    • I understand why one would think that at first, but that is not what is happening if you look a bit deeper. Anonymous is a idea. Which means that what the people think is right will be put into that idea for the group as a whole. With that, one human can choose to go on with what they think is right, while others don’t. Anonymous didn’t make a man rob a convenience store, the man himself decided for himself to do that wrongful action. I honestly don’t see how you got such an idea really.

      Secondly, we didn’t start any riot. We only wanted to be heard and so we did it by peacefully protesting. That’s where the cops tried to stop us. I believe there isn’t anything wrong with peacefully protesting, and the cops provoked us by trying to not let our voices be heard. So, it ended up like that because of the cops unfortunately.

      I see what you are trying to say, but there are plenty of faults in your argument. No matter what, there will usually always be an argument, protest, and even war before in the most significant cases what one group thought differently than another. Without this, you can’t have changes to things that you want. People go by every day using this method and most don’t even think about it. We ourselves don’t just use it, congress, The US, NSA, a School Teacher, A child, one of your friends, everyone uses it! No matter what, we will have to go through these disagreements to eventually get to peace. So Pointing at us saying that we are a part of the hate shroud means nothing, since you yourself has just went into that shroud yourself, and everyone else in this world has as well. You are no better than us and we are no better than you. Your just going to have to face that fact unfortunately. Also, if they show they are doing things unconstitutionally, then that means we have more evidence that this Government is corrupted, and more people will wake up and see the truth. I see nothing wrong with that except that we have to fix it. Do you not want The normal people like you and I know what is happening with the Illuminati, Free Masons, Isis, Wall street, Congress, and every other potentially corrupted government groups so that we can unite together to fix the wrongs so that the people can finally live in peace and harmony, building a better life for generations to come?

      You are thinking of us as a government group, but we are not! You have to think of us as the normal people, which we all are, around the whole world, just wanting change! Think of us as you would a normal person. That is all I can say to help you.

      I respect your opinions, but I can’t agree with you. I am terribly sorry. This post is not intended to anger or upset you in anyway, so if I did, I am sorry.

      Sincerely, Anonymous Lunaria

    • righteous what you dont realize is months ago we lost the right to peaceful protest and we sent out a message that stated since you have left us no way to resolve this peacefully we will result to the same methods you have used against us which we have been doing for we are the only thing standing between the goverments taking what rights we have left from us so if you are willing to sit by and loose your freedoms one by one than you can look down on the action but you must remember an innocent man lost his life in the events that took place by a police officer who over reacted but what happens to him nothing in the end so remember this every action has an reaction and we all have our own free will to make our own decisions and just because what one person does does not mean we as a whole or an idea condone it but dont take the fact away that what the police did and the military did in ferguson was against the will of the people the goverment should fear its people not the people fear its goverment and you should remember right now the people live in fear and oppression and unfair taxation which is the core principles this great nation was founded on to prevent

  26. i am an anon one of the many and part of an idea i was going threw the comments and saw the thing about leadership it doesnt work like that we are a collective with no leaders and we are everywhere and will always fight the injustices of corrupt goverments and there officils and we will never forget nor forgive the injustices caused and perpertrated by them i will always stand on the side of justice and fight for our civil liberties and let us never forget the injustices that occured in ferguson but also let us remember that the injustice still continues all over the world so never give up the fight because no one can destroy anonymous because were not just a group but an idea

    “if your not part of the solution, than your part of the problem”

  27. It is true that there are Anons all over the world. For example, I’m Portuguese and there are Anonymous members here. (Altough the community is much smaller.)

  28. The idea of anonymous is not one to be taken lightly. We are those who take a stand against the corrupt and those whom profit of the injustice of the poor and helpless. Anonymous is NOT a group. It is an idea. It’s the idea to take a stand against the governments who dictate our lives and our bank accounts, yet, will be bent over by major corporations that dictate how you can/cannot live your life. Take a stand, together, as anonymous.

    ~ Darkiiss, Anonymous.

  29. Respect and love to you all. Happy I wasn’t the only one who felt this way about the world we live in. Thought it was just me being negative…

  30. Anonymous is a good thing in my opinion. It allows us to realize what we can do together if we put aside our diffrences. There isn’t a join us button on a web page to click, which is wonderful because it allows people to voice themselves in this eviroment where others can join them or help them maybe to right an injustice or to bring to light somthing in another part of the country or even world. If somone doesn’t feel they have a anonymous presence around them they can help start that presence there.

  31. Truth can be the ultimate power and thats what we bring forword, truth. Truth that we the people are the ones that keep our countries running. We bust OUR asses everday at work keeping the fat cats well…fat. While WE struggle because employers cut back hours to keep from having to give insurance.While WE struggle to know where our childrens next meal is coming from. While WE struggle to find shelter and a place to rest our heads at night. While WE struggle against militaries killing our people. While WE the people of Earth, not just one country or the other but all of us, are toyed with by goverments and leaders so they can play with their “money” and “power”. They see us as ants that just are here for their bidding, but as ants we outnumber them. Ever wonder why we are called the 99%. Its time to show them what we can trully do.

  32. Yo. Those hackers are lonesome. away from family,nor hate family,anything even love. so they created their God. themeselves i form of HACKING. others Dont have enough schooling. but they can hack..

  33. I also maybe one of them. im lonely. all i do is sniffing around the net. Ciphering. Posting anything on sites. it makes me happy.

  34. My response to the state and potential trajectories of the Human project has been to found this global network with my friend, we just keep meeting in our groups around the world actively doing stuff to make the world a better place
    Please check us out, the League of Pragmatic Optimists – LOPO join the mailing list if you’re interested and get in touch with me if you want to setup a LOPO chapter in your part of the world if you’re not near one.

    Strength and Joy to all

  35. Anonymous has taken the fight to the US “superpower” and honestly i thank every single member of the idea anonymous, you are preventing the spread of this evil to the north

  36. Hello everybody.

    There are only one way to join the Anonymous.

    Educate yourself – Who is misusing their power? How can you attack those people and get them into the light. How can you stop them. And – Do it…

    This site could be NSA – Do NOT trust anybody…

  37. I am Fenrir. I am Anonymous. I have many names, and i have none.

    I could be who i want.. even if it is impossible!

    Nobody can hold me down or controll my life, and I will not let Corruption or buisness men in black suits decide over it. I have the right to say these words, even if some people wont’t let me!

    -Norwegian Anon

  38. We are Anonymous . We are legion . We don’t Forget . We don’t Forgive. United we are one divided in zero . Expect US ! sUPPOR uS !

  39. A name, a mask, a thought, a purpose.. It can be very confusing for some people.

    There are those who feel powerless, or just ignored as a humanbeing. To stand idle and watch the world around us, getting sucked dry. By the 1,0 %, which has over 40% of all world’s income.

    What to do.. How to react.. Where to go.. Whom to talk to.. Who to trust.

    This is what you get, when believing in a system, which is created by an “Old Order” Generation, which believes in the “Devide & Conquer” filosofy.. The ancient Roman/ Greek Culture, has never been forgotten.

    Why keep sustaining a system, which is on the brick of extinction. The Old order can’t live for ever you know.. So.. why make a new one, which has the same crappy rules & laws, which always seem to have the best benefits, for the rich and famous.

    If you realy want a change, then you have to fight for it. cause the ones in control, wont give it up for free.

    The filosofy of “ANON”ymous is not much different. A name is nothing, when people only support a thought, which isn’t theirs in the first place.

    Therefor “ANON” has no single (cell) active P.O.I. and therefor must stay a civil/ activist/ organisation. By pointing out a leader, will change the whole ideology. Nothing to explain here, cause the smart readers will understand.

    “The Legions Of Anon” have no need for a leader at the moment. Because the time hasn’t come yet. When the people are ready, the one(s) will appear.

    But this will mean, that the battle has began.

    We do not forgive..

    We do not forget..

    Expect us..

  40. I wish many more people know about this huge problem that could possibly end up in a war. Sometimes I ask people do you hate the government.

    75 PERCENT OF THEM SAID NO. I ask them do you hate taxes, all of the 75 percent said no. I ask them why, they said its because they need some money in return for their roads, their protection, and bla bla. As if they were proud for the government to steal their money. They were proud to let a bigger thief with plenty of money protect them from smaller thieves and steal their money later on.

    Now, I’m planning to print barcodes and post them everywhere. These bar codes when scanned will lead to a certain video I found on the internet that will change people’s minds to wake up. So that’s pretty much the best I can do. May anon grow strong.

  41. Ideas can never be killed only people can be.. Lets fight for a better world .. The concept of money and wealth is the reason for all wrongs.. Try living less dependent on money and more dependent on love and compassion lets make this world a better place..

  42. Anonymous is a great idea but u must be aware that these movements can easily be hijecked by those in power to justify their own ends . The great strength that Anonymous has is its collective identity with out specific centralized power structure but its greatest weakness is also this . These kinds of movements are easily hijacked by gov which the unwitting public would support with out knowing who is at the controls . Judge anonymous by its actions and not by its words . Note : – DNS attacks are pretty easy to do !

  43. Hey Anonymous.
    I was wondering whether you could dig up some stuff on Roswell Ufo crash and Conspiracy theories.
    BTW that mask is really cool.
    Mr K

  44. I would like to know why “Uncle” is with capital letter. You refer to “Big Brother” ? And why does nobody thinks only fir a second that the whole Anonymous movement is just a governmental act with wich they give us the fake belief of hope ? Maybe there are no hakers, it is all just a lie. We all know ,or should, that this is very possible.

  45. Anonymous believes in freedom and liberty for every human being, not like the conservative version of freedom and liberty which amounts to: shut up and do what your Republican government, organized religion and corporations tell you to do and enjoy your freedom and liberty. I hope Anonymous continues to do what they do.

  46. I quote from this artical “. If it wasn’t for Anonymous, who knows if the Justice Department would have launched this full-scale investigation into the Ferguson Police Department for civil rights violations. If it wasn’t for Anonymous, this could have been just another incident swept under the rug by the powers that be. ”

    You cant take credit for this…

    if it wasnt for the LOCAL COMMUNITY, Anon just added to the drama, non anon individuals made things happen..


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