Big Ag Threatens to Shutdown Organic Farmers


GMOs are putting some U.S. organic farmers out of business, due to the contamination of pollen drift or cross-pollination from neighboring GMO crops. It’s a fight that is being fought hard by the Big Ag corporations, in order to stop the $35 million dollar organic industry from booming any further. [1]

Over 20,000 stores in the U.S. now offer organic produce. It’s the beginning of a food revolution that is taking hold for those who are fed up with eating unlabeled foods, that have questionable health benefits attached. The change in trends can be attributed to education, and Big Ag corporations aren’t happy.


Unless you have money to burn, says the organic farmers, the constricting laws surrounding crop production are becoming a crippling feature to growing a healthy alternative. Buffer zones have been requested to assist in the prevention of cross-pollination (which can occur within a five mile radius but as far as 13 miles), but have been rebuked by the FDA, supported by Biotech, Monsanto and the like. [2]

Whole Foods executive Errol Schweizer, has stated that the company is currently finding it difficult sourcing organic foods to provide the public. The shortage is becoming more and more of an issue, to the point where organic foods may soon become a mere highlight of the family garden in the not too distant future.

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  1. GMO- Genetically Modified Organism

    In this case, the GMO Foods are actually patented and registered with the federal government as Pesticides being the Genetic Modifications render the “plant” capable of “naturally” furnishing particular Bactria which kill MOST crop pests.. They are growing immunities though, and you are eating the shit.


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