11-Year-Old Boy Detained For Disagreeing With Anti-Cannabis Propaganda; Mother’s Facebook Account Meant To Raise Funds For Defense Shutdown


The Kansas police have arrested an 11-year-old boy, who had previously lived in Colorado for a period of time, for disagreeing with his school officials on the usage of cannabis.

The boy was said to have vocally disagreed with the anti-cannabis propaganda that his school counselors were teaching in his classroom, after which the school authorities alerted the police about the boy’s opinion on the matter.

Cannabis usage in Colorado is legal and the boy reportedly spoke about the medical benefits of cannabis during the interaction, which has ultimately landed him in trouble. After alerting the police, the police immediately raided the boy’s home and took him into custody for possessing two ounces of cannabis and an ounce of cannabis oil.

His mother-Shona Banda, is said to be a well known activist of cannabis oil, but it is unclear whether the boy admitted that the cannabis found in the house belongs to himself or his mother. Shona is said to have successfully treated her Crohn disease with cannabis oil and has become a strong supporter of its use, making her son very educated on cannabis.

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“My son says different things like my ‘Mom calls it cannabis and not marijuana. He let them know how educated he was on the facts,” Shona said in an interview.

After his arrest, Shona together with some activists decided to raise money for her son’s defense on Facebook entitled ‘ GoFundMe’, but the account has been identified and shutdown by the Kansas police.

Shona said her son was taken away from her last month,  since then it has been a back and forth situation with the police regarding the custody of the boy.

“On the 24th March, he was taken into custody. That was on a Tuesday. He was taken out of town Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Friday we had a temporary hearing and temporary custody was granted to my ex. Now the only reason why temporary custody was granted to my ex is because the judge said something to the effect that the amount of cannabis found in my home was going to possibly be felony charges and it was pointless letting the child return home to his mother”, she was quoted by kansasexposed as saying.

As it stands now, the police have not yet charged Shona. The concerned mother explained that her son made those comments in class because he has always been relatively educated on topic of the usage of cannabis.

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“For him to have spoken up in class I can’t be upset about because he hears me daily on the phone talking with people, encouraging people to speak up and speak out. We did have the talk about how it’s not OK to bring this up in Kansas, because it’s a different state [than Colorado]. It’s very confusing for a child,” said Banda, explaining how difficult it can be for children to understand how something could be considered legal medicine in one state and contraband in another.

But despite the police removing the Facbook account made for the purpose of collecting donations to free the young boy, activists have found another platform to raise the money to aid Shona and her son. Shona is separated from her husband and she has been caring for the boy as a single mother. Her ex has not been very supportive in the case. Help us raise the donations needed to free the young boy, who only thought he was defending what he knew was right. Click on this link to donate the little you have towards the release of the innocent boy. http://www.gofundme.com/rw8p88r We shall continue to follow this story and bring you further news after the hearing. Expect us!

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  1. Fuck the police they violated her first and fourteenth amendment rights. Sh should break her child out by any means nessicary. This is bullshit. Police need to fucking stop harassing people they had no grounds for the raid it is a goddamn police state now. Good way to suppress dissent you damn commie bastards.

  2. the police need to be dispatched to a fire pit and burned alive and damned to hell for all eternity this boy had cancer if you read more about it and he had the right to free speech this statement had nothing that threatened national security or the security of others so this boy shouldnt be arrested THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA SAID WE FIGHT COMMUNISM AT ITS BREAK BUT WE HAVENT FOUGHT OUR GOVERNMENT RISE FOR ACTUAL FREEDOM AND SAY FUCK THE GOVERNMENT

  3. The kid should not have been arrested for utilizing his First Amendment rights. Her house should not have been raided on the grounds that what he said was incriminating evidence. They did not have probable cause to think otherwise.
    However, I will say this. Anyone with half a brain who moves to such a backwards state as Kansas needs to rethink that sort of decision. The politicians in Kansas have made it clear to anyone who cares to listen, that they have no interest in joining anything remotely related to progressive polices. I won’t even drive through that state, much less contemplate living there.

  4. Well Nebraska and Oklahoma are suing Colorado perhaps Kansas is feeling the same about them there Mary ja huana peoples moving to their states and corrupting their clean white picket fence society. So lets see the police in Kansas can search a home if the child speaks up in school. It’s a bad thing to say but mom should have taught the child there is a time to speak out and there is a time to shut the fudge up. Yes it’s good he has learned something different than the normal. There is a time to speak out and a time to let it pass as a wise man has said choose your fights. I do think the police stepped on the 4th amendment allot in raiding the home but I have a feeling the kid admitted to the police there was pot there and may have given permission for them to search who knows. Whoever wrote this article didn’t tell us if Kansas allows the medical use of cannabis. If the one mother had registered as a medical user if it was.

    • Me: Well that’s exactly what she told him.
      If you read the article in its entirety:
      “We did have the talk about how it’s not OK to bring this up in Kansas, because it’s a different state [than Colorado]. It’s very confusing for a child,” said Banda, explaining how difficult it can be for children to understand how something could be considered legal medicine in one state and contraband in another.”


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