Sacramento Protests Force Nestlé to Shut Down


Nestlé was forced to shut down for a day during protests in March. The people of California gathered to take a stand against the company’s unrestrained water guzzling during a record drought in the golden state. It comes after the profit-driven company was yet to slow its production of bottling millions of gallons of water from the Sacramento aquifers.

Human barricades blocked both entrances to the bottling plant from the early hours of the morning on March 20th, forcing the company to halt processing for the duration. Protesters were heard chanting “We got to fight for our water,” and “Nestlé, stop it, water not for profit.”


NASA have predicted that the water may run dry as early as 2016, as they fear a “mega drought” has grasped the California state. In a report released by NASA, it has been stated that 11 trillion gallons of water would be needed to break the crisis (42 cubic kilometres). Earlier in the year, it was discovered by scientists that the Sacramento basin, where Nestlé draws its water reserves, was 11 trillion gallons below the season level and has been decreasing steadily since 2002. [1]


Water activists have argued that 80 million gallons of water a year are drained by the Nestlé facility, with no opposition from the City Hall. [2] However, the company argues that it uses 50 million gallons from the Sacramento water supply, which they claim is a fraction of the total water used by the city of Sacramento. [3]

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  1. Go on, don’t stop ! In Sacramento only, Nestlé pumps up 80 millions gallons a year, and people should restrict use of water by 25%. Nestlé Ceo should be put in jail !

  2. It’s sad how often people justify their actions based on the actions of other. They argue that it’s ONLY 50 million gallons rather than 80 million. It doesn’t matter if it’s 50 or 80, the fact is there is a MASSIVE crisis ensuing and regardless of how much the town consumes, they are still a part of the problem, just like everyone else in the town over consuming water. It scares me to think of what other crises are going to happen during my life time.

  3. Simple. Organize a boycott of Nestle products … and there are many. Hummm … maybe the public is just too stupid to do this. Consumer boycott of products made in South Africa brought apartheid to an end. Consumer boycott of Nike changed their way of subcontracting Asian sweatshops to make their shoes. Consumer boycott is the most powerful weapon in the world against corporate empires.

  4. They say they’re only using a fraction of water the city uses…um, 1/10 is a fraction. 2/3 is a fraction. 999/1000 is also a fraction. So, what kind of “fraction” are we talking about here? Also, fuck Nestle. Aren’t they the one who says water is not a human right, and should be privatized? Go to hell Nestle.


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