The Biggest Military Hack Ever Exposes NASA Secret ‘UFO Files’


Between February 2001 and March 2002 Gary McKinnon from North London, looking for evidence of free energy suppression and a cover-up of UFO activity and other technologies potentially useful to the public, hacked into 16 NASA computers as well as dozens of US Army, Navy, Air Force, and Department of Defense computers. The search for evidence of a UFO cover-up, however, landed McKinnon in trouble.

The Americans believed he had caused $800,000 (£487,000) worth of damage to computers between 2001 and 2002. On 16 October 2012, after a series of legal proceedings in Britain, Home Secretary Theresa May withdrew her extradition order to have him brought to the United States. She took the quasi-judicial decision on human rights grounds because of medical reports warning that McKinnon, who has Asperger syndrome and suffers from depressive illness, could kill himself if sent to stand trial in the US.

On 14 December 2012, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer, announced that McKinnon would not be prosecuted in the United Kingdom because of the difficulties involved in bringing a case against him when the evidence was in the United States. McKinnon is accused of committing the ‘biggest military computer hack of all time’, and if he had been convicted in US, could have faced up to 70 years in prison and up to $2 million in fines.

But what did McKinnon find?

McKinnon had heard that information about the existence of extraterrestrial visits was being hidden from the public, and that pictures from space were being altered at NASA’s Johnson’s space center; UFOs were allegedly being taken out of pictures.

When he hacked into Johnson’s systems, he found a high definition picture of a large cigar-shaped object hovering over the northern hemisphere. When he hacked into the systems of US Space Command, he found a log that listed non-terrestrial officers… which he believed was evidence that the US military has a secret battalion in space. Some of these logs were ship-to-ship transfers; the USSS LeMay and the USSS Hillenkoetter were the names he saw on the transfer logs – USSS stands for United States Space Ship.

He said, I found a list of officers’ names … under the heading ‘Non-Terrestrial Officers’. It doesn’t mean little green men. What I think it means is not Earth-based. I found a list of ‘fleet-to-fleet transfers’, and a list of ship names. I looked them up. They weren’t US Navy ships. What I saw made me believe they have some kind of spaceship, off-planet”.

The US government, indifferent to the information McKinnon came across, continues to allege that he took down military computers, making the US vulnerable to attack soon after 9/11. McKinnon denies those claims, and says he had never acted with malicious intent. In 2009, he told the BBC, “I am not blind to criminality, but I was on a moral crusade. I was convinced, and there was good evidence to show, that certain secretive parts of the American government intelligence agencies did have access to crashed extra-terrestrial technology which could, in these days, save us in the form of a free, clean, pollution-free energy. I thought if someone is holding onto that, it is unconstitutional under American law. I didn’t think about jail sentences at the time”.

Is McKinnon being made a scapegoat?

In 2005, McKinnon told the Guardian,Once you’re on the network, you can do a command called NetStat – Network Status – and it lists all the connections to that machine. There were hackers from Denmark, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Thailand… every night for the entire five to seven years I was doing this”.

Are the governments really suppressing antigravity, UFO-related technologies, free energy or what they call zero-point energy? Was McKinnon right in taking the illegal route to expose the secrets being kept?

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  1. I have heard that NASA had many photos of what appeared to be UFO’s, but were told by their higher up officials to erase them from the photos. I wandered how true some of this was, seems like it could be fact.
    Carrie Geren Scoggins
    webcast on YouTube

    • Tbh would you not think that Nasa, if they had any photos they really wanted to keep secret, that they would just print it off or not put it on a pc in the first place for security reasons. Keeping ‘Top Secret’ photos on something they KNOW will sooner or later be hacked or accessed by people they don’t want in it, these guys have been to the moon and beyond, yet they put theit ‘Top Secret’ items on a pc in a world filled with people that can hack into it? Yeah sorry but that seems dumb to me.

      • I see your point, but think about the massive amounts of resources (like paper, storage space, etc.) which they’d require to store these evidences. I think they got overconfident about their security systems, hence letting this happen.

        • Overconfident? They know their security has always been flawed, It’s common knowledge that nasa had a couple of guys use a backdoor past their security for a looong time. on top of the numerous people who have broken into thei systems before now.
          Yeah, I call bullshit on this guy.

          • They should spend less time spying on citizens and more time securing their own computers and email says a cyber expert on RT television a few days ago. This expert said they listen to us through our iPhones and newer phones so he suggests either getting an old basic phone or getting rid of your cell phone altogether.

        • I spent 37 years at NASA . I can guarantee you that we were fully aware of the constant attacks on our computers. Over confidence was not our mindset.

          • NASA isn’t privy to classified documents detailing UFO’s. They may have some things here and there but truly classified ‘non-terrestrial’ information originates from Naval Intelligence. NASA is nothing more than a public decoy (child’s play) for the real space program run behind closed doors. And NASA wouldn’t think twice about storing images on hard drives back then because they arrogantly believed that they had the best anti-hacks protecting their assets. Whoops!

        • If anyone wanted to store something like this,they wouldn’t store it on a machine connected to the net in any way.Information this sensitive would never be put on a live machine.Just transfer the data to a machine that’s never been or will be on the net,and it disappears,and anyone that knows word one about net security would store it there.I don’t think you can ‘hack’ into anything of real value,just things that seem to be of real value.If this story is true,and he did see some real photos,I’d think someone made an unbelievably massive fuckup.Seems unlikely though.

          • You are so funny, do you know how many people had internet access back in the late 90’s? No? Thought not! lets help you out here, late 90’s there where approx 50,000 internet users in the UK and NASA was arrogant to the fact that someone like Gary could exist, or at least be self taught hacking genius.

      • You’re going by the assumption that they were in agreement to hide this evidence. What if they didn’t want to edit these images but were forced to by their contract or the government? If they truly wanted to keep these images from public eyes then they would have been edited then the originals would have been destroyed.

      • Consider Hillary Clinton and her servers with highly sensitive itineraries, satellite photosphotos, and locations and activities of Chris StevensSteven’s…..?

      • you obviously are giving credit to a government that is not that smart.
        Military intelligence is an oxymoron

      • They want to keep it a secret because if the mass accepts the possibility of other worlds engaging ours, it would be easy then for the military to take full control of space missions. Reason? 99% of all contacts with other peoples on earth went terribly, and earth life is an example of life beyond earth. Considering that earth is in the same universe.

        Earth defense vs peoples fantasies of friendly visitors. Military always wins those debates.

        First link key points
        Weakness in intelligence – “The human incapacity to objectively process such data indications a serious weakness in the intelligence of the community”
        The mind – “But when it realizes the strange nature of the phenomena it goes into shock. The mind likes to live in a comfortable world where it feels it knows what to expect, and that, is not too threatening either physically or psychologically. The unusual dispels the comfortable illusion the mind has created.”
        Mind defense – “To protect itself against such an intrusive and threatening REALITY the mind will begin to add imagination and interpretation to incoming data to make it more acceptable.*

        Now_you_see.pdf < "a second brightly-lit object (about one-half to one-third the size of the moon) detached from the original UFO and headed straight at the F-4 at a high rate of speed" How big was the original object?

    • Are there any Christians here that understand what is truly going on with these aliens? These beings have been around since the beginning of man. When the time is right for us to “get to know them” folks will be very happy about them. But will find out after a few years that they are evil, not good.

    • I’ve seen a recording in space that the censors apparently missed. It show a moving object moving across a vast section of space. There were stars in the background. The object probably was traveling at a few thousand miles per hour when it stopped and reversed it’s direction and covered probably thousands of miles in a few seconds. Then it looked like a missile entered the picture from a different direction and went over the spot the object just vacated. Something or someone shot at something that was being controled by superior beings. I lost this tape but I’ve seen it a few times since. It’s floating around out there.

  2. This is one of the biggest pictures taken from the galaxy.

    Yet it is a fraction of what we can see.

    And here is the best ET Evidence.
    Photos and videos, government and military witnesses, New energy evidence, a study of the federation of American scientists who conclude that invention suppression is still going on. Over 5500 patents suppressed. And a lot more…

    And just search for yourself on youtube. Try and type Dr. Steven Greer and you’l be amazed.

  3. this articles bollucks, this picture has been around for years! just type in dark knight satellite on Google images and you’ll see this image and many others.

  4. Vandita: Your shity conspiracy stories merely do the government’s dirty work of keeping people distracted from their real problems. Your weak writing, churned out after you’ve had a couple of beers, relegates this site to the level of tabloid news, which, judging by your chosen topics, are the only things you are capable of producing.

  5. I really want to believe this. But somehow I just can’t… Sorry anonymous. Ireally do trust you guys are good people and you tell the truth but a part of me says this is fake.

  6. I believe the object you see on the header is called the “Black Satellite”. And i think its estimated to be around 10,000 years old.
    I think.

  7. I grew up with Family working at Johnson Spaceflight center.
    The General consensus amongst NASA’s higher up’s, Command.
    “We feel that the People would Panic if they knew what was really out there.”
    I Know the evidence exists, both hardware and pictures. most of it is in out of the way vaults etc.

    Though in the last few years the old guard way of thinking is changing.
    I certainly hope that the Disclosure comes sooner rather than Later.

    • I believe your observation is addressed in a NASA study from 1959 provided to NASA by The Brookings Institute titled: “Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs.” Commonly known as, “The Brookings Report.” Included in the study was a subsection titled, “Implications of a Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life.” The study concluded that any discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence, including evidence of artifacts left behind millions of years ago by intelligent extraterrestrial life, should not be made public. The study determined that any knowledge, by the general public, would cause social disorientation and a potential collapse of society. The 264 page Brookings document can be found on the internet.

        • Considering what we are learning about our solar system alone it would be stupid not to.
          We might soon find life on Saturn’s moons, we can speculate that life on Mars existed considering the evidence we currently have. So tell me, considering that there is/was 3 planets/moons that might have/have had life in our solar system alone what do you think are the chances of finding intelligent life in a Universe that has billions of galaxies and each galaxy has billions of stars eh?

          Not saying that they have visited us.

  8. If there were so many hckers on the network, they probably planted the information with the intention of it getting hacked and the info getting out.

    While everyone though they found the goose egg, the real info stayed hidden.
    (that would be my guess)

    • Your comment makes no logical sense. IF THEY ****** CHANGE THE SCRIPTS ON THE SITE, THE GOV. WORKERS WOULD ******* NOTICE THAT **** AND REMOVE IT!!! WHY IN THE ***** **** **** ****** WOULD ANYONE BE ***** DUMB ENOUGH TO DO WHAT YOU SUGGEST!?!?!?

      • I like apples and my pet rabbit and sunshine and the color blue and I can count to 100 and I want waffles for breakfast and they r better than pancakes and……….

  9. I wonder, if there are pro hackers with the knowledge to get inseide this ultra secured nets of information, why isn’t there more credible and concrete information and documentation on this issues?

    I’m not saying this is fake but, as a reader i would like to know there’s nobody arround playing games and sharing false stuff about UFOS or ET’s and wasting my time. I do believe there’s something outside, i do know that the US (and probably other countries) have developed technologies we are not aware about, but we need to see documentation, we need to see videos (i’m sure there are) and material that non of the agencies or governments can deny.

    If there’s gonna be truth, let’s have the complete truth, no matter who’s got to fall.

    • Remember this was in the days of 300 baud dialup modems. Maybe Windows 3.1 or 3.11. The U.S. government locks down the loophole (belatedly!) and has the bobbies order the destruction of the hard drive and any printouts. Then everyone says “Oh, look! He doesn’t have any proof so he must be telling a lie!” “But he is still considered guilty!” – No proof for him, or the government, but he must be guilty because the government says so.

      • Your a bit off there I know because I first started getting online with 300 baud modems. 2001 or so would have been 56k modems mm ISDN and. DSL and Cable was just starting out. If you were lucky or rich t3 and t1.Though 300 buad modems been around they didn’t come out for home computer users tell 80’s somewhere. The creation of home BBS’s

      • Mc Kinnon is accused by NASA of the biggest Hack ever. Seventy years in jail if they could get their hands on him. I believe that Aliens are working hand in hand with NASA since the Roswell crash. Another crash in 1965 Kecksberg Pa. I tried to go see that crash and was met by an Army Lieutenant who pointed his carbine at me and said get. The land is no longer private property if something crashed on it. It’s government property.

  10. I agree that free energy, ET visitors, etc. is all most likely real and being kept from us, however not for the reasons we believe. Most people think, it would be kept secret because the general public would freak out and mass hysteria would ensue. Whether or not that’s true, there is one other thing and that is the oil industry and everything that goes along with it. The oil, automobile, and all the industries associated employ hundreds of thousands of people and additionally those companies reinvest much of their own money. Spinning their wheels? Yes, but hundreds of thousands of people no longer having a job would create much more hysteria than a couple of flying saucers landing in Nevada or whatever.

    • Free energy means unlimited energy for everyone and this will create a lot more jobs. With this we can pas a point where not everybody will have to work.
      This is good news for humanity but this is bad news if you have a 1 Trillion dollar oil field.
      This will threaten all the private owned interest in the the oil, gas, coal industries which is estimated at multi hundreds trillions of dollars.
      This means all the richest industries about the past and now…Coal, oil, gas, nuclear won’t be needed anymore.
      Because we now have clean energy for everyone.
      The full video is also interesting. This is also Dr. Steven Greer talking.

      • You’re dead right…The Military industrial complex have had free energy technology since the 1950’s. But greed and power overrides everything. Those who control our money control us. If the zero point technology was to get out those people who control the oil and every other petroleum related business would lose their income and their power to control the people. The American president is just a puppet who has no real power…look to the Rothchilds, The Morgans, The Rockafellers etc., they are the ones who will suffer if this were to come out, they are the money holders, they hold the power, they rule the world.
        Dr. Greer gave up his lucrative career as a Medical Doctor to bring all this out in the open so that humanity would benefit. It’s time the balance of power was shifted so that the human race could advance and pull out of the enslavement we are all in at the moment.

  11. Since the government does not obey the laws it enacts, why should anyone else? Despite what the government tells you, it does NOT have “right of ownership” of information WE PAID FOR.

  12. this person must leak all the information he found to through wikileaks or something, if the public does not know what is happening his hacks mean nothing.

  13. Doesnt really show us anything.nice article. The link seems to point to a WP like site and the theme engine isnt loading so it looks like SHIT.Nice cover Pic.

  14. Wow, what a pseudo scientic article full of BS.

    I would like to believe in aliens and extra-terrestrial intelligent life forms visiting earth, but to cite something as credible without a hint of solid proof is beyong stupid.

    This article and people who say government is hiding the ET facts from us can be blown to smithereens.

    First, NASA isn’t the only agency in space. There is ESA, then Russians, Chinese & Indians. All of these agencies/countries have incredible amount of infrastructure dedicated to space programs. Are you telling me that no one, simply no one from these space programs noticed anything orbiting or entering the earth’s atmosphere?
    Not only space agencies, but militaries from several of these countries(most prominent Russia) monitor anything entering the atmosphere for missile defense purposes(you should know that if you know how ICBMs with MIRVs operate).

    So no one, noticed? And if they did they decided to play along with NASA. Even USA’s staunch enemies like Russia? Yeah, right.

    Second, if this guy and other claimed hackers from Thailand, Germany, Italy or wherever had the access to the NASA computers with the classified information, why has it not been put out in the open. Even in a dark corner of the internet? So you are saying that Julian Assange can access secure cables and documents and put it on wikileaks and these guys cannot? I’d say these guys did not have anything in the first place.

    Third, where is the amateur evidence? Amateur space equipment has grown more tech-savvy. There are 12MP cameras on every phone. Of 7 billion people, with at least a billion walking around with a camera, the lack of amateur evidence is perplexing.

    Indeed secrets are being kept, but intelligent ET & UFOs aren’t one of them.

    • I partially agree with what you’re saying.

      It’s true that US’ not the only nation out there in the space, there are plenty more of them. And yes, this article in the detail lacks a strong base of evidence (even knowing that Gary McKinnon’s one of the most dangerous hackers on the history).

      However, if there is one thing we can be sure about is being hidden from the masses, is all the UFOs and Extra-Terrestrial evidence files. There have been several thousands sightings in the past 70 years after WWII ended and God only knows how many BEFORE it and unrecorded. Plus, all those Nazi super-secret projects about space (like V-2 rockets which were US’ and Soviet Russia key to go in space by the way) and their odd “Nazi-Bell UFO” which appears to have crashed somewhere in the North America in 1947 (you can google it and have a good time if you like), accidents like Roswell and such are most likely the tip of the iceberg also along other archaeological evidences across both American and Asian continents. Just not to mention all those pics from Mars and the Moon so, we can be just assured that there’s life beyond the Earth, and they’re hiding it from the masses (I repeat: from the MASSES).

      Only, there’s a little tiny problem: the ominous-named United States of America are a worldwide pain in the ass with more than half the world hating them for their desruptive behaviour out of less than 250 years of history circa. This may be one of the causes why they’re attacked so much by many folks around the planet.

      Odds are that ESA, Russia, UK, France, Germany, China, India and other superpowers are actually in posses of similar evidences, but since NSA’s capable of spying the 98% of the world when this latter has its guard down it’s most likely they’re hiding it as well, or if they’ve been hacked nothing yet has been leaked.

      There are too many cases, too many “coincidences”, too many silent persons -by will or by force-, too many “unintelligible events” across the world to make someone checking this kind of thing not believing in it. Also there’s always a huge fuss and an immediate covering attack to silence someone who starts speaking. So, I guess we’re halfway to the truth by having this sort of dialogue.

    • Thank you!!I hope you dont mind if i copy what you wrote and use it as reference if/when(cuz im a procrastinator) i write an alien book. lol. I love scifi…and while i think it would be very cool if aliens existed..thus far..they do not..but in my stories they can!

      i want to keep in consideration what you wrote and how it can work into my stories. I wanna make it a point that when my aliens arrive..nobody can hide it(because thats the most likely way…i dont think if aliens can space travel, that they would be stupid enough to end up being experiments for humans)and that aliens are quite in the majority when they announce their presence….almost overwhelming the people of the world into being on the defensive, not offensive….. for me,it just seems silly that people believe that humans would actually be in such a control if aliens existed/arrived on earth. We cant even get a man on mars..and we’ve yet to even make moon a livable place(or just, at least a place that has a building of sorts for astronauts to live there)….oh im thinking up all these cool ideas for a story….and the movie The Martian(which was awesome)……ok, moving on now…..

      just wanted to say thanks and that hope u dont mind if i ever use some of the things you stated….which-while i was on the same track as you-is a little more specific and helps me do more research on the right topics.


    • Actually many Russian astronauts have came out and told everyone that they had contact. They even show video of flying UFO they say are alien crafts.

  15. I call bullshit simply because clearly we are dealing with creatures that have technology that makes our best shit look like just that aliens will never visit earth it would be like you or I stopping by an ant hill considering ants are technological equal

    • NEWSFLASH: Aliens wouldn’t visit Earth, your right! But there ARE aliens that LIVE on Earth but the “government” and even “military” keep them out of your life to “protect” you. Lol, but the “government” and “military” are not doing a very good job. Everyone knows the truth. I hope you do not “panic” as these humans think you will! Btw Earth is not what you think it is. 🙂

  16. hello anonymous always knew we were not alone in this demension,
    but is a doubt because no one reveals nothing about aliens definitely ?????

  17. You know if they are finally admitting to these ……….. they always have something MORE !!!!

    NOW THAT YOU’VE HEARD THE WORD “ STARSHIP “ GO TO THE VIDEO AGAIN ONLY PAUSE IT AT ( 7 sec ) what what do you think it is ? Pause again at ( 8 sec ) what do you think it is ?? Pause again a mili sec later at ( 8 sec ) you see a bright light …….. what do you think that is !! Surprised smile WHY DO THEY INSERT THESE PICS INTO THE VIDEO YOU REALLY NEVER SEE ???

    OK maybe just one more thing ……… this guy is in the air force right ???? Did you notice the hallway he was walking down Smile he probably wasn’t on a SUB seeing he’s in the air …… the shuttle didn’t have a hallway like that, that’s not a fighter jet and that’s not the space station !! So where was he ??

    • Yeah I completely agree, one of the biggest things people have been in my mind, is free energy. Thats one of the biggest hush hush secrests the goverment has against us and it could free us from so much!!

      • So you are saying that all these inventors of free energy devices are too selfish or incompetent to put out their plans in the open so every smart person can build one themself? Instead for some reason, they fail to tell anyone that knows how to copy and spread information. I guess “the government” controls every way of communicating, except for this comment section where people can freely talk about free energy devices, and youtube ofcourse.

        I guess they are all fake, and only “real” free energy plans are suppressed, right?

  18. In 2001,, Backdoors on Nasa was not good enough to prevent the attacks .It was low security that time compare now.

  19. Gary McKinnon wasn’t the only hacker caught revealing interesting ufo related tech. Mathew Bevan (also from UK, charged with US military hack into Wright Patterson AF Base, and possibly others) also went public with some of his findings.

  20. Free energy just isn’t possible at the moment until you can make a 100% efficient system with no losses through heat friction resistance etc then there’s never going to be 100% free energy as parts need replaced and inherent losses in systems

    • How isn’t anything free? Would the world stop spinning if there were no printed money? Would people stop innovating, would industry stop, or would we all not do what we love or whatever we wanted to do for that matter all because there was no money coming off printing presses? No.

  21. Wow what will it take for some people to Wake The Fuck Up and realize the government s of the world do not have your best interests in mind they only care for their power structure and continuity’s of government once you realize this you will be better off. Am I saying believe everything you see or watch on the net no. But I am saying do your own research before you just discredit everything McKinnon did without even vetting him or this article cause I can assure you he was a genuine person who wanted to whistle blow this whole situation and yes their is a world wide cover-up going on imagine if you found out the deepest darkest secrets about this alien ufo stuff and realised that if the human public knew the full disclosure they would go insane think about it this way what if a world leader came clean and said you know what ufos are real and so are aliens and we have been in cohort with them for the past 80+ years we have made secreted deals and treaties that involved trading humans for advanced tech oh and by the way some of them consume us like cattle .How long you think our society would function the way it is now? For this reason there is a secret collaboration to keep this information secret even amongst enemies. And who’s to say all this enemies between world superpowers isn’t a false flag to keep us distracted while they fight the real enemies in space? Just look some of this up and do some reasurch into the subject and not base your opinions off of biased info fed to you from a controlled media source that programs your squishy beains into believing anything they tell you on every channell about a hundred times

  22. Same old story, so many eveidences and the only thing they have is a crappy photo. So? Where are all the other proofs?

  23. We are living in the last days Jesus Christ told us to look up and we will see signs and wonders. He stated that the earth would come under attack from evil forces and it’s all true. We don’t love each other we don’t love the earth and man is bloodthirsty. I’ve seen a ufo before and it scared the living shit out of me if they ever land life as we know it is over.

    • My husband woke up in the night because he heard what he thought was a dog that kept barking, which turned out to be a coyote so as he was heading back in the house, he decided to look up at the stars and he immediately saw what looked like a star but it was moving back and forth, zigzagging across the sky and then it came closer toward the trees and he ran in the house and straight into bed. Lol Oddly, he fell instantly asleep and had a dream he saw a purplish-blue oval craft the size of a bathtub, at the foot of our bed and something communicated telepathically with him and he said no I don’t want to see what’s inside, I’m not ready and then it disappeared. This was last August and he still talks about it and he’s a pretty quiet guy. He still can’t figure out how me or the dogs slept through everything because the coyote was so loud and I’m usually a light sleeper. I believe he saw something that night and he’s not sure his dream was real or just what this experience was. I swear to God this is the truth.

  24. Another whistle blower, Jefferson Souza wrote “The Blue Planet Project Book” and has been in Federal prison for the last 19 years. His book reveals facts about government involvement with aliens, genetic experiments, and amazing technology using alien knowledge:

  25. I believe some aliens or hybrids live among us. Met a guy who was in a horrific accident (saw pics – he is a truck driver) had half his faced peeled off amd he was discharged after a week! Medical staff couldn’t explain it. He looks slightly odd, gay also but that’s probably besides the point

  26. First of all I do believe that these kind of secret files exist.In the end most of you do what the government wants: you laugh at him, don’t believe him criticise him and in the end half of you go to bed thinking this is BS and the other half think that one day you all see that I was right: aliens exist! Now. My opinion is that they exist. Even Prof. Steven Hawking said that mathematically impossible that we are the only intelligent species in the universe ergo aliens exist. He already started a project with other great minds to find them. I won’t ask for a proof from him because I would probably won’t understand half of his explanation… I believe him because as I see he is not affected by any political activity…
    On a more important note…What if these government facilities have indeed leaked “secret” information about aliens, they aircrafts they technology and so on…What if THESE ARE the cover??? If you see a “leaked” video about an autopsy of an alien? You say wow! I knew it! But wait for it… What if these bodies are the product of genetical engineering, experimenting on humans??? Did you ever think about that aliens are the best cover for these facilities and inside they can do whatever they want!!! If they really don’t want you to know then why everyone knows already? It’s an open secret! They why they not just let us inside area 51for instance if we already know what’s inside???
    But this is just my opinion…..

  27. “Gary McKinnon was taken at age four to undergo training, torture and programming via the British arm of MK Ultra in Project Mannequin. He was taken to a six-level base 200 feet underground the village of Peasemore at Berkshire, a facility known as Al/499, where most UK children are molded to become soliders, operatives, sex slaves and assassins. Returning from duty on Mars in 2006, a disinfo plan was hatched by the NSA. McKinnon would pose as a marijuana-smoking amateur hacker who somehow found a backdoor into US government and NASA databases (c’mon, folks, they are not that sloppy) where he stumbled on photos of anti-gravity ships and crew manifests for United States Space Command. That information is correct. The plan was to release this information into the public to gauge reaction, if people would accept or believe it. To add creditbility to the story, a bogus investigation and extradiction demand, along with hearings in the UK courts, was manufactured. This way people would say, “Well, if the USA wants to prosecute him, what he found must be real.” It is real, but the circumstances are all disinfo. However, the lover of McKinnon’s ex-girlfriend murdered McKinnon, thinking he was doing the Cabal a favor and would be rewarded for it. He found himself tortured and mind-wiped instead. A clone of McKinnon was gestated to take his place. If they allowed the murder to become known, it would raise too many suspicions and there would be citizen outcry that the US government had him killed, when it was nothing but a crime of jealousy and opportunity. What further orders will be given to the McKinnon Clone is unknown.”

  28. Its called the Black Knight, after a british missile test flight look it up, declassified since they found it in the late 1800’s

  29. I saw them…in dehradun(India)…they were incredible…. I like there futuristic amazing ..out of the human mind..

  30. 1. Et’s or alien do really exist,but why would they wanted to contact bloody evil planet like earth full of wars and lies. Stop and reason thing with your genius mind; think of the power of modern technologies{ super computers, virtual inteligence, robots, genetical egineering etc etc}. Could it be possible such an invention be secrectly made into reality? 2. Free energy can be made available to US citizen if all the money spent on military converted to energy for the population. Besides why would energy be the reason for space discovery, there has to be something better. 3. Space discovery is a symptom of wickedness and stupendous act of homos sapien.

    • It would makes sense, if you would take the example of European countries, budding with technology but no workers or space in their own homeland, so they set out to colonialise other countries!

  31. Surely a list of “Non-terrestrial Officers” on a US Navy computer means naval officers as opposed to army officers? Why would it be more likely that a list of this type would be aliens in the military/navy?

    Anyhow I am so glad that Gary was not extradited and hope he is very well.

    Keep up the good work

  32. I think NASA an area 51 is linked up too one another BTW I’m all the way from south Africa an id wish that I could go for an excursion to NASA


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