A Bill Clinton Rape Survivor Just Told Us the Story the Media Refuses to Tell


By theantimedia.org


 “I looked at him straight in the eyes and I told him to go to hell,” said 73-year-old Juanita Broaddrick on Tuesday, speaking on Anti-Media Radio about the only experience she had with the man since she says he raped her in 1978.

It had been 13 years since Broaddrick’s horrific encounter in a Little Rock, Arkansas hotel room when, in 1991, she found herself back in the state capitol for a seminar of nursing home administrators. She says she was told someone needed to speak with her in the hallway of the building where the event was being held. “Just as I went around the corner, there he was. And it was very shocking to me,” she said.

“And he came over to me and started apologizing profusely for what he had done to me back in 1978, and was just saying all these things — and I was just flabbergasted. And he kept saying, ‘I’m a changed man’ and ‘I have a family’ and ‘I’m just not that person that I used to be.’”

She says less than a week after her attacker apologized, he announced he was running for president.

Out of fear and in denial, Broaddrick did not go public with the accusation Bill Clinton had raped her until she was interviewed on NBC’s Dateline in 1999. She says that experience so frightened her, she failed even to recount the incident in an affidavit amid an investigation during the Clinton presidency.

Though she doesn’t like the word “rape,” Broaddrick insists it is the only term sufficient to describe what Bill Clinton did to her while running for governor when he still served as the attorney general for Arkansas.

It isn’t a new accusation, of course, but Broaddrick’s story is making headlines once again as Hillary Clinton inches closer to the Democratic nomination.

In 1978, Broaddrick attended a nursing home conference and, despite reservations, allowed Bill Clinton to accompany her to her hotel room because, as she told Anti-Media, her “business depended on the State of Arkansas.” As she tells it, Broaddrick was under the impression Clinton wanted to discuss the nursing home where she was employed — “our rates, everything to do with business depended on cooperation from the State of Arkansas, which he [as state attorney general] was the head of.”

Listen below in its entirety – Juanita Broaddrick: In Her Own Words – A Conversation with Anti-Media


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    • She made her career in law by successfully defending a child rapist in court. Anybody who knows anything about Hillary knows that she isn’t exactly anti-rape.

      • This story about the little girl that was raped and hillary defended the rapist to the point of were she said the little girl asked to be raped! It’s a very very sad story and any woman that has children that can defend a man in such a way that it makes a child have to live with something like this for the rest of her life should not be a mother or president, and that was only one out of many that she defended she is an awful person along with her husband

  1. “Though she doesn’t like the word “rape,” Broaddrick insists it is the only term sufficient to describe what Bill Clinton did to her..”

    There is something very convenient about the timing of this accusation. If it wasn’t rape, what was it? I wonder if she’s being coached?

  2. I’m surprised that you guys are posting this crap. I thought your groups was devoted to championing truth and justice, not behave like the Inquirer.

    • It is the truth…. and not a new story. We knew about what happened back in the 90’s….read your history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bill Clinton is not running for President. I could care less what she accuses him of. If he’s guilty of those charges, why hasn’t he been prosecuted for Sexual Assault? And, I don’t care how many times Trumps’ wife posed nude or, semi nude. What I do care about is the direction our new Commander in chief will take this country.

  4. Damn just listening to that argument made me want to shoot myself with all the bullshit political debates can’t we all just ban together and say that Ted Cruz is a sack of shit that no one likes ok good. Now time to go watch some Clinton rape videos on the internet night

  5. This is a well known story. People are all talking about Trump when Clinton’s bullshit was leaked out and not a single person is talking about Hillary though. Being a rape victim myself, it’s hard to talk about. Of course the story is making it now because it’s not easy and it’s saying DON’T VOTE FOR HIS WIFE. I rather have a man who is being ACCUSED OF touching women than a woman who has physical proof of being a murderer and has more proof of scandalous things.

  6. All I an say is…… that if these 2 are the best America has to stand as their leaders then God help us all……. because the system is corrupted we are all fCkued!!!!


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