Bitter-Sweet Victory: Charges Dropped for Brothers Who Fought Back Against Detroit Cops



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Southfield, Michigan – Two brothers who were profiled, followed, and assaulted by Detroit Police back in May of 2013 have enjoyed a rare victory. The brothers were charged with assaulting an officer and resisting arrest after the altercation, however surveillance video that later surfaced in the media depicted a different story, and all charges were dropped. While this can be considered another small win for citizens in the civil war that’s being waged by the Police State, the brother’s recent settlement which was paid by the city is actually coming out of taxpayer’s pockets.

On the day in question, Tywonn Mitchell (20), and Naybon Moore (26), thought nothing of the two officers who followed them into a restaurant parking lot. Moments after entering the diner, however, the two officers approached the brothers and demanded to see identification.

Little did the officers know, one brother was studying criminal justice, the other was studying law, and both of the brothers were well aware of their rights. Knowing they were part of an unlawful shakedown, the brothers refused to provide their papers, and that’s when one of the officers pushed Moore. After knocking the officer’s hand away, a fist-fight between the brothers and police ensued.



The officers involved have been cleared of any wrongdoing, and the Detroit Police Department stated that their use of force was appropriate. However, in light of the footage obtained, the prosecutor’s office disagreed with Detroit police, and dropped all charges against the young men.

According to reports, a settlement has just been paid to the brothers by the city of Detroit, which more appropriately means the “people of Detroit” paid for the officers’ actions that day. In the meantime, both of these cops faced no repercussions, and are still on duty today.

In a statement from the men’s attorney:

It is an unfortunate circumstance that taxpayers continue to pay for stupid mistakes.”





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