Botched Nose Job Leaves Woman with Silicone Implant Sticking Out of Her Face


There is a reason why you must embrace, accept, and love the healthy and beautiful body you are born with. If you reject your own body or wish you were born differently, you only invite negativity into your life – sometimes total tragedy.

In her quest to get the perfect feminine nose, an unnamed woman in Hat Yai, Thailand, decided to go under the knife at a local clinic hoping that a cheap rhinoplasty would give her a more ‘pronounced’ nose.

However, the procedure that was supposed to give her a defined nose went horribly wrong. She began suffering from infections and inflammation on her face where the surgery had taken place. Later, the silicone implant began to reveal itself at the top of her damaged nose, between her eyes.

Ultimately, she was left with a silicon implant, inserted with an aim to give her nose a more prominent shape, poking through her skin leaving her face in a bad shape.

siliconeWhen her clinic reportedly took no responsibility for what had happened after she shared the harrowing pictures online, she sought help from plastic surgeons in Bangkok. One generous hospital cured her infections and removed the painful implant at no extra cost.

But now, the woman’s nose has been left with a crater, basically a hole in her head. It is still unclear how the plastic surgeons plan to repair her botched rhinoplasty.

The harrowing mishap has gone viral, with thousands sharing the shocking photos on social media as a warning to women considering cheap nose jobs. Dr John Hilinski, a plastic surgeon who graduated from Harvard Medical School, Boston, writes:

“They [silicone implants] do not become incorporated into the surrounding tissue of the nose. Unfortunately, while encapsulation can keep the implant in the general vicinity, it does not prevent the implant from moving around during the healing process of rhinoplasty.

“When this occurs, the displaced silicone implant can result in an undesirable cosmetic appearance. In other cases, the silicone implant is outright rejected by the body and can even be pushed out through the skin.”

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  1. I read about this before. It was black market plastic surgery. He was an unlicensed surgeon. The surgery wasn’t done in a clinic.


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