Boxing Coach First Saves His Students, Then Makes Their Life


In his free time, police detective Jack Mook would volunteer at the Steel City Boxing gym, Pittsburgh, teaching the sport to street kids. 11-year-old Jessee and his 15-year-old brother Josh were especially liked by Mook. So when they didn’t show up at the gym one day in 2012, Mook went out and found Josh. They were in a foster home with foster parents who Mook said were extremely abusive and neglectful.


“They had suffered flea bites, their teeth were rotten and they had hair missing. They have had it as worse as any other kid that’s ever lived in the city of Pittsburgh, living conditions wise. And I had enough of it,” said Mook. So Mook took matters into his own hands and got the kids placed in a new home: his own. Mook, a bachelor, had been their foster parent until September 2014 when he adopted the boys, and made them Mooks.


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  1. Well done Officer Mook. Multiply you and people like you by a million and we got this abused child thing done. I salute any individual that goes out of their way for children, the oppressed, animals or the elderly. Thank you Mr Mook. You have made my day and I hope you and the boys flourish. Love from us in Good Ole’ England. xxx


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