The Brutally Suppressed Territory You Probably Never Heard Of: Kashmir


Written by: Anonymous Author (eMail submission)

You Think what happens in Gaza is the example of human Atrocity? Well, Then you should know about Kashmir. Since 1988 over 96,000 civilians including women and children have
died at the hands of the Indian army and paramilitary forces in the most brutal ways.

Their crime?

They want India to end the brutal occupation of Kashmir, their homeland. The Kashmir dispute is the oldest unresolved international conflict in the world today. Pakistan considers Kashmir as its core political dispute with India. So does the international community, except India.

India’s forcible occupation of the State of Jammu and Kashmir in 1947 is the main cause of the dispute. India claims to have ‘signed’ a controversial document, the Instrument of Accession, on 26 October 1947 with the  Maharaja of Kashmir, in which the Maharaja obtained India’s military help against popular insurgency. The people of Kashmir and Pakistan do not accept the Indian claim. There are doubts about the very existence of the Instrument of Accession. The United Nations also does not consider Indian claim as legally valid: it recognizes Kashmir as a disputed territory. With the exception of India, the entire world community recognizes Kashmir as a disputed territory. The fact is that all the principles on the basis of which the Indian subcontinent was partitioned by the British in 1947 justify Kashmir becoming a part of Pakistan: the State had majority Muslim population, and it not only enjoyed geographical proximity with Pakistan but also had essential economic linkages with the territories constituting Pakistan. since 1989, India has maintained a military occupation of the Kashmir Valley by more than half a million soldiers, police, paramilitaries, and other armed “security” forces brought in from outside Kashmir.

This occupation has had all the typical attributes of any military occupation, in unusually intense and prolonged form. For most of the last 25 years, the Kashmir Valley has been under various flavors ofde facto or de jure martial law, with soldiers everywhere, army camps next to every village, checkpoints on every city block, curfews, house to house searches, legalized arrest and detention without trial, and official suspension of many of the norms of democratic governance and civil liberties.

Since the departure of the principal non-Muslim population group, the Hindu Pandits, in the 1990s, essentially all of the remaining population in the Kashmir Valley — other than the occupation forces — has been Muslim. That has allowed the Indian forces to define the entire valley as a free-fire zone in which the Kashmiri Muslim population is considered and treated as the enemy: presumed to be either “militants” or their sympathizers, and fair game for summary killing. Military and paramilitary forces have effectively complete impunity for any actions against civilians, which have come to include systematic torture of detainees, rape of civilian women, collective reprisals (against families, neighborhoods, and villages), shooting to death of children who just are too young to understand anything, and attacks targeting medical personnel, human rights activists, and

To put the death toll in perspective, this month the Kashmir Valley has suffered from its worst natural disaster in a century: a 100-year flood that has killed perhaps 500 people. But on average, several times this many  Kashmiris have been killed by Indian “security” forces in Kashmir every year for the last 25 years — a total of at least 96000 out of a population of around 7 million people in the valley.

Below is the statistic that saw the Indian brutality in Kashmir,
according to Kashmir Media Service:

Women gang-raped/molested 10,055

Women Widowed 22,767

Children Orphaned 107,450

“As the conflict in Kashmir enters its fourth year, central and state authorities have done little to stop the widespread practice of rape by Indian security forces in Kashmir. Indeed, when confronted with the evidence of rape, time and again the authorities have attempted to impugn the integrity of the witnesses, discredit the testimony of physicians or simply deny the charges everything except order a full inquiry and prosecute those responsible for rape”. (Asia Watch and Physicians for Human Rights, May 09, 1993)

“Since January 1990, rape by Indian occupation forces has become more frequent. Rape most often occurs during crackdowns, cordon and search operations during which men are held for identification in parks or schoolyards while security forces search their homes. In raping them, the security forces are attempting to punish and humiliate the entire community.” (‘Pain in Kashmir: A Crime of War’ issued jointly by Asia Watch and
Physicians for Human Rights, May 09, 1993)

“By beginning TV cameras and prohibiting the presence in Kashmir of the International Red Cross and of human rights organization, the Indian authorities have tried to keep Kashmir out of the news.” (`Kashmiri crisis at the flash point’, The Washington Times, by columnist Cord Meyer, April 23, 1993)

“(On February 23, 1991), at least 23 women were reportedly raped in their homes at gunpoint (at Kunan Poshpora in Kashmir). Some are said to have been gang-raped, others to have been raped in front of their children … The youngest victim was a girl of 13 named Misra, the oldest victim, name Jana, was aged 80”. (Amnesty International, March 1992)

“The most common torture methods are severe beatings, sometimes while the victim is hung upside down, and electric shocks. People have also been crushed with heavy rollers, burned, stabbed with sharp instruments, and had objects such as chilies or thick sticks forced into their rectums. Sexual mutilation has been reported”. (Amnesty International, March 1992)

“The worst outrages by the CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) have been frequent gang rapes of all women in Muslim villages, followed by the execution of the men”. (Eric Margolis, The Ottawa Citizen, December 8, 1991)

“While army troops dragged men from their homes for questioning in the border town of Kunan Pushpura, scores of women say they were raped by soldiers….a pregnant Kashmiri woman, who was raped and kicked, gave birth to a son with a broken arm.” (Melinda Liuin, Newsweek, June 24, 1991)
[Anthony Wood and Ron MaCullagh of the Sundav Observer (June 02, 1992) estimated that over 500 Indian army men were involved in this orgy of rape and plunder in Kunan Pushpura.]

“The security forces have entered hospitals, beaten patients, hit doctors, entered operating theaters, smashed instruments. Ambulances have been attacked, curfew passes are confiscated.” (Asia Watch, May 1991)

“Subjugated, humiliated, tortured and killed by the 650,000-strong Indian army, the people of Kashmir have been living through sheer hell for more than a year, the result of an increasingly brutal campaign of state repression. India hides behind its carefully-crafted image of “non-violence” and presents itself in international forums as a model of democracy and Pluralism. Yet, it is unable to stand up the scrutiny of even its admirers. All journalists, especially television crews, were expelled from the Valley. With no intrusive cameras to record the brutalities of the Indian forces, the world has been kept largely in the dark.” (The Toronto Star, January 25, 1991)

“Young girls were now being raped systematically by entire (Indian) army units rather than by a single soldier as before. Girls are taken to soldier’s camps and held naked in their tents for days on end. Many never return home….Women are strung up naked from trees and their breast lacerated with knives, as the (Indian) soldiers tell them that their breast will never give milk again to a newborn militant. Women are raped in front of their husbands and children, or paraded naked through villages and beaten on the breasts.” (The Independent, September 18, 1990).
October 26 is coming, and it’ll mark 67 years of India’s brutal occupation of Kashmir. I request you Anons to share this issue with the whole world, and make the world realize that Kashmir needs their attention. While India celebrates its freedom on 15th August, Kashmiris are caged. Curfew is imposed, the internet and other modes of communication are snapped.We are really living like slaves in our own homeland.



Kashmir: The Untold Story of Indian Occupation



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  1. Everything written here is wrong. First of all, Jammu and Kashmir was a princely state when Uk left India. So in any sense it cannot be part of Pakistan (which shows this article is written by some Pakistani impotent). When Pakistan attacked Jammu and Kashmir and started destroying everything, raping women, etc, India just came forward to protect it on the request of Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir. If Pakistan stops sending terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir, army will be automatically removed form Kashmir as it is not present in any other state of India. Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India. Elections are held regularly in Jammu and Kashmir and people chose their own representative.

    • The soldiers of the 4th Rajputana Rifles of the Indian Army on 23 February 1991 launched a search operation in a village Kunan Poshpora, in the Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir and allegedly gang raped 53 women of all ages.[20] Later on an interview of victims and eyewitnesses was documented into a short film Ocean of Tears which was prevented from its broadcast.[21][22] Nevertheless, the Indian committee that led a thorough investigation concluded that the allegations were “grossly exaggerated” and the incident was “a massive hoax orchestrated by militant groups and their sympathizers and mentors in Kashmir and abroad as a part of sustained and cleverly contrived strategy of psychological warfare and as an entry point for reinscribing Kashmir on the International Agenda as a Human rights issue.”[23] However, Human Rights organizations including Human Rights Watch have reported that the number of raped women could be as high as 80 .[24][25][26] The Indian Army is also accused of many massacres such as Bomai Killing, 2009, Gawakadal massacre, 2006 Kulgam massacre, Zakoora And Tengpora Massacre, 1990, Sopore massacre. They also didn‘t speared the health care system of the valley. The major hospitals witnessed the crackdowns and army men even entered the operation theatres in search of terrorist patients.[27]

      • hahahaha…. real funny… human Atrocity and that too on kashmiri muslims… where were you when these very kashmiri muslims were burning homes of kashmiri pundits, raping their women.

        if you don’t remember/know, those very kashmiri muslims gave kashmiri pumdits and sikhs 3 choices.
        1. convert and become our slave
        2. flee
        3. stay and see your childrens raped and murdered in fromt of your eyes and then you would be murdered too.

        So why is this hue and cry now about human rights… weren’t those also humans on whom these muslims committed those “human Atrocity”.

        my friend ancient indian phylosopy believes in “karma”. that life is a full circle and what goes around, comes around. All the “human Atrocities” were forgiven when those mulle were committing on other people but now when these people are getting the taste of their own poison, everybody suddenly seems to remember the rules of “human rights” and “human Atrocity”.

        • SO Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, BBC, the UN, and every country in the world is wrong? Im are you believe they are ISI agents lol. Wake up and do something about the Indian Rape Culture that is plaguing Kashmir. It makes you look terrible.

          • OH! Why do you have to be so pretentious my friend by faking some Slavic name. We know you! You are from our lovely neighborhood! And we almost put our faith in ”Love thy neighborhood”

            ANYWAY, if the matter is so pressing, why doesn’t the international community intervene and find a solution to this?

            The UN now considers this matter closed, The Simla agreement does not allow your beloved nation’s FO to take this ‘non’ issue at a higher level, so I think we have covered this quite well! Voila!

            And Oh yeah, that Kargil thing was such a failure, wasnt it?Though I wonder sometimes, was Mian sahab taken on board by Musharraf to hatch this evil plot of his? Or was it just another conspiracy to topple the civilian government? Never mind, Objective to occupy Kashmir Failed! Lets not cry over spilled beans, shall we?

            By the way, last I know We only saw oranges and apples growing in Kashmir, so where did the Arms come from? Points to the fact that a sizeable chunk of your beloved war mongering establishment always interferes, doesn’t it? Or did they just magically grow in the trees?

            And Yeah DO Wake up and do something about Osama Bin Laden being found in your military school’s backyard, and Malala being shot (and your ”racially superior, fair looking” people believing it to be a Western conspiracy), and Peshawar’s Army School Attack, and once a month terror threat (and sometimes action) by the TTP and the killing of public figures like Amjad Sabri and that too in the middle of a city in broad daylight, and that Faisal Shehzad who was about to bomb the Times Square and the Baloch insurgents (hehe, We are not sleeping you know) and the target killers in Karachi …… God, I seem to have lost count. Makes you look terrible, you know.

            Even your BAAP Saudi Arabia, for whom by the way you built a Mosque and re-named old Lyallpur to Faislabad and gave thousands of your women as gifts to the Sheikhs have accused your national of carrying out that blast in Medina–of all places! And on the other end given their highest civilian honour to our so called Muslim hating Prime Minister!

            And if you ever decide to come to Europe or USA to beg for funds, which you will surely, be sure to get to your hotel by 7pm, Islamophobia is on the rise here!

            I pity your poor, poor, soul! May China be your new master and bestow his mercy on You! Since the world is with US!

          • You literally live in the middle of absolutely no where and you offend a bunch of people you never knew/met, I loooove you! I wish you would come live with me in the void, but your ego won’t fit in so … sorry!

    • So every single nation in the UN is wrong and only india is correct. Wake up. You indians need to stop this deluded denialism. It is only hurting you.

      • Yes we are correct… What is your view on Kashmir Pundit ?? because you seem to pretend to be so knowledgeable…

  2. With all due respect would you do some research and find what happens to kashmiri pandits? And why indian government started militancy in 90’s…
    Why not before 90’s… If you can not, then don’t misguide people… Be fair for both the sides

    • Why do Hindus always bring up Pandits? A tiny minority of the state and yet they should get precedent over the 80%-90% of Kashmiri muslims? India is a backward place.

      • Since you seem to be knowing so much of what’s happening here in this part of the world …Could you explain why the percentage of Non Muslims have drastically reduced to less than 10% in both Pakistan and Bangladesh.
        I hope you know at least the fact that these two countries were erst while part of India and as per records the percentage of non Muslims were more than 30% before the partition. It is the same that has happened in J&K. Are you also aware how the religion Islam was spread since 7th century across Europe, Asia and North Africa. The best example of how it was done is what is happening in IRAQ right now.

  3. u guys just don’t know the reality in Kashmir and keep posting this shit . It is not India that has forcefully occupied Kashmir but it is the Pakistan and China that are illegally occupying the Kashmir and that leads to all this . As a country we are just protecting our borders from foreign illegal immigration and terrorism . It is not even the truth that you are reading here the AUTHOR has bended the truth so much and presented to you in way which India look bad . However this is not the truth.
    Anonymous it was not expected from u that u would post anything non-sense without having any prior knowledge on the situation and just looking at some non-sense facts and figures .
    All the things dates back to 1947 so it is very hard for u to know the real truth which makes u very easy to fool.
    Also it degrades your reputation too ANONYMOUS that u would post anything and everything that is emailed to u without looking inti the matter.
    Just watch some indian news channel and u will get to know the real truth .

    • Have you even been in Kashmir? I cant say for Jammu but i know for a fact that some of this article is true. Do your research yourself and find out for yourself before accusing someone of lies. If you are Indian or Pakistani please stop that ignorance of being biased indefinitely and try to see the bigger picture. It is a current conflict. There definitely is a problem due to economic value and corruption hiding the truth from the media. I have seen Pakistani media lie as well as Indian media lie to their people which further causes the hate and conflict between the two countries. There have been a lot of cases where Muslims have faced brutality and oppression by foreign soldiers. Im not siding with Pakistan here by saying so, tats just one fact I wanted known. There may have been worse done by those siding with Pakistan but I dont know the validity of those claims. We need the more talented in data recovery anons to find the truth so justice may be served and peace may be brought out.

      • Some truth is not whole truth mate. And Kashmir is one of those places where everyone has their own version of truths.It has complications on multiple layers. ANONYMOUS should have tried to explain all those issues and all those layer if they really care about truth. And the author does not understand the difference or deliberately ignores difference between Kashmir valley and state of Jammu and Kashmir. The state ruled buy Maharaja did not have overwhelming Muslim majority. The part of state called the Kashmir Valley had overwhelming Muslim Majority. But geographically speaking parts like Jammu has more Hindus and Sikhs, Leh/Ladakh has more Buddhists and Kashmir Valley had more Muslim. Hence Joining secular country (India) was a better option for maharaja then the Islamic State (Pakistan). Also unlike Israel.. India does not systematically push settlement of Hindus or Sikhs or of any other religion in Kashmir in-fact residents of rest of India are barred from buying real-estate or land in India. And the so called “Principles” on which the country was partitioned were not principles but a theory, the Dual nation theory based on segregation on the basis of religion. India is a secular country with more Muslims then Pakistan.India never believed in this theory. Pakistan did. And fact that India has survived test of time has proved that Secular model was best suited.The very reason why Pakistan today is facing hard time is because its an absolute Islamic state. No one can deny that.

  4. it s a Same Kashmir where Gandhi saw the ray of hope in secularism has been bloodied by fanatics. All Kashmiris have suffered, both Hindoos and Muslims – it is time to tell the jihadis and security forces to leave us alone – enough Kashmiris have died – enough blood has flowed in jehlum – time for PEACE – for the future of Kashmir.Pakistanis and Hindustanis should stop playing politics. Pakistan MUST stop training terrorists and India MUST stop renegades and ikhwanis and their security force patrons from abusing Kashmiris.

  5. It’s not entirely true. In fact half truth is worse than a lie. It completely biased and wrong article. It was the king of Kashmir who appealed to India for military support to repel the Pakistani raiders. India agreed, but only on the condition that Kashmir sign an instrument of accession to India. He also agreed. Now Pakistan cries foul and is creating insurgencies in Kashmir and hence the censorship.

  6. I am a Kashmiri and I’m writing for my true country which is Kashmir although I am from the Pakistani administered side. My father has been to Jammu and Kashmir and my uncle is a retired high court judge who was fighting for all Kashmiris. Everything written in this article is true. It is not Pakistan but India who have caused these autrocicities. When Pakistan became independent from India, Kashmir was also devided into two parts, Jammu and Kashmir (indian controlled) and Azar Kashmir (Pakistan administered). Pakistan helped establish a seperate parliament for Azar Kashmir and the people in Azad Kashmir are living free. It is the Indian scumbag army who try to hide there activities in Jammu and Kashmir who are commuting the real crime. Because of political reasons, Pakistani army can’t even go to Jammu and Kashmir so how can anyone say that they are causing atrocities. Who ever idiot says that Indians are not to blame can go to hell and research properly about what is happening in my country and then you will find out that it is Indians to blame and they Indians should leave Jammu and Kashmir. Also this article is one hundred percent true and the world needs to wake up.

    • Once, the current chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir made a statement in the Indian parliament, “I am a Muslim and I am an India, and I see no difference between the two”
      When pakistan became independent, it supported militants who wanted the Princely State of Kashmir and Jammu to become a muslim state. The maharaja of Kashmir and Jammu wanted Kashmir to be an independent state but when the militants attacked Kashmir, he was left with no choice but to go ask for military assistance from India. The last british viceroy Lord Mountbaten insisted that Indian forces cannot enter kashmir unless it aceeds to India, thus the Maharaja signed the Instrument of Accession to India and Indian forces cleansed Kashmir of militants. Then the matter was taken up in the UN and there was a ceasefire called and the part in which the militants had taken control with the Pak Army became Azad Kashmir on which India has not given up claim. Its Pakistan that us occupying the part of Kashmir which rightfully belongs to India.
      Pakistan was given a part of Kashmir at the time of independence so that it could have a say in any future settlement of the kashmir issue.
      Pakistani intelligence had created an environment in Jammu and Kashmir that forced the Kashmiri Pandits to leave Jammu and Kashmir leaving behind all their assets fearing their lives.
      It’s pakistan that has attacked India n number of times since Independence and tried to make Kashmir as a nuclear flashpoint. The world has already condemed paksitan for this and Paksitan has no suppport for the terror they are trying to spread.
      Jammu and Kashmir have got considerable independence, Kashmir has its own constitution, their own legislative assembly and even their own national flag. Even when the Prime Minister of India visits Kashmir, the car has to flag the flag of Kashmir on it. The state of Jammu and Kashmir has special status in the Indian constitution by Article 370 which acts as the link between India and Jammu & Kashmir. The consitution of J&K can only be ammended by J&K assembly which is elected only and only by the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
      Pakistan should keep its lies to itself and Jammu and Kashmir shall remain part of India. It’s considered our Golden Bird and we shall do everything to protect it.

  7. Also it wasn’t to repel the Pakistani invaders but to repel the Taliban invaders. Pakistan will leave Kashmir once Jammu and Kashmir has been established as free from India. After all they helped set Azad Kashmirs own seperate parliament which is why I have my own Kashmiri ID card as well.

  8. In recent floods, u can see in news media every kashmiri muslims says that the Indian army is god for us. Nobody even say that they tortured us an all shitty statement that the writer written there. And its not expected by an anonymous team to write anything there without the knowledge of exact situation. If pakistan stops terrorists activity from kashmir and even kashmiri stop supporting pakistan and terrorists then Indian army also moves from there. The only reason indian atmy is there to stop terrorists activity accross india. If they don’t do this then it doesn’t take much time for pakistan to destroy jammu ane kashmir. Even in 2004 amarnath land issue created by muslims when the govt announce that anybody from kashmir who wants to move to pakistan will go there then nobody even dares to come forward to go to pakistan. I have some friends from kashmir, they don’t want to live in kashmir just because of the terror of muslim peoples there. Without any reason they start hitting stones etc… on the name of unknown rumors creared by themselves also. the only thing that pakistan and some supporters of pakistan wants to move army from kashmir so they are able to do their dirty plana to destroy jammu and kashmir and india.

    If Anonymous supports them by fake surveys and these stories then I don’t think we should go with anonymos team decissions because what I know for Anonymous team is to support people for their rights not to support terrorists to destroy people’s life

    • fuck u ! no kashmiri will ever say that ….. they are assholes !
      they only saved the tourists and the politicians and there families….
      the videos you saw on the news were were of the people from jammu side … they are not even kashmiris .! WTF

      • fuck you and your islam the gods of arabs. pakis are pathetic biological liars. even ur allah the demi god of arabs will never come to save even during his lifetime.

  9. I use yo think that anonymous doesn’t believe what people say they dig themselves for the truth.. But after reading this anonymous lost all respect in my eyes..
    I have high contacts in j&k .. if anonymous really what’s to get to the truth I can arrange a visit for you. Now I doubt about authenticity of other news you publish on you website….

  10. kashmir is Part of Pakistan which india illegally captured by sending 1500 thousands army. and india barking again and again lies and baseless reasons that kashmir is their part. actually kashmiri people want to be part of Pakistan because they are all muslim and wanted to be the part of muslim occupation. every year when indians celebrate independence day than kashmiri go through with black day. the rights of every kashmiri is snatched by indians and india show continues counterfeit and fake reasons to the world. but greatness of kashmiri is this that they continues demand for their own independent state. kashmir was never part of india it always demanded to be the part of Pakistan.

    • Without a doubt and on weighing up all available evidence Pakistan is one of the world’s premier shitholes. It’s a backward, low IQ place, that produces virtually nothing of value that the rest of humanity could really want. It is of course, a nation founded by Muslims and run on Islamic principles, which is probably why Pakistan is the world’s ‘turd that refuses to flush’. Islam creates shitholes wherever it sets up shop and Pakistan is just one completely mentalist example of an Islamic society.

  11. 100% truth. indians are bigot and give counterfeit statements to hide their crimes from the world. its like all wolf get together

    • Pakistan it looks like we can now add cannibalism to the list. Now although psychotic cannibalism, as opposed to cannibalism brought about because of dire need, is something that can afflict individuals in many societies, there is something particularily disturbing about a recent Pakistani cannibal case.Two brothers who were previously found guilty of cannibalism and detained by the police have now returned to eating human flesh and an FIR has been registered against them on the charges of terrorism.Arif and Farman, who are from the small town of Darya Khan in Bhakkar district, were first arrested in April 2011 after they were found to have disinterred corpses in the local graveyard for the purpose of eating them.

  12. Never thought anonymous would be this dumb.
    How can you compare Kashmir with Gaza.
    And Porkistan people stop whining & lying you little cunts.

    • People like you, dumb idiots, make shame of their country, like those high school kids who doesn’t know what the world is.

      Just think of this scenario, Whatif the above said things are true, and your blood relative was the one who got violated, would you still stand with your statement ?

      Just Asking.

      Fellow Indian

  13. This article comes after Pakistan failed to get international attention on Kashmir during recent UN summit and by violating ceasefire along the international boarder. If you look its in the news “Pakistan will launch a campaign internationally against the human rights “violations” by the Indian army in Kashmir, the country’s Adviser on Foreign Affairs said on Friday.” This article seems part of that agenda.

    What is disturbing though is Anonymous publishing such a biased article. Anonymous with such a huge following it is their duty to do their research before publishing an article and possibly misleading people.


  15. All I see here is media quotes and not real data, we need more data on the issue to argue whats happening, Or the real people from J & K to submit an article about this.

    The UN must intervene and hold a open voting from the people, and act according to that.

    IMHO, J&K should not be on both sides, must be a separate country with provisional help from both India and Pakistan.

  16. Faith on Anonymous is shaking now.

    Really feeling pissed off after reading this article. I’v never been to Kashmir so cannot authenticate the events described in the article. I’m open for both sides of the coin but ANONYMOUS …….. why haven’t you mentioned about the work done by Indian Army in the recent natural disaster there ?? Although I can accept it to be true but what about those pandits who were thrown out of their native place.

    Questions for you to find out the truth ……………..

    – Kashmir was a Hindu major area, how the hell it is a muslim major area in 67 years. Where are those native Hindu now?

    – And where these muslims have come from?

    I would love to get answers for these questions

    • 1: Army recieved 500 crore from State government for service they provided during floods. And many army personnel were saved by local Kashmiri Muslims during floods.
      2: Kashmir was Hindu Majority 700 years ago. We can go even further to Ashoka when it was Buddhist majority. Heck!! We can talk about ARyan migration to India and Hinduism.
      3: Since you raised these questions and many here are raising the question of Exodus of Kashmiri Hindus ( Pandits) and deaths approximately 250 Pandits. Why not talk about the exodus of Muslims from Poonch, Rajoori and other Areas of JAmmu during 1949 and deaths of 200000 Muslims during same time?
      4: Most of KAshmiri MUslims are converts from Brahminism.

  17. so the Indian army just does all sorts of cruelty on people of kashmir. Now can somebody answer , Why the hell have innumerable number of Indian Soldiers have died in line of duty in Kashmir ???
    Jammu and Kashmir, the largest of the princely states, had a predominantly Muslim population ruled by the Hindu Maharaja Hari Singh. Tribal forces from Pakistan attacked and occupied the princely state, resulting in Maharajah signing the Agreement to the accession of the princely state to the Dominion of India. The United Nations was invited by India to mediate the quarrel resulting in the UN Security Council passing Resolution 47 on 22 April 1948. The war ended in December 1948 with the Line of Control dividing Kashmir into territories administered by Pakistan (northern and western areas) and India (southern, central and northeastern areas).

    In 1965 and 1999, again Pakistan started a war over Kashmir , and was AGAIN defeated by India .Pakistan has been doing ceasefire violations , latest being today- 25th OCTOBER 2014 , and it’s nothing new or surprising . These ceasefire violations and insurgence are very common which actually result in the loss of lives of their so called kashmiri people. and you blame Indian army of atrocities .

    The sole reason of military deployment there is the fact that the pakistanis just won’t stop the infiltration . you talk of violence? think of it from a soldiers perspective , when you don’t know that the kind looking family right in front might just be hiding assault rifles underneath .
    Pakistanis come, they mix with the families , promote terrorism ,make little kids a rebel.What do you think the condition is there?? it’s not like Indian army goes knocking at doors and do all kind of inhumane activities. The relief operation that indian army carried out for the floods , kashmiris highly praised it but pakistanis just couldn’t resist and tried every thing to turn these people against the army .
    I pity don’t know anything or if you do , you chose to remain blind. You just represented India as a monster to the world , which makes me wonder what nationality exactly are you?

  18. And you people need to get there facts straight. It’s not Pakistan who are violating ceasefire a but the the indian army who are attacking and claiming that they are Pakistani militants who started it. Find out the facts about it. It breaks my heart because Jammu and Kashmir was known to be a paradise on earth but now is known as a bloody paradise because of the indian scumbag army.

  19. Also I am a Muslim. India started claiming it was a Hindu majority but that is further from the truth. Yes it was a maharaja who ruled Jammu and Kashmir but it was always a Muslim majority territory.

  20. And kindly ask this email submitter who threw the 40 million Kashmiri Pandits out through fears and ethnic cleansing. At least India is not indulging in the same.

    AnonHQ I can submit you a really big article about the misdeeds, killings and wanton acts of terrorism carried out by pak helped mercenaries not only in kashmir but whole of India. would you print that?? I seriously doubt it.

    • I read the article out of curiosity, the facts seems to be solid enough to me, at least for someone who seen this kind of atrocity already, Where do you live CYB3R0ID694?

  21. I’m not surprised that Indians think that they are right even when Indians don’t realise about how their own citizens are being treated in there own country. Indians don’t even look after there own women which is why India is known as the rape capital of the world. Indians are good are putting up a smoke screen about what really goes on. Indians are the real criminals regrading what is really going on in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan looks after Azad Kashmir which is Pakistani admistered territory. Everybody, rather than thinking about what others tell you, do your own research to find out about what India is really doing in Jammu and Kashmir and the real terrorism act India is doing before jumping to conclusions. Then you will realise what the indian army is all about. Watch the video I posted earlier. The sources even I include it’s very own indian media.

  22. And stop saying it was Pakistan who tried invade Jammu and Kashmir causing the maharaja to ask India for help when the actual fact is it was the Taliban who tried to invade Jammu and Kashmir from Afghanistan.

  23. The author of this article should go and read history books .One statement: ” The fact is that all the principles on the basis of which the Indian subcontinent was partitioned by the British in 1947 justify Kashmir becoming a part of Pakistan” in the article is enough for anyone to judge its authenticity.Stress on the word “justify”.
    Bro do you know what happened when Britishers left India? Go and read their statement/declaration.

  24. Indian army is the rogue army who is responsible for killing thousands of Kashmiri Muslims and involved in the gang rape of Kashmiri women.
    Shame on India and its so called secular army

  25. Lol. Are you mad. I may be a Kashmiri but half of my family are from Pakistan you stupid wally. My mums cousins are living in Islamabad whereas majority of my family live in Muzzafrabad, mirpur, Dadyal, Kotli all in Azad Kashmir. You dumb fool are posting something which has made up by the times of India which is owned by the biased Indian govt and saying that is the truth. As I said my family lives in Muzzafrabad and we talk to them everyday. There is no such protests there as mentioned in the clip by the stupid times of India media you dumb fool. LOL.

  26. That just goes show what the stupid Indian govt and some stupid Indians are all about. Lying and hypocritical people. You proved it by posting that video. Anon627, you said you wanted prove that Indians are like that, well that guy just proved it by posting that video. Lol. You made me laugh by posting that clip. Lol. Stupid dumb arse.

  27. Anonymous,

    This is the most biased article I have ever seen from you. I have totally lost respect for you. My grandfather was in the Indian military he fought for independence and as well as world war 2. I’ll narrate few lines about what he told us was happening in Kashmir before he passed away in 1992 on August 15. The original inhabitants of Kashmir were the Kashmir pandits.. they wer chased away, raped and murdered by migrated pakistan Muslims. After the 90’s close to 150,000 pandits left their land and are now poor beggars in India. The Pakistanis used to infiltrate into India posing as civilian.. they would chase the pandits away take their houses and pretend they are Kashmir. They breed and the children are made to believe they are Kashmiri. This has been going in on for few decades. Anonymous have you checked the fate of the displaced pandits? why don’t you do that?

  28. To the Editor have you heard of what happened to the kashmiri Pandits in the 90’s? It was a genocide. I never expected such a biased article from you. have lost total respect for Anonymous after this.

    “You might have even heard it from a Kashmiri Muslim that their ancestors were Kashmiri Pandits. Any scholar would confirm that to you.”

    “Monica Pandita, 22, one of Maharaj Pandita’s daughters, says she vaguely recalls the events of 1997, when her mother and sisters had to move from the village to Srinagar after the massacre in their district, but rarely thinks about it.”

    Read this “”

    Read through “Exodus from Kashmir (1985–1995)”

  29. Being a world renown organization, anonymous shouldn’t have posted this article coming from a so called anonymous author who I am sure is a Pakistani. Instead anonymous should have investigated on the matter and put their facts riAqght.Its not the Indian Army causing bloodshed in J&K, its the combined activity of Pakistan Army and militants.We all know that media speaks everything but truth nowadays and governments often use them for cover-ups and in changing public opinion. The links provided above, am sure is one such activity done by the Pakistan gov in recruiting jihadis(not soldiers) to fight for them indirectly and to blind the whole world from facts.Anonymous is often famous for bringing cover-ups to light and not posting cover-ups. This is one thing that people doesn’t expect. In light of this, I hope you remember how Narendra Modi’s speech got welcomed in the UN and how Nawaz Sharif’s speech on J&K was welcomed. Pakistan is well known for cease fire violations and we did nothing till last month when we decided to strike back.Pakistan media reported this in a different manner saying that we have been breaking cease fire order in the border trying to get the sympathies of Pakistan citizens. Just come to the indo-Pak border and you will see.

  30. Anonymous we respected you and we do respect the motto of anonymous but i dont want you to get biased and put down what ever article comes down to you without knowing facts and truth.!! With due respect a fellow anon!!

  31. This article is clearly written by a separatist. The state of Jammu and Kashmir has a huge Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist population too. The Muslim population was responsible for genocide and ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims, and army was deployed to end the massacre by Muslim fanatics which were the majority.
    Why don’t you cowards following a religion of confused ideologies go to Pakistan. Just sell your land here and buy real estate on the Pakistani side…

    • You are delusional. Kashmiris don’t look indian, they look Pakistani. They don’t speak indian, they speak Pakistani. They don’t dress like Indians, they dress like Pakistanis. Your Indian, Hindu, southern culture is completely foreign to Pakistanis and Kashmiris. Thats why there is no cultural connection for Kashmiris to India. Kashmiris in Pakistan are completely part of mainstream culture in politics, entertainment, they are part of the country, free to move where they like in Pakistan. In India they are slaves, that are being ethnically cleansed. The PM of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif is Kashmiri.

      • Do you know the reason why they look different – their habits and dressing is close to Afghani you fool, not Pakistani. They live close to the mountains where the clothing is long. They are forced to wear this attire so that militants don’t strike against them. Ofcourse, kashmiri pandits were kicked out to make sure this doesn’t change.
        The so-called Indian Hindu culture was there from the past several millennium, which we still follow, terribly sorry we couldn’t change ourselves to your lame-ass culture – never understood what that was, probably being an asshole.
        Kashmiris have the Islamic culture, followed by Indian muslims who are more than the population of Pakistan, so that does make Pakistan an Indian land by your logic, so to be fought for again?
        Kashmiris are enslaved crap – they have reservation in India, in all spheres of education and jobs, just so that they are given equal opportunity being from a war-torn land.
        Jackass could not put your own name and use some old USSR name to get false sympathy and you say Sharif was from Kahmir, of course he is, coz his roots are from a part of India before it was divided.
        Delusional, of course we are, for believing that peace should be preached even when we were attacked thrice and kicked off your sorry asses.

      • Suppose you let few fanatic muslims occupy a part of Russia.. And then you support them… Finally they occupy the whole region and force you out… Now Russia decides enough is enough and tries to secure the land for itself… But these fanatics refuse to budge… When Russia occupies a bit by force these fanatics play victims.. And certain ignorant souls such as yourself comes in support of these fanatics hitting out at Russia’s actions… Indian army kills only as a defense and not as an offense.. It is Pakis which offends…

  32. You fool writer. Do your homework and talk to someone from both side before make ur own hoax crap.

    India and Kashmir are one. And Pakistan wants it for tactical benefit over India.

    If you’re and American and someone starts blaming Obama or America fir killing Osama then will your police be silent. Thats what happens here in Kashmir. Pakistan pays some people here to make stories and morons like you post here. I AM FROM KASHMIR AND VERY MUCH HAPPY IN INDIA.

  33. Hi,
    I’m a fellow anonymous and I’m extremely disappointed post reading this article. This should have been only posted post verifying facts. It is a very well known fact to the world that who has been violating what and who have been breading militants. In the time of need, it’s a well known fact who has come forward to help and who have been bitch crying.
    I have fewer respect for future articles from anonymous now…

  34. Hello im uzair…. I was born in kashmir… I will u tell u truth….. reality of kashmir…. when india was fighting for its independence kashmir was indpendent as country! the British officer sold kashmir to punjab’s maraja singh to sum of 7 lakh rupees because brithshers were afraid of afghani mountain side….. this deal happend and no kashmiri knows about it….. later after magraja singh died… and india gots its freedom jawal lal nehru came to kashmir and our kashmiri sheikh abdullah askd help of india…. in deal it was written indian army will kill militants from pakistan side and they will take their army back…. but instaed jawal lal nehru planned something bigger he offered whole kashmiri people either to die or accept their conditions which was indian currncey,accept indian as country, indian market…. later jaghmohan planned to kill kashmiri muslims… he took all kashmiri pandits with him to kill us… but he failed now fucking kashmiri pandits are saying we kicked ur ass off well its wrong…. go and find jaghmohan….. well to those people…. freedom is every bodys right? yes like india got freedom kashmir will also get… and fuck those who says kashmir is part of pakistan or part of india… kashmir was free will be free always will be free…..

    sorry for bad eng…..

    thats the reality….

  35. Hi,
    I’m a fellow anonymous and I’m extremely disappointed post reading this article. This should have been only posted post verifying facts. It is a very well known fact to the world that who has been violating what and who have been breading militants. In the time of need, it’s a well known fact who has come forward to help and who have been bitch crying.
    I have fewer respect for future articles from anonymous now…

  36. Really?? Your analysis is malafied. J&K and even Pakistan was once considered one nation – had it not been one country, British would not have accepted partition – you can’t divide something which is already divided. So those who are saying that kashmir was not part of India are irrational. In Pakistan was part of India.This proves that even “Anonymous” can be irrational at some point of time.

  37. Hmm… Hard words to believe. .. But one thing is true. Kashmir is the only islamic place where us cant make aerial attack… Just bcoz ??? … Afghan and Pak regularly face aerial attacks… worlds first known nuclear weapon killed more than 1 lakh civilians and the 2nd one too.. what is right and what is wrong ?? Peace is needed. POK killed all the people who raised voice to let POK be in indian region. This is just blame game. This article deserves nothing. Spreading hatred among people. Right now every thing is calm. Let it be ??

  38. I have a few questions and I am from India obviously.
    Does every state bordering Pakistan become a muslim majority, what about Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat?
    Has there ever been a census that Kashmir was a muslim majority state in 1947?
    The people of Kashmir voted for the country of their choice during the days of independence, why was it never mentioned?
    Did you know how many Kashmiri pandits were killed or ran out of their homeland? How did the massacre of Pandits become departure?
    Why did Indian army start its oppression of communication in 1990’s? The period when Kashmiri pandits were massacred and militancy ruled…

    When did anonymous start biasing news and start posting things without researching, have I been following the wrong people all along?

    Why are all articles are from Islam-biased people, nations or news…

    Why hasn’t there been any mention of the disputed LOC and POK, and the manner British divided it in such a way that brothers became mortal enemies and weakened both countries forever?

  39. i am surprised that such an article is there in this site….. it is honestly repulsive to me that Anonymous is publishing articles that are partisan. i mean wouldnt a Pakistani Anon supporter have bigger fish to fry at home? what this article COULD have been about is how the brits ensured there was long term unrest in the region as they withdrew.

    anon must stand for truth, not country based opinion. A Pakistani Anon member should be worried about how ISI’s own tools,,,, are now tearing Pak apart.

  40. This is obviously written by someone who has NO clue of the situation there. Kashmir was NEVER muslim territory. India has been victim of muslim terrorism for more than a millennium and all the neighboring muslim countries and territories were NEVER occupied by muslims before the brutal invasion of India over the 10s of centuries and forcefully taking her land and brutally converting existing population to muslim. Forget about the holocaust and research a little more before writing these senseless biased articles about the grand father of the holocaust done to the natives of that land… I thought, there were intelligent and informed people in anon…sigh.

  41. Selective truth and half truths don’t suit Anonymous. Kashmir is where humanity is sentenced to die for “Religion based Nationalism”: Pakistan, to save “Secular Nationalism”: India, to serve “convenient National and strategic Interests”: Major World Powers.

  42. Funny to see all these indians taking a stand for there so called “Bharat mata” blinded by propaganda and love for there fellow army men ….
    I am a kashmiri and it is all true !
    your army men are like savages who have been given a license to kill and rape by your government… how can you be so arrogant ? how can you deny konanposh incident ever happened ? i mean how ?
    We kashmiris are fighting for our freedom we are oppressed people and you are the oppressors ….. and the people you call “Militants” are freedom fighters just like Bhaghat singh was for you !

  43. This is so wrong.The article is written by pakistan based people.i dont hate Pakistani people but when you write any article consider both sides.

  44. This article is just tailored in a way to destroy the image of India…well whole world knows which country supports terrorists and terrorist activities.


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