Musician Arrested In NYC Subway After Cop Reads Out Loud Exact Statute That Permits Him To Play


One of NYPD’s finest arrests a man for playing in the subway after he recites the law word for word that allows him to perform for donations. He continues to sing as he is being handcuffed. A “fuck the police” chant subsequently follows.
musician arrested


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  1. Seems like the law clearly stated he needed to have a permit to perform there. Although I do agree this cop could have clearly been doing something a lot better with his time. The arrest was extremely unneeded.

  2. I am A New Yorker I agree with what the cop did. We have a problem with too many performers and people who beg for money on the streets and subway and most of them cause problems. Most of them if they don’t get money they yell and scream. Preventing problems like this is what they are doing and it is working. I just whish they would do it more often.

    • If there is a problem with too many people begging and performing for money surely this cannot be a solution. Listen to what you’re saying. You’ve been brainwashed. Too many people do not have money to live so get rid of them? Get rid of their little bit of income that allows them to survive that tiny bit. You and millions of people have been moulded to think this way. This is why we had the slave trade. This is why we ( and yes, you as well) are nothing but slaves right now. It’s only because you are entertained on a daily basis that you might not see this. It’s as simple as that. Please stop this bullshit because it’s tiring.

    • You only agree because the police never caught you doing anything you know you shouldn’t be. If The President has been involved in illegal activity before his time in’s safe to say you aren’t a perfect or even close, and you deserve to go to jail as well. Look inside, people can yell and scream. You didn’t say anything past that. The stupid shit people suffer through makes me yell and scream. Arrest me if Thats a crime.

  3. He isn’t black so of course this wasn’t a big deal in the media.. #Ferguson

    Im not racist but I can obviously point out double standards lol

    Anyway, that is ridiculous to be arrested for, shouldn’t be saying fuck the police but saying fuck the government.. Js

  4. Its simple: first they make a false accuse,second thing get escalated by police,third when the target angry they have a reason to arrest,fourth rank raised.shame to see the police now im not live in nyc

  5. Jovanny I am sick of hearing buskers and street merchants lumped in with pan handlers. Whereas neither should suffer brutality for being on the street you can not say they are alike! Many buskers in fact are not even homeless just making a living doing what they do best and often bringing joy to busy commuters. As for the homeless if you are so sick of seeing them around why don’t you do something about it like volunteer some of your time to help out at a shelter or give some of your money to a fund in their interest. I guess you and others of your mindset feel beating them and arresting them is a far better thing to do huh? When was the last time you made someone smile? Think about it

  6. That’s why I don’t live in the US. I’d be scared to live there. The worst part is that the ppl can be nice, yes, but the police have many times proven themselves not to be. So I’m sure many tourists and // or outsiders see the same thing. Disgraceful and provocative on the part of the police, as wel as totally useless arrest. Why not catch a crook instead as police were intended to. So sad… 🙁

  7. He was performing a public service. The money wasn’t from a business. It was donated by working class citizens who appreciated his public performances. It’s illegal to be homeless, but if he makes any money, donated or not, he gets removed and imprisoned? If that sounds alright, then you need as much help as the abusive natured cops.

  8. em meu pais,todos cantam nas ruas,em qualquer lugar,muitos talentos foram descobertos nas ruas,artistas de ruas nao prejudicam ninguem,quem quer apreciar,valorizar;otimo,se nao ,apenas os deixem trabalhar e viver em paz!!

  9. Name Required is right on the money. Some days I’m ALMOST ashamed to say I’m a born and raised American for what has become of the Senate, Congress, Presidency, and my brainwashed, naive, egotistical fellow Americans. This is a very sad time in history. Is up to us, THE PEOPLE, to oust this regime whom speaks of our interests, but acts upon NOTHING of the sort!!


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