Building Bunkers, Russians, Nukes, the West…What’s Next?


Russia must be the envy of preppers worldwide today. At the announcement by the Mirror, that Putin has built underground bunkers in a complex system, which would shelter his citizens in the event of a nuclear attack from the West, I can sense the salivation of preppers from my desk.

No, no joke. Via the Russian media – not unlike our corporate MSM, reports have filtered through the network, about how Russia is preparing for an all-out nuke attack, which they claim, will be instigated by America over the interventions in Syria. And why not? Any intelligent person can see that Syria is nothing more than another proxy war by two very large and very bullish nations; and most probably fighting – again – over that black stuff that helps run our cars.

But on a serious note: The Syrian civil war is heating up.

After the ceasefire that never really occurred thanks to the US dropping bombs on 80 or so Syrian ground troops fighting ISIS, and then finger pointing at the Russians for blowing up a UN military convoy… Not to mention, last fortnight’s UN address from Turkish President Erdogan, accusing the United States military for backing the rebels rather than ISIS – at which point the US Army top General, Joseph Dunford said ‘Yes, we did. So?’ with more nose thumbing…is there reason to be concerned?


The school yard antics always turn into something taken past the school gates. This isn’t any different. While the Syrian civilian casualty rate continues to skyrocket at epic proportions, the east and west are searching for larger sticks to poke each other with. Eventually, someone, somewhere, is going to lose an eye, folks.

I won’t even bother mentioning the South China Sea, North Korea, or the NATO build up along Baltic states. Don’t even get me started on the refugee crisis or the economic crisis’ facing so many nations right now. The petrodollar? Riiight…can anyone say ‘let’s sue the Saudis’ three times quickly? Obama struggled with it.

I’m trying to be serious about the seriousness of this issue, but in all seriousness, if the Russians really do have underground bunkers ready to go in the event of an all-out nuclear blast attack, why are we still sitting in our armchairs pouring over Fox News or the regurgitation of CNN? Contrary to belief, there is still power in the people.

But, for now, I’m a little tired of the spoon feeding…I’m going outside to dig my own bunker.

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    • So read other news, over 40 million russians in moscow area, know exactly were to go in case of an attack. And the Minister of defense warend the USA, that in case they will attack syrian or russian army, their jets will be shoot down.

      That was the last warning, next step is war…no half war, nore a quarter war, than there will e war, we are closer to an fallout than during the cuba crisis… og and the russians will reopen their cuba military base, and also their vietnam, its in their planing and in the final steps.

      • And I’m giving them the Go-Ahead!

        The U.S. is un-salvagable zionist garbage and it must be purged. All those within it must be hunted down and exterminated, no matter what the costs. Every single U.S. politician will be executed for their crimes against this world and all the rich idiots who aligned with them will also be cast into oblivion for their naivety and their arrogance. You are not better than us, you stupid rich cunts, after all, we are defeating you as you squirm underneath our boots.

        • I just want to point out that NOT all Americans approve of our governments actions and the last thing we want is war on ANY scale.

          The fact of the matter is, the U.S. Government is out of control and a very large percentage of our population are so blind to the current world affairs that an all out nuclear war is far from possible as they all stare at their smartphones blindly letting this shit happen in the first place.

          By the way, a goat showed up at the door asking for you RoT.

  1. Nice to hear, that Russia does care about it`s citizens and now I finally understand, why all german media talks bad about Russia!
    There are no Bunkers for Civillians in my region, there is just one old civil bunker that is not even getting maintained and is left to decay.
    Thank you german government, for doing that what the citizens dont want and for not doing what they want, and we call you Volksvertreter (representatives of our citizens)…..

    • The only “Bunkers” Russia has are those in the big cities such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The Russian government doesn’t give a shit about its citizens. You will never understand what’s it really like in Russia if you don’t live here.

      • No matter how hard life is in Russia at least they are brutally honest and not deceptive, weak, spineless liars like the atrocious U.S. heathen scum.

  2. Do it! Just do it please, erase this shitstain called human from the face of the earth and let Gaea prosper without cancer 🙁

  3. I am from the US and just returned home from visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg. I found the Russian people were friendly to me. My conclusion, after traveling, is there are more similarities among people in the world than differences. We truly are ‘one’, all with the same needs and desires.


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