Can You See a Difference Between These Two Women?




In an article written by Ari Simeon and Isa Abu Jamal for Counter Current News, these images have been used as an example to highlight the assumptions many Americans bring to global issues, as well as political discourse. When confronted with an image of a Muslim adorned in camo, holding a Qur’an, and bearing an assault rifle, the feeling is much different than when we see an American in a similar pose.

It’s safe to say these photos can be translated similarly. One of these women believes in defending her country with the firearm she possesses. She is devoted to her people and to her beliefs, and she believes her intentions are honorable. But, which one? Both of these women might give corresponding arguments.

Of course, as Counter Current points out, this doesn’t mean we should accept an explanation behind photos such as these uncritically, but considering both of these women might justify themselves in the same way, it should be a sobering realization for many.

While some might believe the Qur’an condones bad ideas, the same argument could be made of Christianity, which has claimed the lives of millions over the centuries—from holy wars to witch trials. According to Daniel Chirot, Professor of International Studies at the University of Washington, the biblical account of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho has been used as a means to justify genocidal Holy war. This includes war waged on one Christian sect by another.

In regards to the violence in the bible, apologists for Christianity sometimes claim “the original language [of the bible] doesn’t really say that,” however again, the same could be said as true of the Qur’an and Islam if you were to ask the average Muslim. Like Christians with the bible, the vast majority of Muslims don’t believe the Qur’an says or means what others from the outside are told to believe it says.

Simeon and Jamal bring to mind a saying, “All translations are lies.” Many pundits and self-described religious experts claim to know what each book “really says”. Unless you know Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, or Arabic, the average person is unable to make their own interpretations.


Take a good hard look at these images and tell us: is there really a difference? And if there is, is that difference really as big as we first assume when we look at these two pictures?”

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Chirot, Daniel. Why Some Wars Become Genocidal and Others Don’t. Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington.

Simeon, Ari and Abu Jamal, Isa. Counter Current News. July 6, 2014. (

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        • Just tell me if you want and post it here, I don’t take requests to watch videos at the moment, I can tell you this from my perspective “tolerance” and “freedom of speech” in the USA don’t follow the same path, or even a straight path, they either contradict each other or deviate from each other, meaning “tolerance” OR “freedom of speech”.
          In an Islamic country the birthright of a person is to be free (freedom of … you name it) as long as his freedom tolerates the freedom of the others around him/her, meaning freedom and tolerance.
          The actual birthright in the USA from my perspective is to be monitored, taped, mass surveilled and spied on so that his and only his “freedom of speech” to start with doesn’t abuse the freedom of the others, so basically no freedom or tolerance just the illusion of both.
          Islam wants to establish tolerance + freedom = peace.

        • So… if they have an ideology you agree with then they are good guys, but if they don’t… then they are bad?

          So a terrorist isn’t a terrorist if you’re on their side? That’s not how it works.

      • EASY
        One is fighting to allow others to practice what they believe freely? The other is fighting to suppress what others beleive and restrict freedom to what only they believe and allow.

  1. Well, the difference between the women isn’t obvious, and you’d actually have to know religious fact vs religious “belief”, or whatever false crap is being passed off through the church.

    The woman on the left is holding the Holy Bible, often associated with Christianity, a religion that prioritizes the teachings of Jesus. With her posing with a rifle, she is completely contradicting her own faith, and deeming herself a heretic against the true Christian faith. The problem with modern Christians, or Christian extremists, such as the Westboro Baptist church, is they often quote Leviticus, or books alike, that go into detail of Ancient Israel’s law of the land, given to all of the tribes of Israel. The problem here, is for a person to claim to be a Christian, they have to remember what Jesus had come to earth for. They have to get rid of the false idea that Jesus came solely to die on a cross, and free the souls trapped in torment. Surely, this was one of his accomplishments, but Jesus had always proclaimed that his reason for coming, was to save the outcast beings, condemned by the church for not obeying the ancient law, even though the Pharisees themselves were hypocrites. For example, the Pharisees called Jesus a heretic for many assorted reasons, but Jesus had called them out on their hypocrisy, by nothing the fact that the Ten Commandments commanded everyone to honor thy mother and father, but the Pharisees encouraged children to go against their parents wishes, and pay tithes to the church, even if their parents had forbidden them from doing so. Jesus came to bring justice to Israel, and to create a new faith under God’s rule. To claim to be a Christian, but to hold on to the laws of Ancient Israel, such as the scripture of Leviticus, is ENTIRELY a hypocritical, and false. To put it in the most basic, layman’s terms, Jesus’ teachings are of the New Testament, and taught the people of his time to stop living in the past (the cruel, judgmental laws of the Old Testament).

    The woman on the right, on the other hand, is supporting the very law that stand in her faith. The Jihad is very real, and very serious. Islam hasn’t been changed since it’s creation, and hasn’t been ‘revised’, the way that Jesus had revised the entire Jewish faith, as it was supposedly foretold that he, the Messiah, would come to lead the church to God. But the Pharisees were corrupt and obsessed with their power. God had commanded to keep church and state separate, yet the Pharisees had succumbed to the power of Caesar, and paid his taxes, and gave the roman guard a free past through their cities, which is strictly forbidden according to their laws.

    Whereas Islam, they follow their laws very strictly, although their land has been put through a major diversity struggle, due to the fall of the Ottoman empire. But in this, they’ve remained true to their faith, and haven’t corrupted themselves (entirely) as far as I can tell.

    So in conclusion, the woman on the left, is in fact a hypocrite.

      • I haven’t read any verses in the bible which say that we should not have possession of a firearm registered to us by the state.

        Ponder this and ask yourself how she is contradicting her religion, which obviously we cannot determine from a picture of her holding a Bible, a religious text for various branches and denominations of the Christian Church.

        Luke 22:36
        “He said to them, “But now let the one who has a moneybag take it, and likewise a knapsack. And let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one.””
        This is Jesus preaching about defending yourself with a sword.

        Learn about religion before you speak about religion because you simply sound like an idiot by presenting false information which has clearly no factual basis.

          • Actually, you are mistaken. The commandment states “Thou shall not commit murder.” The bible then goes through several scenarios where killing another human is justified, such as in defense of yourself and your home, for soldiers, for justice of a crime etc. So, unless she’s plotting a specific persons murder, the woman on the left would not be a hypocrite.

    • But the Qur’an was created by the “prophet” named Muhammad. The religion is called “the religion of peace but in fact is the exact opposite there is clear evidence to support that religion is the most hateful and violent of all religions. And the fact that so many of their followers are strict to their religious laws is scary. One of their laws consist of the persecution and death of all INFIDELS. who is an infidel? Anyone who practices or believes in anything but Mohammad, Allah, or the Muslim religion. And that could be you or I. Not every Muslim believes to that extreme no but the hardcore followers will kill you for that. Now, as a Christian I dont condone or support that so called Baptist church, they are not a true Christian. Jesus Christ came to earth to teach us to love each other as we are, not to judge because it’s not our job to do so, also to live like Christ. He is the only one who lived without sin. I admit I have done bad things in my life, but I am a better person today to believe that I am here for a reason to be without judgement and love everyone equally. It’s up to you and whether or not your will ing to open your heart.

      • You need to learn Islam from the source, not from a wannabe muslim, or the church, or say whatever comes in your mind about whatever comes in your mind just to make yourself feel better, even if I’m willing to clarify things for you, I don’t think your intentions are so much learning, rather make yourself feel better.

        • Just read 2:191-193 in the Qur’an. It states that Allah’s people are to kill the infidels wherever they’re found and whenever they attack.
          Verse 192 is somewhat contradictory to Muslim beliefs as Allah, as stated earlier in the Qur’an, has set some people as astray and that those who have been set astray cannot be saved.
          Verse193 says to fight the infidels until they convert to Islam. If they cease fighting you, then stop; but always fight you oppressors.

          Now, I’m just going out on a limb here, but the West and its cultured are generally despised and loathed by many people in the middle east.

          Why, just check out this story:

          If they loathe the West, and our culture is continually spreading over the globe, then couldn’t we be considered oppressors?

          The Ten Commandments (turning to Christianity now), states plain and clear Thou Shalt Not Kill. Christ taught that the second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as thyself.

          One is fundamentally a gospel of peace, the other… not so much.

          As for the American woman, I’d like to say (but I don’t know for sure, obviously) is holding the Bible because the U.S. is fundamentally a Christian nation, (even though the Bible doesn’t agree so well with the gun in the picture). Don’t believe me? Read the beloved and famed Declaration of Independence.

          • Yet another person trying to make himself feel better, I don’t care about correcting you, since you don’t care about correcting yourself, unfortunately whats in your head is in your head, and you obviously made peace with it, and I don’t wanna read the declaration of ‘the stolen land’, sorry!

          • You took those verses out of context. Sorry to say, but you know absolutely nothing about Islam if you’re going to judge it based on what you and only you have learned alone.

          • Really, western world has invaded an entire continent (the american one, to be clear) with the escuse to spread the catholic church, if you are really able to believe there’s a difference in the root of these two religions you are an ignorant or a stupid, or both.

        • So we’re brainwashed by us I mean us by us looking up the information about jihads about holy war how the islamic nation is forcing people to convert to islam or die by their sword yet when you say we are brain washed we have looked up the info yet islam has been molesting children since the beginning and so has christianity so for our people to think you call us brainwashed sounds a bit hypocritical their hmm…

      • Actually they are both hypocrites because it bothers religions women do not fight in wars men are the only ones allowed to battle while women run the households while the men are gone and no Islam is not the most violent religion on earth, I could argue that christianity is the most violent because the nazis and Hitler himself were both Christian and they both were devoted christians, and no you obviously are talking out of your ass, muhammad actually was illiterate so how could he make the quran, also muhammad isn’t worshipped the same way Jesus is worshipped in christianity muhammad tells the people to worship God not him, and no it does not say to kill the infidels, actually the word infidel is not even said one time in the quran, you might be referring to the work kufar, but that actually means disbelievers, also it doesn’t say kill all of them when he Allah says to kill the kufar he speaks of the pagan Meccans who persicute and slaughter the Muslim people, also of you read the bible Jesus came to earth to correct the deviance of the jews, you see the jews changed the religion for personal gain, Jesus was actually a warrior not a hippie like you modern Christians believe Jesus was a Nazzerite he faught the Romans, how about you read a book called misquoting jesus, it shows that Jesus never said he was god in the flesh, Mary magdaline was a prostitute that actually never existed the Catholic Church made her up so that they could outlaw stoning of criminals, study religion before you make a fool of yourself

      • let me correct you from the very first that Quran is not created by The Prophet Muhammad PBUH but it is delivered to him from Allah Almighty in the period of 23 years in the forms of verses by the source of angel Gibrail and there is nowhere described in Quran to persecute in its real sense but in its literal context the word jihad means not to persecute but to fight against those who declares war against right or against humanity and the supreme good. (literally the war is declared against Allah) even if he is a Muslim

      • The Quran Is A Rich Book , And The Explaination Can Be Different , But , With The Technologie And The Science , Every Day , The Real Explaination Appear ,
        In Quran , With help of god Mohammed (صلى الله عليه و سلم) Told As How The Sperm Can Be A Baby , (There Is No Technologie To Confirm That At That Time)

        He Told Us How Is The Isthmus , (Mohammed Didn’t Visited That Place , How He know It ??)

        Mohammed Told us Many Thinks To Do , And The Science Prouves That Mohammed Showed Us the way for our health , …
        and the most muslims are enemies of terrorists , and The Jihad Is Only Allowed At Palestine ,
        Please Excuse Me For My Bad English , I Advice You To Read The Quran ,

      • The Qur’an does NOT instruct humans to kill just as a Christian God did not tell Bush Jr to invade the middle east in his dream. It just states that peace will come once all of the infedels are gone which is basically the way the bible states it when it says only those who believe in Christ will go to heaven during the rapture. Both are saying “believe our religion or things will turn out bad”. They are all very similar and all cause stupid people to do stupid things. Most people are followers who can’t think for themselves and subscribe to such ridiculous claims from (as far as you know) fictitious storybooks written by the hands of mere mortals. You’ve been taught what Christians want you to think about Muslims, that is, closed minded and oppositional rather than being a mind of unity. Btw I claim no religion

      • The Prophet Muhammad was illiterate. Please explain to me how he created the book when CLEARLY it states that it was sent down to Muhammad. He preached about it, he never created it.

      • Don’t understand what you hear. Try to learn about Islam. You can search Dr. Zakir Naik’s cross fire with Christians. In which he proves these believes even from bible. So see the lectures and try to understand why any christian can’t give any reply to that man

    • wrong, both are hypocrits, there is no such thing as religious fact, it is your religion so you claim it is fact, that is all, it is no more valid than the muslim religion, taoism, buddhism or, shintoism. To have facts you need concrete evidence, which your bible does no have, when compared to known history and good old science. The fact you wasted time typing out 40 lines of bullshit just shows how deluded you are. in closing, a book with no evidence behind it is not a “fact” it is a fairytale. and the proof both are the same, is nutbags like you exist in all religions. you’re like both of these women. the fact you cannot respect the muslim one disgusts me, if anything, you follow the same God, you’re beliefs are no more different than Catholic and Presbyterian. just another Jewish-offshot religion.

    • Of course Islam is a revised religion. It stems from ancient Judaism, and shares many of its prophets. Christianity, Islam and Judaism share a common foundation and all a variations on the same theme. The essential message of all three is, “love God, love your fellow man, spread the message so that all can reach paradise.” Any other adaption to the contrary is a perversion of the truth. In my mind, both women are guilty of advocating violence that is adverse to their religions’ core values.

    • Jihad doesn’t says to fight Jihad means to strive and struggle if you are doing job for your family its Jihad. If you are stopping your self from a bad deed than its the greatest Jihad. In Islam if their is any danger to Islam than It says to do Jihad in this way. But still their are some limitations i.e. Muslims can’t harm trees, women and children and also woman cannot fight in Islam. So, In this case both of the girls are not following their religion.

    • Those two photos represent the same ignorance and hypocrisy. Do you really think that “Jihad” has only a meaning or the Koran can only be interpreted in one way? Both of them has peaceful interpretations.

      PLEASE At least read a wikipedia page before writing nonsense.

    • Woman on left is a hypocrite. Woman on right is a strap-on bomb candidate, who was likely forced into that picture, or die at the hands of the men in control of her life.

      • Despite what the mass media tells you about how much the muslim women are abused, I assure you this one was not the case, the one on the right volunteered for that willingly, to prove her capability (girls power), but also to defend her land, I can’t say much about the one on the left since I don’t know much about her.

  2. simply the woman with the Quran is the one who is defending her country (mostly she is palestinian) and the other woman with the bible why the hell she is even having that gun there is no war on christians it is only against muslims so yeah the christian woman shouldnt be having a gun and the muslim woman is having it for purpose.

    • The girl on the left is stating that she believes in god, country, and her second amendment rights to bare arms. She isn’t stating that she is going out to kill people. The girl on the right is somewhat stating the same thing, but by wearing that headband she is stating she is willing to kill herself and others for her god and people.

    • Radical Islam is killing Christians. I am not there to witness this, but the Coptic Christians are. Abramic relgion is getting bad. We know right from wrong. We don’t need religion for that! In battle..relgion don’t matter, neither does color og yout ski.

  3. The woman on the left likely has a semi-auto ar-15 whereas the woman on the right is more likely an auto m4 or a select fire m16?

  4. In relation to the pic. Everyone will defend their way of life/or themselves in the means they determine most effective even if it means killing sad, I know. However, I must state that religion is the one thing that divides us most. Religion is nothing more than a virus to man kind simply because most religious teachings are not of logic nor truth instead they are mostly lies and deception used to herd the masses into complacent sheep like mind control. I for one will be glad when the day comes that religion no longer has a place in our society and people can think for themselves instead of allowing themselves to fall into the trap known as religion…

  5. The only important difference I see in these pictures, is who and what they represent and fight for. That’s the only thing I find notable. Not the weapons they’re holding, not the clothing they wear, only the book and the flag they fight for.

  6. In every case God allegedly told the people of Israel to destroy a city, within the city were children sacrifices, continuous rapes and orgies, simple minded murder among others. Would it not be the “unpeaceful” thing to allow people to do evil things to people? Would America not be shunned for not coming to another countries aid as it often is?

    The quran straight up says go destroy the unbelieving families, slaughter children, rape wives etc. when evil kings of Israel did these things, they were killed by God himself.

    However… This is not about the bible.

    It is safe to say that most of the things America does that a woman American citizen would be aware of is just. Very rarely do they engage in injust war. Ex WW1 WW2. I don’t doubt they make bad decisions, but she is not blinded to that. A Muslim will accept to strap a bomb to herself for the sake of killing “bad” people. If you ask any American citizen to do such a thing, not only would they argue, but you would know, and there would be a riot. A difference is rather evident if you think

  7. 1 diff!!!!!!!! The one to the right, she gets the stuff for freeeeeeeee….. The left one, have to apply for permits, then work to get the f’n money to BUY the shit from then ppl she’s protecting……..

    Viva la US? f’n no… (ok, im not anti US, im anti US-GOV!)

    Venus Project <3 Try it ppl.. will change your state of mind to the humanity.

          • Yes, there is something wrong. You are abusing your position as a Moderator to proselytize.

          • I didn’t expect this one! I’m not abusing my position as a moderator, I’m doing exactly my job, stopping trolls and spams, critical thinking is more than welcome.

      • While in poor taste, I get what Scott is getting at. She was likely forced to pose for this picture. Their culture is purely male controlled. Women dress, sleep, eat and speak how they are told to by their husbands and other men. Getting out of line is punishable by death. Insubordination is generally met with beatings, mental abuse and sex-based violence.

  8. so many closed-minded religious bastards dwelling in here. open your eyes my friends, it is the religion itself that divides us. it doesn’t make any difference weather you’re a christian or muslim, both of them carry death’s wrath

  9. The woman on the left has grown up in a country where civil strife is relatively minimal and probably shoots for sport. She has never and will never need to use that weapon on a human.

    The woman on the left has grown up in a society where civil strife is intense and frequent (if not constant). She shoots to defend herself, her family and her beliefs. If she hasn’t already, one day she will need to use that weapon in combat.

  10. Just wanted to point out that the girl on the left is only a heretic of you include modern day Christian philosophy. The Bible does in fact condone defending yourself when necessary. Modern day Christians take ‘turn the other cheek’ to extremes. Jesus is the lord of lords and the king of kings, the lamb will return as the lion. I also don’t view the girl on the right as an extremist either. I’ve read the Koran as well, and it’s a good quality ‘holy’ book. Both sects have their extremists, and you shouldn’t judge either belief system by the fringe elements.

  11. The difference is the one on the left would fight for the rights of the one on the right, while the one on the right would only grant the one on the left the right to die.

  12. Taking where each of the women are from into consideration. The one on the left is signifying some of what U.S stands for, God, Country, and the right to bare arms. The women on the right is posing in a similar manner, also showing that she will defend these rights by all means necessary. The main difference between these two isn’t their religion, but what lengths they will go to defend.
    I could be wrong, but if a war broke out in both of these ladies backyard, the Muslim lady will be ready, the Christian one won’t. That is more about how each country see’s war, a women in the middle-east would need strategic gear to survive due to the lacking of military grade equipment. Yet the American could be in a similar mindset as the Muslim lady, but thinks here large gun and bible are enough, which they aren’t.

  13. Maybe mine is just a european thinking, but those two images mean exactly the same, at first I thought they were made up to transmit the idea of “double approach”.

  14. Hey anonymous. I just wanted to say that this is a really good article and that I really like your way of answering questions in that you consider If the person is actually willing to listen. Just wanted to comend you on that. Good job.

  15. We can not tell from the photos alone, the difference between the two. But we can condemn anyone, no matter what their religion, anybody who attacks people for their belief alone, attacks people in the street for wearing the wrong clothes, and kills people based on their sexuality.

      • Even as Atheist I often hold gun.
        Christian can also hold gun.
        Everyone can hold gun. But, everybody don’t want to.
        Why someone wants and other don’t?
        It’s all becouse some other has some short of effect to that other people.
        One man can make 500 man to hold gun, One man can make 500 man to kill people.
        Mostly people kill people becouse they dont believe same way, or same god.
        Still, it’s all about peoples. You can believe other way than other people, and still not kill them. You can decide, do you want to hold gun to kill people.

    • are you really gonna go there? christians made crusades and killed countless over the years for the name of their “god”. brainwashed, tortured, enslavement, are also hipocrits to their own teachings. can go on and on, but dont say something so stupid

  16. What a stupid picture! The Muslim woman is obviously pictured as more militant with a combat west and a grenade hanging from her shoulder. Why couldn’t she just have worn a traditional Islamic piece of clothing?! Or maybe the Christian girl should have worn the same west and grenade? And then you wonder why people react different?! Are you fucking retarded?! She’s made to lock like a typical terrorist! She even locks pissed !

    • The girl on the left is preparing a school-shooting. The girl on the right is fighting for her country/beliefs.

      They’re both ready to fight for something. They’re completely different people though.

      Stupid joke.

      And yes, I’m not a fan of USA nor most the middle east.

  17. well the difference is that the one on the left is ten out of ten would bang, probably a c-cup by looking, holdding a rifle, while the one on the right is wearing grandes and military gear ready for a fight, and looks basically like a terrorist, umm jeez explain the difference hmm hmm hmm *cough *cough 9/11

    • Is that really the best you could come up with? The one on the right looks like a terrorist obviously for most people because that’s how the media is pushing these images into our brain, however by doing a little research we can identify easily who’s the real terrorist here.

      • Quran belief is that any who are not muslim are infidel. Infidel’s lives and property can be forfeit under jihad(violence) that is the difference. Extremism happens in all religions however the quran is the only book to actually state that violence is ok.

        • Bible states that violence is okay on numerous occasions actually. People being stoned and sacrificed all the way through it. The holy books of almost every religion on the planet have some form of violence. Without conflict a side can’t be taken and all religions want their followers to pick a side.

        • where did u here that shit,on he news? on the Internet!? the people who want you to believe that muslims or the quran is violence are the same people who did 9/11!,the quran said self defense and jihad mean self defends but the media have washed your brain like so many,”And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. And remember the favor of Allah upon you – when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favor, brothers. And you were on the edge of a pit of the Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus does Allah make clear to you His verses that you may be guided.” (3:103)

    • I would say that white is the major color, because it is infact all colors in one! :3, or perhaps black is, because black consumes all light and reflects (almost) none. Something that is perfectly black wont reflect any light.

  18. The beliefs of the two are likely to be the same.
    The difference is that if one changes her mind or speaks out about other issues, she is likely to get stoned to death or executed in some other terrible fashion.

  19. its clear one stays in her country and has a free choice
    Of religion! And a kind and peaceful one! The other wants to come to all countries and force there religion on the people!! And if not off with your head! It’s in black and white!!
    Other then that we must send them all back to there country so they can live there lives of tormented views on there land!! And not let it change the Americans lives!!!!cause if not it will bring death to all that won’t bow down to there Ala!!

    • LMAO, you sound like an uneducated racist prick. Why dont you go to school and get educated then make a decision. Why dont you read more upon the U.S Foreign Policy and how we force people to become democratic…Iraq, Vietnam, Panama, and so much more. Why dont you speak for morality instead of patriotism. You and people like you are the reason why America can never become a great country, close minded retards who like to comment on things they dont even know about, why dont you go to war for the U.S. see how gruesome and cruel War can be regardless which side you on and then make a decision.

      • Calling every American a closed-minded retard actually makes you a racist prick as well. Your statement is like “the pot calling the kettle black” the comment one idiot makes shouldn’t condemn everyone that is living in the same country. Also what are you basing America not being great on? America has and still is one of a few superpower countries on this planet that had never been successfully invaded, had a stable enough economy to allow for a comfortable standard of living for most and doesn’t have a large portion of its population living in burnt out hovels, caves or internment camps. Your lack of understanding is staggeringly large.

    • I can find ten bible verses in less than 30 second which advocate killing people who don’t follow Jesus. Oh wait, not even that long.

      Romans 1:24-32 NLT
      Ezekiel 9:5-7 NLT
      Numbers 25:1-9 NLT
      Numbers 25:1-9 NLT
      Luke 19:27
      Matthew !0:21
      Matthew 10:24
      Chronicles 15:13
      Corinthians 6:14

      • Your a fool. No where ever do Jesus or the apostles harm anyone ever! The only example of true Christianity is the behavior of Christ – no where does he set an example of violence towards anyone, not even when facing his own execution.

        • You do know that there is a large part of the bible that talks about a time before Jesus right? Once again a creationist that shows enough ignorance to make the educated ones look bad. Read the whole fucking thing and stop cherry picking to fit your failed arguments.

      • that’s not Violence Right?! but self defense is!they see the violence only in the quran, but when palestinian defending there home they call it self defense,ignorant!!

    • Surely you are talking about christianity or the catholic church that has been spreading their religion globally since their beginning. The christian crusades massacred endless muslims in the holy lands is one historic example. Then there is the passive approach of the missionaries that try to save the world and bring clothes and all things theoretically good but full of western culture, to tribal cultures that existed in harmony with nature without the wonders of western religion. Nearly all religions from scientology Jehovahs witnesses, christianity, muslim share the same fundamental flaw, Each is the only true religion. The hindu’s I understand accept other religions and other peoples gods. Cultures are diverse, religion has it’s purpose and role but if only all religious leaders could agree that they are but one of many then the world would have one less cause for war and destruction.

  20. For those here ‘interpreting’ the photo on the right or ‘interpreting’ Islam and its followers, please cite your sources (i.e., “All Muslims beat their women and wage wars”. We attach meaning to these images based on personal experience, view them through our own lenses. My family is both Muslim and Christian. Not one of them seeks to pillage, rape, torture or invade. In fact, the Muslim men in my family are far more respectful and protective of women than any of the Christian men I know. This is my personal experience. Can any of you back up your ‘interpretations’ with either personal experience, reliable data or at least a source which is not open for interpretation by lay people who do not understand its context?

  21. One will shoot You died, if You don’t bow down and the other , You have the choice too, bow down… she protects her’s…..

  22. The girl on the right is much more tactical and ready for actual combat. The girl on the left is just doing it to be cute. I’ll take the girl on the right. She seems just a bit more practical. 😉

  23. The difference is mind control. Both women are the same, but grew up being fed different types of mind control, leading to the same but different outcomes.

    Obviously nobody but man invented books and written text let alone the stories found in them.

  24. Think objectively! Whilst Ari Simeon and Isa Abu Jamal make a case for their arguments- yes both religions have terrible versus of killing others in their respective books, you have to ask – How many Christians are actually killing people in the name of their religion this century????? therein I rest my case.

    • Norrhern Ireland! There are terrorists in every religion. In fact even closer to you pro lifers who kill in the name of religion. I live in the uk in a very mixed city with a mix of pretty much all faiths and the only time I have ever had religious beliefs pushed at me is by christians.

  25. One on the left holds a book that promotes love towards all mankind, the one on the right hold a book that tells her to kill all infidels, therefore the one on the left will not harm you as long as you don’t harm her – her gun is for protection, the one on the right will shoot you if you do not share the same faith as she does – her gun is for senseless murder.

  26. the difference is that the US protects the world on behalf of God by means of war , God is in favor of it to protect the nation

  27. judge the teachings of Islam and the Quran itself rather then looking for flaws in the billions of Muslims to judge the religion i can easily point at any outlawed Christians or other religions that eventually claim insanity to resemble the entire Christian religion but the difference between me and some of you is that I’d rather judge the teachings not the bad student stop being ignorant

  28. its the mindset and the actual intent that can’t be seen.. showing these women like this only gives ground to each persons fears or aggressive concerns made out of disinfo or undetermined fear or hate of the viewer’s imagination.. the one on the left could be a true killer wanting to take the law into her hands and use her book as her gun rest. the other could be dressed to blend into a company of fighters to take out the radicles after they show themselves.. no one knows the thoughts or intents of these two.. we can pretend we have a crystal ball that sees into the future.. but chances are.. all we will do is speculate as i did here. unless we accurately deal with the “actions” of any groups or individuals based on the laws of the place this takes place in.. we are just being imaginative..

  29. Good to see not all people here are ignorant or follow the media blindly. I have read both the Quran and bible and both don’t condemn violence or killing. The Quran says ‘say (Mohammed) O unbelievers (those who don’t believe Mohammed and Islam), i don’t serve that which you serve (your god or gods), nor do you serve him whom I serve (Allah), nor am I going to serve that which you serve (your god or gods), nor are you going to serve him whom I serve (Allah), you should have your religion and i shall have my religion’. And the bible says similar things. Anyway my point is all this “islam terrorist” or the ameriacn people being in midlde east is all about politics and it’s all about money and oil. We should judge 1.57 million people because of the mistakes or ignorance of few, it’s like saying white/black person says I don’t like black/white people then the saying all white/black people are racists! .

  30. …yes, the person on the right is probably willing to die for what she believes in, and the person on the left would probably freak if she broke a fingernail…killing is just a bad idea…

    • The girl on the left is just a cheerleader of a monstrous army killing innocents and occupying foreign lands.

      But the girl on the right has no govt or army to protect her basic human rights. She took weapon to protect her life and believe.

  31. Islam – 15%-25% are jihadis. So on average, one in five Muslims want to kill non-Muslims and impose Sharia Law.
    That doesn’t happen in the bible.

    • Aussie here!!! 15%-25%?? You sound like an redneck American that watches too much fox news.. Be a multicultural not a sadc*nt. There is good and bad in everybody so no point attacking one religion and focusing on the negatives.

  32. Why do we need old Abrhamic books? We know right from wrong just pick one ? Trust THE SPIRIT not the old books. There is plenty, why is it so hard to just be kind to one another? ☺???????Old books! Who needs them? ???

  33. You know how the FBI can tell the difference between real money and counterfeit? They study the ‘real thing.’that’s how they spot the phony bills! Also, the actual witch-hunt numbers tend to be far less than what is purposed.


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