Carbon Engineering Aims To Capture CO2 From The Air To Make Sustainable Fuel


Carbon Engineering, a Canadian company, is building fan machines in areas where reforestation isn’t an option, such as in the desert. These incredible machines are able to capture carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere (basically emissions from cars, trucks, and planes) and turn it into fuel – the same way trees capture CO2 and release oxygen.

The technology works by extracting carbon compounds directly out of the air as it passes through a CO2 rich solution within the fan-like machine. That solution is then purified, at which point Carbon Engineering extracts the carbon dioxide for reuse or disposal in underground facilities. The solution is re-purified in the process, enabling it to be used again.

The below video explains the rationale and motivation behind the direct capture of CO2 from the atmosphere, the air capture process, and what Carbon Engineering is doing to commercialize air capture.

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