Call For Netanyahu’s Arrest For War Crimes Goes Viral


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United Kingdom — How do you feel about war criminals? How about your government rubbing shoulders with them? What would you say about them receiving red carpet treatment and being wined and dined by your leaders?

The British government is not only preparing to shake the bloodied hands of Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, but has added insult to injury with the dizzying announcement that Benjamin Netanyahu—the man behind the slaughter of over 2,000 civilians in Gaza last year—is coming to town.

And the British people are not happy. In fact, they’re so unhappy that a petition demanding the arrest of the Israeli prime minister on his arrival in the U.K. next month went viral in a matter of days. The petition, entitledBenjamin Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes when he arrives in London,” has already gained over 40,000 signatures.

Under British law, the government must respond to petitions that receive over 10,000 signatures. At 100,000 signatures, the issue must be considered for debate by the U.K Parliament.

According to Israeli media, Arutz Sheva, a spokesman for the British Embassy in Israel, said, “According to British law, foreign heads of state enjoy immunity from the legal process, and cannot be arrested or detained.”

“Immunity from the legal process?” Maybe the spokesperson or those still clinging to the myth that the Israel Defense Force is “the most moral army in the world” would do well to watch Black Friday, a short film by Amnesty International.

The film pieces together a picture of the deadliest day of last years’ horrific attack on Gaza and shows that one year ago, the IDF almost certainly committed war crimes during the indiscriminate bombing of the city of Rafah. Over 135 Palestinian civilians were killed—including 75 children—during the implementation of Israel’s so-called Hannibal Directive after the kidnapping of Lt. Hadar Goldin.

Amnesty’s painstaking forensic research is almost impossible to refute and explains why campaigners continue to insist that instead of being given the royal treatment, Netanyahu should be taken straight to a war crimes tribunal in handcuffs.

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  1. [* WordPress Simple Firewall plugin marked this comment as “spam”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    But what’s wrong with war ? Oh right, the wrong people die…….

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    Hell ya he should be. If he was “moral”, he would of handled the kidnapping in a different situation. Why use gods power when obviously he doesn’t understand that you don’t hurt the innocent. That just means he can’t control his rage and that makes him a bad leader. He is not in it for the people. Arrested for murder of course!! We know in are hearts that murder is wrong. Which means he doesn’t care about the way of life. So yeah let his ass sit and learn a different way of life… hopefully! If not oh well he can sit

  3. “Almost certainly” committed war crimes? Is that the standard now?Besides,before calling anyone else out what of Bush,Chaney and Obama?They have killed ten or more times as many innocent civilians.Also,when the fighters are dressed as civilians and their gun is removed by fellow fighters from their body (which is on video)how do you then honestly count the innocent from the combatants?

  4. Whats the differnce between this murderer and the people in the yugoslavia tribunal??

    Nothing, but Israël can do what they want together with america because of they wealthy rich people controlling all the big industries in the world!!!!

    i say kill any war criminal. Like we did in Neurenberg tribunal!!! And give the world justice

  5. In this world that is normal, you can kill thousands and you’re a free man, but if you stole a candy you going to jail. But is ok, god is every where and he sees everything one friend of my said. Nothing is free in this life you harvest what you sow.

  6. All the talk of burning or down with Jews. Remember what Humanity party stands for and what Anons are trying to accomplish. Violence is not a solution. Love,understanding,patience and benovelance with the law of the land.


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