Charges Dropped Against Utah Teen Accused of Drugging Cops Drink – Cop “Drugged Himself”

drugging cops

Utah Subway worker Tanis Lloyd Ukena was arrested in August and accused of “poisoning” a cop by spiking his drink with methamphetamine and THC. Despite how ridiculous this sounds, as no drug user is going to waste good money on a cop, the police saw fit to drag Tanis’ name through the mud. At first they claimed to have video evidence supporting the accusation, but refused to release the footage. Well, as it turns out, Tanis was innocent. The police dropped all charges against him, stating that it was in fact the cop who took the drugs.

The blue lives matter and pro-police communities were quick to judge Tanis, with many stating their desire to also act as executioner. This was hailed as proof of a non-existent War Against Police. None of the facts surrounding Tanis’ life would indicate that he had anything to do with drugs. He was in fact, a church-going Mormon who never uttered a single bad word about police on social media. Despite the disparity of the circumstances, many were quick to condemn him – and what they perceived were the actions of a would-be cop killer.

You knew something was afoot when after two weeks, cops had still not charged Tanis, despite his arrest. They stated they had found traces of THC and meth in the officer’s drink, using a testing technique involving an ion scanner. Ion scanners have been proven to be unreliable in testing for substances and often produce false positives. A full lab analysis showed the cup contained no such substances. The police have yet to release the name of the officer involved, however, they have indicated that the officer “apparently drugged himself.”

drugging cops
Sgt Clint Bobrowski went on a media blitz attempting to ruin the life of an innocent man.

This is another example of hypocrisy by police who have no problem taking you to jail for drugs; while simultaneously consuming them, himself. Although the police department hasn’t released any information on the case, its pretty obvious that the unnamed officer got caught being high on the job and had to quickly concoct a story. Unfortunately he attempted to ruin the life of an innocent kid in the process. The account police gave to the press, in hindsight, was completely ridiculous. They advised that Tanis poured the drink and left it for a few minutes unattended. He then returned to the drink and “leaned over it” for an unknown reason. He then puts the lid on it and hands it to the officer. They emphasized that they “did not know why he leaned over the beverage,” as if it was the smoking gun.

The Department would also like to express our appreciation for the patience of Tanis and his family during this investigation,” a statement from the Layton Police Department read. The apology does little to erase the tens of thousands of hateful messages directed toward Tanis that are scattered throughout forums and message boards. Much like every other incident that police have been wrong about, they make a big fuss in the media until they are proven at fault. Don’t expect the police department to release any additional information on this case, however, as a lawsuit is undoubtedly in the works.

UPDATE: According to the Associated Press, Layton police said “it’s a mystery why the officer felt impaired that day. They don’t suspect the officer took drugs, is a drug addict or tried to frame Ukena.”

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