Chinese Woman Pays $1,100 To Save 100 Dogs From Chinese Dog-Eating Festival


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Every year the southern city of China, Yulin celebrates the summer solstice with a festival that involves the slaughter and consumption of as many as 10,000 dogs.  Many petitions have failed in the past but thanks to people taking real action, 100 dogs have been saved by a 65-year-old retired teacher.  Her name is Yang Xiaoyun and she runs an animal shelter in Tianjin and had to travel more than 2,400km (1,500 miles) and spent more than $1,100 to save 100 dogs.

Not everyone in China supports such practices and hopefully more people will get involved to put an end to the madness.

Many argue that there is no difference in the western culture slaughtering farm animals such as cows, but a group of activists in China have accused the festival organizers of ‘unnecessary’ cruelty and torture.  There is no argument that animals all over the world are being tortured, but it is heartbreaking to see what these dogs have to go through.

This year’s Yulin Festival was held on June 21st and caused quite a stir with the international community. A recent petition on received over 4 million signatures.

According to this blog, you can donate to Xiaoyun (h/t Bored Panda).


What is your take on this controversial topic?


slaughter in China


Here she sits next to a cage with poor dogs that she just bought from dog-meat dealers


Her shelter depends on volunteers and donations to operate


Yang makes steamed corn bread twice a day to feed the dogs, which is all she can afford




Image credits: Animals Asia / Bored Panda


  1. it takes an amazing person to do that and my heart goes out to her but im broke as hell and hopefully some oil tycoon will see this and drop her a couple of mil . bless your heart mam ……………..

  2. Has anyone ever filmed the entirety of what goes on at these festivals? My guess is if they showed how these animals are stolen pets, rounded up, terrorized and boiled & skinned alive they’re might be a worldwide outcry. I couldn’t film it or watch it but a Chinese person with a thick skin could and it could go on YouTube or seen as a Halloween horror movie

  3. This women is a hero to hundred of thousands, if not millions, throughout the world. Thank you for love and generosity. People like you are hard to come across these days. God bless.

  4. God bless her..this made me so happy after. I wish there were more people like this like say 100 more? Then all those poor dogs could’ve been bought and released from that stupid festival.

  5. Great lady! I’m so thankful such people exist…. Now, ANONYMOUS, why don’t you guys take down Chinese servers sometimes for animals’rights!? You put a lot of effort into protecting people’s privacy, etc, but what about REAL life? Any life is good, ANY life needs protection!


  6. I am appalled! How can this people live with themselves! Dogs and Cats are domesticated animals, it is bad enough to have cows, sheep, chicken and pigs being part of our food chain, but why domesticated animals? This country is so over populated that they kill anything that is breathing, why can’t they just stop this. I won’t watch the video as I wouldn’t be able to sleep, what ever happened to World Animal Welfare, why aren’t they taking care of this?

  7. poor babies good for her somebody send her some big bucks. Oprah is loaded somebody call her up. How much for airfare to fly them here to the States? Get on it!

  8. Well I was going to say if her fundraiser has raised 75,000, she should be able to buy dog food. But then commercial dog food isnt much more then what is feeding. God bless mam there will be a sweet reward for you in heaven.

  9. Just disgusting. What else needs to be looked at is the FCI HAS underhandedly signed China up for the world dog show in 2019. This is a major issue. They have also taken the steps to have the name of all Tibetan dog breeds to be country of origin China. The outcry has been worldwide with kennel clubs and exhibitors all over the world calling for a boycott of the world dog show being held in China. There is a protest against the FCI who is the governing body for many kennel clubs and dog shows world wide. The deal has been made even though the Chinese still went ahead with the maiming and slaughter and cooking of live dogs at its festival. A call on anonymous to join the fight against the FCI and its decision to hold the world dog show in China would be a great help and against China’s evil festival and brutality of dogs is called for.


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