Citizens Plead Officer to Drop His Weapon. Reason Prevails.


Boston, Massachusetts, September 19, 2015. Another day and another disturbing viral video can be seen streaming its way across the internet. The video’s description describes a woman (whom remains nameless) being sited and detained for petty theft. What we see in this video is this woman visibly resisting arrest before getting violently tossed around by a male police officer. After several moments of further argument and struggle the police officer draws his weapon. Though he never directly points it at the women, the situation immediately escalates and the surrounding crowd takes action screaming and pleading with the officer to put is weapon away. After a few more moments, realizing his mistake the officer re-holsters his weapon and physically restrains the women until more officers arrive on scene for assistance. I think I speak for everyone who witnesses this video when I say I am relieved to see such a peaceful resolution to what could have become a tragic situation.


This video is just one in a long line of videos outlining a serious problem in our society that we are all becoming increasingly aware of. The rift between law enforcement and the citizens they are sworn to protect has perhaps never been larger. What is going wrong? Why does this keep happening? Are police officers truly more violent today they have ever been in the past? Or has police brutality always been this harmful, but only through the advancement of technology in our modern societies have we just now had the ability to expose it? This is not for me to say. What I think we can all agree on is that the interaction between police officers and the citizens of their communities is becoming more and more negative. Not only are people more fearful of the police, but the police themselves are subsequently becoming more apprehensive towards of the people they protect because of this. It is a double edged sword and this tension is only making the country more dangerous for all parties involved.

But, as this video shows us, not all is lost. Peace can win out over violence. Reason can win out of Chaos. People will do their best to place blame here. Some will say “the officer was at fault for being too aggressive with the woman!” Yet others will say “the woman was clearly resisting arrest putting the officer in a compromising position!” I am not here to make or change your opinion of this matter. What I am here to say is that it is not enough to just sit on the sidelines placing blame. As this video teaches us, we the people can make a difference. We can help others, we can save a life. All this takes is simply your attention and your action. I applaud the men and women who captured this video and who’s verbal dialogue and actions diffused and ultimately stopped what could have become a tragic event. All of us can learn a lesson here: You are never too small to make a difference in this world.

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  1. This video does not show enough evidence.all it shows is her resisting arrest and a crowd of people making a ridiculous scene.a cop trying to deal with a suspect with a crowd of people yelling at him…it would agitate me to especially with cameras on me the whole time.SHE BROKE THE LAW AND RESISTED ARREST!!!!PEOPLE ARE TURNING THIS INTO A WITCH HUNT ON COPS!!!

  2. This is a disappointing article… since when does Anonymous endorse and push these kinds of videos? The officer is scared, their lives are threatened daily, and no one knows what any crowd of any amount of people are capable of or willing to do. The woman was resisting arrest AND swinging st the cops head and face. The people were screaming and making the entire scenario even worse. Out of fear and self defence, the officer pulled his weapon. The only thing capable of stopping a group of people and the suspect. Notice once the gun was pulled, everyone left. Once they left and backed up, he holstered the weapon…

    Please don’t fall into these things people. Please don’t push and share twisted stories that try to criminalize the innocent and those doing what’s right…

  3. So many police apologist/statist people here. Its very disconcerting to see the minions of brutal state policy here to defend those that protect the interests of the 1 10th of 1% over the rest of the population. I’m sure that on those rare occasions ( if ever ) you good citizens do as you are ordered, even at the cost of your Constitutional rights. You cower in fear, and rightly so, considering that most police departments refuse to hire applicants that test too high on entrance exams. Those that are hired are C average high school bullies with a score to settle with society ( that means everyone), and as you have witnessed these days, those troubling statistics are being played out on the streets of America with gun play and death. We know what side we are on, do you ?


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