CNN Reporter Suspended For Tweeting In Support Of Refugees From Syria And Iraq


By John Vibes at


CNN reporter Elise Labott was recently suspended for two weeks after she posted a very tame message supporting refugees from Syria and Iraq on her personal Twitter page.

The comments were not at all extreme or offensive, but according to some critics they were “biased” and showed her personal opinion, something that is frowned upon among mainstream journalists.

Her tweet simply said that the Statue of Liberty “bows head in anguish” in response to recent measured by the US government to make it more difficult for refugees from the middle east to enter the country.


After her suspension was announced, Labott posted a follow-up tweet apologizing for her comments.  

Mainstream journalists are not allowed to have their own opinion and are only suppose to repeat information that has been handed down by certain sources, most of those sources being government-related. This, according to mainstream thought, is how journalists remain “unbiased,” but it limits what they are capable of in terms of activism if they are only allowed to repeat facts from certain sources.

Labott has received an outpouring of support since her suspension, despite the fact that she was forced to take back her statements.

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