Conclusive Evidence The USA Supported Emergence Of ISIS


By Sophie McAdam at


Leaked documents from 2012 show the West supported the growth of a fanatical extremist group and relied on it to further their geopolitical plans in the Middle East.

Anyone thinking that Western powers would have stopped ISIS in its tracks if intelligence services had only predicted its emergence a little earlier should watch this short video.

Ben Swann’s ‘Reality Check’ exposes how secret documents leaked earlier this year prove beyond any doubt the Pentagon knew about the group we now call ISIS three years ago. The documents are from 2012 and were leaked by Judicial Watch. They back up claims that the most violent terrorist organization in history was not only known to the West but actively encouraged (and possibly even funded by them) as part of a much bigger geopolitical game of chess to destabilize the region. The documents show how:

  • Western intelligence knew very well that fundamentalist radicals (Salafists and Wahabi’ists) were gathering forces. They were not stopped at the time because it was thought the extremists would be useful in the allied goal of ousting President Assad.
  • Back then, we didn’t have a term for these extremists.We now recognize them as ISIS/ISIL.
  • The West sent arms from Benghazi in Libya to Syria to aid these extremists.
  • The Pentagon predicted “a possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in Eastern Syria,” and not only did they predict it, they actually wanted it to happen:
  • …”and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition [The USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Europe] want in order to isolate the Syrian regime,” states the document.
  • China, Iran and Russia’s support for Assad as the legitimate President of Syria caused huge problems for Pentagon strategy, which is why the West hates the idea of Russia bombing ISIS (ever wondered why that is? Well, now you know).

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  1. I knew it. It had to be, there just as bad if not worse it’s happened before n it will happen again US are the biggest criminals the world has ever seen, n just as normal the UK are right up there Arse.

    • Dont be carried away yes we may believe it but d question is who is d one sponsoring
      bokoharram, Al-Qaida, Alshabab, etc? should we still blame US? lets use our common sense

      • I dont think it really matters now who supports it they have oil which hey can sell each time the oil gets blown up they will just find a sneaker way to move the oil. Supporting them in the first place was the problem. really need all world governments to work togther rather then one support terror other one support the one against them etc etc. just makes the world a worst place for everyone else.

        another thing if you start a war and decimate a country at least stay to make it stable for the people who live there, or once again why change what they have. I look now and i just go well we’ve done it to ourselves support war mongers who do this and we have to live in fear.

        anyway not a lot we can do now except watch it unfold and see if this drags us into another world war or not.

  2. I’m not surprised to hear the world leaders knew the group was forming. No way they got so big, so strong without being noticed. And any official, including Presidential, has inherited their predecessors’ mess. No matter what their personal feelings, they must deal with the decisions of those that came before them.

  3. Does any of this remind people of the stuff from the 80’s with Iran/Contra? Seems no one has learned from history at all and are going to repeat it again.

  4. If it’s the united states that bombs Syria and destroyed other countries in the middle east, why do they attack France and not the us? You know what France actually did? France tried to accept Stephen Grier(wrote it wrong on purpose) E.T. ambassador program; also it’s connected to the France’s nuclear power plants being drone-scouted.

  5. In the final words being said in this Video. With my reply to it. I say “boom”! You hit the nail on the head. I have been watching and tracking from past trade deals to current. You would be surprised. ?

  6. The world must tackle the extremists and their founders and supporters to ensure peace of the world.The world knows what is going on secretly,but can’t take measure like Russia.Time is coming creators of this evil group will be defeated forever.

  7. I knew it, it had to be.. I mean like c’mon, Israel which attacks Syria and the USA backing Israel up, but ISIS never striked on Israel or USA. This has been bugging me for the first time I know ISIS

  8. And everyone still believes in the game of duality, there are no neutral sides in here… because when someone profits from war in the other side of the world someone is profiting from war as well, they know what the opponent (not enemy) side is doing… there is espionage at all levels… just think on it a bit… how two organisations profit from war without the opponent to know?? of course they are on the same side… they are using resources countries as an excuse to deceive everyone and maintain themselves on power… they know there is people profiting from war and when that happens, is it coincidence, global consciousness about what people believe… does the story seems fluid and smooth, because people think in war and that supports their attack vectors… it is no more attack from side to side and it is then a corruption-war against the people who are defenseless… actually who is paying that game is the poor… is it a big magic trick or too many illusions??? because the ones that own the factories of weaponry earn money from it, it is also an advantage, so the money even bypasses the biggest corporations to the warlords hands… perspective… if you think a move is bullshit don’t count with it in your way to abstract to the problem… for a few months i never heard about world war 3 related news… it is just the unique pseudo-terrorist organisation that is the main subject… do they change subjects like that… those maggets??? the war is against the people and they are using ISIS as an excuse to apply surveillance systems and to emprison the people… it is an illusion… just follow this vector of thinking and abstraction and consciousness… 911->terrorism->bombs in england->surveillance systems->Anonymous->Wikileaks->ISIS->immigrants in europe->ISIS in europe->terrorism->genocide… see the connection?? they are using mostly memory traps, consciousness, terrorism, lies, cover ups, suppressed technologies, state of war and war on drugs (even medicinal)… and the state of war is what people believe, because they need to create terrorism at least every each two years, so it is thought that there are threats that need to be contained… so why they need all that??? mainly for world level powers… they are creating a system to trap all the other humans so they will have what they want, because they will have no threats in their direction… it’s a trap… they are creating a slave world…

    • superman, please can you do something to solve the problem of the elite and slavery??? did you say anything useful?? Oh, right, like I guessed!!! I see voices in the wind… so much silence in your words… At least you don’t say nothing wrong… but what about talking and give an idea of something new?? Think in perspectives, superman… do not stay indifferent… Thank you

  9. The US and Israel (Mossad)are behind a lot of these new terrorist groups. They start with some bombings. There own people dress up like terrorists and blame the bombings on some country they want to war with, leaving evidence to make it look like it was such and such country that did it. The agents then start instigating the people by saying that country did it. Then they set back and play both sides.
    Just look up United fruit company in Guatemala and see what happened down there. Making up a fake guerrilla group. You can also look up who but certain people in power in some countries, just to war with them later on, it’s all a game and we are the pawns.

  10. This story is heavy on sensationalism and very low on context. In 2012 the concern was not ISIS, the priority was to remove a pro east Dictator from power. Overthrowing a fanatical theocracy is much easier than overthrowing a Dictator with unlimited military resources from China, Russia and Iran. The fastest road to a pro western democracy was removing Assad by any means necessary. The shipment of weapons from Libya was to get them to the rebels, there of course was the chance they would end up in the hands of the fanatics, it was not the goal. Please, always consider motivation in the actions governments, media and people in general. And be careful in what you wish for, historically anarchy is a void filled by those who have the most firepower and those are generally not people that you want in power. How about we seek the best existing system, one that currently produces the most happiness and equality and work to make it better, rather than reinventing the wheel.

  11. To give the monkey a cup of water is not the problem but to get the cup back is the toughest thing. Evil evacuates its initiator or affiliates into damnation and destabilization.And every one or organization that sows bloody destruction will reap same, therefore they should not cry foul about the massive movement of the refugees from Syria, and other manipulated and impoverished and misruled countries in Africa and other continents of the world, the spill over effect of rejecting Gods commandment, of loving Him, and our neighbour, and our neighbour in this parlance is every human being any where in the world. God commandment to humanity is to love God
    first and your neigbour, every advanced or third world country comes come together in love or sow hatred and harvest war, and tragedies. For a theory without God is a tragedy.

    The above caption and the message below was given and revealed by Jesus Christ to me.
    “Economic growth without the growth and nurturing of societal love, will turn the economy into the hands of Shylockers, who will walk into the use of economic power and its capitalist shrewdness to tumble the pillars of democratic institutions, ones their economic interest or empire is threatened. Nations whose economic interests are threatened in other nations by its good governance, or economic balance, or population is also, destabilized by another whose economic growth, without universal growth in love for neighbour.
    Now God created the world and gave us the basic principles under which humanity can grow and prosper. That is in his Law’s, Love your God above every other thing and two, Love your neighbour.
    But the world institutions from the home do not develop these two vital principles. If you love economic growth without remembering that the foundation, is love for God and neighbour; the economic growth will be consumed by hate, generated by this exploitative tendencies of shrewd capitalists and captains of industries and selfish, wicked and self-centred political and industrial leaders and merchandise. There activities indirectly enslaves others and its results is what we see today, wars of ethnic nations for liberation, wars of religious dominancy aimed at achieving a religious state, for example, Islamic state or Islamic world or a war of eliminating religion and making the state higher than and more important than religion.

    Then has the religious leaders been able to discover their mission, which is to enthrone into the conscience of all human beings the ability to understand that economic growth and social growth are rooted in love of God and love for neighbour. If you love God you will love what God created and loving your neighbour makes it a convincing reality that allowing your neighbour loose his sense of being by incapacitating him through ceasing the common good, the common wealth, either by corruption, debasing the life of your neighbour, husband or wife by liars, failing to lay the necessary building blocks for socio-economic development, then the economic and social powers will now be high jacked by a few blocks, who erroneously see themselves as fortunate, but who fails to realize that they are gradually dragging the world, the society into the most unfortunate situation, which is either war, as observed in Nigeria and indigenous people of Biafra War, Ukraine and Kiav’s war, Hisbulla, Niger Delta agitators war, and other religious wars.
    God created us in love and enshrined our overall societal, national and international economic and socio-economic personal growth and societal growth on love of Him and love of neighbour. But 90% of the world economic powers, development and growth are channelled into one selfish area, Economic growth, and it has failed the world as it fosters wars and counter conflicts. All, both leaders, the led, religious groups, cultural and ethnic groups should invest passionately on developing and institutionalizing love for God and love for neighbour.
    The wealth we make, we cannot die and carry it to the world beyound, nations who perpetuates poverty in other nations or scuttles their growth for their own interest, are blindly bottling up the anger of such other poor nations they have failed to love and the result is ISI’s, Boko Haram, Alquada, Political unrest, diabolic destructions, kidnapping, corruption and lies.
    The economic growth that is not erected on the foundations of love of God and neighbour is like a house built on sand. When the ill-gotten, corrupt gotten, capitalistic gotten wealth without human face, that is without love for neighbour, it will generate a result and the result is wars and security votes rising all over the globe because the controllers of the economy have rejected God by rejecting to love Him and love neighbour.
    The most important thing in the world is not about economic growth and investing in economic growth. The most important is the growth in the love of God and the love of neighbour and investing in communal growth of love of God and love of neighbour. Economic power, without the power of love of God and love of neighbour will self-destruct. Just like worldly education, without Godly education which is morality will self-destruct.
    For a world that will be at peace, it must learn to invest 60% of its wealth today in strengthening and building institutions for love of God and love of neighbour and 40% in investing in economic development and growth. For economic growth has only one sustainability, which is a culture of love of God, and love for neighbour. For whatever is derived economically should be used to sustain love for God, and love for neighbour or if you fail to abide by this rule, then it will be consumed in wars, conflicts, crimes and revolts from aggrieved masses of poorly depraved people, who are not loved, who have no expectation, because corruption, squandermania, and cultism have replaced love for God and love for neighbour. It has generated destructive satanic policies like birth control, which has pushed up abortion, spilling innocent blood flowing over the world crying for God’s vengeance. Birth control and Abortion is today the instrument that has been silently condoned by various satanic governments in power, on the premise that it is for improved standards of living. Improved standards of living is neither a product of birth control nor abortion, non of such lies of the devil can improve life standards, standards of life can only be improved by the world focusing on love for God and neighbour. Therefore any nation, state, family, society, religion that deviates from the love of God, without educating and convincing every human being within its own community and country that life can only be meaningful when it loves God and neighbour, that life becomes satanic and wealth is scattered when it has failed to love God and neighbour; and that the only remedy is that all hands must be on deck to grow and develop institutions that will entrench love for neighbour and for God globally.”

    It is necessary to clarify that the term neighbour is not limited to that one who lives close to you only, but as exemplified by Our Lord Jesus in the parable of the ‘Good Samaritan’, that it is showing compassion, using you, nation’s wealth to assist the needy, even beyound your nationality, or globally, that is what we imply, by your neighbour. The spat of asylum seekers today that moves in droves from war, hunger and political motivated crises ridden countries caused by a combination of lack of love of God and neighbour exhibited by those in government both in developed and developing nations. It shows that corrupt government in power and their collaborators, from the developed nations whose interest is economic exploitative gains. The international financial and political institutions, whose policies are geared towards benefitting the wealthy nations to the detriment of the developing ones, should now open their boarders to receive the refugees their wicked global policies have created. If we say that Information Communication Technology have made the world a global village, and fails to live in the world loving each other as our fellow villagers, the hostility that our selfishness generates will live with us all globally.

    • Do you believe in God?? So why there is an entity, like the Vatican, to be the intermediary between you and God?? Do they remember you? If churches didn’t existed, would you still believe in God?? how many gods there are?? Egyptian vs Greek… to learn about the story of the gods you have to follow symbols like, sun, staffs, ankh, hearth animals representations and evolution of the meaning of god… god was represented by the sun, because in certain age the sun was the middle in the universe, well, if i’m not mistaken, it is called heliocentric view… everyone has the right to believe what they want, i don’t care… why two sides of entities and not infinite gods?? because that doesn’t make sense… how do you know if you are questioning the right questions if you cannot feel such?? not even science can prove gods, because at certain point they would no longer be gods… or curiously what is behind the science of a god? question what you do not trust so much… the devil is not on earth. there is no devil, “there is no good and no evil, there is only profit”, i have heard that before somewhere… what means evil and good from a neutral point… do animals have gods… why these religions don’t say, ok, animals have their own gods and they don’t tell us, of course, they just follow instinct, which is a sense that every intelligent being has… so, lastly, why do animals have brains and why trees don’t?? can you see or identify trees brains?? people should not feel insecure to follow an unknown path, because no one cares… because human stories are half polluted and then there is a lot of manipulation because of that… bye

      • that realy true,everything about gods where made by humans,no one seen one God and take picture or something,they only assume that there is a god and we should leave in fear,because when we die we face him…etc.
        i`m not mad on this kind of people,everyone have the right to believe in whatever they want,but many will hate people like me…


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