Cop Fires 50 Rounds Of Ammunition In A Conservation Zone, Nearly Killing A Little Girl

9 is reporting that a family in Mount Vernon is claiming that a police chief caused an uproar when he illegally fired approximately 50 rounds of ammunition in a restricted conservation zone that nearly took the life of their small child.

Katelyn Branstetter and her boyfriend, Derek, had been riding on horseback with their little daughter, as is typical for visitors to the conservation land, for fun.

Police Chief David Hubert, also happened to be around the conservation area at the time the couple were enjoying themselves, when all of a sudden he started firing his gun for no apparent reason, scaring the horse to buck up into the air. It is unclear what Hubert was doing in the area.

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Due to the instability of the horse, the child got tangled in its straps and the horse dragged her for more than 20 yards by her foot. In total, the family said about 50 rounds of ammunition was fired by the officer. Katelyn was able to finally catch up with her daughter and rescued her but not before she had suffered some bad injuries.

The family said they were horrified that this could happen since they believed they were in the safe, designated area for horseback riding, where guns are not allowed.

Katelyn said that after the incident, she approached Hubert to let him know what he had done but the officer showed no sympathy to the little girl, ignoring their plight.

“I said, “what are you doing? You’re shooting right at the trail!” But he showed no remorse, no compassion, he couldn’t have cared less. He made no offer to call for help or anything,” Katelyn said.

Katelyn’s boyfriend also said he also decided to have a chat with the officer, so that he will show remorse and apologize but Chief Hubert ended up insulting him with profane words.

“I told him, “Just be a man, go up there and apologize to them and it’ll all be over.” And then he [Hubert] said I’m not apologizing for anything and you can go and fuck yourself,” Derek said, sadly.

The couple said they had to call a conservation agent to inform Chief Hubert that it was illegal to fire guns in the area.

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Since the incident became salient in the local news media, Hubert has claimed he doesn’t, “remember what all they said,” adding that he never showed disrespect to the couple at the scene of the incident. He also denied using profane words. He was quoted as saying, “I do know that at no time did I use profanity, nor did I act disrespectful.”

Due to public outrage about the incident, Chief Hubert has since apologized to the couple during a city council meeting, promising never to act that recklessly again. He also said he never knew the area was a restricted zone, where firing guns is not allowed.



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  1. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. he should be held to a higher standard, being a police chief. Arrest, prosecute and remove from office.

  2. Although I do think that the policeman should be fired,I also think you over exaggerated the story by saying the girl was nearly killed.She had some bumps and bruises but wasn’t badly hurt.You guys are always talking trash about the media,but you are no better.

  3. if a cop has beady little close set eyes you know hes a maggot abusing his power and crausing fear and mistrust of police everywhere


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