Cop puts gun in teenage boy’s face for taking too long at McDonalds drive-thru


As you know, the U.S is becoming a police state, and many would say it already is. Is this taking it to the next level?

In this video Scott Biumi, a 48 year old cop from south Forsyth is seen pointing his gun at a teenage boy’s face because he was taking to long at a McDonalds drive-through. The boy was not harmed physically, however he and his two other friends in the car were shocked, while the boy “thought his life was over”.

The teen driving the car as well as the 2 passengers were all unarmed, nor did they say anything to insult the officer, the driver was respectful to the cop and told him “I just wanna get my food” the cop replied with “whatever”, walked away, and then came back with the gun.

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Scott Biumi plead guilty to assault and was given 10 years probation. He must also complete 120 hours of community service in the first year of his probation.


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  1. America has already gone to far regarding the police system. its so corrupt! majority of them belives they got the power to do what ever they want. There is no proper training required and the state pratically hands out a badge and a gun after some shitty schooling to anyone. Its foolish. There are to many cases who prove me right, this is just one of them.

    • and the sad part is we the people of aramica are only seeing whats not going on behind clossed walls. prison guards abuse beat and attack prisoners for no reason other then to get kicks. come into there jobs drunk. and even leak infermation about crimes to other prisoners to watch them get beat to death, the police and prisons are all corrupted basicly that school yard bully that picked on you or anyone else as a kid is now the ones geting the badge and there all out to keep doing what thy do best. starting shit. beating people and never geting punished for it. for this kind of shit to end. the US needs to stop step back and take a look at how there runing things. witch thy wont. as someone that lives in the US i dont even want to live here. i rather go live in the UK or china or japan compared to here.

  2. Oh yes such a police state because he was then congratulated for his abuse of power. No this didn’t happen, he was sentenced to 10 years of probation…not a freebie.

    • So if I’m a criminal and I point my gun at this teen driver I can be charged w/attempted 1st degree murder or at least felonious assault but one way or another I’m going to prison. Why do we hold our criminals to a higher standard of behavior than we hold our cops?

      We have laws called “Qualified Immunity” which protect police from most criminal prosecution. The solution is to simply have congress outlaw all “Qualified Immunity” laws. We also need prosecutors from somewhere like ACLU and not the DA who has to maintain a cordial relationship w/the cops or they won’t get investigations done, their prosecutions fail, and they get replaced w/someone who will be cordial to the cops.

      -Hee Haw-

  3. It said one count of “aggravated assault”, this is brandishing a fire arm with intent to commit bodily harm. There has to be more charges to press on this guy. Every article I read on cops abusing citizens, no matter how bad it is, they get charged with the simple assault charge. This is really bad, if he had done that to another cop, then what, they want to make it look small. If this was a private citizen, that charge would have been brandishing a fire arm with intent, and aggravated assault, and confiscation of all small firearms under your permit, and permit suspended pending trial. This cop is obviously suffering from severe stress disorders, but no one is above the laws, and all charges need be applied. All cops need to have negligence insurance. No insurance, no badge.

  4. Police have to be treated worse than a citizen not better. I see it all the time. This cops needs to have his guns taken away, and badge, and charged with the proper charges, not just a simple assault charge. Its wasn’t funny to the 3 teens in the car. If it were the other way around, the teens would be dead.

  5. I think the cop plead guilty to simple assault (equivalent to shoving someone you get into an argument with but not hurting them or hitting them) and I’m amazed that charge was even filed.

    First off cops are protected from most criminal prosecution by laws called Qualified Immunity which generally limits citizens’ recourse to fines and other civil penalties; it’s rare for cops to even face prison time. Any fines are generally paid by the dept or police union so eventually those dollars come from the taxpayer. Thus if you do sue the cops you are effectively suing your self and your neighbors.

    Secondly, the DA has to maintain a cordial relationship w/the cops or they won’t get the investigation done, their cases get thrown out, and they get voted out of office to be replaced w/a DA who will have a cordial relationship with the cops. The DA is also the person who presents the evidence against the cops to a jury who decides whether to press the charges or dismiss the case. It’s pretty obvious the DA is motivated to have the case dismissed and that cop out on patrol doing investigations rather than in a prison cell.

    Qualified Immunity means we are effectively holding our police to a lower standard than we hold our criminals; IMO all Qualified Immunity laws need to go. And the DA/Police relationship is classical conflict of interest; we need outside prosecutors for these cases like folks from the ACLU; someone motivated to represent the plaintiff.

    -Hee Haw-

  6. That’s a disgrace. The ‘police’ are supposed to ‘lead’ by example and ‘protect’ people, not flip out at a kid over food.. like seriously. Their is so much going on in the world and the government are just to fucking money minded to give a shit. The worst part is, no doubt, he will get a suspension if anything ‘ with pay ‘. What a joke.

    Chin up to the teens. Don’t let that weak human bring you down.

  7. What is it what is needed to become a cop in the US?, you see this kind of problem every week, the recruitement should be much severe

    • Step 1: Obtain the Necessary Education. A high school diploma or a GED is typically the minimum level of education needed to become a police officer. …
      Step 2: Submit an Application to a Police Department. …
      Step 3: Graduate from a Police Academy Training Program. …
      Step 4: Actively Work to Obtain Promotions.

      thats all you need. litterly.

      a deploma saying you finished highschool. or a GED . witch is a little peace of paper much like a deploma.

      a single drivers liscanes or ID showing you are over 21.

      finish acadamy traning. thats hand to hadn combat. gun combat. swat combat. and writen work. and studdy. as well as phisical traning.

      so any dick head that is freash out of high school be them a smart person or some hillbilly read neck fuck that has a GED and would fuck his own mom. can become a cop.

      god bless this fucked up free country. and the morons that created, thy can all go rot in hell

  8. This is wrong, no doubt. However, it is unfair to say that this one psycho with a gun is representing all of America. There are police officers that are there to help people. But then again in the end we are all human beings and all of us are bad people. Most humans have done unspeakable thing that they would never admit to wether it’s wishing that someone would die, or cutting someone up and leaving them to rot. I personally think that the world will never be a good place until the human race is extinct. Even then, there will be animals killing other animals for joy. Infact, now that I think about it, when an animal kills another animal to survive, we say ” it’s in their nature” but when humans kill their own kind it is considered “wrong”. Maybe that’s why the earth is overpopulated with humans and underpopulated with animals.


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