Cop Shouts ‘Fuck Your Breath’ After Fatally Shooting An Unarmed Black Man


A video released by Oklahoma Sheriff’s Department shows Reserve Deputy, Robert Bates, bringing Eric Courtney Harris to the ground and using his pistol instead of a Taser to shoot the 44-year-old. After he realized his ‘mistake’, Bates dropped his gun and said, “I shot him, I’m sorry.” When Harris told the cops “I’m losing my breath,” an officer mocked “Fuck your breath!” The police made no efforts to treat Harris for the gunshot wound; he died one hour later.

At a press conference, Tulsa Police Sgt. Jim Clark, claimed that Bates was a “true victim” of something called “slips and capture” — where a person’s behavior can “slip” off their intended path in a high stress situation and be “captured” by a stronger response. According to Clark, Bates thought he was holding his Taser and not his firearm when he fired the round that killed Harris. Clark added the Tulsa County Sheriffs Office’s investigation concluded that Bates did not commit a crime and no policy violations occurred.

Tulsa County Sheriff’s Capt. Billy McKelvey, told reporters that deputies were not aware Harris had been shot, having not heard the weapon discharge. McKelvey noted that Bates’ pistol and Taser had similar weights and both had laser sights. “He made an inadvertent mistake,” he said.

Bates is a 73-year-old insurance executive, a wealthy donor to the sheriff’s department and not a full-time officer. He is classified as “advanced reserve,” the highest level of reserve deputy, a position that permits him to “do anything a full-time deputy can do.”

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  1. I’m doing a security course at the moment and we have just covered “positional asphyxia” and the way these cops are treating this man in an arrest is literally covering all the steps of asphyxia.

  2. can anonymous please “out” the LEO that made that quote? He should be made public for his callous and totally in sympathetic actions! He was the real monster in this situation. Granted the deputy that fired the weapon as well but at least he showed some sort of remorse,..

  3. Cops kill and they are not committing crime. Even if it is a mistake, they should still take the responsibility and be punished. It is so UNFAIR

  4. Title of the article is not correct.

    The volunteer cop that shot the man,
    is not the same man as the guy who says ‘fuck your breath’.

  5. Robert Bates, you have destroyed this mans life! WHY? What wrong with America Police? In Australia, you would be suspended!

  6. Just because he was unarmed at this moment. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t armed and killed someone before the video started. We literally know nothing about what’s going on so everyone shut the fuck up.

    • Come on man give your head a shake and clear the cobwebs out. Are you that blind that no matter what this man did he did not deserve to die? Struggling to breath after being shot is a legitimate complaint. Your ignorance towards another human’s life is the same as the “fuck your Breath” officer.

  7. Hi my name is Larence Watley. I need to get a message out to my community but i dont want my idenity to be exposed i turn to your group because i agree and follow everything yall say. please message me abck or email me thank you


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