Courts quietly confirm MMR Vaccine causes Autism


By Mark Wachtler,

After decades of passionate debate, parents probably missed the repeated admissions by drug companies and governments alike that vaccines do in fact cause autism. For concerned parents seeking the truth, it’s worth remembering that the exact same people who own the world’s drug companies also own America’s news outlets. Finding propaganda-free information has been difficult, until now.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield

At the center of the fifteen-year controversy is Dr. Andrew Wakefield of Austin, Texas. It was Dr. Wakefield that first publicized the link between stomach disorders and autism, and taking the findings one step further, the link between stomach disorders, autism and the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine.

For that discovery way back in 1996, and a subsequent research paper published by the doctor in 1998, Andrew Wakefield has found himself the victim of a world-wide smear campaign by drug corporations, governments and media companies. And while Dr. Wakefield has been persecuted and prosecuted to the extent of being unable to legally practice medicine because of his discovery, he has instead become a best-selling author, the founder of the Strategic Autism Initiative, and the Director of the Autism Media Channel.

But in recent months, courts, governments and vaccine manufacturers have quietly conceded the fact that the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine most likely does cause autism and stomach diseases. Pharmaceutical companies have even gone so far as to pay out massive monetary awards, totaling in the millions, to the victims in an attempt to compensate them for damages and to buy their silence.

Grassroots outcry

It was a regular reader named Kathleen that brought this ongoing story to our attention here at Whiteout Press. When asked what her connection to the vaccine-autism battle was, the young reader replied, “I just researched it for a school project a while back and then I stayed on top of it, until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I’m not a parent, nor do I belong to any organization – a mere outside observer.”

This reader isn’t alone. The news that vaccines cause autism has spread across the US despite a coordinated media black-out. She takes her concerns one step further explaining, “All I want is to see this information where the public can access it. I’ve looked everywhere, and no one gives this dire Wakefield situation even ONE small mention.” She goes on to give us another motivation for her activism, “In Washington State, where I’m from, vaccines have become mandatory for school children, which is very frightening!”

Landmark rulings

In December 2012, two landmark decisions were announced that confirmed Dr. Wakefield’s original concern that there is a link between the MMR vaccine, autism and stomach disorders. The news went mostly unreported, but independent outlets like The Liberty Beacon finally began publishing the groundbreaking news.

The website wrote last month, ‘In a recently published December 13, 2012 vaccine court ruling, hundreds of thousands of dollars were awarded to Ryan Mojabi, whose parents described how “MMR vaccinations” caused a “severe and debilitating injury to his brain, diagnosed as Autism Spectrum Disorder (‘ASD’).”’

The Liberty Beacon went on to describe the second court ruling that month, as well as similar previous verdicts writing, ‘Later the same month, the government suffered a second major defeat when young Emily Moller from Houston won compensation following vaccine-related brain injury that, once again, involved MMR and resulted in autism. The cases follow similar successful petitions in the Italian and US courts (including Hannah Poling, Bailey Banks, Misty Hyatt, Kienan Freeman, Valentino Bocca, and Julia Grimes) in which the governments conceded or the court ruled that vaccines had caused brain injury. In turn, this injury led to an ASD diagnosis. MMR vaccine was the common denominator in these cases.’

The report echoes the exact same sentiment that our reader conveyed – Dr. Wakefield has had his career and reputation destroyed over the past 15 years, but has just been vindicated. The account reports, ‘While repeated studies from around the world confirmed Wakefield’s bowel disease in autistic children and his position that safety studies of the MMR are inadequate, Dr. Wakefield ’s career has been destroyed by false allegations.  Despite this he continues to work tirelessly to help solve the autism catastrophe.’

The article from The Liberty Beacon closes with a direct quote from Dr. Wakefield himself to the independent grassroots outlet, “There can be very little doubt that vaccines can and do cause autism. In these children, the evidence for an adverse reaction involving brain injury following the MMR that progresses to an autism diagnosis is compelling. It’s now a question of the body count. The parents’ story was right all along. Governments must stop playing with words while children continue to be damaged. My hope is that recognition of the intestinal disease in these children will lead to the relief of their suffering. This is long, long overdue.”

Wakefield attacked again

Since the world has slowly become aware of the dangers of the MMR vaccine, parents around the globe have refused to get their children vaccinated. Earlier this year, the UK government singled out Dr. Wakefield and blamed him for the rising number of measles outbreaks in the country. In an April 2013 interview, he responded publicly.

The website published both the video, as well as the written transcript, of Dr. Wakefield’s public response. Below are some excerpts of the doctor’s remarks:

“The important thing to say is that back in 1996-1997 I was made aware of children developing autism, regressive autism, following exposure in many cases to the measles mumps rubella vaccine. Such was my concern about the safety of that vaccine that I went back and reviewed every safety study, every pre-licensing study of the MMR vaccine and other measles-containing vaccines before they were put into children and after. And I was appalled with the quality of that science. It really was totally below par and that has been reiterated by other authoritative sources since.

All I could do as a parent was to say, ‘what would I do for my child?’ That was the only honest answer I could give. My position on that has not changed. So, what happened subsequently? At that time the single measles vaccines were available freely on the National Health Service. Otherwise, I would not have suggested that option.  So parents, if they were legitimately concerned about the safety of MMR could go and get the single vaccines. Six months later, the  British government unilaterally withdrew the importation license for the single vaccines, therefore depriving parents of having these on the NHS; depriving parents who had legitimate concerns  about the safety of MMR from a choice; denying them the opportunity to protect their children in the way that they saw fit.

The news shouldn’t be left wing or right wing, conservative or liberal. It should be the news. It should be independentWhiteout Press

And I was astonished by this and I said to Dr Elizabeth Miller of the Health Protection Agency, ‘why would you do this, if your principal concern is to protect children from serious infectious disease? Why would you remove an option from parents who are legitimately concerned about the safety of MMR?’ And her answer was extraordinary. She said to me, ‘if we allow parents the option of single vaccines, it would destroy our MMR program.’ In other words, her principal concern seemed to be full protection of the MMR program and not protection of children.”

Dr. Wakefield himself reiterates the final conclusion of the courts in various countries, but censored by the world’s media outlets saying:

“Now this question has been answered not by me, but by the courts, by the vaccine courts in Italy and in the United States of America where it appears that many children over the last thirty years have been awarded millions of dollars for the fact that they have been brain-damaged by MMR vaccine and other vaccines and that brain damage has led to autism. That is a fact.”

(This article first appeared on and was not written by AnonHQ)  


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  1. Even if this were true what is the alternative to vaccination? Sure vaccines have unwanted side effects like allergic reactions or symptoms of the disease you vaccinate against. But these side effects occur so rarely that it is safer to vaccinate the whole population then to let diseases spred freely and let more people and especially children die from flu, tetanus, diphteria or pertussis or being paralysed by polio. Although it is more then 100 times safer then getting the real disease there is a little chance to get it through the vaccine but even then it is mostly not as harmful.
    So it is a question of numbers if we want thousends of people killed by diseases or some people harmed by vaccines?
    And scientifically it is bullshit that vaccines cause autism. Autism is written in your genes. But some people can’t except that this is an genetic thing and blame an invention that saved millions of lives.

    • Really you cant think of a better management strategy to include all sides? Inoculation by childrens weight should be the first thing that comes to mind instead of doing it by age and giving all children the same dose. Secondly, the single dose as mentioned above. As it stands one dose for all is a mindless or more to the point heartless practice but totally departmental as one size fits all mentality for savings is rife in the west. Of course science will also be paid well to find conflicting evidence to any dangers. Looking at Denmark who care for their citizens, they have taken measures due to the uncertainty of their own tests. Every health worker in the west though is taught what to think and what they have to accept as safe practices in order to continue working,so you cant blame them for taking that side as the herders.

    • Scientifically it is bullshit that the Zika virus causes microencephaly, but that doesn’t stop us from spending billions we don’t have to pay someone to try to stop Zika from coming here. Can’t have it both ways. Well, you can, but the obvious absurdity of it all will be seen…only by a few at first. Sooner or later, sunlight will disinfect this nightmare.

    • Do you have a source to back up the notion that autism is genetic. If it were genetic, we would need to first see high concordance rates (most identical twins would have to have it too) and then adopted twins separated at birth would need to both have it more often than not. We could then say there is likely significant genetic component. Without the high concordance rate, we can say there isn’t enough evidence to say it’s genetic. That’s what this study shows.

    • The flu and TDAP vaccines paralyzed my left arm. I was 34 years old, and nobody ever told me that I could have lasting paralysis from it. My arm has been paralyzed for 2 years on 11/20/16. If we’re going to push these vaccines, the compensation packages need to be increased, and people NEED to be able to sue the pharmaceutical companies (they’re presently not – they get funneled to the vaccine injury fund). I’m presently an RN, and I have trouble with certain aspects of my job due to the paralysis. I also have type 1 diabetes, and I experienced TERRIBLE trouble controlling my blood sugar after the vaccines with unpredictable lows that are extremely life threatening.

      • I worked for a nursing home for awhile several years ago. They ‘urged’ me to get the flu vaccine of the day. I said “Absolutely not. If you insist, I’ll just go get another job.” The crappy pay didn’t outweigh my own health and any possible risks from the vaccine.

        That year a lot of people seemed to get flu AFTER they got the vaccine. I, on the other hand, stayed healthy. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

    • Have you folks ever considered your shit talking idiots? This is why I generally don’t read comments. Its amazing how many lie to themselves and anyone else that’ll listen simply to feel to feel better about their pathetic, miserable life.

    • It can’t be only genetic or the Autism rates wouldn’t be rising so fast. One in 50 kids is now labelled with Autism. When I was a kid (I am almost 60) I only heard of one autism/spectrum case my entire childhood and they were still blaming the mothers at that point. Something has changed in the environment to cause this rapid change. It might be one of those clusterfuck things where lots of contributing factors are causing it. And vaccines might be part of the problem. There was a study at NIH that showed black boys were more likely to become Autistic after the MMR vaccine…The real problem is we are not getting the full truth covered in the media. So many things are not being properly studied, away from the $$ interests. We can’t trust a drug company to do proper studies on a product that is one of their big money makers. Too many conflicting motives.

      • You ever stopped to consider that the definition of Autism has changed over the past several decades to include many more subtle symptoms. And, that medical science has also improved over the past several decades such that we can better detect and diagnose many more diseases including Autism. So your assertion that rates are rising are invalid unless you take into consideration these two points. Let’s see your data.

    • I guess we have evolved so much in the last 20 or 30 years that we all carry this gene and it also happens to have an extremely rate of being turned on in our bodies now. You are sheeple. I dont know for sure that autism is ca used by vaccInes and not electromagnetic waves we are bathed in now days. But I’m not so pig headed and brainwashed to think autism is not a new condition caused by our environmental stimuli. How many great-aunts or great-uncles do you remember hearing about that had autism or autism like conditions growing up in the early 1900s through the 1930s? None in my extended family. Not many until after the mid 1900s. Strange coincidence. Wake up. The gobeen mentioned doesn’t have your best interests at heart and neither does big pharma. If you think you are more important than billions of dollars and positions of power then I have a bridge to sell you over the drained swamp. Businesses (governments are businesses too) only exist to make money. It’s the only thing they need to stay an operational entity. They don’t need you healthy because they have so many yous. They need your money. The world owes yout nothing and it doesn’t revolve around you. It will sell you a lemon if you are dumb enough not to question it and verify what you are being handed is accurate. You are a zombie. Walking mindless masses. So sad. But so profitable for the businesses. Funny how the flu vaccine is now being reported less than 20 percent effective. Btw. It’s 0% effective. Ask me and I’ll explain why it physically can not be effective in the human body. But you get your flu shot and I’ll work on strengthening my body’s natural immune response to the flu and we can see who does better dealing with flu when we’re in our 70s. Dump truck

  2. What a load of garbage. Wakefield was wrong the first time he said it, and he’s still wrong. He’s just got a new crowd of ignorant followers who have never had the joy of seeing polio first hand or never seen an infant struggling to breathe with whooping cough.

    • Have you ever lived with an autistic child? I have. A life long disability and what happens to that child when we (parents) die? I also have had whooping cough.

      • I know many autistic people. They are quite offended by, 1) The idea that a vaccine caused their condition. 2) And generally VERY offended that anti-vaxxers treat ASD as if it were the worst possible scourge that could befall any human being, worse even than the pain, fever and disfigurement and possibility of death that comes with measles or the slow agonized coughing or suffocation that comes with Whooping Cough. It’s not, many of them live happy, productive lives.

        • Im guessing your referring to Functional Autistic people. My daughter is autistic, is 5 and is not able to stand, walk, eat certain textures, read or recognize her name, she wears nappies, and is oblivious to instruction, conversation, comprehention or compassion. Im guessing you havent met a really autistic person, they wouldnt comprehend what you have even said. Im upset knowing my child will never live an independent life of her own, she watches other kids and screams at her own legs and its heart breaking.

          • I feel for you. The last line breaks my heart. I hope something can be done for your family, and dont worry about any jerks that may offend you. Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one!

        • Paul is a regular internet hardass it looks like! Glad he stopped spewing his garbage that was obviously ill-thought ignorance after Steph’s reply.
          ‘Derp derp, better not stop the cause of this disorder to save the feelings of those who have it!’
          Do you even read the slop you type before you post?

        • Not in North America. Those are world wide statistics that include epidemics of measles due to war and natural disasters. Measles rarely causes death, it is the side effects of measles that cause death and those side effects are usually due to unsanitary living conditions, lack of clean water and proper nutrition.

          Mumps are also a childhood disease and the rate of complications are very low. Rubella, on the other hand, should be mandatory and should be given in a single dose.

          • If I told you that measles is disproportionately low to be diagnosed because we “vaccinated it away” would that seem plausible to you? Google search a small Illinois high school that had 100 percent of students vaxed for measles and yet almost all of them got measles.
            Sanitation and diet are the biggest contributors to what vaccines claim credit for. Vaccines will never be immunization. Only one of those two terms actually work. And you can’t receive it’s effects in a syringe. Vaccinated is not comparable to being immune. Immunization is only achieved through the body having an immune response to an environmental stimulus and these stimuli change over time so repeated exposure is the only fool proof method. Funny how that’s how our bodies perform all by themselves. 100 years of medivine versus hundreds of thousands of years of natural trail and error.

      • And ignorant people like you don’t understand that autism is genetically predisposed. Vaccines don’t cause autism. In addition autism has a hugh spectrum of how it affects the person, some are quite not noticeable and some are pretty heavy to handle.
        When you’ve got an autistic child then i bet it is predisposed in your or your partners genes. Don’t blame a good invention for your bad luck genes.
        Oh I’ve just got a good comparison for you. The hypothesis that vaccines cause autism is the same as that vaccines make people gay; it is simply wrong.

        • People shouldn’t throw around the word “ignorant” so lightly. Autism IS genetically predisposed. But a presidposition does not equal autism. Many people walk around with this predisposition and never become autistic despite being vaccinated. They may have other health complaints that instead develop from these same mutations, or combinations of similar mutations, such as autoimmune disease or cardiovascular disease.

          This means that to develop autism we need contributing factors to trigger a disease state postnatally. Vaccines do not cause autism. Clearly many people are vaccinated and do not develop autism. However, vaccination can be a contributing factor, even THE contributing factor that acts as a trigger. This explains the many anecdotes from parents who unfortunately watched their children decline after experiencing vaccination or adverse vaccine reactions.

          Interestingly, certain vaccines have been noted to be contributing factors in schizophrenia, and recent studies have shown that schizophrenia mirrors autism. Schizophrenia inovices a disregulation of the synaptic pruning process characterized by over pruning. Autism is the opposite – normal synaptic pruning does not occur.

          So you see, the simple argument that “autism is genetically predisposed,” and therefore (or besides) “vaccines don’t cause autism,” is incomplete and misleading.

          When it comes to the vaxxer vs non-vaxxer argument, people really seem to missing the point. There is a common scientific ground, here. The problem is not that vaccines are bad for everyone, or inherently bad…the problem is that vaccines are bad for more people than we originally thought, (isn’t that always the way with seeming panaceas?), and research IS called for (let’s never argue for less research, OK?) for these purposes: broadening the average doctors understanding of risk factors, standardizing genetic and other testing before vaccination, exposing said risk factors, and broadening the access to medical exemption.

        • Genetics fail to account for the explosion in autism. More effective diagnosis also fails to account for the explosion in Autism. Please have an open mind and help to push for sound scientific investigation rather than “Meta-Studies”

      • No, Valerie, I have never lived with an autistic child (despite having two fully vaccinated children). More and more studies are showing autism to be genetic on top of the hundreds of studies already available showing that autism is NOT caused by vaccines. The facts don’t change no matter how many times fraudulent Wakefield tries to say it.

        • My son is 1 of 3 children. I am 1 of 3 children, my husband is 1 of 8. I have 5 nephews on my side, my husband has 20 nieces and nephews and 16 great nieces and nephews. We have tons of cousins and they all have children, but my son is the only one with Autism. Find a study that explains these facts. I don’t understand your anger over this issue, since it doesn’t affect you in the least. My son is fully vaccinated, my 6 year old granddaughter is vaccinated. Do you really think that the cdc, fda, and big pharma have to reason to “skew” data to fit their agenda? Do you know what would happen if the govt admitted to poisoning children born in the 90’s? I understand the ramifications of the result of that and the reason why the govt must keep this secret. My son was one of 1100 children that sat for 7 yrs in the Autism Omnibus with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. We knew then that our govt could not and would not ever admit fault. These govt agencies that are supposed to keep us safe trade employees between big pharma like baseball cards. How can a govt agency oversee safety when the people overseeing the process has a vested interest in the outcome. Some of the scientists that work for the fda have drug patents. Isn’t that putting the fox in charge of the hen house??? Thimerosal was added to vaccines just to save money, no other reason. Do you wonder why there is no mercurochrome or methyolate on the drug store shelves anymore? Because they were found to contain ethyl Mercury and they destroyed skin cells in contact. This is the exact thing that is in Thimerosal that was injected into my son the morning he was born 5 weeks premature with a weakened immune system. How do you think those three injections affected his tiny body and brain? I think you should have a little compassion for these children and parents and think maybe scientists that work for the govt have a vested interest in “debunking” any scientist that finds a link with autism and vaccines.

    • I have a child with ASD that was most likely caused by the MMR as we have been thinking years before any study was done. That being said, I would still vaccinate against these diseases. We now foster children that also suffer from ASD in the wake of the fallout from parents who do not know how to deal with children on the spectrum. Resources need to become available for these situations.

  3. Heres a hint. Make safer vaccines. He just said the science and rotuine behind the safety of vaccines is bogus and “below sub par”. Vaccines should be made with utmost safety of patients in mind. Until these greedy firms understand that, we need reliable and trustworthy people designing and making vaccines, not the vultures currently doing so. Vaccines can be useful, if they werent deliberately made with the poorest ability and pushed as safe even when their studies to prove it’s safety are unsubstantial and skewed.

    • Yes and why won’t these agencies perform a vax/nonvax study? ALL pharmaceutical drugs must have this study done before approval,so why does the FDA refuse a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study! ? Because they LIED. Watch the documentary Vaxxed. The proof is right there.

  4. Autism is in the human genes it’s not caused by a vaccine …. how do u explain the children with autism that don’t have their vaccinations? ?!?! I interact with autistic children on a regular basis before anyone tells me I don’t know what I’m saying …..

    • The explanation is that vaccination is one risk factor among many for developing diseases based on genetic predispositions.

  5. Parents should be able to make informed choices. The powers-that-be seem to be withholding relevant data that could inform that choice.

  6. You seem to know what you’re commenting about! Give me one source on vaccine healthiness dudes! And Wakefield was wrong you say, how do you know? Stupid troll, get a life or read some true shit!

  7. I have autism. High functioning, Asperger’s. I took that vaccine. I don’t believe in coincidences. When they occur, there’s a reason.

  8. If you wanna get vaccinated loaded with 551 ppb (Part Per Billion) be my guest. The less sheeple, the better off humanity will be.

      • The only vaccine you could possibly find with Thimerosal in it would be the multi-dose flu shot. It is there as a preservative to keep the vial from contamination. NO other vaccine has had thimerosal in it for over 15 years.

  9. That’s your argument? A single court case ruling from years ago? A judge’s ruling? First of all it’s interesting you never quoted anything from the case itself, but unless that judge had an advanced biomedical degree, his opinion on vaccine validity means nothing. This isn’t a legal matter, it’s a scientific debate. So when you’re trying to assert vaccines cause autisim, use science, not a court case. Oh, but you can’t do that. Because 1. you don’t have any understanding of science, because then you wouldn’t be asserting your bullshit in the first place, and 2. the argument has ZERO scientific basis. NONE. And of the THOUSANDS of correlational and causational studies that prove that, you choose to believe the one or two popped out by discredited, junk scientists published in zero medical journals.

    • Agreed, a judges ruling is insufficient to claim confirmation. I would like to see the studies presented in the cases to substantiate the ruling…now THAT would be interesting.

      • Ok..the man that was responsible for collecting, analyzing and publishing the data from the MMR vaccine trials blew the whistle and provided hard copy proof that the CDC manipulated the data to produce a less implicating result! How is that for evidence? If you are truly interested in the TRUTH and the health of children, you wouldn’t be able to turn a blind eye to that.

  10. The blind studies of all vaccines have been skewed. Just do a little research. Plenty of life long scientists who came out. Of course Vaccines would “appear” to be safe especially getting five six-seven shots a visit at two months 4 months and so on, otherwise the biggest lobbyists(Pharma) wouldn’t make their money, push their products, only one company that makes most Vaccines so you can’t get rid of them..then production would hault. Obviously things change but to give an unborn child a Hep B shot with the most mercury thru the mother and 37 shots before the age of two is ridiculously dangerous. Basically like politicians, corrupt and payed for to push what laws and other shit they think are good for the masses to CONTROL. I personally, opted to vaccinate but at a super slow rate and read Dr. Sears book. MMR is not included or the DTaP. Our baby was breast fed and is not in daycare..Do your own research and make your OWN decision.

  11. I am a special education teacher in a public school for severely handicapped students ages 3 to 22 years old. We have and have had sets of identical twins at our school with autism. It could be genetic or could be MMR vaccines. We see more autism than any other disability at this time.

    • I suspect it’s a combination of both, as well as other environmental (maternal, prenatal and postnatal) risk factors. It’s ridiculous that a disorder has reached epidemic levels and yet we’re stymied by this ridiculous parent vs. parent, “science vs nature” argument cycle. I’m very curious about whether incidences of schizophrenia have concurrently increased since the disorders represent opposite patterns of “the same” disregulation.

  12. This post is dangerous horseshit of the worst kind! There is no peer-reviewed evidence showing a causal effect of vaccination on autism. None! Please stick to the activism you do best and leave science alone. You are clearly not competent to report it.

    • And why do you think that would be? Hmmmm.. I bet it’s the same reason that vaccines haven’t been fully researched to begin with (!),as well as the reason that the CDC refuses to do a vax vs unvax study. Because they know MMR causes autism, and they tried to destroy the evidence.

    • That’s a lie. Do you not understand that the government is in bed with the pharmaceutical industry? It’s plain as day, come on. I’m not talking about opinions, I’m talking about facts.

  13. All I know is….what I know. Something has changed with the vaccinations.. Born in the 70’s we were given a much lighter load of vaccines and I never knew anyone with autism, whooping cough or measles… Never even hear of autism until I was probably out of highschool. Now every other child is on the autism spectrum…. Explain the weird coincidence that runs concurrent with the excessive number and amount of required vaccines that our children are given today and the high incidence of something that 25 years ago was almost unheard of. There are no so blind as those that cannot see….

    • Exactly, and the driving force is money because the pharma companies make billions every year for each vaccine developed. It’s crystal clear what their motivation is. MIT expert says of the exponential autism trento continues, by 2032, 50% of children and 80% of boys will be autistic. That alone, will financially cripple the world and break billions of hearts. This is unconscionable to say the least.

  14. Why on earth are you posting this crap? This rubbish has already been debunked numerous times despite the anti-vaxxers wanting it to be true to validate their cause.

    • No, it has not been debunked,so the same could be said to you. You are being told that it has been debunked, and that is a lie. Dig further for the love of children.

  15. My son just turned 20 six days ago. He was diagnosed as severely autistic at 3 1/2 years.I spent two years from his 18 month booster vaccines telling pediatricians that something was wrong with my son, only to be dismissed as paranoid. He finally was tested by a team of Drs at LSU Medical Center. He was 3 1/2 and functioning on a level of a 9 month old infant. We sought treatment with two wonderful Drs in Baton Rouge, Dr Cave and Dr Holmes. They found high levels of mercury and every other heavy metal you can imagine in my sons body and brain. This is a devasting diagnosis for families, emotionally, physically, and financially. During this time insurance companies refused payment on any treatments. We then spend 7, I repeat 7 years sitting in the Autism Omnibus where the govt denied liability. We never received a dime from our govt because my husband made “too” much money. I have been fighting for two years to get my son Social Security benefits. My son is also completely vaccinated. I had his Drs spread his vaccines out over a period of time and made sure they were Thimerosal free, “ethyl Mercury”. I have two other children and a granddaughter and they are all vaccinated. The parents of autistic children are not crazy anti vaccine nuts, we’ve just been lied to by our govt and our children were used as Guinea pigs by the big pharma and the fda. I think autism is caused by many things, vaccines, chemicals in our environment and I believe some children are pre deposed to autism. My son cannot rid his body of heavy metals like normal people. But why did he have to have ethyl Mercury injected into his body. This autism epidemic happened in the 90’s when the cdc increased the vaccine protocol nearly doubling the vaccines children were required to receive. I really find it offensive when people who have no idea what it is like to walk in our shoes or moreover our children’s shoes critizing parents for trying to find answers to this debilitating diagnosis. And I have always fought for safe vaccine, insurance payment for autism, and educating patents of vaccines. I tell new mothers all the time, vaccinate your children, but do it carefully and safely. Drs are wonderful, but they don’t know everything and ultimately the parents should say when and how their baby is vaccinated. I never had a dr refuse to vaccinate my children on my terms. And I’ve had Drs thank me for educating them on Thimerosal in vaccines in the 90’s. But to this day my family does not get the flu shot, it still contains Thimerosal. They have gotten the flu mist, but got the flu still, so now if they get the flu they get the flu. Flu shots should only be given to people with weak immune systems where the flu could cause death. But the govt and big pharma make a lot of money promoting the flu shot. This entire autism epidemic is so sad because it boils down to one simple truth, money. So many children’s lives ruined for a dollar.

  16. It is now PROVEN that autism is an IN UTERO event. STOP publishing this CRAP. Not only is it a total hack job, but it has finally thoroughly been disproven. Anonymous has been infiltrated by cooks, hacks, and government agents. BEWARE of their postings. THINK for yourselves.

  17. I see that the article fails to mention that the “good” Dr. received £400,000 to show that there was a link between MMR and autism. Paid by the lawyers that were trying to prove that the vaccine was unsafe.

  18. Statistics don’t lie! And can never be used to misrepresent things!

    Why, just this month a study was conducted which showed that NINE out of TEN involved in brutal gang rape ENJOYED IT!
    We’re talking about fully 90%

    Let that sink in for a moment…

    You getting this, yet?

  19. My son was normal until he was 2. His autism behavior start to manifest when he was 2yr & 3mos old. My Dr said it’s genetic and so I traced my family and my husband’s for the same disorder until the 4th generation backward, we found an uncle who has a mental disorder due to the use of illegal drugs and 2 nephews same age as my son who are autistic too. Autism occur in our family in the new generation. When I learned how vaccine was linked to ASD I reviewed my son’s baby book(where vaccine scheds were), pics & videos the time he was born until his autism behavior manifested. It was after his MMR booster shot that his behavior turned around(same story as his cousins), his speech regressed(even the word mama was gone), hyperactivity increased, tantrums worsen, eye contact lost so as his socialization, etc. When I dig more deeper there were lots of parents all over the world who has almost the same experience as mine(coincidence! I don’t think so). I’m not an anti-vax but I think it should be given to someone who’s immune system is matured enough to fight(viruses in vaccine vials are dead or weakened but if given to babies may still be virulent) plus the fact that it contains neuro toxins used as preservative to prolong shelf life of the virus(babies have immature liver & kidneys and can’t expel these). I gave birth to another boy and decided to delay his shots and will tell the Dr to give them slowly, I’m glad I found an open minded one. I also kept an open mind on both sides, I do hope it’s genetic because if it’s not there’ll be a lot more victims to come since the rate of autism now continues to rise. Even my Pedia is wondering, 3 of his patients are candidates for Autism because every visit hyperactivity is increasing & other autism behavior. Just sayin..:-)


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